I worked for The Snuggle Buddies for a few months not that long after it started. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I can't go into super private details about individual clients but I can perhaps share a fun story or two. AMA!

Proof? Here I am in a really shitty pic (on the side is a flyer) and here I am looking much better in an interview I did with Chasing New Jersey (the one in the turtleneck).

Final edit: Alrighty folks, it's been fun but now I gotta go to bed. Hopefully next time we'll get that smuggler to come in and do an AMA. Goodnight and snuggle your loved ones :)

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Warwickbass3183 karma

Thought the title read Professional Smuggler. Left disappointed.

konekopeach521 karma

Sorry to disappoint :( Better luck next time?

Jacker91138 karma

Whats the weirdest thing a person has done whilst snuggling with you? Also do people generally talk while snuggling with you or do they just kind of enjoy the moment?

konekopeach1542 karma

Weirdest thing would have to go to having my eyebrows licked. The gentleman asked first, so I had no qualms and it actually kind of tickled.

And most sessions were about 50/50. It will start with ample talking and joking around, then settle on some more silent and peaceful cuddling. I usually asked what they preferred first.

TJayClark954 karma

I'm sure everyone wants to know

-What's the pay like? -Typical client? (Male, female, age) -Give an average day? -How long did you work there? -Why did you quit?

konekopeach1261 karma

Male in his 50's, most likely a divorcee.

Average day was only one 2 hr or so session in the evening. I would have plenty of time to plan an outfit, google maps the place, and what not. I'll show up, collect the money and contract, we'll chit chat for a bit before diving into cuddles, Towards the end I'll let them know it's winding down and chat some more so it didn't feel like it abruptly ended. Leave, call the boss and let him know I wasn't murdered, and within the next day or two I sent the company's portion of the money through paypal.

Also, I left because my level of assumed risk was dwindling. At first it sounds great "Oh I'll just mace anyone who tries anything! No problem" but the constant low-level of risk and pressure to do more than snuggle gets annoying. So I left to pursue a more mainstream job and finished up my Senior year of college without the business of appointments.

taxalmond885 karma

Ever fall asleep on the job?

konekopeach1364 karma

No, but daydreaming happened. Sometimes I would find myself planning out my week or thinking of a conversation I had with someone else. I also loved staring at people's rooms and wondering what certain things said about the client, pictures and whatnot.

That_Unknown_Guy195 karma

Was it hard to stay awake and was it a job requirement?

konekopeach309 karma

I didn't have a hard time staying away but it was easy to zone out and stop keeping track of time. It's not necessarily required but I would highly recommend it

werty735661 karma

Whatd your family think of you being a snuggler?

konekopeach1039 karma

They didn't know. I mentioned it early on as a "Elderly companion service" and I got the death stare, so it never came up again. My boyfriend also mentioned it to his parents and his dad thought it was prostitution so we lied and said I quit a little while before I actually did.

Maybe now that it's after the fact I might be more comfortable if it came up, like a sibling happened to be a redditor or something.

thesandman51577 karma

Why do people hire professional snugglers? Are they just that lonely?

konekopeach901 karma

Some are divorcees, some are single and want a night of companionship without the fuss of dating or the sleaze of prostitutes. It's an approachable middle ground of almost sex work but not too forward. We had a lot of older gentlemen probably for those reasons, lonely but not wanting to date and not wanting to get laid.

btcprox563 karma

  • Why did you stop working in this profession?
  • What rules must snugglers always follow on the job?
  • Do snugglers get the same kind of benefits that the clients get out of the sessions?
  • Are there special requests by clients?
  • How does one even get hired for this job???

konekopeach830 karma

I stopped working there mostly because I no longer felt comfortable going into other people's homes. Overall it was a very safe job but after one particularly pushy client and hearing some other stories I realized that even if I could handle a sticky situation (Mace is a girl's best friend), I didn't want to have to.

