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I'm told I've gotta go now. I hope you've enjoyed this half as much as I have, if not more! I'll be looking for all of you on tour and also if I'm doing a book signing in your town, come see me.

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Thank you and live to win!

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4orced4door601 karma

My parents "accidentally" named me Paul Stanley, so I'd just like to say thanks for having middle aged people ask me if I've ever heard of KISS twice a month. I think my Mom may have secretly been a fan.

Once I had some repairmen march into my house singing "I Wanna Rock and Roll all Night" because of my name on the work order, so that's a plus.

Paul_Stanley1360 karma

Your mom has great taste! And by the way, I love your book, Face The Music.

kevinb2k6515 karma

Did you ever want to punch Gene Simmons in the face?

Paul_Stanley598 karma

I'm really not a violent guy. But like all great relationships, we have had some moments where I was very angry or frustrated. Punching someone is never the solution.

finnlizzy413 karma

I want to rock and roll all night, but have other commitments during the day.

How do you do it?

Paul_Stanley492 karma

Don't do it every night.

GoProDad379 karma

I lost a girlfriend in Canada to a guy who was in a Kiss Look A Like band called Alive. His name was Spearo and he dressed as Gene Simmons. From this day forward, I hated the band. Do you know Spearo? Tell him I am still going to kick his ass.

Paul_Stanley450 karma

I know Spearo. And he's a great guy. He just dressed as the wrong member!

OhShitItsSeth225 karma

Hey Paul, thanks for the AMA!

My question is: What Def Leppard song are you most looking forward to hearing this summer on your co-headlining tour?

edit: grammar

Paul_Stanley413 karma


eskebaeb199 karma

Hey Paul!! I've been a fan of Kiss for 30 years and I actually helped put together the first online Kiss F.A.Q back in 1993 :)

You were always my favorite member of the band (for songwriting, voice, and on-stage persona)

  • Can you give us a quick story of a funny prank you (or one of the other guys) pulled on someone else in the band back in the day?

Paul_Stanley543 karma

Gene hates any kind of shellfish among other things. One night i had lobster for dinner before the show, and saved the body with the tentacles on it. During a blackout between songs, I snapped it on his microphone, and when he went to sing, it was staring him in the face. He freaked out!

Kknowsbest146 karma

What is the best advice ever given to you?

Paul_Stanley381 karma

Don't listen to advice. Follow your passion.

blackdiamond19134 karma

How different do you think KISS would have been if the late and very talented Eric Carr were still alive? Did he bring something different to the band that other members have not? Would the makeup for Tommy be different and do you think there would be less controversy about Ace and Peter if the band never went back to using their makeup? Thank you for all the great music and shows, can't wait to see you again in Sacramento!

Paul_Stanley178 karma

Eric, in a sense, was a wakeup call for us. And a reminder of what we had lost. He was a devoted member of the band, and reminded us of who we were when we started. It's a nonstarter as far as different makeup for Tommy. We have nurtured our image for 40 years without ever abandoning the band. And in fact, are proud to continue those 4 iconic images without any regard to any past members including Ace and Peter. After all, if it meant so much to them, they wouldn't have sold them. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU in Sacramento!

IRipShirts116 karma

I noticed your voice significantly changed over the course of the 80's. What exactly happened during that period to cause that?

Also, can't wait to see you guys perform this summer!

Paul_Stanley220 karma

In the 80s, I discovered a upper range that I hadn't been able to access and in fact, didn't know was there! It really came down to self-taught technique through trial, error, and accident.

Can't wait to see you too!

BroadBandBeatnik113 karma

Hey Paul Stanley,

will we ever see a sequel to Detroit Rock City?

Paul_Stanley89 karma

I have no idea.

Vollmerhausen110 karma

Paul, one of my first memories as a child was hanging out with my dad in our basement listening to a song while playing with Legos. It wasn't until I was much older and after I saw you guys in D.C. in 2009 and becoming the hugest KISS fanatic in my town did I realize it was the song Psycho Circus. Is it possible for you guys to play that song in Bristow, VA on July 25th when I see you guys again? Thank you so much for giving my short life a soundtrack and for the many memories I'll always cherish.

