I'm a standup comedian and a father and a fun guy and just super chill. How's it going. I'm on Undateable which airs on NBC on Thursday nights at 9/8 central and you should watch me on that show because it's super fun sweet and weird. Yeahhh. Victoria is helping me out. So AMA.


Update this was a blast, I enjoyed answering all the fun weird questions. Undateable start in like half an hour if you're on the East Coast. And my special is on June 20th on Comedy Central.

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TheJewishViking69 karma

Heya Ron!

I don't know if you remember, but probably in 2007 or 2008 with another comedian you came through Albuquerque, New Mexico and I let you crash at my house after performing a show downtown after my Quiz show. You left me your pipe in the morning as you didn't want to be "a large black man travelling with paraphernalia through West Texas."

Anyway, my question is, "Do you want your pipe back?" =)

I remember staying up almost the whole night talking life with you. Glad to see you've accomplished your dreams and can provide for you son! Cheers to you and congrats on all that you've accomplished. Couldn't have happened to a better guy!

RonFunches77 karma

Awww YEAH I 100% remember you! You're super fun! I think about you sometimes and hope you're doing well. No, I don't want that pipe back. You hold onto it, and hopefully I will run into you and see you.

PandaWallach42 karma

Hey Ron, just wanted to let you know that your laugh/giggle is amazing and could cheer up anybody's day.

Given that your twitter picture is you as Winnie the Pooh and that you told Chris Hardwick on @midnight that he could be Piglet, who would you pick to be the rest of your lovable gang?

RonFunches47 karma

Hahahaha. HAHAHAHA. Okay, so, we need an Eeyore, so how about Kyle Kinane? I like that you're helping with this! Haha! Who else is left? Kanga and Roo. We need a wild person to be Tigger. And Christopher Robin, he's just going to be a chill white guy that's real chill. So let's have Todd Glass be Tigger. Ian Karmel can be Christopher Robin. And then we can have Jackie Kashian be Kanga. Roo would be Maria Bamford. And Rabbit, who's neurotic?! I guess Rick Glassman.

D3ADRA_UDD3R531 karma

What's it like to be on @midnight and what is Chris hardwick actually like? I love you and I think you are one of the nicest comedians out there. Thank you for doing this AMA.

RonFunches44 karma

Oh, thank YOU. And I love being on @midnight because it's super fun and they shoot it on the I Love Lucy stage, and I love Lucy. And Chris Hardwick is surprisingly, annoyingly nice.

D3ADRA_UDD3R517 karma

That's good. It seems like everyone on that show has a really good time. And a side note, I remember one time you said that a major put off for you is when people say that something is retarded and my mother who works with special ed. kids also fell in love with you. I just want to thank you for saying that.

RonFunches15 karma

Oh, thank YOU.

nemoomen27 karma

I'm way too excited. I'm reading your comments in your voice. Can you calm me down?

RonFunches52 karma

Heeheehee. Calm down.


It's all gonna be okay.

We're going to get to know each other a little bit, have some fun, it's not that big of a deal.

rflairfan120 karma

When will you do nudity?

RonFunches42 karma

In the privacy of my own home with any consensual ladies that I enjoy. Or just if I'm dancing alone.

okaythisisit17 karma

Funch, are you watching Friday Night Lights yet?

RonFunches21 karma

First of all, I know who this is. And no, sorry, I'll start it soon.

okaythisisit10 karma

You're a terrible person. Aaron & I have made it probably about 60% through a series rewatch.

RonFunches13 karma

You have work to do tonight.

okaythisisit9 karma

... said the guy who hasn't even started, even refused my offer of a boxed set DVD loan.

RonFunches10 karma

Heheheehehehehe. Touche.

SharplyDressedSloth17 karma

Hey Ron!

How much do you love calling Brent Morin “Lemonhead Brent”? And equally importantly, how much does he hate it?

RonFunches16 karma

I LOVE it. LOVE. For sure. He actually doesn't hate it that much, he's annoyed and pretends to be annoyed, but I think he likes the attention.

sandygallagher16 karma


RonFunches32 karma

Hahahahahaaha! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Just that! I'm a lady! How should I approach you!

