I've seen famous and non-famous people do these, and I'm sort of in-between, so I thought it might be fun.

I'm an actor who has done a fair amount of TV and Film (Harold and Kumar 2, What To Expect When You're Expecting, Family Guy, HIMYM, Kung Fu Panda LOA) but I'm recognizable to only a very small number of people.

Full credits: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1197519

I'm currently voicing Skidmark and Tito on Netflix's Turbo FAST, and I've created a campaign called #TherapyHelped as part of Mental Health Awareness Month: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/10289-therapyhelped


My Proof: twitter.com/AmirTalai/status/452297615640498176

edit: Time for sleeps! Thanks folks, this was fun! I'll come back tomorrow and see if there are any other Qs for me to answer!

edit: Came back this morning to find this on the front page. Neato! OK, better start answering!

edit: welp, looks like things are winding down. I tried to get to everyone. Gotta run. I'll be back later today to see if there are any straggling Qs. Thanks for the fun!

edit: OK, that's definitely it. Thank you again everyone, I am flattered that so many of you enjoyed it. It was super fun for me. I'm out, but if you've got any other Qs your'e always welcome to find me on twitter. And yo, pls check out my Thunderclap, #TherapyHelped, right here: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/10289-therapyhelped?locale=en

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AmirTalai594 karma

Haha just noticed this has 5 downvotes. Who sees a middle class actor doing an AMA and goes "you know what? Fuck that guy."? haha

MsStardust168 karma

Do you know about vote fuzzing? It could just be that.

AmirTalai158 karma

that. is neat.

ricanbrazer108 karma

No question here, however I think your campaign is awesome. I've been in therapy for about 3 years now and at first I was ashamed. I opened up to friends and family and most confessed they also want to go to therapy. Now I talk about it openly and wonder why people don't talk about it. What inspired you to create the campaign? (I guess I did have a question after all)

AmirTalai109 karma

Thank you, and thank you for being open about being in therapy. Well, I've always been a huge proponent of therapy. I've seen how it's helped a lot of people, and I've seen how many people could benefit from it but who dont do it. My wife and I went to "pre-marital counseling" to kind of make absolutely certain we were on the same page before we got married, and we loved it.

The inspiration for the campaign was that I had a few conversations in the span of a week where either I or the person I was talking to clearly wanted to mention therapy but were worried about making the other person uncomfortable. And then as soon as you both "come out", you both feel better and realize there is nothing to be ashamed of about therapy. It's like I say on the campaign page, we talk about our physical health so much, why not mental as well?

Thanks so much for the support, would love for you to spread the word about the campaign. :)

DorothyGaleEsq4 karma

As a future therapist, thanks so much for what you do! !!

AmirTalai3 karma

thank you! spread the word!


Hey man, my little brother loves your voice as crane on Kung fu panda. How do you make that voice? It would mean the world if he knew how, as crane is his favorite character.

AmirTalai132 karma

It's really not extremely different from my own voice. Maybe a little more nasal. I just try to get in Crane's neurotic, anal retentive head, and it just sorta happens.

AmirTalai382 karma

ps, yeah... "little brother".

GoddammitCricket71 karma

I see from your IMDB that you worked on both Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place. Have any off the wall stories about Miley?

(But my real question is....MILEY or SELENA bro?)

AmirTalai152 karma

When I did Hannah she was still very young and I was very concerned that I was gonna curse in front of her. But there was this one line that I kept messing up, and in our final run thru i messed it up again. I was so mad that I went "FUCK!!!" and Billy Ray was NOT happy.

No real stories about the girls though, they were both cool to work with. And I didn't hang with them or anything, any time I was not working on my scene, I'd just go back to my room. Wasn't really much to talk with them about.

I like those long flowing locks, so I'm gonna say Selena bro.

lupinlover31073 karma

But there was this one line that I kept messing up, and in our final run thru i messed it up again. I was so mad that I went "FUCK!!!" and Billy Ray was NOT happy.

Ohhh, man, that's crazy. Don't tell me you influenced Miley to go down the route she has with that slip up! (And I'm sorry, but you've GOT to wonder just what Billy Ray thinks of his daughter's behavior as of late....)

AmirTalai72 karma

I love Miley and all her shenanigans.

