Hi Reddit, I'm here at Denver Comic Con. I'll be happy to answer any question, since i'm an icon, entrepreneur, actor, author, body builder, and deputy sheriff.

I'm also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LouFerrigno.Page

I'll be here till 11:30am EDT.

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EDIT Hey everyone thanks for the questions and sorry it was so short, I need to setup my booth at Denver Comic Con. Feel free to come by and say hello!

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crankyfiiist309 karma

How does it feel to be known forever as the "original" Incredible Hulk?

louferrigno_thehulk415 karma

It feels great, and there are a lot of actors who have a tv series and disappear. even though I've done over 40 films, I'm just blessed to still have the connection with the Hulk.

jcolier281 karma

Do you still lift? What's your current workout?

louferrigno_thehulk368 karma

I train 5-6 days a week. I'm still passionate like I have been for the last 50 years. I don't as hard as I use to

75% machine, 25% free weights, cardio for 20-30 minutes each day I workout.

Edit Also, be sure to check out the FerrignoLegacy page, it's my first bodybuilding classic competition for men and women. It will be in Santa Barbara the last weekend in November, and it will be a fun expo.

judomonkeykyle272 karma

I love your work as Billy in Adventure Time. How did you get casted? Did you audition or did they contact you directly for the role?

louferrigno_thehulk258 karma

They contacted me directly. They know that I have a huge following with children and they thought it would be ideal for me to play one of the characters in the show.

disiswat232 karma

In "Pumping Iron" during the '75 Olympia finals in the pump room, it seemed like you wanted to bash Arnold. Am I correct or did you two actually get along?

I do in fact remember you saying he was your idol.

louferrigno_thehulk369 karma

I really wanted to. I wanted to throw the barbell on him, so i could go out and compete by myself.

Kidding. I see him from time-to-time in recent years and we have a lot of respect for each other and he's always been my idol.

klamon179 karma

Where's the strangest location that somebody has recognized you?

louferrigno_thehulk361 karma

In Tahiti, I was there for my honeymoon. They have no television, only small movie theaters. I thought I would have some privacy, but the whole island was praising the Hulk.

Frajer146 karma

How do you feel about the Hulk being cgi now?

louferrigno_thehulk335 karma

It's okay, even though they use my voice, but unfortunately, he can't sign autographs... but I can.

PakiIronman130 karma

I've heard rumors of a new hulk movie. Can you tell us anything about it if you are obliged to say of course?

louferrigno_thehulk300 karma

I don't know much about it, but there's a rumor for after the Avengers. Because The Hulk was the star of the Avengers, and he lives forever.

Are_We_Related103 karma


louferrigno_thehulk125 karma

I do feel a strong collection. My grandparents come from Amalfi. It's one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Rootman101 karma


louferrigno_thehulk124 karma

Taking action where you make other people aware that you have a hearing problem, but don't refrain from being yourself.

LunarWulfe84 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized Hulks or one Hulk-sized duck?

louferrigno_thehulk177 karma

one Hulk-sized duck.

kakashi181476 karma

Hey Lou, how are you today?

My question is, what do you consider to be your favorite all time role?

louferrigno_thehulk142 karma

The movie Cage. I play a soldier that was shot in the head during the Vietnam war. They kidnap me and use me as a human cockfighter. it deals with the brain trauma. Check it out (someone else can find the link).

CaptainPhillips161 karma

Is the hulk you're favorite superhero or do you have another favorite?

louferrigno_thehulk99 karma

Superman and the Hulk... as a kid those were my two favorites.

shinydragonite26 karma

So which of the two do you think would win in a fight?

Edit: Elsewhere he answered a question with:

What do you think? The hulk of course. Nobody could defeat the hulk.

So it looks like Superman gets Hulk smashed.

louferrigno_thehulk47 karma

See a previous comment.

Pixel_Me_That58 karma

Welcome to Reddit, Lou!

I read that you used to train with Arnold. So, who would win in a fight: the Hulk, or the Terminator?

louferrigno_thehulk180 karma

What do you think? The hulk of course. Nobody could defeat the hulk.

ExtraCommas55 karma

I met you once a long time ago, and You were seriously the nicest person. Very muscular also. Good job on your muscles!

since I'm supposed to ask you a question, would you like to go to my squadron summer sizzle as my new best friend? It's an air force event.

I'm also a dude, so

louferrigno_thehulk73 karma

Contact me through LouFerrigno.com you never know.

Indigo-218455 karma

Hey Lou, I just wanted to ask how different it is working on Adventure Time compared to being the voice of the Hulk in the Avengers?

louferrigno_thehulk83 karma

It's different, because I try and make the character very sensitive. I have a lot of kids come to me and are excited and they get tickled about it.

Not_dM49 karma

Hello Lou! Would we like you when you're angry?

louferrigno_thehulk107 karma

You will, because I don't have a dark side to myself.

dcresistance48 karma

What's your greatest memory playing the Hulk in the television series? What was your initial reaction to all the positive reception about your playing the Hulk?

louferrigno_thehulk102 karma

In the original pilot, in the end, when Susan Sullivan dies in my arms, it was really touching and vulnerable for me. I cried on screen because that's how I felt.

I was SHOCKED by how almost every country in the world and nationality loved the Hulk, beyond my expectations.

KaiserDusseldorf45 karma

Hello Lou! My dad and I used to watch the Hulk together when I was very young, and it was my first ever exposure to super heroes. Thank you for your role in introducing me to such an amazing world!

Anyways, despite playing the Hulk, if you could have any super power, what would it be?

louferrigno_thehulk155 karma

Have people be nicer to each other. Too many people are mean. BE NICE, be nice to everybody. Nobody is better than anybody.

thatsallimgoingtosay34 karma

Do you wish your football career didn't end so soon? (Argos fan)

louferrigno_thehulk70 karma

The truth is, I never played football before and i didn't like hitting people. I had a great time doing it, but I went back to bodybuilding which I love.

MidnightPomergranate28 karma

when you used to compete, in the off seasons how much would you eat on average?

louferrigno_thehulk56 karma

off season I would never eat at the extreme, I would eat carbohydrates and cravings. I never am less than 80% out of top shape year round.

niklas_bbb22 karma

I have recently adopted the training regime of Mike Mentzer/Arthur Jones. I.e. super slow, brief, intense and only once or twice a week. One set per exercise and every time to total positive muscular failure. What’s your take on this type of training? Have you ever tried this type of training?

louferrigno_thehulk53 karma

I feel it may work for them, but I'd much rather employ my method of 12 sets and spend more time in the gym.

MONKSFTW22 karma

Hey Lou Ferrigno! I'm a huge fan of yours, I love your rendition of The Incredible Hulk and your performance in Liberator!

  • Do you have any favourite off camera memories whilst filming The Incredible Hulk?

  • What was it like working with the cast and crew on Liberator ?

  • Nicolas Cage, yay or nay?

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day for this AMA, on behalf of this AMA I'd like you commend you on your amazing talents and wish you luck on your current and future projects

louferrigno_thehulk49 karma

One time, Cary Grant came to my motor home to take a picture with his nephew from England. I couldn't speak, I was so mesmerized. It was a wonderful moment.

It was great on Liberator, because Michael Dorn was a wonderful actor who made my job easier.

Thanks for the kind wishes and you will be seeing many more of me!