You should just say hi to me. If you're interested in me, just come up to me, and say "Hi, I like you, I think you're handsome and would like to hang out sometime." I will probably say yes because no one has asked me out like that before.

sandygallagher15 karma


RonFunches28 karma

Aw definitely WITH you. I just laugh to deflect that I am embarrassed. I'm not laughing at you.

Frajer16 karma

How are you always so pleasant and affable?

RonFunches47 karma

Why would you be anyway else?

Pennwisedom11 karma

Why are you the funniest person ever? AKA How / Why did you get into comedy?

Will you hang out with me whenever you're in New York?

PS. I love Undateable and especially your guys' episode of @midnight

RonFunches18 karma

I'm not. But thank you. And I got into comedy because I just did not have any other skills that I felt like developing. And I didn't want to have to take a drug test for work.

Probably not. But I reserve the right to change my mind if you're super cool and come to all of my shows.

BenDoverForYou8 karma

What's your favorite show to watch right now? (and feel free to take this question as an opportunity to plug your new show if you want)

RonFunches25 karma

Hahahaha! I DO watch Undateable, which is probably really egotistical, but I do end up watching it a lot. I watch Silicon Valley, and Rick and Morty.

rabbitholemedia8 karma

Do/have people ever call(ed) you "Bunches of Funches?"

RonFunches10 karma

Yes. A lot of people do. A lot of people do. It's an easy thing to figure out, it rhymes with my name.

jesus7008 karma

Who is your favorite member of The Shield?

RonFunches20 karma

My favorite member of The Shield is Dean Ambrose.

conswaygo8 karma

Discovered you on Getting Doug with High, now I love your comedy.

What is Doug Benson like when the cameras are off? Also, how high did you get on that show?

RonFunches9 karma

Hehehehe. VERY. And pretty much the same. Very chill, relaxed guy who is fun to hang out with. Doug is awesome.

AGreenspun8 karma

First saw you on At Midnight, loved you instantly. How'd you get on Undateable (who called who, what happened leading up to the show, that sort of thing)? Thanks! Edit: also, really looking forward to your half hour!

RonFunches9 karma

Super-normal! I auditioned, my manager got the audition in. I auditioned several times in front of a lot of different people, and then eventually they said "you're going to get this job." I wish it was a better story, but it's super normal.

OnlySaltwater8 karma

How much of Undatable is improved and how many times do you guys preform each episode?

RonFunches5 karma

We just do it once. We do an hour taping, we rehearse for 4 days and then we tape on the fifth day and I'd say we would do a take where they wrote it and then we do a take that's improvise. And I would say about 20-30% of the improvising makes it on TV.

bigmono7 karma

You had me in tears with your performance on John Oliver's Comedy Central show. I've shared that clip with nearly any person that would listen to me (especially FUCK LINDA!).

Question - Do you find that your love of weed interferes with your ability to parent or do you believe there's a time and place for these things?

RonFunches7 karma

Hahaha! I don't think that it affects it. I mean, it all depends on your kids and your relationship. For me it makes me more patient and more relaxed. And I try to make sure I'm not smoking around him or during the daylight hours. So it's really about being a responsible adult like you would with any other stuff that you enjoy.

DestoryerofTacos6 karma

I want to start off by saying that I absolutely love you, and think you're one of the funnier comedians out there.

Who were your main inspirations / Which comedians shaped your style the most?

Why did you decide to put a head shot at the bottom of your website when there's an artist's depiction of you at the top?

Do your children travel with you when you travel around? If they don't, are you worried about losing that time with them?

How is your hair so awesome? I'm white, but can you make my hair as awesome as yours?

Will you do a comedy special, ever? I'd totally go if it's close enough, and I'll buy the DvD either way.

RonFunches15 karma

Mostly it would probably be Dave Chappelle and Mitch Hedberg.

Because clubs make you do that so they can print your headshot out for when you come to their club or casting agents print it off your website? They made me do it, I didn't want to do it.