Rules: No sexual contact of any kind. We weren't a front for a prostitution ring and tried very hard to maintain a professional image. We originally allowed snuggling in our panties and underwear but had to change that policy when some clients thought that would cost more ("high pressure sales").

I loved snuggling. I always felt refreshed afterwards, so yes, similar benefits

Plenty of special requests. Some people preferred a specific look for a girl (race, etc.) while others had a specific activity (many guys offered wine or a light meal beforehand. I liked those guys!) I preferred going in knowing what the client had in mind.

And I was hired through Craig's List. You can literally email the owner and he'll give you a bit of an interview on the phone or email. Not too hard of an application process.

ozpunk529 karma

In your opinion, how accurate is this documentary?

konekopeach530 karma

I wish I could say it was 100% accurate but alas, I can't save lives with my snuggles. Maybe it's the lack of beard.

the-cat-killa332 karma

Do sexual advances happen a lot or less often than most people would think? Is there exit strategy?

konekopeach511 karma

Just as often as you might think, which is frequent but not too pushy or serious about it. They'll "jokingly" bring it up, you give a polite "no" and they move on to what they can get, which is wholesome platonic snuggles.

Exit strategy is making sure you take their money and signed contract first. If they are super stubborn and possibly rapey, you just nope out of there. They signed the contract that they will not ask, and even asking can be grounds for walking out (I was usually more lenient on those just asking as long as they accepted no).

Ask_If_I_Care322 karma


konekopeach448 karma

More formal answer: Nothing sexual in nature and must be clothed were the stipulations. Kissing would probably considered sexual, or at least leading clients on for the potential for something sexual, so that can't happen

Less formal answer: It's up to the snuggler. I had a regular that I would let kiss me on the cheek as a greeting or goodbye. Some other borderline fetishy things, like requests for stockings so they can feel smooth legs or a specific persona (I once was asked for ageplay) were definitely debatable and up to the snuggler. I wouldn't recommend going overboard with those sorts of requests though. Gives clients the wrong idea.

Notillegal122 karma

Was the pay any good?

konekopeach418 karma

Alright. The cut made it so it was about $30 an hour+tip. I mentioned this earlier, but tip wasn't expected, as it has the potential to sound like high pressure sales or solicitation for more services. $30/hr isn't bad for a job where you're practically just existing in a room with someone.

umairriamu295 karma

If you could snuggle with anyone who would it be and why?

konekopeach872 karma

Oh geez, that's tough. Corny answer would be my already existing lovers because they're all so snuggly!

More entertaining answer would probably be Neil Degrasse Tyson under the stars, pointing out constellations and talking about the marvels of the cosmos. He's not the sexiest man, but I bet he cuddles well and has a lot of interesting things to talk about.

DanHoey88276 karma

Have you ever made any friendships or connections from clients? Also have you ever seen any clients outside of working?

konekopeach439 karma

I had one regular that was super cool and I wish I could keep contact with, but I didn't feel comfortable with it after I left. Partially out of respect for the company (in case he still wanted to hire other snugglers), and partially out of not wanting to mislead him into thinking I wanted a sugar daddy, which totally could've happened. I was professional and parted ways, but I hope he's still hiring snugglers.

DanHoey88148 karma

Thanks for the response. A quick follow up question: were they usually older and did they have family?

konekopeach400 karma

Older, like 50's, and had grown children, divorcee or widowed. One guy showed me pictures of his kids and bragged about them, which was a very sweet moment.

mallclerks229 karma

Was it exclusively males, or did you have women who wanted to snuggle up with you too?

konekopeach533 karma

I had two female requests. One was just a chick who was doing an interview with me but wanted to pay the price of a session. I would've liked to snuggled with her, she seemed cuddly and friendly.

