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Were you asked for sexual favors by any of the photographers ?

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Never. At certain points I admit it did feel creepy, but every male photographer I worked with (yes, they were all male) were professional throughout the process.

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Is there a butt shot on the back of the book?

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There is.


Can... Can I see it?

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I hope you don't mind me posting this. http://www.erosmart.com/bookcover.jpg

dial28 karma

No, I don't mind. I did the photo shoot after all (and the AMA). As long as it doesn't offend people, I don't mind talking about it and the experience.

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I don't mind that you posted it, just not a fan.

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wow, that is a better scan.

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How do you feel about people potentially rubbing one out over you?

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Doesn't bother me at all. Humans reacting positively to other humans is a beautiful thing.

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This is such a pleasant attitude to see and one I wish were more common.

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The same thing happened to me, actually! I was a nude model for a photographer and he ended up putting me on his book cover. At first I was worried that people I knew would see it, but I don't really think about it these days. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's just a naked body. Everyone's got one. I'm glad you shared your story though with this AMA. I don't think I'm THAT brave yet.

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I'm so glad you commented. I felt the same way when I saw the cover, at first all I could think about is that I hope no one sees it, but for me (almost 10 years later), I feel differently, partly because I am more mature and partly because I am no longer ashamed or embarrassed by the experience. I posed nude because I wanted to feel something I had never felt before. True, it's just a naked body, so why do some people have a problem with it? Why is it so taboo? That's what I'm trying to find out.

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Few questions.

  1. Was it good money?

  2. Would you do it again?

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  1. From what I recall, the hourly rate was in the $85/hour range– much higher than I was making in an office.

  2. I'm content that I did it (when I did) and I'm not sure I'd consider doing it again, as I just don't think it would be the same. It's one of those experiences that just can't be recreated again. It was a moment in time and in this case, captured in a photograph.

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Are you glad they put the A directly over your V?

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Yes, I was actually grateful for that A. I've also notice that on some websites, there are stars covering my nipples, because nipples are offensive to some people and therefore not always allowed to be displayed uncovered.

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Do you think that that experience has grown you as a person, since I'm pretty sure that to do that nude modeling, you need to gather some courage.

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I do think I grew from the experience. I personally don't know anyone else who did this in their lives, so I feel like I experienced something those people will never know. Sure, they can go to a nude beach, but it's not the same. I experienced pure freedom and that feeling can never be replicated.

Lotete7 karma

Thank you for the answer. I personally think that it's good to do stuff, so you don't get the feeling that I should have done that when I had the opportunity.

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Have you ever felt turned on during a photo shoot? 2. Have you ever felt the photographer being turned on?

dial274 karma

I never felt turned on during a shoot, but I also wasn't attracted to the photographers. Maybe if I had been things would have been different. I only felt adrenaline and freedom and a small sense of being proud of myself for overcoming shame and the taboo that goes along with being naked in public. I never got the sense the photographers were turned on, but I did know that they must have felt something because, come on, I was a naked woman in front of them. It's only natural.

LaserDinosaur24 karma

Not necessarily! Depending on your mindset and your job. After a while, any feeling of arousal may go away. An example for comparison: doctors.

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Also, not every model is going to be every photographer's type.

dial23 karma

Good point!

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How did you get into the buisness?

dial243 karma

A friend of mine at the time (a photographer) mentioned that he knew of a photographer looking for nude models. I thought why not and started doing research online about that particular photographer and soon others followed. You definitely have to be careful, as many people 'claimed' to be photographers, but they had no proof. I made sure they were legitimate (had a website/references, etc). References are key.

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With the pic being used in a publication, do you receive any payments from the sale of the book?

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None, just the memory of having done the shoot and what resulted.

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Thanks. I look at the photo now and it's almost surreal. Although I'm not smiling in the photo (as that would be weird), I felt so incredibly free. From what I remember, I was comfortable from the beginning. Although I did need to talk to the photographer at first and get to know him/feel comfortable in his presence before undressing.

