Peace, whats up people it's Pharoahe Monch, my new lp is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The first visual off the album just dropped today its called "Broken Again" -> This is my fourth solo LP following Internal Affairs, Desire, and WAR... please ask me any questions you would like.

peace, I gotta be out. this is nice and until next time...

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couldfillabook399 karma

How much trouble did you get into for sampling the Godzilla theme for Simon Says?

PharoaheMonch676 karma

The label, the distributer and myself were sued for $420,000 (O.O) and life has'nt been the same since ... LOL

shetlandshaun200 karma

were you a fan of the new eminem album where he name checks you a couple times?

PharoaheMonch422 karma

Em is the fucking man for that shout out .. big fan

McAwesomeBoss138 karma

Talib Kweli once said "...when their chances get slim like Pharoahe Monch" . Exactly how big were you at your largest and how do you keep the weight off?

Also, you are one of the greatest rappers of all time. (That's not a question)

PharoaheMonch189 karma

At my heaviest 260, very sickly and hospitalized all the time from asthma most of that weight was from medications ...

rimzn1120 karma

Hey Monch! Whats your favourite artist? Make sure to check out /r/hiphopheads.

PharoaheMonch157 karma

John Byrne! LOL

dicklaurent9791 karma

Is there any way Internal Affairs can be in print; like through Music on Vinyl or someone? It's one of the greatest debuts ever but the fact that you can only find it on Youtube doesn't help the fact that it's more slept on than a Kardashian.

PharoaheMonch134 karma


deviantslayer78 karma

how was it like working with j dilla :O

PharoaheMonch163 karma

The Dilla joint was scary ... when he asked I was nervous but I wanted to be on the project so bad. He was already a legendary. I recorded the vocals he told me he loved it! He passed before I was able to see him again.

mangoman7869 karma

Hey! First off I'm a huge fan, your song The Truth with Common and Talib Kweli is by far my favorite song of all time.

Any young talent that you're interested in collaborating with?

Is there any chance you and Prince Po will ever reunite for another Organized Konfusion album?

Will we be seeing a new motif in your future projects or will you continue the War one?

Feel free to answer any or none of these and thank you so much for doing this AMA!

PharoaheMonch142 karma

I'm a huge Danny Brown fan, Action Bronson etc me and prince have new music *see Animal Serum (prince poe) Pharoahe Dies at the end of PTSD .. Im no longer recording under that name or doing anymore traditional albums!

AbstractEternal62 karma

Do you game? If so what games are you currently playing facebook games dont count.

PharoaheMonch223 karma

I stopped to record WAR ... but my game was Metal Gear Solid.

WizardDeluxe52 karma

Pharoahe, the Philly boy in me loved seeing Black Thought guest on Rapid Eye Movement but what I really want to know is when you will make my dreams come true and play with the Roots at their Picnic?

Keep on doin' your thing, you are a legend in your own time.

PharoaheMonch60 karma

(O.O) ??? Good Question

seando1751 karma

How much can you bench press?

PharoaheMonch102 karma

I hit 250 11 reps last week ... LOL

kyamcalvert46 karma

Monch - who are a few of your biggest influences and why? What are a couple albums you hold close? Who are a couple of your favorite producers?

PharoaheMonch185 karma

Led Zep, Rush, Maiden, Sabbath, the Police, Hendrix, Coltrane, Eugene Mcdaniels, PE, Rage, ... The Large Professor is my favorite hip hop producer .

emorris22538 karma

If it existed, would you watch Prez Obama and Michelle's sex tape?

PharoaheMonch115 karma

Nah I'm good on that bruh, I would have to bypass that one on Pornhub no thanks.

ChampD101231 karma

When are you and Black Thought going to do an album together???

PharoaheMonch70 karma

We spoke last week about recording more music .......

SolidMcLovin30 karma

wtf! Pharoahe what's up. shit i'm not prepared at all.

  1. do you have a favorite hip hop beef at all? any reason why?

  2. also any interesting story about rappers behind the booth?

  3. how do you feel about yesterday's summerjam? favorite set and why?

  4. do you have any favorite up and comers?

PharoaheMonch54 karma

The way MOP records their vocals is amazing .. theyre masters at adlibs .sometimes they do the adlibs first. its amazing to watch, Also Styles P doesn't write, everything is feel and off the top until he gets it correct .. Dope watching him record as well.

krsdluv29 karma

What is the meaning behind (((((ORB)))))) ?

PharoaheMonch62 karma

(((((ORB)))))) was explained to old followers about 2 years ago and I vowed never to share what it means anymore, but its so simple it goes over everyones head.

schecke26 karma

Iman Shumpert have shown mutual respect for one another on Twitter, and sometimes teased a collaboration. Is it really in the cards?

PharoaheMonch35 karma

Thats my dude, I still think he's a potential all-star ... havent spoke to him in a minute

HLAW720 karma

Hello Mr Monarch minus the A & R,

You are one of the undisputed GOATs in my books and I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing art you've given us. The lyrics, the visuals, the videos, the themes and messages, its all been beautiful and I'm sure I'm not the only one whose grown from your art. When we gonna get that Organized Konfusion reunion? You OC n Po sure smashed it on Smash. Thanks in advance if you take the time to answer any of my questions.

Have you been reading aside from Octavia Butler recently? You say she inspired you in a recent interview with Jay Smooth. Can you share any other influential books/documentaries that heavily influenced you?