Paul_Stanley144 karma

I will do my best. I love that song too.

brandonhsttlr104 karma

Hey Paul! Big KISS fan. What did you think about the portrayals of KISS in the few Family Guy episodes? I'm sure you guys had to sign off of them. Are you a fan of the show?

Paul_Stanley247 karma

I'm a fan of the show. And if you take yourself too seriously, you miss out on a few laughs.

gl7789 karma

What are your thoughts on the RHOF allowing Chad Channing, the original drummer for Nirvana, to be inducted and then reversing their decision? I hear it was mainly caused by an uproar among KISS fans.

Paul_Stanley322 karma

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is finally being exposed for what it is. A private club of a few people misrepresenting themselves as the public.

mikescherrer86 karma

Hey Paul big fan of Kiss, I don't have much to ask but thank you for the music you have given the world, But what is your favorite pizza topping.

Paul_Stanley195 karma

Oh boy. Grilled prosciutto, grilled onions, and grilled mushrooms.

Paul_Stanley203 karma


MathiasSzczyrbak83 karma

Hey Paul if you could have been in either Zeppelin or the WHO which band would it have been ? sincerely mathias

Paul_Stanley162 karma

Zeppelin. But those are BIG shoes to fill.

lpyankee266 karma

What was your first concert?

Paul_Stanley237 karma

My first rock concert was the Yardbirds, a british band that at different times, had Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page as lead guitar players. I saw them with Jimmy.

blackdiamond1961 karma

How has social media changed KISS? Do you think it helped push The RHOF to finally put KISS in? Have the fans changed the way you do things for concerts or influenced what the band plans for the future?

Paul_Stanley125 karma

Wow. Social media hasn't really changed KISS. KISS is trying to use social media as a tool to connect with fans. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ultimately and grudgingly had to induct us at some point. The absurdity of ignoring us was beginning to make them look ridiculous. Unfortunately, I don't know that inducting us changes anyone's perception of them.

thunderbuns257 karma

In all your years of touring, What is the craziest thing you have ever seen?

Paul_Stanley221 karma

Idiots calling us "satan worshippers."

blackdiamond1954 karma

When can we expect another solo album?! The songs you write for KISS are amazing, but I love how personal and real the songs on both your solos have been. Live to Win is always playing in the car and One Live Kiss is my go to concert DVD!

Paul_Stanley71 karma

That's great! It's hard to juggle everything that I would like to do, so I can't do everything! I'd love to do another solo album at some point, that would be closer to my first. Live to Win was a conscious attempt to get away from the sound that I was most noted for with the band. But there's nothing like a great loud guitar and a great loud song.

Captainboner49 karma

After living an almost perfect life, is there anything you've yet to achieve?

Paul_Stanley128 karma

I didn't live an almost perfect life. But that is what I have achieved.

SkeevyRay48 karma

Hiya Paul! What's some of your favorite music of all time? What do you pop in the system to actually sit back and listen to?

Paul_Stanley116 karma

There are only two kinds of music: good and bad. So there's great rock, like Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, and on and on. And there's great jazz, like Coltrane, and Miles Davis, and there is amazing classical music like Beethoven. The list is endless. Go find it!

Pennstater2248 karma

Hey Paul! I will be at your book signing in NYC tonight! If I give you an "everybody said she's looking good, and the lady knows it's understood," will you finish it for me???

Paul_Stanley68 karma


areolyd47 karma

How important is Desmond Child in your career? Has your songwriting changed since you met him?

Paul_Stanley61 karma

Desmond was a terrific writing partner and his successes afterwards speak volumes for his talent. Everyone's songwriting changes with time. He is creative and a consummate songwriter.

operation_hennessey42 karma

Tell us something about yourself that we may find surprising.

Paul_Stanley50 karma

At this point, you know a lot!

kenp238 karma

I have read that you do not have a "shrine" to the band in your home. However, do you have a favorite piece of band memorabilia?