GoddammitCricket30 karma


AmirTalai57 karma

Haha, WeHo IS super gay, in the awesomest way. That's where I live with my wife. We love it here. Clean, nice people, good restaurants, everything walkable. Pretty much all the LA stereotypes are accurate. Silver Lake has lots of hipsters, BH has lots of Persians and rich ppl and rich Persians.

PFFFminesbigger57 karma

Is your bush really that big?

AmirTalai149 karma

Hey, I'm Persian. ALLLLL ME.

Actually, that's my go-to joke answer when fans ask. The truth is, the entire cock and bush was a prosthetic. I had to shave my downstairs completely bald so that the entire thing could be glued to my crotch. Then there was a piece of it that went up under my taint and was glued to tailbone. The water in the tub started peeling away the prosthetic, so at a certain point we were hurrying to get the shot so my fake junk didn't fall off.

Fun fact, the penis had to be enormous so that some of it would protrude from the enormous bush. The penis itself was bigger than a ketchup bottle.

RAJ2D218 karma

That thing looks like Bin Ladens beard!

AmirTalai27 karma

I know, right? Drink it in.

omgrules51 karma

How was your day?

AmirTalai91 karma

Pretty great actually. I had a vegan lunch which was lame but was salvaged by a cocktail and the fact that I got to hang with a pal who works at storyofstuff.org, then I had an audition for a terrorist, then a nap, then unfortunately a few people bailed on my poker game so I had to cancel, but then my wife made us a yummy carbonara, then I did this AMA thing on a whim, and it turned out people actually had some fun questions, then this really nice lady asked me about my day.

How was yours, nice lady?

lupinlover31034 karma

Wait, so you might get to play the part of a terrorist after all?

AmirTalai55 karma

fingers crossed!! (I actually did play a terrorist in The Onion Movie, but it was comedic, so I dont count that)

frankybonez50 karma

What's up with this party?

AmirTalai162 karma

I'm just sick of all the hype over topless.

edit: Forget being famous, all I've ever wanted was gold! And I've made it! Woohoo!

AmirTalai84 karma

oh wow, I just learned that there are actual benefits that go with gold, super cool! I like to learning new things!

frankybonez32 karma

I know that was lame for me to ask, but you just made my crappy week awesome. Thanks!

AmirTalai43 karma

not at all lame. At all.

frankybonez30 karma

I was especially irked when I got on reddit... 16 years ago I was out with three 21 yr old hotties at the Viper Room - They disappeared, next day I found out Bob Saget pulled them into the VIP. Ticked because I missed my chance to give him crap on his AMA earlier today.. Now I'm all happy again.

AmirTalai83 karma

One of my favorite strip club experiences was when I saw Patton Oswalt at a bachelor party in Vegas 10 yrs ago. I tapped him on the shoulder to tell him what a big fan I was, and as soon as he turned around, he said "yes i WOULD like a lap dance!" and pulled me on to his lap. It was hilarious.

wwebsiteasoninternet8 karma

Oh, you're THAT guy? Cool man, I like your shit.

What does it feel like to be middle-range famous? Do you feel pressure or an urge to try to further your fame?

AmirTalai19 karma

Well, it feels great to be able to make a living at what I love. But I'm a pretty ambitious guy, so I wouldn't say there's pressure, but I certainly would like to be more known so that I can do even more interesting projects and have more financial security. As consistently as I've been working lately, I also know the bottom can fall out of an acting career in an instant, so that is always scary.

blukore47 karma

Hey man I think you are hilarious and I am surprised that so few people recognize you. What is your goal in life? What are you hoping to achieve from the work you do?

AmirTalai59 karma

thanks for the compliment!

I am hoping to continue doing interesting projects working with interesting people forever, and I'd really like to become famous/rich enough so that I could help lots and lots of people with my fame and money. I donated a Turbo FAST studio visit to a charity recently, and it made me so happy to be able to do that small thing. I'd like to be able to help people on a large scale someday, I think that's the biggest societal benefit that actors can have.

