Hey Reddit. Nicky Brendon here. I played Xander on the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, am writing the Buffy Season 10 comic series, and star in the new Sci-Fi movie COHERENCE, which opens in theaters in LA and NY on June 20th. It'll also be playing San Jose, Dallas, Seattle, Denver, and a few more cities through the summer.


You guys can check out the trailer for COHERENCE and request special screenings on our site - http://www.coherencethemovie.com/

I made COHERENCE with my life partner Jim Byrkit and a bunch of our actor cronies. Probably one of the only improvised Sci-Fi movies you'll see, and I'm really proud to be a part of it. Thanks all in advance for your questions. Ask away!!!


Gotta go. I have to do an interview for Coherence at 10. I had a great time. I love you all!

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"This will not please the master... (bator)"

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Over time, the show became progressively more mature, especially your character. It went from you being kind of immature and sex-crazed, to dealing with real relationship issues and other emotional problems (like Xander's abusive dad, walking away from the wedding, etc.). Was there anything that was supposed to be in the show for your character but was written out because it was too controversial?

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Everything that Xander was supposed to do, he did. Joss had a way of making things happen. And let's just say that there are still three people missing.

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Hey sorry to start off by doing the cliche "huge fan" thing, but I have to.

But yeah, I'm a huge fan. Xander helped me realize that even when things seem dark there's great value in trying to stay positive, in cracking a lighthearted joke or two. Thank you for that.

So the Buffy episode where you and your twin played the two Xanders, were the speaking roles all you or did your brother do any lines? Are there any shots that you thought people would notice were your brother rather than you?
Btw, your character in Indigo was verrrrry disturbing.

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It's been a misnomer that Kelly played on character and I played the other. But in truth, I played both Xanders and had to change my clothes and hair a lot.

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Were you pissed off when they got rid of Xander's eye? I feel like, as an actor, that must have sucked when they told you, "All right, from now on, you have to wear an eye-patch every day to work."

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They didn't tell me. I read it. And I'm like "What?" and i read it again and I'm like "WHAT?" And yeah, wearing an eye patch sucks, but at least you get to flip it up between scenes. And - again - it looks amazing in the comics.

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Hey Nicholas, big fan of Xander.

How do you feel about Buffy Season 8/9/10 comics? Especially, the progression of Xander as a character in them? Also, how do you feel about who Xander is dating.

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in regards to Xander's progression as a character, i pretty stoked. Plus i look pretty awesome in an eye patch.

in reference to who i'm dating, i was a bit creeped out by it, but then i saw Michelle in FHM magazine, and suffice to say I'm not so creeped out anymore.

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Is working with Joss Whedon as great as everyone says it is?

Followup question: is pretending to make out with Charisma Carpenter as awesome as I imagine it would be?

Finally, would you rather fight one hundred duck-sized Seth Greens or one Seth Green-sized duck?

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I don't want to fight either of them. I would, however, like to eat a Seth Green-sized duck. Duck a lorange. Peking Duck. Duck confit. I love duck. And i care deeply for Seth Green.

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What were you like as a kid? Have you and Kelly ever pulled the twin switcharoo on people?

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I was a very shy kid with a stutter. And only once have we pulled the twin switcharoo. And tragically I got his girlfriend pregnant.

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I've never watched Criminal Minds before. How would you convince me, random Internet stranger, to do so? Sell me, good sir!

Also, what is your favorite episode of any series in which you have acted, and why?

Thanks for the AMA, I always enjoyed Xander in Buffy.

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i was naked in an episode of Criminal Minds and had to wear a cock sock. And if that doesn't convince you the find better priorities.

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Hi Nicholas! Do you think playing Xander influenced your life and did you take any inspiration from the character? I loved Buffy and Your character! Thank you for taking the time to read and answer these questions :) xx

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It's tough because we're kind of the same person. Writers on TV shows use the actors traits for the character because they hear my voice, my cadence and timing. It makes it easier.

And Xander influenced the way i now see linoleum.

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Hey Nicky, thanks for doing this! My friends and I met you back at Salt Lake Comic Con in September, (we all agreed you are one of the nicest people we've EVER met at a con) and I was wondering if you would be interested in coming back if they asked, or if they have already contacted you? Also, what was your personal favourite episode of Buffy to film, and why? Ah, thank you so much. :)

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I would love to come back to Salt Lake City.

And my favorite episode of Buffy was "Once More With Feeling" because all the singing and all the dancing and all the other shit.

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Hi Nicholas! Was a pleasure to meet you at Comicpalooza in Houston. Your avocado is about to sprout roots!

Of all your work, which are you most proud? Where did you feel stretched in the craft of performing?

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I did a David Sedaris piece called Santaland Diaries, which is a one man show. And i was brilliant.

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Love you Nicky! Are you an adrenalin junkie? What's the most adventurous thing you've done? X

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Hi Nicky what's your drink of choice at Starbucks & can I buy you one?!

