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First off I want to say thank you for the AMA. I always imagined voice acting being like the opening scene from Mrs. Doubtfire. So my question is out of all the voices you have done and characters you have played over the years. Which character and personality can you most readily identify with?

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The concept behind the game is very impressive. Do you think it will ever move past the scope of where it is now and be used in a more complex setting? Maybe helping game developers or in a RPG? What are the future possibilities you see for this?

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Thanks for the Answer! Most people don't realize how many different voices you have done over the years! Between video games, cartoons ranging from Iron Man to Powerpuff girls and even announcing the Oscars and Who's the Boss, you've effected us more than some realize. Thanks for all the work you've done! I'm happy to hear this is your favorite character to play!

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Thank you for the responses, a shooter game of this magnitude would be something else. I am excited to see all the things Pixel Press has in stored!