Well, I have one son, who doesn't travel with me, he stays with his mom mostly, but I live a different live. You can't judge it like a 9-5 job, there are weeks where I don't see him and then there are days where I see him all day every day. I just make sure to constantly communicate and tell him I love him and that I am there to provide for him.

My hair is awesome because I don't do anything to it, I just let it do what it wants to do. You can make your hair as awesome if you go SUPERSAIYAN!

Yes! I have one airing on June 20 on Comedy Central !

nemoomen6 karma

You said on You Made It Weird that you wanted to do what the Chicago comics did as a group, and all come up and be hilarious together. How is that plan going?

RonFunches7 karma

It's going really well, seeing that I live with my buddy Ian Carmell who is working on Chelsea Lately, and so he is doing well, and I'm also doing a short film with my buddy Matt Braunger.

Lolzzergrush5 karma

Do you still watch muppet babies?

RonFunches17 karma

No. Not that often. Mostly the cartoons I watch right now are Rick and Morty. And what else? That's it. Rick And Morty. I watch a LOT of Rick and Morty. And Bob's Burgers!

epluribusomnom5 karma

Hey Ron!

First off, I love your stand-up and I've really enjoyed Undateable so far. Just throwing that out there.

For my actual question, as someone with a family member on the autism spectrum your material about your son is so hilarious and on-the-nose (in my experience anyway.) What was that decision to write material about your son & his ASD like? Were you ever discouraged from writing material about it in case it was deemed offensive or made people uncomfortable?

Thanks in advance!

RonFunches6 karma

First of all, thank you very much, I really appreciate that.

It was just a big part of my life, and I like to write about my life and what I go through, so it was something I knew I could not ignore or avoid. Yeah, there were periods when people made me feel weird about it or they would say things to me afterwards, but I talked to some people who had kids who had Autism or were on the spectrum and they let me know how much it helped them or made them feel better. And then I knew I was doing the right thing.

VuX84JpJ5 karma

Ron, If you could give advice to a comic (year 3) who is in debt. Doesn't have a car. Doesn't live in a major market but arguably the biggest name in his small city. What should he do? -V

RonFunches10 karma

It sounds like you're right on target! I've been in that position. I wouldn't worry about it. If you really are that good, keep working it out, you're being forced to focus on your art, so keep doing it.

scootdaddy5 karma

Hi Ron, huge fan, your giggle makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. My question is, how much does your stand up background help with acting on Undateable? How different is interacting with other actors as opposed being on stage by yourself?

Side note, let's go to next year's Wrestlemania together.

RonFunches4 karma

It's helpful with the live studio audience. Like I know how to help make them laugh, so in ways it's really helpful. It's just like doing standup with someone else's words, and it's helpful that i trust the other comedians on the show and I know their material and their personalities. It would be harder if I was on some type of drama like ER. Just imagine me on ER. Heehee.

The_Wash5 karma

Why were you only on the pilot of Enlisted?

RonFunches10 karma

Because I had to do Undateable.

scootdaddy5 karma

You're originally from Chicago, but you play a sports fanatic from Detroit. My question is, who's your WNBA team of choice, Sky or Shock?

RonFunches6 karma

Hahahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHA. I'm going to go with the Shock. Shock ALL DAY.

ardah4 karma

Hey man!

First of all I just want to say that me and my cat, Suki, are both huge fans, and would like to thank you for doing this AMA. Suki's birthday is coming up and a shout out from her favorite comedian would make her whole year.

Now onto the question, what are your favorite things to put on a hotdog, and why?

RonFunches17 karma

Okay. First of all, shout out to Suki, happy birthday, I hope you have many multiple nine lives. My favorite things to put on a hot dog are chili and mustard because that's what Sonic the Hedgehog would do.

ardah2 karma

Thank you very much. You made Suki so happy, here is a picture of her smiling.

RonFunches3 karma


amillertime124 karma

Hey Ron, how would you re-cast the characters of Undateable with pro-wrestlers?

RonFunches8 karma

Oooh okay!

I would cast me as me.

