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Who are you and what have you done with Merchant?

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Thank you for such a wonderful movie. A few questions:

1) What happened that made you scrap Dr. Wily from the Bad-Anon Meeting. Concept art show he was included, but there were also reports of Capcom not agreeing to him just not fitting in well.

2) Some of the most critical reviews I've read complain about the music choice for some of the movie (Owl City, etc). I do agree that some of it doesn't exactly fit (Shut Up and Drive being the one most for me). Do you still stand by your decision to include that kind of music in the movie, or would you have rather had Henry Jackman do more?

3) Going back to actual VG characters in the movie: How difficult was it to get Nintendo and others to agree to this?

Thank you again. I loved the movie so much, and I can't wait to go to the book signing for the art book. You guys really blew it out of the water, regardless of what others have said about it. I look forward to more amazing movies.

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You do have a role as a computer coming up, don't you?

Or do you mean you're typecast as a lovable idiot?

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I saw your sketchbook on your table. Do you draw? If so, can we see one of your drawings?

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I've read on your Twitter account where you accused your father for using your words against your own mother, and basically lying to the court. Have you said anything to the Judge viewing your case, or have you let this slide with just a few bitter twitter remarks?

Also, I hope you don't take my comment to be mean at all. I was also abused like you were, and I'm 100% behind you.