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About Us: We love making video games and we love Adventure Time—so we’re doing both! Come on in and ask us some stuff so we can share some details and answer any questions you Redditors have about the third Adventure Time interactive game – Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom. Published by Little Orbit and developed by WayForward, the game will come out this November and will bring classic top-down action adventure and puzzle-solving elements to the franchise on Xbox 360, PS3, Steam, Xbox 360 GonD, PSN and 3DS.

So here we are, ask us anything you want to know about what you can expect in this new game. (We will be answering from 1-3 PM PDT {3-6PM EDT})

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astrogamer20 karma

Any reason why this isn't coming to the Wii U? Were Explore the Dungeon's Wii U sales bad?

LittleOrbitGames-10 karma

We don't currently have a WiiU version planned at this time but we are always looking at new platforms.

LittleOrbitGames15 karma

By the way, I am Ryan Rucinski (Production) at Little Orbit working on the Publishing side, Tomm Hullett is on the Development side at WayForward. Other people may answer under the LO account so I will use a -RR answer

sleepybro10 karma

I know you guys might really REALLY dislike getting these type of suggestions,(and I apologize) but just putting it out there...a grass sword stylus for the collectors edition would be beautiful!

will the game be single or multiplayer?

Wayens1 karma

I third! lol

LittleOrbitGames11 karma

-RR: I fourth! We'll see what we can do.

twitchiepooh1 karma

I fifth! And you guys are good for looking out!

twitchiepooh2 karma

Also follow up question to the unannounced collector's editon; will we see more than just the 3DS getting a CE and also the console counterparts? Hopefully that includes Wii U too.

LittleOrbitGames0 karma

-RR: Sorry, I have no clue on any of the CE announcements I just hear plans of what will be done. That is a marketing thing.

Iiwaken9 karma

Is the 3DS version going to be in the Zelda II/Hey Ice King... style of top down adventure? Loved the first 3DS title so it would be great to see another game in that vein.

LittleOrbitGames2 karma

-RR: Tomm just answered this question to yexx. A lot of game play like the first game with the look of the second game.

japjake28 karma

Will this game follow the story line of Adventure Time? If not, will the game have its own type of story? Thanks for answering! Good luck on the game, too.

tommhulettWF8 karma

It follows the AT storyline in that it's about Finn and Jake on an adventure where they run into many familiar faces--but! It's also an original storyline that hasn't been featured on the show or in the comics. So there will be new characters to meet and plenty of surprises.

LittleOrbitGames9 karma

Additionally, the timeline is after getting the Grass Sword but before the event of meeting his Father so you get to see that in action.

morbidb1 karma

When will we the new characters?

LittleOrbitGames0 karma

-RR: Expect a bunch of announcements at or around E3. June 10th and on,

YellowB3 karma

What are some cheat codes to the game?

LittleOrbitGames1 karma

-RR: We aren't at the stage of putting in cheats into the game.

fannel_drizzt2 karma

1.When will you show us some gameplay? 2. Will it have coop offline or online? (I love second game's coop)

LittleOrbitGames5 karma

-RR: We will actually be showing off some game play at E3. No coop offline or online for this iteration of the game...Sorry.

drgirlfriend1242 karma

Are there going to be some bodacious new princesses for us to ogle?

LittleOrbitGames1 karma

-RR: Heck yeah there will be... More than one too!

finlout2 karma

This question is for Ryan, Why do you hate freedom?

LittleOrbitGames3 karma

-RR: I don't hate freedom... As long as you do what I say.

LittleOrbitGames2 karma

-RR: Alrighty, folks. Take care and look for upcoming announcements.

vande7002 karma

What is your drink of choice while coding?

tommhulettWF5 karma

A quick poll of my team reveals water as the clear winner! runners up include tea and vitamin water

LittleOrbitGames7 karma

-RR: And that is why I look like an old man and you are young and spry.

LittleOrbitGames4 karma

-RR: I don't code but I do my liver damage with Zwiec, a Polish beer.

sleepybro2 karma

So I take it the main villain will be someone we've never seen before?

LittleOrbitGames4 karma

-RR: Correctamundo.

RockettPwnch1 karma

Will Samantha be making another appearance? I really like her but she absconded after one episode and we haven't seen her since.

LittleOrbitGames1 karma

-RR: Alas, she doesn't make an appearance, yet... However, we are still making the game, so maybe.

R3gike1 karma


LittleOrbitGames1 karma

-RR: There is cool news on this but we can't say anything until it is officially announced.

devenrc1 karma

  1. Will there be voice acting in the game?

  2. Will there be a collector's edition for the 3DS?

Loved the first two games (yes, even Explore the Dungeon) and I can't wait for this! Keep 'em comin'!

