My name is Maarten and I am a DJ/producer that goes by the name Bingo Players. You may know me from Bingo Players songs such as Cry (Just A Little), Rattle, Out of My Mind, Buzzcut and Get Up (Rattle) which became a Top 10 single worldwide and the #1 song in the UK.

I am extremely proud of Bingo Players newest single “Knock You Out” which just released this week on iTunes. This is the first new Bingo Players song since the passing of my DJ partner Paul last December.

You can watch the brand new official music video for the track HERE

I also own the dance music record label Hysteria Records, where we’ve released singles from artists such as Tommy Trash, Bassjackers, MAKJ, Henry Fong, and many others.

Proof: Twitter Facebook

Ask me anything and I’ll answer as many questions as I can!

EDIT: Thank you for joining me in this Reddit AMA and thanks for all the questions! Sorry I couldn’t get to all of them so let’s do this again soon!

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kkreative52 karma

what are the words said right before L'amour drops? Me and my friends have been trying to figure it out forever and we cant.

Edit: I cannot wait to see you at spring awakening music festival. I am so freaking excited.

bingo_players49 karma

Haha that's "transmitting live with the hardcore style" See you at SA!

iGhast34 karma

I'm very sorry about your loss. I couldn't believe it when I heard about it.

I also saw your set at UMF 13' in Miami, it was incredible.

But my question is: Where do you see EDM in 10 years or so? Do you think it will become even more popular?

bingo_players27 karma

Thanks for your support. I don't know where the music and parties will be in 10 years from now. Things evolve so fast in this scene, which is awesome, but it's hard to predict which direction it will go. One thing is for sure, it WILL be around for another 10 years.

iQuatro30 karma


bingo_players12 karma

Thank you!

andy29wz24 karma

I love hearing "knock you out" on Sirius. Was it a bit emotional producing without Paul on this track? I wish you the best and I hope to see you on the EDC line-up.

bingo_players55 karma

Thank you. Actually Paul and i produced this one together before he passed.

Suntelli24 karma

How much do I have to pay Maarten Vorwerk to get a #1 Beatport hit

pls respond

bingo_players20 karma

Haha, i think Maarten Vorwerk is in high demand now = high price ;) Ask him!

sushisection20 karma

Hey Maarten! Huge fan of your work. I have a few questions:

Do you do any weird rituals before performing?

What is it like to constantly travel the world? How do you find the time to produce?

Finally, are you playing at edc this year?

Edit: one more, what does your record label do to help develop new producers? Do you guys help manage and promote them?

bingo_players27 karma

No weird rituals, i like to be an hour before the show at the venue, so i can check out the vibe. Besides that a little drink and off i go!

Seeing so much of the world is awesome ofcourse! I have to say, that travelling itself can be very exhausting, especially when you have long flights and a late night show. However, when the crowd gives so much energy it reflects on me.

With Hysteria, we always try to help upcoming producers. If we get a cool demo but it isn't there yet, we try to give tips. And yes, once it's signed, we promote them!

CQuarterz18 karma

What are your thoughts on many people associating the EDM scene with drugs and ruining events for many? And do you think it could effect the EDM scene substantially in a negative way?

bingo_players44 karma

I think the association is something especially press and media like to make. It's short-sighted and naive. It discredits all the people that don't take drugs and have a good time. Drugs are everywhere, you cannot tell people what to or not to do. The best way is to keep educating and communicating with people about it and let them know what risks are.

jculp14317 karma

Has there ever been moments in your career when you hear a really good song and you're just like "fuck, why didn't I think of that?" And if so what song/s? Also, I'm sorry about the loss of Paul. I lost one of my greatest friends of all time a little over a week ago and cry (just a little) has been helping me out so much.

bingo_players49 karma

Sorry to hear about your loss and great to hear you could find some comfort in our music.

Yes, i had that moment when Duck Sauce released "Barbra Streisand". I made a song with that loop years before that, but never let anyone hear it. When it became a huge hit, Paul was like "WHY DIDN'T YOU LET ME HEAR THIS DEMO EARLIER???!!!"

the_flad_masher15 karma

What are your views on the whole "rave culture"? Do you think the outfits are ridiculous and drive people away from your music or do you think that it is all apart of the show?

