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Actually, I've been wondering about the Sierra movement myself. As to why not just have GK1 20th be a first entry in it? Or was that going to clash business model-wise due to the Kickstarter GK1 20th is part of?

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Glad to hear Raleigh's doing well! Lots of love and warm feelings to her then! And I'd love to hear piano done in the heavy rhythms of the opening score. ;>

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Hi, Wayne, QA Lead on GK1-20 here. I can't speak for Jane but I can speak for the game. In the 20th anniversary edition, we are still keeping the original player deaths but have softened the blow with autosaving as you play and retry on death. So we are going the middle path this time around. :) You may also be happy to know that you can't dead end yourself in hounfour anymore. We keep access to entering the elevator car (but not exiting hounfour) open, so you can get that perfect ending without replaying a whole big section of game. Hope that helps. ;)

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I third! lol