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About 7.75" and a few inches around

and I have to save the day with my averageness


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I believe that's a different unit, but they may work together. Those smaller trucks you see (I think they're called C and D units) probably wouldn't ship a vehicle (although it has probably been done), usually they handle a lot of pharma shipments, and anything expensive that needs to get there fast. The industry is generally called "expediting."

Here's a FedEx CC auto transporter:


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he went rouge

Is that like plaid?

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I don't think he's saying that he's a Bakerâ„¢ - just that his position name at work is "baker." They probably call the guys at Domino's that put the pizzas in the oven "bakers" too.

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Would you get the opportunity to force the hand together in the virtual world that is dota2 with majonäsens king? I can only imagine the consequences ...

Close enough...