Encelados24245 karma

Hows it going Amir. I'm Iranian-American as well. My dad moved here from Iran for college in the 70s and ended up staying to raise a family (not to mention not being able to go back due to political issues). I ended up being raised around a bunch of other families in the same boat as us - a white mom and an Iranian dad. It now feels like me and all the second generation kids I grew up with are kind of in our own sub-culture - not really Iranians, but not really american (white middle class). Maybe a better way to put is that I would tell a typical american (non-immigrant) that I am Iranian, but if an Iranian were to ask I would feel compelled to explain how I've never been to Iran and I don't speak Farsi, but my Dad is from there.

I read that you were born in the USA. Are both your parents Iranian? How do you identify yourself culturally, and how do you feal you fit in with other Iranians?

AmirTalai61 karma

Both my parents are Iranian.

I guess I ID as Iranian American. There is so much about me that's Persian (my upbringing, my appearance, etc), and so much that's American (my attitude, my world-view). I dont really think about how I fit in w other Iranians, I just think about fitting in w people. I have Persian friends and non-Persian friends. Most of my friends are people in my industry. I hope I'm answering your Q. I'm truthfully a little bleary-eyed, time for me to go to sleep. Peace!

upvotersfortruth28 karma

Once you've had Persian, there's no better version.

AmirTalai36 karma

Can confirm, I am Persian.

makeitcool6 karma

I'm Asian Canadian and I've had this identity issue all my life. I wish people would just accept it when I say I'm from Canada because I truly identify with the cultural values. But most people insist on knowing where I'm REALLY from and I feel like they're attacking my identity :(

AmirTalai5 karma

I wouldn't take it as an attack. They are truly trying to understand I think. Try to take it as a teachable moment, let them know about your Asian roots and your Canadian upbringing. They will come away from it knowing a little more about the world.

Schlegdawg35 karma

If someone casted you to play the main villain in an upcoming blockbuster, and you had full creative license to do your own thing, what would that villain be like?

AmirTalai74 karma

Fun Q! Depends on the blockbuster.

If it's something along the lines of Bourne Identity, my character would be a lot like Benjamin Linus from LOST. Quiet, methodical, intelligent, merciless.

If it's like a superhero blockbuster, I'd be something like The Joker in Batman. Or The Riddler in Batman. Fuckin crazy.

Schlegdawg29 karma

Nicholson's Joker? Or Ledger's?

AmirTalai57 karma

Ledger's if I have to pick, but I love them both in their own way.

hobnobbinbobthegob27 karma

I don't have any especially profound questions to ask.

What are your thoughts on barbecuing?

AmirTalai85 karma

It's a thankless job. Next time you're at a picnic or whatever, let the grill master know what a positive difference he or she is making in the world.

IronShaikh22 karma

Oh yeah, I remember you, you were Raza from Harold and Kumar right? No pants party?

If you were offered a role to play a terrorist, would you take it?

AmirTalai36 karma

Yup, that was me!

Actually, i would KILL to play a terrorist. I rarely get to play bad guys. The closest I come is smart-asses.

Encelados24215 karma

It's pretty cool to hear about an Iranian not getting enough "bad guy" roles for a change. Progress maybe?

AmirTalai23 karma

Sure! Although there are some Iranians who can only get "bad guy" roles. I think Hollywood is doing a better and better job in its portrayals of minorities...

GeilKrampus9 karma

Did u get wood during the no pants party. If not you should have tried for it

AmirTalai26 karma

I did not. There were a lot of fine women there (and some not so fine), but I was super focused on doing a good job and being funny.

Plus if I'd have got wood it woulda been so painful since my real junk was glued underneath the fake junk.

GarthVolbeck21 karma

Why can't I find Campus Ladies to buy anywhere?

AmirTalai34 karma

last I heard, Oxygen was demanding such a big a cut of the profits that it wasn't worth it to the producers to put in all the work to sell it. But man, I really wish you could buy it somewhere. If I didn't think Oxygen would get their stupid lawyers on my ass, I'd try to put every episode online for people to download for free.

Lasereye7 karma

Anonymously upload to a torrent site... :)

AmirTalai15 karma

Forgive my ignorance, but like, if I were to get a dvd, and then upload it, is there not any kind of digital "watermark" whereby a lawyer can say, oh, that's a copy of a dvd we made for Amir?

MrPootisBrights19 karma

What's a fact about you that people don't know about?

