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frk_kaizer6 karma

Are you able to play sports? How is your hand-eye-coordination? I'm asking because kids can be ruthless in P.E... Also, thanks for the AMA!

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Jeez..hope they didn't poke too much fun at you. Interesting that you're able to aim though. Is it easier if things are close or far away?

frk_kaizer1 karma

Do glasses help when looking people in the eyes? My mind is imagining the eye balls just immediatly facing forward as soon as glasses are put on. Please, tell me I'm right..because then it would make all your friends immediatly cross-eyed if they try them on. chuckle

frk_kaizer1 karma

Ah..which country do you live in? Because for driving I would imagine that it's beneficial to have that left eye being the prominent one because of roundabouts and trying to get out of parking lots and such.

frk_kaizer1 karma

Do you have to close one eye when aiming? I do it automatically sometimes (not sure why to be honest). Oh, and do you have a favorite eye?