Paul_Stanley84 karma

My first gold album is what probably still means the most to me. Everything that came after couldn't have happened without that first gold album.

kenp235 karma

I have read that you have gotten a cochlear implant in your right ear and can hear sounds on that side thru bone conduction. does this mean that you experience music in a stereo sense? or is it still different? BTW huge fan! I met you at the KISS/Aerosmith meet and greet and was too nervous to say anything other than to shake your hand twice! You signed an ID sheet I bought at the KISS auction.

Paul_Stanley56 karma

Great question! I did have a bone conduction implant done. But honestly at this point in my life, it's very difficult for your brain to adjust and rewire in a sense - in other words, I've spent my life hearing the way I think of as "normal" and to hear any other way is very confusing. I took the implant out.

chiromannj35 karma

Hey Paul, in the 70's, when was the first sign you noticed in your gut that Peter and Ace were not the right fit for KISS in the long run

Paul_Stanley52 karma

I never knew what the long run meant because bands didn't last more than 5 or 6 years. I was hoping we would make it that long.

Ribelin200033 karma

What is the best movie you've ever seen?

Paul_Stanley45 karma

Can I get back to you on that one!?

mad_men_enthusiast30 karma

Is there any band you guys would love to bring out on tour but haven't gotten the chance to yet?

Paul_Stanley36 karma


Kknowsbest30 karma

Who was your role model growing up?

Paul_Stanley45 karma

I didn't really have a role model. But was fascinated and driven by anyone involved in music or art.

Frajer28 karma

Were you surprised by how devoted the Kiss Army is?

Paul_Stanley46 karma

The best relationships are reciprocal. Like a great two week street. It's nice to know that the KISS Army is as devoted to me as I am to them.

seajellie28 karma

Have you seen the movie Role Models? Any thoughts on their LARPing with your band's likeness? Thanks!!!

Paul_Stanley46 karma

I thought Role Models was very funny, and when you are a part of the consciousness of society, and find yourself in films and TV shows, you probably have done something right.

hesouryou28 karma

What's your favorite snack food when touring?

Paul_Stanley67 karma

That's tough because my favorite snack foods aren't the ones that are best for me, but they taste great. I've got a serious sweet tooth and love chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cake for starters. How can anyone say a carrot tastes better than those?

rrfreitas8528 karma

Are you proud of your vocal performance on Unplugged MTV? Was your goal to show people what you can do with your voice without having to jump and move all around a stage?

Paul_Stanley53 karma

I was very proud of Unplugged. I've always considered myself a singer who sings rock, as opposed to a rock singer.

Birks126 karma

Hey Paul

Is Gene really the Marketing genius they portray him on Television as? If so, was that a big part in the success of kiss?

Paul_Stanley51 karma

Gene is my brother. And he is most adept at marketing himself. We have done great things together.

opiate4623 karma

Hey Paul!

Glad to see you guys still kicking so much ass on stage after all these years.

You guys are playing with another of my favorite bands this year - Def Leppard. My friend is a huge Def Leppard fan, but she says she doesn't like KISS. Can you tell me anything to help change her mind?

Paul_Stanley60 karma

Not that I need to…But seeing is believing. Come to the show.

nutwrinkles23 karma

Hey Paul - KISS was my first concert - '77 at the Garden. Any place you haven't played yet that you still like to?

Paul_Stanley27 karma

Gee that's a tough one. We've played the arena in Verona where the gladiators used to fight. And that is pretty awesome. As far as places we haven't played, I'm sure I could come up with a list. But not now.

VicRattlehead2023 karma

Hey Paul, how many more KISS tours can we expect before a final farewell tour?

Paul_Stanley35 karma

I would think at this point that I won't know until the end of the tour before!

BRAman2222 karma

What is your favorite Kiss song to play live?

Paul_Stanley36 karma

I love Detroit Rock City!

HirstyUK21 karma

Hi Paul, doesn't today's music just piss you off?