Second one turned out to be super scummy and probably fake. She went on about how I was being exploited by men and should work freelance. Also would not agree to the mandatory clothing rule, which was a definite redflag. Girls can be pervy too, I suppose

antsonalog69199 karma

What kind of snuggle qualifications do you have?

konekopeach257 karma

I think my personality makes me a fun person to roll around in bed with. I'm a weird blend of goofball and seriousness. I'm recruiting someone else to answer this. Looking at you, /u/Crownroyaldipshit

also, perhaps my interest in sex therapy has made me more open to the needs of others and not get too weirded out at boners poking me. It happens.

deadnugent190 karma

Did you ever fart mid-snuggle? Did any of your clients leave you with memorable flatulence?

konekopeach247 karma

Ok, this one is good so it'll be my last question until tonight.

Yes. I am a rather gassy person actually (being vegetarian will do that) but fortunately they're usually silent. Once I did have a client hear me fart and he got a little creepy with it telling me I was "naughty". Um, no thanks, not my thing. I don't remember any clients farting though. They probably have and I was lucky enough not to smell or hear it. I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face

aKiDnamedCoLiN182 karma

Any horror stories?

konekopeach383 karma

For the most part no because even clients that were pushy usually start behaving once you tell them to stop. One of my last clients was particularly pushy (kept trying to put his hands down my pajamas) and telling him to stop really agitated him. It was scary, because I could've totally walked out (eventually did) but in the back of your mind you're thinking "Gee, if I walk out early on this possibly unstable guy, how angry is he going to get and what's he going to do about it?"

Ladies and gents considering cuddling (or perhaps applicable to sex work as well): Know your boundaries, stick to them, but at the end of the day your safety is key and going into other people's homes will never be 100% safe. Know your accepted level of risk.

athenea_85 karma

What did your employer say about this?

How did your employer keep you safe?

konekopeach154 karma

"about this"... you mean the AMA or about the business in general? Not sure what you mean

And generally we were kept safe by a short screening process (he talked to everyone first), knowing the address in advance, and check ins after appointments to know I wasn't dead in a ditch. In hindsight, we should've came up with a code word in case I was held captive. "Oh don't worry about me, I tied up at the moment" "Shit! I'll call the cops!"

Funsize212171 karma

What was the clients' favorite snuggling position?

konekopeach267 karma

Usually spooning with me being little spoon. That might have been my favorite too

durnJurta152 karma

Which do you prefer: big spoon or little spoon?

konekopeach235 karma

little spoon :) I also like being on the side and resting my head on the guy's chest with their arms around me. It's so adorably cute and makes the guy feel like he's snuggling/comforting me instead of the other way around.

sephers2151 karma

Did it ever get uncomfortable staying over at people's houses? Did you ever wake up to find them doing anything weird (not necessarily sexual)?

konekopeach239 karma

I never did any of the overnights. I was offered but they were a bit far and I only wanted to do them if I could be at least an hour away from home. You know, in case shit hit the fan.

firstade86143 karma

The site posted earlier talked about 10hour rates! What's your longest stretch in one siting?

konekopeach236 karma

5 hours. It was cut a little short because the guy got a leg cramp or something (don't remember). I remember thinking that would be the most boring thing in the world but it wasn't. We drank some wine, snuggled, talked, and some back and shoulder massages.

smakola115 karma

How fast can you do the kessel run?

konekopeach177 karma

Pff, I need to shave a few parsecs off my record (not that it's a unit of time) Maybe if I snuggle Han Solo I can just ride with him.

swaqq_overflow75 karma

How sexual did the snuggling tend do get?

konekopeach194 karma

For some clients you can tell it was way too sexual and you would have to find ways to politely calm them down, deflect or flat out say no. For most though all it amounted to was a boner, which is easy to ignore. Boners are natural, it's when people start purposefully poking you with them... ugh.

SmokeBCBuDZ74 karma

Does the customers choose there snuggler based on their preference? Also can a customer choose a snuggler of the same sex? What about big spoon/little spoon?

konekopeach136 karma

Yes, all of the snugglers are one the website so you can choose based upon that. Also, the owner (inb4 "snuggle pimp") knows us and will recommend appropriate snugglers. I'm open-minded so any out there, perhaps borderline fetishy things (like the stockings and ageplay I mentioned earlier) were sent to me. You can pick a snuggler of the same sex as long as that snuggler was cool with it. I wish I had more lady clients :(

I prefer little spoon, but whatever they wanted. I'm not picky and that's what they paid for.