Edit: I jam to your music allllll the time, thanks for doing this!

bingo_players60 karma

I don't think they are ridiculous, it's a part of the scene. Sometimes it creates a sort of unity, which is nice. I wish people would stop throwing kandi at me during the shows though. That hurts. ;)

steveo75715 karma

Hello! If you could work with any DJ you have never worked with before for a new track who would it be and why?

bingo_players49 karma

I would love to do something with Daft Punk or The Prodigy. They are a big inspiration!

carlosgomezhaslam13 karma

What are your thoughts on Ghost Producing?

bingo_players33 karma

I don't know really... There is so much controversy about it. I just love that feeling when you make something yourself in the studio and people go crazy when you play it live! If you buy "your" tracks, you will never experience that feeling. :) At the other end, people have been producing tracks for other artists for decades.

wazlefish12 karma

Hi Maarten, if you had to spend the rest of your life in one city, where would it be and why?

bingo_players27 karma

Probably where i live now, because i have my family here!

But, i have a weakness for San Diego. I love the vibe over there. Tragic to hear about the big fires now...

AnotherMansCause10 karma

What type of toothpaste do you use?

bingo_players9 karma

I don't, i just use soap. Forgive my breath when i do a meet & greet. ;)

bluescreen_life10 karma

Maarten! RIP Paul, I wish he could be here to do this AMA with you, he is dearly missed. Props for staying as Bingo Players, it seriously is one of the most honorable actions that has happened in House History.

On to the question! What was the motivation for you and Paul when writing "Knock You Out" as well as "Rattle"? They both are amazing tracks, one that is your past and kick started you guys, and the other, a sort of stop gap into the new trends of EDM moving forward. I'd have dozens of others but I know you're a very busy man.

Again, thank you for everything you and Paul have done, you've helped change lives around the world. Congratulations as well on your new little Bingo Player as well!

Bingo Players will ALWAYS be plural, because Paul will always be there with you.

bingo_players8 karma

Thanks for your kind words.

There is not really a motivation, just a creative process. Rattle started out with the lead melody. We found that synth sound and the melody just came out of nothing. That's fun part of producing! We heard Sia's demo of the vocal of Knock You Out and immediately loved it. Build the track around it was fairly easy which such a great vocal.

escobarretje9 karma

Hi Maarten! A big fan here as well. I've got a simple question, where can we send demo's for Hysteria Records to? The link on your website seems to link to a dead facebook app?

bingo_players14 karma

Please send to [email protected] Looking forward to hear it!

Daredfenomeno9 karma

I watched you in Boston a couple months ago and it was insane. One of the best times Ive ever had, even though this last semester I watched some pretty big DJs live, you were probably the best one. A shame you just left after your set was done and you couldn't talk to people for a bit :(

bingo_players16 karma

Sorry dude, normally i try to talk to people, but it was so packed that security didn't allow me. :( Hopefully next time!

sebtro8 karma

Hi Maarten! Thank you for answering our questions. I'm a big fan of Bingo Players work. My 2 questions are: - How do you see the future of Electronic Music? - What is the best way to get recognition for your tracks (for up&coming producers) ?

Thank you very much! Keep it up :)

bingo_players17 karma

Re: future of electronic music, check out an answer i gave somewhere earlier here.

The best way to recognition is to make something unique! We get some many demo's that sound like Tsunami copy no. 2189763. Don't get me wrong, i love Tsunami. But one Tsunami is enough.

So, take a risk and fool around with new sounds and ideas. Once that song gets played by many people, you'll stand out from the rest!

hadzic8 karma

Do you have any plans to work with Showtek? I could see a killer track! :D

bingo_players6 karma

Not yet, but i love their stuff!!!! Maybe in the future....

Cheesus857 karma

What do you think is the next big sound in house music? melbourne? deep? something else?

bingo_players10 karma

I have no idea! The music evolves so fast, maybe we can get some cool crossovers of different genres...

nipsizbomb6 karma

what do you think about the rise of dance music?

bingo_players19 karma

What happened in the last 5 years (especially in the US) is amazing! There are so many great festivals and clubs nowadays. No complaints here :)

Dj_Ayyo6 karma

good tips for writing melodies?

bingo_players5 karma

Best melodies are simple and can be played on a flute. Sounds ridiculous, but it's true. Think about all the melodies you love and you'll see you can play them on any instrument without losing it's touch!

Stevendaly6 karma

Hey Maarten, what's your favourite song so far this year?

bingo_players7 karma

So hard to choose! For my favorite songs of last month check out the Hysteria Radio podcasts!