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Did you feel more confident with your body after taking the photos? My friend is a photographer and sometimes uses nude models for her shoots, she has asked me before if I would model for her and I would love to, but I can't get over my embarrassment. Just the thought of strangers seeing photos of my naked body and picking apart my flaws..

dial214 karma

I definitely felt more confident with my body during and after taking the photos. I felt slightly embarrassed because of how taboo people consider the nude body being displayed for the public to see. But, as the person posing nude, you have to get over that feeling. I hope that if it is truly something you want to do, you will get over any feeling of embarrassment. I mean, you will certainly be putting yourself out there and you never know where the photo might end up, so you need to get to the point where you feel ok with that, and that it's ok to be nude and put yourself out there.

ill_tonkso11 karma

Did you ever feel judged by less mature photographers or artists? I did some life drawing at uni (as the artist) and a few of my classmates couldn't help but snigger when they saw that bare labia. We're you ever offended by it? How did you judge their character from this experience (if it happened)?

dial221 karma

I did this anonymously, behind closed doors, so I don't know if anyone was judging me. Some of my friends have seen the photos/book and they find it interesting/amusing. As far as I know, no one has ever been offended by the photos.

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Did you feel more comfortable with a photographer you found attractive than not attractive, or the opposite perhaps?

dial225 karma

I actually wasn't attracted to any of the photographers I worked with and I do wonder what I would I have felt if I had been. It certainly would have been an entirely different experience. Certainly a sexual one.

jonnysulami8 karma

Do you think you are as attractive as that woman in those photos?

dial29 karma

What an interesting question. Posing nude made me feel as if I was attractive, but as far as how I see myself now, having matured a lot, I feel content and live a much simpler life. I got the 'do something shocking' out of my system. I'm glad that girl in those photos exists though. She was a happy and confident person.

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What made you quit?

dial215 karma

Well, I was 25 at the time (and I am 35 now). I 'quit' because I got older and became a professional (9-5 job). I actually look at it as I stopped working with photographers, as it wasn't something I was making a career out of, just a moment in time.


Were these "Tasteful Nudes" or were these in the realm of kink? I ask since it's not uncommon for models to pose nude for artistic quality.

dial210 karma

I see this photo as being 'tasteful' and I am not sure if others will agree, but I label tasteful as just 'being,' meaning, I am just being there nude. No one is doing anything to me, nor am I doing anything to myself. Some may find other photos in the book 'kinky' because of the position of the models legs, arms, etc.

topsho77a3 karma

Was this the only photo of you used in the book?

dial26 karma

No, there are several inside the book in addition to several that didn't make it into the book that I actually liked better than the ones that did.

TheJustBacon5 karma

What was going through your mind while you posed? Were you nervous?

dial28 karma

Every time I posed nude I was nervous. I actually remember thinking oh my gosh, I am naked and this is awkward, followed by oh my gosh, I am naked and this is amazing.

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Glad you don't regret it. They are very nice photos.

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bbates7284 karma

Do you have any recourse to get your picture off of books or are you cool with it at this point?

dial210 karma

At the time when this particular book came out I freaked out. A photo of the book cover made its way around my company (even my boss saw it) and I cried of embarrassment (in private). It took some time, but at this point, I am definitely cool with it. I have no regrets and as I get older, I look back and think, well that was interesting.

frickin_lahey9 karma

Who the hell passed that around? Isn't that a form of harassment?

dial24 karma

I worked in an ad agency at the time and the creative department was in the know of new books that came out that year. I believe someone just happened to find it.

statikuz8 karma

At the time when this particular book came out I freaked out.

You didn't know that it was going to be used for a book cover? Did you sign off the rights to do whatever with the photos or something?

dial210 karma

I signed a waiver that any photo taken of me became the right of the photographer, which I fully understood and was fine with – I just never expected my nude photo to end up on a book cover. I figured it might be used in a portfolio.