How was it working with the Hilltop Hoods? Any thoughts on the hip hop scene in Australia or in Europe in general?

Also is where many of yours fan are, but many of them are unaware you are doing this

Any thoughts on doing something similar to the series of tracks that are rapped from the perspective of a bullet?

Who is someone you've always wanted to collab with? MC & Producer. Are you going to be on Tech's The Middle Passage? How did his feature on W.A.R. come about?

I watched a clip of a conversation you had with Jasiri X in Pittsburgh where you talked about Itunes having a problem with the album cover of PTSD. Just wanted to say respecttttt because that cover is dope and the corporate politically correct BS of Itunes is wack. Can you share any of your thoughts on Jasiri X and where he fits into hip hop's landscape, as well as any thoughts on hip hop activism?

Lastly, can you comment at all about Scarface saying Hip Hop is being whitewashed? People pointing to Macklemore winning over Kendrick as an example of what Scarface was saying...

Thanks again for taking the time king.

PharoaheMonch25 karma

Hip Hop activism is alive and well and artist like Jasiri X do amazing work .. I had no idea of the work he accomplished until we got to chat.. I told him lots of artist would like to be more active in their communities and even worldly but they don't know how... It becomes frustrating because recording every time theres an incident or issue gets redundant ... We need more Jasaris!

VT_phonehome19 karma

When did you know hip-hop was for you?

Do you keep anything particular in mind that you'd like to achieve/make sure you uphold while writing?

PharoaheMonch73 karma

In art school I discovered it was a much better way to paint my imagination.

RSG_the_large_118 karma

If you couldn't make a living from tearing holes in the space time continuum with you bars...what job would you like to do that's not rapping?

PharoaheMonch82 karma

I'm a super sports fan so i would love to announce games or do radio. I listen to a lot of sports radio stations ... especially now since all the music stations suck ass, that or voice over or jingles or commercials or auctions.. LOL

strippedsocks16 karma

SIMON SAYS ANSWER THIS QUESTION Okay big fan here that song has been my alarm clock for the past several years. But what's your favorite part of being a successful artist and who would you like to do a collaboration with

PharoaheMonch41 karma

I still havent work with Preem, there are to many artist to name I'm a huge fan of a lot of artist right now... Guilty Simpson, Roc marciano, Reks, etc

naztyn8z15 karma

Was "Broken Again" a concept or did that really happen? (The meaning behind it. You know what I mean)

PharoaheMonch65 karma

Nah I never did heroin but I did have my heart smashed and kicked and thru field goal post during a rain storm and it washed away into the gutter.

ultrasilk0312 karma

What song took you the longest to write?

PharoaheMonch49 karma

The Trilogy!

abucef12 karma

Safe Monch, what's up. Big fan.

Apart from Organized Konfusion, who is your favourite hip-hop duo of all time?

PharoaheMonch45 karma

Tribe, Outkast, Cypress, MOP,

ruready4thepenis11 karma

Was it hard putting everything out there like you did on Broken Again?

PharoaheMonch28 karma

Yes but also liberating .. Today was even scary waiting on the reaction to the video, its not what I usually do but I think good artist take risk and don't redo the same old shit or whats trendy.

Frajer10 karma

How did you wind up remixing Rehab?

PharoaheMonch18 karma

It was an inside label thing, where they got me the instrumental .. it was totally unofficial

sparcos9 karma

What's your favorite tv show?

PharoaheMonch52 karma

Breaking Bad

dayofthedead2048 karma

Hi Pharoahe,

You sampled a Godzilla soundtrack on "Simon Says" - I'm wondering if you're a Godzilla fan? If so what's your favorite Zilla movie and what you thought of the 2014 movie if you've seen it?

PharoaheMonch38 karma

Thats how I stumbled upon the sample my best friend brought a best of Godzilla soundtrack from the now defunct Tower Records, we listend to the cd and I jumped out of my shoes and ran to my sampler ..

jnaza6 karma

Whos deleting my questions.. how can one colab wit pharoahe? Do u feel ptsd is a new beginning for u?

PharoaheMonch20 karma

@satori06 tweet her ...... YES

enigmue5 karma

What's the science behind Trescadecaphobia/Gogo13?

PharoaheMonch11 karma


abucef4 karma

You've worked with a huge number of hip hop illuminati like Talib, Royce and Black Thought. Who did you enjoy working with and which artist has influenced your own music the most?

PharoaheMonch14 karma

They all have influenced me but I listened to a lot of Royce during the recording of PTSD he's insane ...

OffshoreToon4 karma

I love what you do and my respect only grows for you as an artist. I finally got to see you live recently in Brighton and it blew me away.

I've read that PTSD may be your last album. Will you continue to tour or are you taking an extended break?

PharoaheMonch10 karma


BiggieAndTheMets4 karma

Yo- how'd you pick the name for this album?

PharoaheMonch18 karma

Its my reality and plus it follows the WAR lp

MiddleClass_WhiteBoy2 karma

What's up Monch? Just wanted to say I'm a huge fan. I'm waiting for you to drop by St. Louis or Dallas for a live show.

Also that Broken Again video was dope. Any other tracks from PTSD gonna get videos?

Edit: Girlfriend just told me to tell you she loves 'the light', so thanks for that

PharoaheMonch4 karma


jnaza1 karma

Saw u at lyricist lounge.. loving ptsd!!! Bout time my man!!! Whats a brotha gotta do to get a colab?

PharoaheMonch3 karma

@satori06 <- see this person twitter