And then I would replace everybody else with WWE people like AJ Lee, for sure, and then also who else, AJ could play Chris D'Elia. Paige can play Rick's character. And Lana could be Brent's character.

rekips4 karma

All of the Muppet Babies went on to a long career with the Muppets, with the exception of Skeeter. Any theories on what happened to her, and how much she would enjoy NBC's hit summer show Undateable?

RonFunches4 karma

I think Skeeter developed some sort of a drug problem, because she's always hanging in the lab with Beaker, and I think she would love Undateable because she's a big fan of just, madcap romps.

citricacidx4 karma

Love anytime I can catch you on the Tv or YT.

Who are some of your favorite comedians?

Is Chris Hardwick as cool as he seems?

How'd you get to be so awesome?

RonFunches7 karma

My favorite comedians right now are Tig Notaro, Todd Barry, Moshe Kasher, and Rick Glassman.

Yes, he's cooler, actually. He's been very helpful to helping people know who I am as a comedian without him getting any sort of financial reward for it.

I don't know. I don't think I am? I think I'm pretty good, I just try to have fun and be super-nice to people and not try to hurt people I guess, that's it?

NotCompletelyDumb4 karma

My question is actually for Victoria, sorry to try hijacking your thread. She promised Reddit she would do her own AMA in June, but isn't even on the schedule yet. Can you ask her - no, tell her - she has to keep her promises, Ron?

RonFunches16 karma

You don't use me as a third party between you and Victoria. I'm not that type of man. I'm on Victoria's side on this, you can't come to me, expecting me to be on your side! i'm with Victoria on this!

Proteus_Zero3 karma

Hi, Ron! When did you realize you enjoyed making people laugh?

P.S.: You have a lovable laugh / giggle! Are you okay with fan hugs?

RonFunches4 karma

Mmm, I was 5. I was 5 and hanging out with my sister and making fun of my family and she loved it. And that's when I knew i liked it.

coldvault3 karma

Ahhh! I also first saw you on @Midnight (thanks /u/chrishardwick) and have been a fan since.

Question one: Who is your favorite comedian, and why because apparently someone already asked this?
Question two: How did you get so adorable?!

RonFunches11 karma

My favorite comedian is Tig Notaro! And I don't know how I got to be adorable, maybe it was because I was raised by ladies or I'm just naturally lazy and chilled out. I'm not aggressive and so I think that makes adorable. I also have a great giggle. teehee

nemoomen3 karma

Do you have an hour special coming soon? You've been "about to blow up" status for a while now.

RonFunches21 karma

I dunno. I'm working on my hour always. I have a half-hour that you can livestream on Comedy Central on June 20! Next Friday! I guess I should be telling people that. Watch my half-hour comedy special on Comedy Central next Friday June 20.

jungeltic3 karma

I am from Chicago and moved to Portland 8 years ago. Your bit about this was the funniest thing I'd heard in a while until SKITTLES. Any good anecdotes about moving from PDX to LA?

RonFunches2 karma

Uh, no! Just that I learned to enjoy hockey and country music. PDX to LA, never mind. Let's back that up. I was broke, and now I'm on a television show, so that's pretty much the best anecdote I have. The food and hippy-dippy stuff, that wasn't weird to me.

rabbitholemedia2 karma

If you could only listen to ONE hiphop album for the rest of your life... What would it be? ~~ I'm here puffing on some King Louie, listening to Souls of Mischief

RonFunches8 karma

It would be Midnight Marauder by A Tribe Called Quest.

_theclassclown_2 karma

Can you and I start a rap group together called 'Ron Funches and the Funch Bunch'?

RonFunches11 karma

ahahahaah we can START it, but then I am going to quit it early into it. But then you can take off and then I will sue you for the name.

abefroman692 karma

Are you doing any season 3 shooting for Kroll Show? Follow up, how tasty on are Aunt Sandy's pecan sandies?

RonFunches2 karma

Yes, I think so. I didn't write for this season unfortunately but i think I'm going to be in a couple of sketches. They're not that tasty because they are pretty stale because I keep them in my briefcase for extended periods of time.

poopdish2 karma

Do you enjoy bubble baths ?