Paul_Stanley110 karma

No. It makes me a bit sad because of the human element that is missing from so much of it. People should make music, not machines.

operation_hennessey20 karma

Do you remember the first time you were recognized in public as a celebrity?

Paul_Stanley46 karma

On the first tour someone asked us for an autograph, and I honestly thought they were kidding. That's a long, long time ago.

TheDude7719 karma

Did you guys choose your own facepaint designs? If so, did Peter ever regret his choice?

Paul_Stanley27 karma

We all came up with our designs. As far as Peter, you'd have to ask him!

pgarzon17 karma

Big fan from Ecuador here! Any chance of a Latam tour soon? There is a HUGE fanbase of Kiss in my country. Hope to see the power and passion of Kiss soon.

Paul_Stanley20 karma

I can feel the passion from here! We will do our best to come see you.

karmanaut15 karma

What's your favorite thing (or maybe the most interesting thing) about Reddit so far?

Paul_Stanley43 karma

Anytime I get to connect in real time to you and everyone else, it's a gift.

BeltofOrion14 karma

Hi! I have two questions: 1) Who or what has influenced you most to become a musician? 2) If you have or were to have words to live by, what would they be?

Paul_Stanley23 karma

I can't say anyone or anything other than music itself. It's always been deeply inspiring to me. Words to live by are simple… find your passion and follow it.

dren_drawkcab14 karma

Hey Paul, huge fan! Thanks for doing the AMA! What was the writing process like for Face the Music? Was it easy, fun, quick, intimidating, etc to put all your thoughts and memories down into words? Did you set aside a time each day or so specifically for writing or did you just jot down your ideas as they came to you?

Paul_Stanley31 karma

Once I opened the floodgates, it all just came out. With every story and memory, I thought of something else. I wanted the book to connect me with readers, old fans, and non-fans. I wanted everyone to see that we are all challenged by our doubts, and imperfections, and the key is how to overcome them.

WillHorton913 karma

What's your favourite vocal performance on a track, whether live or studio? Also, just know you're my hero and I finally get to meet you in New York on the next tour, flying from England!

Paul_Stanley32 karma

Honestly, there's a lot of great KISS stuff, including I Still Love You. Also, doing Phantom of the Opera was an incredible challenge and terrifically rewarding. Unfortunately, the few recordings I've heard are not great. It's almost like someone posting you on YouTube falling down the stairs. It doesn't mean you did it every time!

Langenbrunner1513 karma

What producer do you think got the best sound out of Kiss? I'm only familiar with Ezrin, Kramer, and Poncia, and they all gave you guys a different feel.

Paul_Stanley20 karma

Ezrin, at his best, is a consummate producer.

Mixloop13 karma

Hi Paul, thanks for doing this AMA!

Were you ever hesitant about writing a book as explicit and honest as this one? During the writing process, did you ever think the idea of exposing deep persona details about yourself was too much?

Paul_Stanley27 karma

Once I commit to something, I give it 100%. Face the Music is a book I wrote for my children and in the hopes that people could find some inspiration in their lives from mine. You can't expose until you're comfortable with them or they are no longer an issue. Mine are the past.

Mortikhi13 karma

Do you ever plan to go on a book signing tour that isn't in NY or CA? I hear FL is nice this time of year.

Paul_Stanley21 karma

I'll bring my swimsuit.

FrozenDaggerOfPiss12 karma

Hey Paul,

What is one thing you want to do before you die?

Paul_Stanley58 karma

Live forever!

Dongsauce12 karma

I remember seeing a picture in Rolling Stone one time of you just doing your grocery shopping. I know you've probably had your picture taken everywhere you went since the '70s but that just seems like it would have pissed me off. What everyday activities do you wish that you could just go about without someone having to take a picture of you?

Paul_Stanley64 karma

That is a small price to pay for everything I get.