LittleOrbitGames2 karma

-RR: 1) Yes. I love doing VO recording with the actors. 2) I can't promise that there is going to be a CE version. That is a marketing decision and I am production. However, I will definitely let them know the interest. And there has been a lot of interest, so that helps the case for it. More information on that to come!

its_bmo_time1 karma

Which would LittleOrbit rather fight: one Lich-sized Shelby the worm, or 100 Shelby-the-worm-sized Liches?

LittleOrbitGames2 karma

-RR: The Lich is OP so 100 little ones would still be too much for me to handle. Not to mention a worm would still work me over, a bazooka would still take them out while the Lich, no matter their size would (un)live.

So the lich sized worm is my choice.

tommhulettWF2 karma

Why's LittleOrbit get all the good questions?

LittleOrbitGames3 karma

-RR: Because you answered with Tea and Water and I answered with Beer!

RockettPwnch1 karma

Will there be other playable characters in the vain of unlocks or DLC or a new game plus mode?

LittleOrbitGames2 karma

-RR: Right now we don't have any DLC planned but never say never!

morbidb1 karma

Will there be trading cards for the Steam version?

LittleOrbitGames2 karma

-RR: There pretty much has to be trading cards for all Steam games, so yes.

bigmankyleo1 karma

Will it have anything to do with The Great Mushroom War?

LittleOrbitGames2 karma

-RR: The kingdom may have existed around then but the story is not directly related to the GMW.

RockettPwnch1 karma

Do you guys have an internship program?

LittleOrbitGames2 karma

-RR: Depends on which company you are trying to intern for, I guess.

silversand1 karma


LittleOrbitGames1 karma

-RR: I will take the little horses for obvious reasons.

silversand1 karma


LittleOrbitGames1 karma

-RR: I am still traumatized and will stick to the little horses.

fannel_drizzt1 karma

Will we controllate Find and Jake separately and choosing one, or they are gonna be a tandem like in the first game?

LittleOrbitGames1 karma

-RR: Both, kind of. At one point you can get an item where you can control Jake separately but most of the time Jake is an assist character.

sleepybro1 karma

Welp,i'm officially excited for this new game!!! Good luck with everything buds! November can't come soon enough!

LittleOrbitGames2 karma

-RR: Believe me, yes it can. Maybe too soon. Thanks for the excitement!

LittleOrbitGames3 karma

-RR: I believe it was the most epic hair flip. Did you notice the voice of the witch was Flapjack?

vande7001 karma

what types of Easter eggs will you be having in the game?

LittleOrbitGames3 karma

-RR: Blue ones. And striped ones. Actually, we aren't at the stage to put in many secrets things. When we have more of the content implemented we get to put in more fun stuff. We might have some flash forwards on the current season happenings but I make no promises.

yeanobro1 karma

Is it mandatory to play the other games first?

LittleOrbitGames1 karma

-RR: SOTNK is its own standalone game. So, no.

sprech411 karma

Since this is taking place in an entirely new kingdom, I assume we're not gonna be seeing many characters from the show besides Finn and Jake?

LittleOrbitGames1 karma

-RR: We will be seeing other characters, lots of new ones, but they will definitely be making an appearance.

grangach0 karma

is this going to be another baby game for babies like the last two? Did D3 actually give you enough time to make a game this time?

LittleOrbitGames3 karma

-RR: The previous games are for all ages not just babies! D3 isn't publishing it this time, Little Orbit is, and we are definitely not giving them enough time.

grangach1 karma

I played hey ice king, and while it had potential, the mechanics where incredibly underwhelming and simplistic and the combat was terrible. I didn't get the second one because of how poorly it reviewed, and I'm assuming it suffered from similar problems.

I'm a huge fan of adventure time and wayforward's original content, and I can only hope that it gets done justice this time. I'm glad to see that they are with a different publisher, but I'm feeling pretty burned by the last two games. will this one be better and why?

tommhulettWF2 karma

Since the first two games were entirely different, they suffered from entirely different problems! :)

We took all the feedback from those two games and tried to craft an Adventure Time experience everyone is asking for. Nameless Kingdom has an epic quest through a variety of locations with a story that develops as you play. But it's not just recaps from the show--it's an all new story with returning AND new characters.

As for the combat--I'm actually going over that in detail this weekend, so never fear! Our swordfights will be satisfying.

grangach2 karma

So no more button mashing on stationary enemies? I'm feeling a little more hopeful now.

LittleOrbitGames2 karma

-RR: Excellent. Developers and Publishers always like constructive feedback on how to make their games better.