RonFunches2 karma

Yeah! I love bubble baths. Why would you not? You have some bubbles, you put out some candles, you put on some classical music, you got yourself a nice relaxin' evening.

buttstuffwigglebuddy2 karma

Hello Monsieur Funches, would you ever consider hosting a late night talk show like your bud Pete Holmes if you had the opportunity? If you could and were given a decent amount of control, what would that show be like?

RonFunches11 karma

Yes! That show would most likely be called "Night Night with Ron Funches." And it will be on Funny or Die soon. So look out for it.

loadednikki2 karma

Hi Ron! I loved your appearances on @midnight!

What made you pursue a career in stand up? Any pointers for people starting out?


RonFunches2 karma

Just start. And keep going a lot. And be yourself and focus on what makes you you and unique! Just focus and keep going as often as you can.

jayarrsteiner2 karma

.....Hey. I met you at Brody's Rooftop Show wrap party.

Anyway, i heard you say you play Animal Crossing. Can i get your Dream Code so i can see your town tho?

RonFunches4 karma

No. Because it's covered in cockroaches, like I said before. And I'm embarrassed.

ElStarPrince2 karma


RonFunches3 karma

He's probably dead. He ran away shortly after I made that joke. Hee hee.

osasunista2 karma

What was it like to bowl with CM Punk?

RonFunches4 karma

He pisses you off because he's good at it. And he's a jerk. But then you say "he's a guy I like, I respect his work." So it's frustrating, and it's also amazing. And then he made fun of me, and I got my only strike. He made fun of me a lot.

Immamoonkin2 karma

Ron, it's Ginny. When are you going to let me school you at Mario Kart?

RonFunches5 karma

When I figure out how to add people online.

jgklein232 karma

Favorite Tribe Called Quest album, favorite De La Soul album and favorite between those two...?

RonFunches5 karma

Favorite Tribe Called Quest album is Midnight Marauder, my favorite De La Soul is Three Feet High and Rising. And Midnight Marauder is my favorite album of all time.

booze_nutrients2 karma

Hey man, why weren't any of the ladies of undateable on the undateable tour?

RonFunches1 karma

Because they don't do standup, and if you don't do standup you don't want to go from city to city hanging out in clubs while other people do standup.

klamon2 karma

If you could start your comedy career all over again, would you do anything differently?

RonFunches2 karma

No! Hahaha. No. I would let it play out how it is because that's how it happened.

ileatherland112 karma

Who's the nWo of comedy?

RonFunches6 karma

Me, Chris, Rick and Brent. We're taking ovaaaaah.

riht2 karma

Has anything from E3 caught your eye?

RonFunches9 karma

YEAH, for sure! Mostly I'm excited about - what's the name of that game? Super Smash Brothers! And then also the new Zelda.

gog2rino2 karma

First of all, will you be my best friend? You seem like you'd be a good best friend.

And do you have any plans to release a special or album?

RonFunches2 karma

Victoria if you want to be my best friend just ask me. But no, my son's my best friend, so you can't be my best friend, but we can be friends MAYBE. It depends on what you bring to the table.

And YES! Comedy Central half-hour NEXT FRIDAY june 20.

AnalLaser2 karma

Is it ok if this is a two part question? Wait, was that my first question? Shit.

In all honesty though, how did you get inspired for your voice or do you change your voice for TV? Also, does your son know that some of your material comes from experiences with him?

Edit: or, of course, do you naturally speak like that?

RonFunches8 karma

I don't know what that means? I think that sometimes people think I'm putting on an accent, but I never thought that people thought i was faking. It's just me. And I think he does, yeah, he didn't like the joke where i called him an asshole, but other than that he likes it, i have enough money to buy him whatever video game he wants.

Paulieb422 karma

Ron, All time favorite professional wrestler?

RonFunches4 karma

That's so difficult! My favorite all time professional wrestler is probably... hmmm.... let's say Brett Hart.

hey_ron_funches2 karma

hey ron funches. what music are you listening to these days?

RonFunches8 karma

I'm listening to a variety of things. Mostly Master P, the album is called Ghetto D. A lot of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. And MF Doom.

judomonkeykyle1 karma

Is Brent "Lemon Head" Morin as hilarious in real life as he is on "Undateable"?