EmazingOfficial6 karma

How do you see the dance music boom in the USA over the past few years effecting the rest of the world? Have you seen a change in the music? The types of people getting into producing? Has the neon color and light up culture of the USA started showing up in other places?

bingo_players10 karma

Actually, the whole neon thing was already big in Europe many many years ago. Don't see it anymore though! We did get trap in the clubs now! :)

butwhymalemodels5 karma

Back a few years ago when Cry (Just a little) was a huge anthem, did you ever get sick of hearing your music?

bingo_players4 karma

Sometimes yes, but when you play it live and people go crazy, that feeling is gone instantly!

MassiveClusterFuck5 karma

what has been the craziest thing a fan has sent to you or said? big fan by the way! keep those tunes coming :)

bingo_players16 karma

Once there was this kid that puked in his drink and wanted me to drink from it too. That was awkward!

cfedz5 karma

which free plug ins would you recommend for a mac user?

bingo_players9 karma

To be honest i don't use free plugins and never looked into it...

I really like the new Synapse Dune 2 plugin btw

AthexGaming5 karma

If you were not in the music industry what would you see yourself doing?

bingo_players3 karma

Probalby doing motion graphics/video stuff. Like i did before we started DJ'ing.

kaikaikaisauce5 karma

What was it like working with Far East Movement?

Did have any part producing the music video for rattle?

bingo_players6 karma

Actually during the process we never met them. It was all by email. I met them about a year later, when we played at the same festival in France. The idea from the video came from our manager!

NGUOI_DEN4 karma

Hi Maarten!

How has the passing of Paul affected the productions from Bingo Players? Obviously you two committed equally to produce a type of sound that defines Bingo Players, but now that it's just you behind Bingo Players, do you feel like your style will be the same or different than from the past? Do you think Bingo Players will hold more of your own style now, or will you still have elements of Paul's influence in your productions?

I'm sorry for a more sensitive question, but I'm intrigued to know what the future of Bingo Players will be.


bingo_players6 karma

I talked about this before here, but the productions will not dramatically change. I miss his input and feedback, but at the same time i'm thinking "what would Paul do?". We worked together for so many years, somehow i can hear him saying what to do next. Ofcourse it's not the same if he still would be sitting next to me.

jordy12033 karma

Why is there such a big difference between the Dutch / european crowd and the crowd overseas? To me it seems, the Americans wil jump on anything ( even a breakdown ). What is your opinion about this?

When are you playing again in your beloved homecountry ?

bingo_players5 karma

Yes there is a difference, US crowds tend to be more loud! But, we have great crowd in Europe too. Really depends which venue/festivals you play. No plans for Holland yet!

Cool_Story_Bra3 karma

Who would you love to work with, who isn't currently involved in the EDM scene?

bingo_players7 karma

Probably will never happen, but Prince would be great

clo3o53 karma

Miami, Ibiza or Vegas?

bingo_players5 karma

Love all three of them, no way to choose between them!

Nerminnerko3 karma

BIg fan! I'm very sorry about your loss ;(

I have just one question: When did you start making music, at what age?

bingo_players4 karma

I started making electronic music when i was 13-14.

nickywaters3 karma

hey Maarten you guys were my first ever show at Governors Island last year, and it was amazing. Ive seen you 5 time since. Do you plan on playing in New York this summer other than at Ezoo!? thanks!

bingo_players1 karma

There are some plans, more on that later! ;)

RubxCuban3 karma

Yo Maarten! You gonna make it back out to the Pacific Northwest this summer and throw down at Paradiso festival??! I gotta catch your set because the last time you were in town, I was stuck in a 2 hour line while listening to you and Paul tear it up. Sorta sad, but couldn't have asked for a better set to be stuck in line to.

bingo_players3 karma

I don't know if i'm playing at Paradiso, but i'll be coming somewhere close for sure. Thanks for your kind words. Sucks you had to wait in line for so long... :(

Rawlo2343 karma

Who is your favourite producer? What got you into electronic music?

bingo_players4 karma

The Prodigy really got me into electronic music, the Experience album is my favorite of all time. Next to Daft Punk's Discovery.

completej3 karma

Who are you favoring in Rio this year?

bingo_players11 karma

What do you think....... Hup Holland Hup! :D

elemental20143 karma

Hi, I was wondering how you go about producing your tracks. Like, when you get an idea, how do you start off putting your ideas down. I always have a rhythm in my head but have the hardest time putting it down. Awesome music too! Thanks for your time!

bingo_players3 karma

When you have an idea, sometimes is good to record it to your phone and just sing it. Then take you time to lay it down with your software. Just do it note by note!

bpthrowaway223 karma

whatsup Maarten - thanks for hopping on Reddit.