Adammcdonald11 karma

Has there ever been conflict in which you wanted to solo on a song, but the rest of the band wouldn't allow you to? Do you ever feel like your guitar talents are underrated, because of the spotlight set on the other guitarists such as ace or tommy? I love kiss by the way, saw you in 2012 and I'm seeing you when you come back to hartford this year!

Paul_Stanley31 karma

Never the case. I get to do pretty much what I choose. But am not blind enough to make the most of everyone else's talents, and not stupid enough to make too much of mine.

bigfattentacles11 karma

Hi Paul, what's your favorite kiss merchandise?

Paul_Stanley20 karma

Wow! There are some great motorcycle jackets. My kids love the plush fuzzy blankets.

Officer_Meathead11 karma

Hey Paul, thanks for the AMA! I've been a fan of KISS for a number of years and finally got to see you last year. My question is when are you coming back to Canada and is there a new album in the works?

Paul_Stanley22 karma

We will be back in Canada on the 40th anniversary tour, and couldn't imagine touring without visiting.

DethStarchild11 karma

There's so many great KISS songs that haven't seen an official release. I think "It's My Life" could've been a huge hit for you guys. Why didn't you release it on an album or as a single?

Paul_Stanley20 karma

That's a good question. And it was a long time ago. I can't give you an answer.

TiltDogg11 karma

Hi, Paul!

Thanks so much for doing this! As much as I would love to ask you something about one of your many other talents and endeavors, there is a KISS related question that has burned in my mind a million times over.

So there you are, on the stage in front of 45,000 screaming fans, blasting out an energetic classic like Detroit Rock City, and the rush has got to be AMAZING... But, there is so much energy and preparing and shit-to-do... Are there some show mornings when you wake up and just don't feel like fucking with it? Do you have to MAKE yourself get into that mood to project that vibe to not disappoint the fans, or does it just happen? I would suspect that, at SOME point, you have to be like, "Man, fuck this shit... I just wanna eat pizza and watch Leave It To Beaver."

Paul_Stanley19 karma

HA! The truth is, there are days when it may look like a big mountain to climb but by the time I get to the show, I can't wait. When I'm sick, when I'm not well, at those times, it's a testament to the fans and the adrenaline you produce in me that turns me into superman.

subin66611 karma

what is the one moment where you had to stop and think "this has to be a dream"?

Paul_Stanley29 karma

There's nothing more profound than the birth of your children. Every one of those moments is beyond belief.

kbedell6 karma

Huge long-time fan. I saw you first time at the Jackson Sports Arena in Jackson, MI not long after the first Kiss Alive album came out. My first concert -- and still one of my favorites!

Question: What was it like first selling out those shows at Cobo Hall in Detroit back when you were first taking off? Did you guys have any idea then what the ride was going to be like?

Thanks for all the music!

Paul_Stanley13 karma

It was unbelievable!

Overwhelming and somewhat scary to see things taking off. We had no idea what the ride would be like, but we knew we had to hang on for the ride of our lives! And it has been.

Axlmaho6 karma

when will you come to Japan?? Gene said "we will play in Japan this year" in Twitter,is this really?? I wanna see you again in Japan!

Paul_Stanley18 karma

We are planning to come back to Japan, hopefully this year.

DethStarchild3 karma

Hey Paul, I'm about to watch you on CBS This Morning. Do you have any new favorite rock/metal bands? What is your thought on the current state of rock/metal music?

Paul_Stanley7 karma

Metal is such an overused term. It's so broad. Exactly what is Metal?

operation_hennessey2 karma

What is the strangest thing a fan has ever said or request?

Paul_Stanley5 karma

Nothing I'm going to share!

chiromannj2 karma

Paul, I see that you like to cook. Being the world traveler you are. what is your favorite restaurant in the world and favorite dish?

Paul_Stanley4 karma

That's a wide question! I love going to the Weiner Circle in Chicago for a hot dog. And I'm also crazy about Picasso in Las Vegas, and Per Se in New York.

blackdiamond191 karma

Thank you for your honesty! It is so true about the makeup, after 40 years how can people complain about perfection!

Paul_Stanley3 karma