AmirTalai69 karma

I'm a pretty full-on internet addict. Finding Reddit has not been good for that.

im_not_witty_16 karma

Just a fellow Iranian here wishing you a happy new year. Yes I know I'm a few weeks late but if you wanted an on time Eid mobarak from me then you should have done this AMA earlier.

AmirTalai11 karma

Happy New Year to you too! Sorry I didn't do this sooner, I've been going around visiting friends and family for the last two weeks. (that's what you're supposed to do right? Bc I totally didn't do that. I mostly have just been wasted.)

lupinlover31014 karma

Actually, I have another question! Seeing as you've voiced a few characters for children's shows and movies, what do you think about the stereotype that children's shows and movies should be just that—for children? (I'm 23 now and I love watching Disney movies and shows on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, but I have some, ahem, family members who disapprove of this lifestyle of mine.)

AmirTalai30 karma

I love kid stuff that has something in it for adults. That's the best. I just saw Frozen and thought it was lovely. And I love all of Seth Macfarlane's cartoons. I will say most of the stuff on Cartoon Network is way over my head.

But hey, as long as you enjoy it, I wouldn't care what anyone else said. Though I do find it funny that you refer to watching cartoons as a "lifestyle". :)

poop42114 karma

whats your favorite video game?

AmirTalai27 karma

Oh I am scared of the wrath of redditors on this one. Mario Party for Wii. Or tha Rayman Wii game that is similar.

No wait! Kid Icarus for original Nintendo. Favorite. All time. I used to draw little maps on a piece of lined paper to keep track of the castles.

poop42113 karma

thats crazy you said Kid Icarus on nes. i was just playing that about an hour ago. And good answer too.

AmirTalai20 karma

Seriously if I could have that game right now, it'd be bad news bc I'd probably not leave the house.

ColoradoSkiMan14 karma

Do people recognize you when you go out in public? What was the best experience if so?

AmirTalai30 karma

rarely. Happens a more when I'm not in LA. I think my favorite was in NYC when 3 teenagers passed me on the street and were like "You famous! You famous!" It was just very silly.

loserforlife13 karma

What do you love/and not so love about your job?

AmirTalai35 karma

I love that it's something different every day. I love that sometimes, it's really really easy- I show up, act like an idiot, and get paid really well for it. I love meeting and working with people who I've been a fan of (Chris Rock!), and for one day, I'm kind of on equal footing with them (kind of. Ok not really). I love the rare occasions when I get to go to fancy parties. I love getting recognized, especially by kids from the kids stuff I've done.

I not so love how uncertain it is. I've gone long stretches without working much at all. I not so love the sense that there may never be "advancement". In other jobs, you can "work your way up". There's really no assurance of that as a middle class actor. You might always be doing what I'm doing, which is a few lines here, a few lines there, and there's sometimes a ceiling that you're hoping to break through, but don't always know if you can.

fumor12 karma

How is Chris Rock in person?

AmirTalai31 karma

Just as hilarious and opinionated as he is on stage. He also doesn't bring his phone to set, so rather than him doing deals and answering emails and being on the line with his "team", we spent a significant amount of time chopping it up, which was just awesome.

fumor14 karma

I definitely have to respect that about him or any actor, really. Kevin Smith was the same way when I met him. He and I got to just BS for 15 minutes, talking comics and movies.

Thanks for doing this AMA!

AmirTalai17 karma

thank you!

Smofo13 karma

How hot is Kat Dennings in real life?

AmirTalai14 karma

Hotter. She was super cool.

falfu13 karma

How did you realise acting was what you wanted to do? Thank you!

AmirTalai19 karma

I've always been a ham. Growing up as a scrawny Persian kid, I was not gonna be a jock or a chick magnet, so I became a clown. And I've been good at that. I always thought I'd want to act, but was scared to try to make a living. After I graduated college, I acted part time for a while, and then I got laid off from my regular job, and acting picked up. I never looked back.

DissNiggaHank12 karma

When was the most recent time that you pooped in your pants?

AmirTalai35 karma

full on poop? I sharted pretty big time when I was like 15. Which, if you think about it, is pretty late in life for pants pooping.

iEagleHamThrust11 karma

Are you on the West Coast? It's like 3 in the morning here.

AmirTalai8 karma

Los Angeles

lupinlover31011 karma

What is your favorite thing about acting in front of the camera and what is your favorite thing about voice acting? Do you like one format more than the other?