How has your production technique changed since your loss of Paul?

bingo_players6 karma

The technique itself didn't change that much.

I do miss his feedback and ideas though.. He was great at re-arranging the tracks and thinking totally different than me. It's hard to not have that instant feedback and somebody sharing that "eureka" feeling when you hit a great idea!

the420souljah3 karma

Hey man, really respect your work .

Curious as to what you enjoy more. Playing Night Club vs Festivals. Also Favorite Club and or Festival/year you've played.?

Thank you, and all the best for a great future !

bingo_players3 karma

I love both! Clubs are more intimate and festivals are awesome for the big crowds and nice weather! Don't have a favorite club or festival, there are too many to choose from!

MickeyDoyleHehehe3 karma

Love your music, and LOVE every episode of Hysteria Radio on Soundcloud!

Can I ask, regarding EDM, do you think artists at the moment and in the future should look toward making new sounds all the time, or look back more to discover new (and even reuse) amazing samples from the past (most notably the Electric 80s)? (Also any chance appearances at Glastonbury 2014?)

bingo_players2 karma

Thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoy Hysteria Radio!

I think it's good to look to future AND listen to old stuff, it broadens your vision on music and ideas! I've been really inspired by Depeche Mode actually (hence the track "Mode") ;)

milesabove3 karma

If you could collaborate with any musician from another genre, alive or dead, who would it be, and why?

bingo_players4 karma

Prince, because he is such a great musician. Would love to do some funky tunes with him!

shellset3 karma

Big fan here. Thanks for doing this AMA. What's your favorite moment with Paul? Much love from Norway. <3

bingo_players3 karma

There are many favorite moments. I really miss sharing all the experiences during touring and making music togehter.

jkduger3 karma

Thanks for all the great tunes Maarten. "Cry " was a game changer and my go-to song for that summer after it came out. What did you think of Flo Rida capitalizing on the same sample and ending up with a more famous and much shittier song?

bingo_players4 karma

Ha ha, well nothing we could do about it. At the same time, because of that version we got a lot of attention too. People started to look into our music when they heard that version.

savidmusic3 karma

Hi Maarten! Hope you're well. I know labels get a ton of demos daily. But why is it that the big labels including Hysteria never check demos or sign any thing by new comers and small names? I find it really frustrating. The way the scene works is different. We're not expecting to sign with a label like Hysteria but at least get a listen or a short comment.

bingo_players3 karma

I think that's not entirely true. For instance, we signed small names too. We signed MAKJ when he was just starting. Also we signed guys like Loken and Andybody.

travvers3 karma

Do you think you could lay down a dirty techno/minimal set if you were booked to do so/ do you take these bookings ?

bingo_players4 karma

I love some techno and minimal stuff, but i don't think i could do a set, i'm too unexpierenced with that genre. Would love to try it once, maybe as a late afterparty set!

bretttole3 karma

Hello Martin, I was at cream in March and watched you kill it, i am just wondering what was with the MC? Also, thanks for the picture, as you were walking to the toilet haha!

bingo_players5 karma

What was wrong with the MC? No worries for the pic. Glad you enjoyed it!

idratherbeanowl3 karma


bingo_players10 karma

Thank you for your kind words.

One of our most memorable moments was when we played Nocturnal Wonderland a few years ago. It was the first time playing for such a huge crowd. After the show we were over the moon about it.

Like i said before here, be unique and take risks while producing. Only that way you will stand out from the rest.

bia_nca3 karma

Hello Maarten!

I've been following Bingo Players' career since 5 years now. I have to say I am amazed about your work.

Can you please tell a bit about how 'Knock You Down' was born? What were your concepts? How did you find the perfect vocal for that? I also love the lyrics itself! Congrats for that song, has become my #1 BP song!

Other question relates to the record label, Hysteria. Has the record label ever hired interns? I would be interested ;)

bingo_players2 karma

Thank you! Sia wrote the vocals and we build a track around it! Kim Viera sings on it and she really did a great job!