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Yes. And it's six shots over ice in a vente up with three pumps of vanilla and a skosh of 2% milk. It's called the 6/3/Skosh. i kinda sounds like a dance step, doens't it? Do you also want to take me out dancing?

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Absolutely! Do you have moves?

nicholasbrendon81 karma

Do i have moves? Do I have moves? DO I HAVE MOVES? no.

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Oh man, I love Xander and I love that youre cowriting in the comics. Definitely gonna see your movie next week. Could you come to New York comic con again please?!?!?!?

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I would love to! I'm trying to make that happen now.

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Hey Nick! Saw "Coherence" at Fantastic Fest and loved it!! You said it was largely improvised -- what's it like working with an improvised script? Do you like working like that? Have you done other improv acting before?

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I think that was the most challenging thing I've done, but mostly for the editors because Nicky likes to talk a lot.


And yes.

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What would you choose for your Last Meal? Mine would be mac and cheese with ham!

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mine would be ham with mac and cheese. you clearly want more pasta where i clearly want more ham!

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What's the best book you've ever read?

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A Prayer for Owen Meany.

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Hi Nick, Thanks for doing this AMA!

What is your favorite pizza toppings?

And what is your favorite film that Joss Whedon has directed / written?

nicholasbrendon44 karma

I'm a Hawaiian guy with jalapeno. So ham, pineapple, and jalapeno. With a little extra cheese, please.

Dr. Horrible.

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You took Marley Shelton to the prom back in high school. What was she like back then?

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Amazing, as she is today.

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Hey Nicholas!!! Huge fan. I want to tell you how much I truly admire you for overcoming your stutter and making it in Hollywood!!!!

Who was the most fun to work with on the Buffy set?


What is your favorite flavor of ice cream!!!

nicholasbrendon27 karma

Hagen Daas coconut pineapple, banana split, strawberry, white chocolate raspberry swirl with chocolate chunks, dulce de leche, and caramel with chocolate covered cone bits.

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Hey Nicky! Coherence looks pretty interesting. Do you have a favorite Sci-Fi movie?

nicholasbrendon47 karma

Duh. Star Wars.

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Coherence looks great! What drew you to working on that particular film?

Long time fan here...I'm extremely happy to see you in another sci-fi project!

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Mr. Byrkit asked me.

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First, I want to say thank you so much for all the comforting words, hugs, and greatest-moment-of-my-life-kiss that you gave me when I was feeling sad at PopCon. Since then I haven't been able to stop smiling! =D So my question is: -How do you feel about dating a shy 23 year old? -points to self- ;D;D;D Just kidding, just kidding! butnotreally<3 Real questions: -What has been the single greatest moment of your life so far and why? -What's your workout routine like? I want guns like yours! XD -Can you explain your awesome tattoos?

nicholasbrendon28 karma

Kissing you.

It's epic. Lift, run, yoga, surf, spin.

The angels represent the four boys that came out of my mom's hoohoo. And the surfing Jesus is just Funny.

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Hi Nicky! What was the best prank you and your brother played as kids? Being twins, you must have swapped places in school or something fun like that?

nicholasbrendon35 karma

We hid our mom's diaphragm. Hilarity ensued.

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What are your favorite hobbies to do in your down time?

nicholasbrendon26 karma

Surf. Clean up after Steve, my doggie. Read, write, 'rithmatic. You know, the 3 Rs. And intergalactic travel.

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What are some of your favorite movies?

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Some Like It Hot. Rear Window. The Maltese Falcon. White Chicks.

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The statement... 'I made COHERENCE with my life partner Jim Byrkit'... is that from you? Did I miss something? Have I been crushing on a guy all this time, who plays for the other team? Ya gotta let us know. Pretty please? Thanks for always being so nice. From your pal, 'Sniffy' :)

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Life partner doesn't always mean gay partner, not that there's anything wrong with that. Some of my best life partners are gay. I am playing for your team, so keep hope alive. I hope the short stop position is available when we meet. Can i take you to the zoo where we can do some heavy petting? > Coherence

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What's your favorite show currently on TV?

nicholasbrendon19 karma

Top of the Lake.


I'm such a huge fan!!! Thanks for doing this AMA, and so excited to see your work in season 10 of the comics!!! Also, Coherence looks awesome!! Can't wait to see it!

Silly question time: Where's your favorite place to get some shawarma?

nicholasbrendon17 karma

Shwarma? What is that? It's like a big meat stick. It's like glued together meat.

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My blood type is O-negative, do you know your Blood Type and Rh Factor?? Very interesting stuff you should read about it if ever you are bored. Which I am sure does not happen. Also WHAT WOULD YOU DO oo oo for a Klondike Bar?? 3:)

nicholasbrendon22 karma

I do not know my blood type. If you could find out for me I would much appreciate it in case of emergency.

i would allow David Blane's sphincter to swallow me up while we sit in the middle of Central Park for a week and somehow call it a magic trick.