Hey lovers, this is Kylie Minogue! I'm here to answer all your questions, so ask me anything!

I just released my 12th studio album "Kiss Me Once". The album features collaborations with Mike Del Rio, Cutfather, Pharell Williams, MNEK, Ariel Rechtshaid and executive producer Sia Furler. I'm looking forward to sharing details of my new music video "I Was Gonna Cancel" which premieres this week. I'm currently in New York where I attended the GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday and will be attending the Met Ball tonight. Victoria from reddit will be assisting me so go ahead and AMAA!


This was so much fun! Thanks for all your questions. Some of them were really thought-provoking and I wish I had more time to go into detailed answers, others had me in stitches. You guys are the best.

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oldsoulhumor2113 karma

Kylie; I've had quite a crush on you for years. Whenever a song of yours comes on the radio or I see a cd of yours in the store my wife gives me a big grin and sort of a "knowing look" and pokes fun BUT she says if I ever had the chance to ask you out: I could.

So Kylie with the whole Internet watching, with bated breath i'm sure, and my wife having a laugh at me, I have to ask: will you go out with me?

IamKylieMinogue2080 karma

Where would we be going?

milanbourbeck607 karma

Alright. Since OP doesnt respond im gonna make the move. How about Chuck-e-cheese?

IamKylieMinogue901 karma

Hmmm. I don't even know what Chuck-E-Cheese is?

Wolfsorax1107 karma

Have you ever played league of legends?

I was diamond in season 3 and just wondering if that helps me stand any of a chance with you

IamKylieMinogue769 karma

Sorry to disappoint, but nope.

iGoByManyNames392 karma

What about dota?

IamKylieMinogue1715 karma

How about Pong?

SFBL717 karma

Loved you in Dr Who.

Just saying.

IamKylieMinogue881 karma

Thank you, I loved being a part of Dr. Who. Astrid Peth was a great character and hey, since she did turn to stardust, maybe she's still around somewhere!

swb377511 karma

Your album X was (and remains) criminally underrated. Critics were miffed that you didn’t discuss your cancer battle more on the album but there are (I think) undertones of body awareness all over the album. What was your mindset going into the making of X – more specifically, post cancer?

IamKylieMinogue686 karma

I actually wrote a number of songs that expressed my feelings at that time. Most notably, the song called "No More Rain" [which I loved performing on the X 2008 tour ] - but it's true, not so many of them made the album. It was a time where I was trying to be positive and find a way out of the darkness, whilst accepting what I went through and what was still happening to me. So both types of songs were very important to me at the time. Thanks so much for the appreciation of X.

tacos_saved_my_life427 karma

What was your time like on the set of Street Fighter?

IamKylieMinogue675 karma

How diplomatic do I have to be?

The best part was learning some martial arts with Benny Urquidez. It was a crazy trip of an experience. And not one that's at the top of my resume, but one that I'm always asked about nonetheless.

swb377345 karma

When is the damn Madonna/Kylie duet going to happen?!?

IamKylieMinogue478 karma

Good question. Who knows. Of course I would love to duet with the icon herself. Let's see what happens.

marvelscott324 karma

Hey Kylie,

Lorenzo here. Was wondering if you were surprised when you became known as a gay icon? And what made you decide that you should support the LGBT community, even though it was frowned upon?

love all the albums btw, and you're awesome on the voice :)

IamKylieMinogue514 karma

I don't know if anyone "plans" to become a gay icon. I sure didn't. It was an organic love story!

I was lucky enough to be raised open-minded and the LGBT community was always a part of my work and my world. And I started working very young, so it was totally normal to me.

Helen_Rose266 karma

Do you have any rituals or superstitions before a show?

IamKylieMinogue533 karma

I used to have a few, I couldn't stand it when my dresser wouldn't have my shoes in the right alignment, when they would reverse them so the left was on the right on the floor. Stupid little thing, but it would drive me crazy. I would also never put my costume until my tour manager called 20 minutes to showtime down the corridor. These days I've tried to let go of superstitions. We do one thing which is more of a tradition than a superstition, which is a little nip of scotch with my dressing room team.