QuackBook4 karma

Is the cliche that you forget you're naked and become extremely comfortable with everyone in the room true?

dial26 karma

I didn't know that it was a cliche, but you naturally become more comfortable, just as you would being fully clothed and meeting people for the first time. You just spend some time in a new element.

tobi10304 karma

If you had the opportunity would you do it again?

dial25 karma

I'm not sure. I probably wouldn't do it again, only because I'm not the same person I was 10 years ago. I am not as young, or as confident. It was a moment in time that felt right at that time.

razt1254 karma

How was the photography process? Was it weird getting naked in front of a bunch of strangers?

dial24 karma

It wasn't a bunch of people watching me, it was one photographer at a time. It was easier than one might think. You have to own it, know what you are doing is ok and feel the freedom that comes along with being completely nude.

SteroidSandwich3 karma

Were there any poses you were told to do that you just felt uncomfortable doing?

dial21 karma

Well, I knew (by looking at the photographer's portfolios) what kind of photos they had shot in the past, so I had an idea of what kind of poses I would most likely do. I only worked with photographers who shot what I considered to be tasteful, non controversial nudes. Meaning, non kinky– no one is doing anything to me, nor am I doing anything to myself.

stumblemuffin3 karma

How do I get into this type of work? And do you suggest/recommend it?

dial24 karma

For me, it wasn't a line of work, it was temporary. It wasn't a career or anything. You either get into it by chance, or in my case I knew a photographer that suggested I work with someone he knew, looking for nude models. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do it and is interested in the experience. As long as you are doing it for the right reasons – for yourself.

Just_for_you_eh2 karma

Did you ever consider doing some dressed up modelling?

Follow up question:
How different are nude and dressed modelling (hourly rate, requirements, difficulty of finding a photograph...)?

Thank you for this AMA!

dial22 karma

My pleasure. I knew what I was and I knew what I wasn't. I knew I didn't have the look for 'dressed up' modeling. It wouldn't have happened, even if it was something I had wanted, which it wasn't.

dial22 karma

Sorry I can't be of much help with your questions since I have no idea what nude and fashion models are paid these days (hourly, etc). I do know that you would need a portfolio to work as a fashion model (unless you happen to be discovered). You also need to do research– get references/talk to people who have worked with a photographer in the past. Also, look at the photographer's portfolio to get a sense of his/her style/taste. It should be a good fit for the photographer, as much as it is for you.

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dial29 karma

I didn't have any training, I just felt comfortable enough to know that I would be captured in my natural, naked form. Once I got to know the photographers, I removed my clothing and they directed me on where to stand/sit and how to pose. I knew nothing about being a nude model.

Worldofimagination2 karma

Thanks for doing an AmA!! What events led you to decide to model nude? I've never known any nude models and am curious to how you got started in the industry

dial24 karma

My pleasure. I went through a phase in my mid 20's where I felt like I wanted to express myself. I realized I could do this by posing nude (as art). I got started by someone I knew (a photographer) recommending that I work with another photographer that he knew and went from there. I was recommended to work with someone else after that, and so on. But I only did this over the course of 1-2 years.

billpullmanrocks2 karma

How supportive were your friends and family? Did you have a boyfriend during that time?

dial25 karma

My Mom was very supportive. I haven't to this day told my Dad. I don't feel it would be appropriate. Any friend that knows about it has been supportive and just finds it interesting that I did it.

I didn't have a boyfriend when I shot for the book, but I did at the time the book was published. He was definitely shocked and thrown by the whole thing at first. Then, he just accepted it. I would have been shocked too, if I was him.


How did people around you react to you doing this? For, example friends and parents?

dial26 karma

My Mom knows (I wouldn't feel right telling my Dad) and at the time of telling her, she was shocked, but she knew how embarrassed I was and made me feel like what I did was ok. She even said I had nothing to be embarrassed about. It was much easier telling my close friends because they thought it was interesting and had tons of questions for me. It's like finding out your close friend has this hidden secret/past, so they were more curious and never judgmental.

Edmiranda1 karma

I was a nude model for my college's art department one semester. Had like 15 to 20 people in upper level drawing classes drawing me in a pose that sometimes I would have to hold for 2 hours. What I took away from that experience was how each person drew me and/or perceived me visually. That and being cool in my own skin. What about you?

dial22 karma

I've never posed nude for a drawing class, which must be a different experience as you are posing for a group of people for an extended period of time. But what I took away from it was similar – being comfortable in my own skin and feeling glad that I did something I never thought I would or could do and experiencing a new level of freedom.