AmirTalai23 karma

Whew, my favorite? This might sound odd, but I like when the scene is long. I like the feeling of being able to get into a scene and really have it out. Not sure if that makes sense.

My fav thing about voice acting is being able to be so many different things. In Turbo I play a crazy snail and a big fat guy. I also really love, in contrast to on camera, that you're often working one. line. at. a time, which allows you so focus in almost a freakish way on what you want to do on that line.

I like both formats for what each offers, but if I had to choose one, I'd say on camera, bc you really get to be in the moment more.

lupinlover3109 karma

It sounds like you want to be able to concentrate on what you're doing so you can do it well. That makes sense to me!

Haha, that's awesome that you get to be so many things as a voice actor. (And I think I would love focusing one line at a time myself—I'm a sucker for detail!)

Thanks for answering my questions and doing this AMA!

AmirTalai23 karma

you're very welcome. I actually organized a poker night tonight and hardly anyone RSVPd so I had to cancel. I was worried this AMA would be the same thing haha

AdolfHipster192811 karma

How did you start your acting career? How did you get ti be in all these really big movies? And who was your favorite actor/actress you've met? Thank you for doing this by the way. I love when famous people do these.

AmirTalai18 karma

I got a list of agents and started to submit to them. Once I met one who was willing to rep me, they started sending me on auditions.

My big break was probably when I appeared on The Comeback, everyone in LA watched that show, and people started to be excited to bring me in after that.

I got to be in all these movies just from regular auditions, just going through the same process.

Tough to pick a single favorite, but the short list would have to include J Lo, Chris Rock, Will Smith, Ana Ortiz, and Jerry Trainor.

AdolfHipster19285 karma

That's so cool. It must be awesome to have fams amd get to meet so many people. Do you enjoy the auditions and people know who you are? Were you a small time kind of person that made it big? Or were you always just kind of "out there"?

AmirTalai10 karma

I do enjoy auditions. I like meeting new people and showing them what I'm capable of. It's always a delightful surprise when people know who I am, I dont think I'll ever get tired of it.

I'm not sure what you mean by small time and out there. I have always been extroverted, if that's what you mean. No one was every surprised that I decided to go into acting.

AdolfHipster19286 karma

Ya that would be a cool experienece.

Sorry for wording it weird. You did answer it though.

I've thought about acting and/comedy becasue I always seem to make people laugh. Bit I'll admit that a lot of stuff people find funny from me, is just something that someone else oroginally came up with. I would just be doing obscure tv quotes all the time and wouldn't make money for it haha.

AmirTalai8 karma

Well, tbh, that's pretty much exclusively how I made people laugh when I was a kid. Just quoting standup and SNL. If you're good enough at doing other people's material, someday you might get hired to do other people's material. :)

AdolfHipster19285 karma

Thanks for that :) I'm still a "kid" since I'm only 18. But I'm ,like, freaking out what I want to do with my life. The acting thing has been in the back of my mind for years. And I've been thinking about Air Force lately too. I just have no clue what to do....

AmirTalai11 karma

My cousin's in the AF, it's a tough life. Acting is pretty dang tough too, in obv a completely different way. A while ago, I wrote an advice piece for aspiring actors, feel free to check it out: http://amirtalai.com/journal.php

Nick Offerman had some pretty good advice earlier in his AMA: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2278w4/nick_offerman_funambulist_returning_for_more_ama/cgk0ctr

AdolfHipster19288 karma

That's really cool!

My cousin just got shipped off for the AF in Kuwait. I know its not a vacation but he gets to travel the world. Plus it could pay for college for me.

Thanks a ton for doing this AMA. You're a pretty badass guy :D

AmirTalai6 karma

The travel is really not all that. My cousin has been in the middle east (ugh), and then a bunch of bumblefuck places in the US. Much better to choose where you're going than to have the AF pick. College though, that is another story. Although I'm starting to think better than college is to learn a trade. Shit man, wtf do I know. I'm glad I can get paid for actin a fool, I'd be screwed if I had to get a real job. Good luck, and thanks for calling me a badass, that's a first!

-IZ-10 karma

Hey, what's your favorite Pokemon?

AmirTalai35 karma

I do not know jack shit about Pokemon.