SimonVenekeo239 karma

Will North America (specifically Canada) be getting to see the Kiss Me Once Tour?

IamKylieMinogue361 karma

I will do my best. I've loved performing in Canada.

YlisseanKitty213 karma

Hiya Kylie! One thing I've always wanted to know, is what/who got you into singing, and did you have points where you thought "I can't do this anymore"?

Big love from England!

IamKylieMinogue270 karma

I absolutely, definitely, 100% have those moments. As for how I got into music, my parents wanted to expose us children to the arts from a young age, so I was at music class from 4 years old. From there it was up to me if it was something I wanted to continue doing, they were simply providing options. It wasn't until I was 16 that I started singing lessons, at 17 I made my first demo tape, and I had my first single out at 19.

Tnargkiller161 karma

What's your workout routine? :)

IamKylieMinogue367 karma

My guilty confession is that there isn't one! in my mind there is absolutely one...hah!! I think I stay in shape with an active (read, exhausting!) lifestyle. My fitness is really sporadic. I'm at my fittest on tour but things like photo shoots, video shoots and various performances keep things rolling along. I have to thank my Mum for good genes as I am tiny, just like her. Also, I watch what I eat. I'm not really a fan of junk food (once in a while OF COURSE!) and prefer to stick to a low glycemic cuisine which suits my hypoglycemia.

Tommacdonald118 karma

Does Ricky Martin smell as good as he looks?

IamKylieMinogue229 karma

Yes. I'm delighted to announce that all of my co-coaches are fragrant (in a good way).

klydeiscope116 karma

Do you think you'll be doing another Doctor Who character in the future, and if not, what was your experience like working with the DW crew?

IamKylieMinogue219 karma

It was fantastic. We filmed in Cardiff, Wales. To be part of the Dr. Who franchise was amazing. And I got to kiss the Doctor!

Mladen89Zg99 karma

Which cosmetics do you use? Your skin is amazing. Thanks! :)

IamKylieMinogue157 karma

A little bit of everything, and nothing in particular. I'm old-fashioned, I make sure I cleanse properly. Makeup is a big part of my job, and I love it. But my days off from the brush, the sponge, and the puff are delightful.

loveandkissesxo97 karma

Hi!! What's the best advice you have for someone who seriously lacks confidence? :)

IamKylieMinogue248 karma

You're not alone. Most performers you see, including myself, have moments when we're not as confident in ourselves as you might think. But acknowledging you aren't entirely confident is probably the most important thing. It's a reality for so many people, but maybe look at it as part of life's challenges. Go step-by-step to get where you need to go.

Mladen89Zg97 karma

Is there a music video for ''Les Sex'' planned? :crosses fingers:

Enjoy your day, Kylie! :))) ♥

IamKylieMinogue138 karma

There isn't one YET! But the routine we do on the live shows is really fun. The band, dancers and I LOVE performing this song!

acereject94 karma

You celebrated your b-sides and demos on the Anti-Tour back in 2012, and it was great that you acknowledged the leaked material throughout; is there any of the leaked material that left you gutted when you found out it had slipped out of the net, onto the net? Was there any one track you would have loved to have kept onto for a little longer to develop and release it properly?

IamKylieMinogue149 karma

Yes, it's always disappointing when a song leaks. It's just sometimes a song is more ready than other times. Like most artists, you want your fans to have the best material. But it's also true that fans also love to feel like they're getting a glimpse behind the scenes and hear a work in progress. So I absolutely get their excitement, but as an artist, it can be frustrating.

Adz1183 karma

Favourite TV shows ATM?

IamKylieMinogue234 karma

I haven't had much time to watch TV lately. Yes, this is a bit depressing, but the silver lining is that I have so many great shows to look forward to, including True Detective (which all my friends say is amazing).

Martini123476 karma

Please perform my favorite track of all time from Fever, More More More, on tour one day!! Please perform it live. Will you perform it live in original form on tour? Please I love you Kylie!!!!

IamKylieMinogue220 karma

Where are your manners? You need to ask nicely!! ;)

DuckSavage68 karma

Hi Kylie! I'm from Adelaide and I've heard your songs since I was a kid. I have two questions. First, seeing as you are such a big role model to many people, who was your role model growing up? Second, if you could meet any 3 people in the world, who would they be and why?