RonFunches7 karma

Yes, and he is VERY hilarious, which is really annoying when it's mixed with the fact that he's handsome and charming, so ladies love him. Have you seen his eyes? They're so blue. They're like, watery ocean blue. It's annoying that he's so talented. But I love him.

bbtfan131 karma

Ron, buddy, be honest- how much does it kill you to have to wear Lions, Tigers, and UofM stuff on the show? ;)

RonFunches3 karma

The only one that bothers me is the Lions stuff, because I'm a Chicago Bears fan. But I feel respect to the greatness of Barry Sanders, so it doesn't bother me that bad.

winterpike100 karma

any advice for amateur comedians like myself? and who's your favorite comic?

RonFunches1 karma

I dunno! That's so general. I just say keep doing standup, write about yourself and write about what embarrasses you.

rickandmorty0 karma

Hey Ron! What was it like working with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart in 'Get Hard'?

Also, please never leave Reddit!

RonFunches1 karma

Hahahaah. It was awesome. It was like a dream come true! To see those people at the top of their career that I want to work in, people who are better than me working in the field I want to do. I made Will Ferrell laugh a couple times, and it was like manna from heaven.

anniecamden0 karma

Where do you like to hang in LA?

RonFunches1 karma

Mostly in my house. Or onstage at the Comedy Store, or the Improv, or Meltdown Comics.

eccentric_smencil0 karma

So Ron, how's life as the human mayor of an animal town?

RonFunches2 karma

Heeheeehee. I was neglecting my mayoral duties, my town is overrun with cockroaches, and I've moved on to Fire Emblem.

PandoraBlackBox0 karma

Hello Ron, Thanks for the ama session

You r a father!!!?? oh lucky children!

Shelly is adorable ,his accent,his manners,his lines How are u close to him? What don t u like abt him? How would u describe him in three words?

If a say something bad abt detroit will u be upset!?lol

How was ur casting day?

Forst wave of questions Thanks

RonFunches5 karma

Three words, okay!

I would say that Shelly is like a wise space cadet, you know? He's smart, but he's also air-headed. We are very similar in a lot of ways. He's probably a little more naive than me, but just a little bit, not too much, and we're probably equally as sweet.

I will track you down, come to your place, and make you watch the Bad Boy's 30 for 30 so you respect the Detroit Pistons.

Oh, when I knew I got the show? Mmmmmmm. It was amazing! It was exciting because were all like "hey! there's no way they're going to give me the show, they are just using me because they want somebody else, but then I was like I got it, it's a dream come true, I'm a television show." It's hard to describe, it was just amazing.

mezz71320 karma

Is Brent as awesome as he is in real life as he is on the show? He seems like a lot of fun to be around

RonFunches1 karma

He's very awesome, he's fun to be around. Brett is awesome, he's super chill and super fun. He would be a member of the Rat pack, if that was still a thing. He'd be the type of guy to still be in that.

Reedisbomb0 karma


RonFunches1 karma


DeReHas0 karma

Can I snuggle with you and call you my Teddy Bear?

RonFunches1 karma

I mean, those are options? A possibility? But it's not just a thing that I just give out. We can certainly talk about it. And then maybe yes.

ggalj10060 karma

Ron: Big fan of yours. Since you're on a show called "Undateable", any dating advice for a single guy like myself?

RonFunches3 karma

Focus on other stuff, focus on your personal goals, and that will attract people around you. Ladies that are worth being around, they like people who are about stuff, doesn't mean you have to be rich but you should be about something as much as hanging out.

aboyd656-1 karma

What is your favorite waffle topping?

RonFunches1 karma


IntelWarrior-1 karma

On Twitter you are always mentioning WWE and on Celebrity Bowling you made numerous "in the know" jokes about the wrestlers. If you could manage any current WWE wrestler who would it be and why?

RonFunches2 karma

I would manage ... who would i manage? I forgot his name, gotta look him up. Xavier Woods. We both have badass hair, and he also works in autism, and I have a big respect for him. He would become a champion, and we wouldn't put up with no bullshit.