No interns for Hysteria yet! :)

cavnic3 karma

Hi Maarten, I'm a huge fan of early Bingo Players (You're not alone remix, When I dip, Get on the move, etc...) Do you plan to make similar track like above mentioned in the future?

bingo_players2 karma

Thanks! I don't know, music evolves and our sound too. Just finished a remix which sounds more like an older BP song. Stay tuned!

mrbrown872 karma

Huuuuge Bingo fan, thanks for taking the time to do this! 2 questions. 1)Whose one producer you would like to collab with if given the opportunity? 2)Will you be at EDC LV this year? (PLEASE say yes, your set last year was the best of the weekend by far!)

bingo_players2 karma

I would love to produce with Daft Punk if i would ever get the chance!

djedgeofficial2 karma

Do you think that any significant changes in music production will happen in the near future, and if so, how do you think they will affect how music is made?

bingo_players2 karma

Yes, but music production changes so fast. I mean, if you hear the soundquality that young kids can produce nowadays, it was impossible years ago! It's great that the technique is there, but also risks that less attention will be spent on the music side of things. We'll see!

weloveshakal2 karma

Hello Maarten! What are some future colabs that we can await from you?

bingo_players2 karma

No collabs in the making yet!

lemmegetfrieswitdat2 karma

What do you think of the new security measures for Electric Zoo 2014?

Always Plural

bingo_players6 karma

I haven't read about it yet actually. What happened last year was very tragic...

Redtube_Guy2 karma

What's your stance on big DJs who use ghost producers? Do you use ghost producers yourself?

bingo_players3 karma

Answered this one earlier here. And no, we produce all our stuff on our own!

keysercm1 karma

Hi Maarten, I'm a big fan.

Just like you, im from The Netherlands, and i sometimes got the feeling you are a bit ''underrated'' here if we compare you to other famous dj's from our country. I honestly think you deserve way more credits. How do you feel about this?

bingo_players2 karma

Thanks! Have to say we haven't played The Netherlands for a while, so maybe that's why!

colonelkorn121 karma

Maarten, it was the Bingo Players song "Out of My Mind" that really got me into EDM, so I wanted to say thank you for opening the doors to an entire new genre of music that I would have never gotten into before. Bingo Players quickly became one of my favorite artists, and I was devastated when I learned that Paul had passed away, you have my condolences.

My question for you is: when are you coming to Tallahassee, Florida? I got to college there at Florida State, and I would love to see you play. Keep making awesome music!

bingo_players2 karma

Thank you, nice to hear that! Not sure about Tallahassee yet, but i played there a few times and love it. Hopefully soon! I will be playing the seminoles warchant for ya!

Soccrnike101 karma

Maarten, I love you man, huge fan and I've enjoyed every second of the Bingo Players sets , live, recorded. Podcast everything.

I want to say I respect you, and look up to you for continuing you love for music after the tragedy that happen. I am cancer survivor and look up to you and Bingo Players music. Thank you!

My question is I've Been DJing for about 5 Years and love doing it. Can I Dj with you? Just kidding but no really What's the best software you have use or currently use to produce music?

Paul's soul lives through your music!

bingo_players2 karma

Thank you. I'm glad to read you've beat cancer!

The best software to produce music doesn't exist. It's all about what feels right for you. I'm currently on Ableton, but Logic, Cubase, Fruity Loops. They are all good, it's what you do with it!

xAmorphous1 karma

Did you end up getting that 12 core mac?

I probably should mention I'm listening Hysteria Radio 30 and it's BALLER.

bingo_players2 karma

Haha, not decided yet! Heard the new iMac is a beast too! :)


Domenicus1 karma

Hi Maarten , thank you for this opportunity . I have been producing electronic music for more than 6 years and meanwhile I DJ in a local club ,hope i can make it to be successful in the future . what would be your suggestion for upcoming producers who want to get their music heard and get in the international DJ scene ?

bingo_players2 karma

I've answered a similar question somewhere here.

Good luck!

VGeance1 karma

How u feel playing Knock You Out on the stage? :)

bingo_players2 karma

It feels good and emotional actually!

iAligator1 karma

How did you begin producing/DJing and get into the scene? What tips do you have for an aspiring DJ/producer?

Feel free to not answer this one but how did you meet Paul?

Can't wait to see you live!

bingo_players2 karma

See for producing/DJ'ing tips an answer somewhere else here. I met Paul at his home. I was attending the same school as his little brother. When i came to his home, Paul was producing music, just like me. We became friends immediately.

ilikeabbreviations1 karma

i just came on to say you're awesome! i saw u @ ezoo this yr & it was an amazing set. im terribly sorry for the loss of paul & think its really cool that you're continuing on

what's been your all time favorite festival to play? what was your best show of all time?


bingo_players2 karma

Thank you! Re: favorite festivals/shows i've replied about it somewhere else here