P.S. I'm also watching the Voice. Great job so far! Keep up the good work :)

IamKylieMinogue109 karma

My first pop epiphany was with Grease - The Musical. I would have been about eight years old and I absolutely wanted to be Olivia Newton John. I was crazy about ABBA and my Dad's record collection, which most importantly had The Beatles, Stevie Wonder and Donna Summer's 'Bad Girls'. As a young teenager I was crazy about Prince. The Jacksons and a lot of the New Romantic pop coming from Europe.

As for the three people, I'd love to meet ... three is not enough, and luckily I get to meet a lot of my heroes and heroines through my work.

swb37765 karma

I think I want to sexercise. What methods would you recommend for warming up and cooling down? I don’t want to injure myself! ; )

IamKylieMinogue137 karma

Hahaha. Before every performance, my dancers are testing the amount of "bounce" in their bounce-ball!

I'm laughing trying to answer this question.

Yes - as the song says, "stretch it out baby, before and after."

deancroatia60 karma

What is your biggest achievement?

IamKylieMinogue301 karma

Staying relatively sane.

FernandoMachado56 karma

Massive Minogue sisters fan over here. I begin to wonder what are your all time favorite Dannii single and album?

IamKylieMinogue86 karma

The songs: Put the Needle on It, I Begin to Wonder, and This Is It.

swb37752 karma

What is your personal favorite album from your body of work? Least favorite?

IamKylieMinogue81 karma

Ahhhh the $64,000 question. Well there's a few to choose from now. Which is already a dream come true. Naturally my favorite is the current one, because it's an exciting time with the release and working on the tour later in the year. It's always exciting when an album starts to connect with the fans and take on a life of its own.

clockworknovak41 karma

"Kiss Me Once" really feels like classic Kylie to this fan. So pleased!

IamKylieMinogue48 karma

Thanks so much!

knashweetz43 karma

hey kylie. will you comeback to acting or just focus on music industry? please reply. so i can sleep now. :))))

IamKylieMinogue131 karma

In order for you to rest your weary head on your pillow, and hopefully enhance your sleep tonight, YES! I still love acting and every opportunity I have to do so is one that I relish.

adsinwonderland36 karma

What's the current crave you'd like to satiate now?

IamKylieMinogue111 karma

A really, really good night's sleep.

20tree36 karma

Hi Kylie, what's your favourite drink and are you any good at gardening? Do you walk barefoot around the house?...apparently very good for circulation.:)

IamKylieMinogue105 karma

A hate of mine is bare feet on cold floors. So unless it's warm, I don't like to walk around barefoot. Favourite drink - as much as I have a fairly healthy lifestyle, I am a maniac about good coffee. Australians and specifically Melbournians are used to great coffee. And I'm okay in the garden, although I haven't really flexed my gardening muscle. My mum is a fantastic gardener, so if I ever decide to take it up, I know who to go to for tips.

SergioCSB11 karma

Can you tell us something new about your next "Kiss Me Once Tour"? =D

IamKylieMinogue26 karma

Aside from me being insanely excited about it?

After the absolute flamboyance of the Aphrodite tour, I'm keen to reflect the tones and themes of the Kiss Me Once album. Feminine, cheeky, emotional electronica! As always, we'll include as many fan favorites as possible from my back catalog.

caitlin_ann4 karma

Hi Kylie, Kiss me once is a very fun and cheeky album is this a reflection of your personality?

IamKylieMinogue19 karma

I guess so.

deancroatia2 karma

Only Kylie can make an anti tour and be on top. What are the memories of that tour?

IamKylieMinogue6 karma

Liberation. It was an antidote to the excesses of the Aphrodite Le Folies tour. It was a slightly crazy idea but a great one to share with superfans, and the most amazing opportunity to perform songs which don't normally make it into the big show. There was a lot of love in the room and if I could, I would definitely do it again.

Ngrace662 karma

Whats you Favourite colour and number?

IamKylieMinogue11 karma

I don't have a favorite number. Favourite color? Hard to say. It would depend on the day and my mood.