ZHHCQM30 karma

googles ageplay


konekopeach57 karma

Yep. Some people want to snuggle with Mommy Dearest.

werty73564 karma

How hard is it to get a job as a snuggler?

konekopeach87 karma

Not that hard. If you emailed or called and sounded like a good fit you would be hired right away. Perhaps it's changed since I applied though. I found them on Craig's List but some other girls went straight through the website, I think

muscles4bones61 karma

How many people have you snuggled back to health?

konekopeach107 karma

Lol, I wish I could save lives with snuggling but I can't. I did, however get someone who claimed to be impotent to have a boner just from snuggles. I would like to think that was some sort of ego-healing.

FraudulentFred61 karma

crazy story of someone bringin in drugs?

konekopeach241 karma

Ok, well I quit so I don't mind sharing this (what are they going to do, fire me?)

I got high with a client before and it was so much fun. We didn't even snuggle during that session we just smoked weed, drank a bit, and bullshitted. Hindsight says I should've stayed sober for my safety but fuck, I was comfortable with the guy and we weren't even sitting on the same couch. If you're paying for companionship, I'm down for just hanging out smoking!

That_Unknown_Guy52 karma

You mention platonic, but I always imagined at least some boob fondling in cuddling or at least wrap around arms. How did that go? What were the rules of entanglement?

konekopeach91 karma

It's a case by case basis. I was comfortable with hands on boobs as long as it didn't seem intentional. If you're going for boob at least pretend your hand naturally landed there. Also, sometimes guys who were snuggling as big spoon would sometimes get awkward with hand placement because they were afraid of touching inappropriately so I would try to guide them to a comfortable spot.

urleftsock46 karma

What is an average wage for snuggling all day?

konekopeach70 karma

prices for the company I worked for

I'm pretty sure this is rather standard among the few other companies that exist. And tip is nice but definitely not expected. If anything erring on the side of not giving tip is better because it shows you're not expecting anything extra for it.


Did you ever get stuck snuggling someone after they fell asleep? Like you physically couldn't break free?

konekopeach30 karma

No, fortunately! Suck under a sleeping fat man is definitely not how I would like to go out

moose_cannon26 karma

Is it true that you didn't choose the snug life, the snug life chose you?

konekopeach30 karma

Damn it feels good to be a snuggler.

baddozer22 karma

What did you have for dinner last night?

konekopeach44 karma

Mushroom Sicilian pizza. It was alright.

DotKill6 karma

What does your father have to say about all of this Missy?!?!

konekopeach6 karma

Doesn't know. If he finds out, at least it's after the fact :)

SaharaDesert3 karma

This is relevant to my interests.

konekopeach4 karma

Then welcome! Feel free to flip through the questions I've answered or ask some of your own :)

TennesseeMoltisanti-3 karma

Why..... just why?

konekopeach32 karma

Money. I'm a broke college student. Also, it sounded hella easy

Cordtus-13 karma

Do you consider this like a lower tier of prostitution? You are basically doing the same thing which is invoking a positive mental response via physical stimulation, for profit.

konekopeach1 karma

My former boss wouldn't like me saying this, since he works so hard to maintain a professional image and build reputation, but yes I consider it a mild form of sex work. It has a lot of the same features (pleasing clients, safety concerns, etc.) and you're essentially selling your body for someone's happiness. You just have significantly different limitations.

That being said, I still see the therapeutic angle of snuggling that's presented on the website and used as the main selling point. Humans need touch and whether it's from a SO, friend, pro-snuggler, or hooker, it all feels lovely and beneficial for your mental and physical health.

TheRaptorGaming-20 karma

How many children have you killed in past 2 hours?

konekopeach12 karma

None. My day's just getting started