Another thing, to go with what you mentioned about how each person drew you/perceived you visually, is learning which photos the photographer liked best, vs which I liked. How they saw me, vs how I saw myself. What they were able to bring out in me.

ShadNuke1 karma

Serious questions... What did your parents think of you doing said modelling? Was it something you hid from them or not? And the million dollar question... What did your grand parents think when they found out?

dial22 karma

It was something I hid from everyone for a long time. Years actually. Well, except for my Mom, only because when I came in contact with the book I reacted emotionally to seeing myself naked. It was much more real than I expected.

My Mom was very supportive. I haven't to this day told my Dad. I don't feel it would be appropriate. It would also not have been appropriate to share with my grandparents.

Antisceptic1 karma

Just a tip, maybe label the link in the description as NSFW, as it isn't exactly clear what the link is to. You can never be too careful.

dial22 karma

Done. Thanks for the suggestion.

yamete1 karma

How did your parents react finding out that you got this job?

dial23 karma

My Mom knows (I wouldn't feel right telling my Dad) and at the time of telling her, she was shocked, but she knew how embarrassed, emotional and sensitive I was and made me feel like what I did was ok. She was very supportive about the whole thing.

mia120 karma

Did the photographers ever try to have you do things for shoots that made you uncomfortable? I had a friend who modeled nude and this guy wanted to sketch her masturbating and she said she felt weird doing that so she said no.

dial23 karma

Luckily, they did not. It's certainly unfortunate to learn that anyone has been asked to do anything they aren't comfortable doing. It should be known beforehand what kind of photos the photographer wishes to shoot, yet I understand how things can get out of hand/off topic for a variety of reasons.

I knew (by looking at the photographer's portfolios) what kind of photos they had shot in the past, so I had an idea of what kind of poses I would most likely do. I only worked with photographers who shot what I considered to be tasteful, non controversial nudes. Meaning, non kinky– no one is doing anything to me, nor am I doing anything to myself.

TowelsOnMyHead0 karma

Is it weird knowing that thousands of people have seen your naked body?

dial24 karma

I don't think I've offended anyone by being naked, thought I certainly feel slightly weird that strangers have seen me naked. You just have to get over it, the feeling of being ashamed/embarrassed. You have to embrace it. Being nude is ok. What I did is ok. That's what I have come to terms with.

frk_kaizer0 karma


dial22 karma

My pleasure. I was 25 at the time (and I am 35 now). I 'quit' because I got older and became a 'professional.' It was just a moment in time. It was something that if I was going to do it, I needed to do it at that particular time in my life. The timing has to be right.

frk_kaizer0 karma

A "professional" what? (I apologize if I'm missing some very obvious hint)

dial21 karma

I just meant someone who has a 9-5 job in the work force.

papasmurf1010 karma

You have fantastic boobs! Also... proof?

dial22 karma

Thank you. When I was growing up I felt unattractive for too long, even today, as I get older. I don't think we spend enough time celebrating our positive attributes. Like I said earlier, now I look back and I have no regrets.

Classy4011-4 karma

Do you stop to think how many gallons of semen have been expelled because of your photos?

dial213 karma

Ha! Now you are just being silly. But you did make me smile.

tutsmybureh-22 karma

You seem pretty attention seeking

dial26 karma

I assure you, while posing nude seems extremely attention seeking, it's actually more of something you do to feel free in a world where being nude is considered taboo/shocking. I wasn't seeking attention when I did it, I wanted to do something that no one would expect me to do. I am no one special and live a very basic life. It was a moment in time when instead of jumping out of a plane, I let strangers shoot photos of me as art.

tutsmybureh-18 karma

Oh I didn't find the actual nude shots to be attention seeking. The fact that you're doing an AMA about it is, however.

dial26 karma

I hear ya and I debated putting myself out there, but then I thought, why not, because as humans, we are interested/fascinated in acts/activities we either have tried, or have not. In this case, I find it interesting to connect with people who have also posed nude – and also read questions by people who would either never consider doing it, or may have considered it, but then never went through with it.