-IZ-14 karma

Shit man, google "pokedex" and find one you enjoy. Pokemon is the shit.

AmirTalai55 karma

you know what, I went ahead and Googled it. Just for you. Because I'm a people pleaser. But I looked at that stuff for like a minute and my eyes totally glazed over. I just, I dont get it. But you know what man? YOU'RE the shit, for trying to open my eyes to something you love.

bnewbe10 karma

Who inspired you to be an artist?

AmirTalai21 karma

My earliest inspirations were Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy. Watching their stand up as a little kid, and seeing how hard they made me and everyone laugh, I was like, I wanna do that.

bnewbe13 karma

And you did, and you do it wonderfully.

AmirTalai16 karma

wow, that's so kind of you, thanks!

TZ-139 karma

Not Persian, but a fellow brown American, haha. What sort of advice would you give to aspiring actors of color who don't want to get booked into stereotyped roles?

AmirTalai14 karma

Forget that. Get the stereotype. Start working. The more you work, the more your casting range will expand. I played some clownish roles at first, now I get to play a wider range.

drakinor18 karma

Do you prefer to be in between the super famous and the actors no one knows? I would imagine that would keep you in a very comfortable pay range without the hassles of the super famous (paparazzi, tabloids, not being able to go in public without being asked for signatures/photos). On that note, what kind if inconveniences do you experience by being an actor from major films, such as inappropriate requests for pictures/signatures/other inappropriate requests?

AmirTalai15 karma

It's really hard for me to imagine the hassles of the super famous. Seeing paparazzi go after those people looks totally surreal to me, so it's hard for me to say "whew, glad I dont have that", Because OTOH, I know that being more famous would likely translate to higher pay and more career opportunities. So the honest answer I think is, I would like to be a lot more famous than I am right now. Like a LOT. (since my current level of famousness is close to zero) But, like, not as famous as Tom Cruise.

drakinor16 karma

I wouldn't say close to zero but I see your point. Good luck though!

AmirTalai8 karma


PAtoMD8 karma


AmirTalai14 karma

I've been averaging low six figures for a few years, but my rates are close to scale. I've been lucky enough to have commercials make up the bulk of my income. It's hard for me to guess at James' income, bc to my knowledge he didn't do commercials or VO, which can be a healthy under-the-radar way to make money. If I were to guess, I'd say high 6 figures.

particle4098 karma

Why did Campus Ladies get cancelled? I loved that show.

AmirTalai6 karma

the #2 lady at Oxygen never got it. She got us moved to a shitty timeslot whereupon our rating took a huge tumble and then that was it. Fucking terrible. Probably the most fun I've ever had.

osnapitsjoey6 karma

You're a funny guy. I wish you where in more movies

AmirTalai8 karma

thanks, ME TOO

DaddyBishop6 karma

Hey thanks for doing this for all us interested folks! I was wondering since I noticed you have done quite a bit of voice over work, do you prefer v/o or live acting? Or is it pretty equal? Also, I took a brief scroll though the link you posted for "Between the Lines" (will definitely read thoroughly in the morning), but does the advice apply towards v/o work, or is that a different beast altogether? Thanks again for the AMA and all the answering you are doing! Keep up the great work!

AmirTalai7 karma

If I had to pick one I'd say on camera, but I love them both for very different reasons.

My advice if you want to get into voice work is you better be AMAZING. It's a much more saturated market with people who are incredible at what they do. I work alongside Eric Bauza on Turbo and he is phenomenal. And he is YOUNG. He will be your competition for decades. That scares ME. I am fortunate enough to work occasionally in VO, but working in VO regularly is hard as fuck.

hooklineandsinker6 karma

Hey, great AmA. Just like to say thanks for promoting therapy. As someone who has only just started on their road to recovery...its good to see someone stepping up and waving a flag. Therapy helps, no doubt about it. I just wish I could have realised this 10yrs ago, ( rather than 3 weeks!) I'm thinking about baring all at the start of Mental Health Awareness Month, for better or worse.

Cheers dude!

AmirTalai6 karma

THANK YOU, and better late than never on the therapy. Glad you are having a good experience with it. Spread the word, there's no shame in getting better!

Ask_A_Sadist5 karma

In hollywood, what is the difference between A list celebs and B list? Is it people they know, agents they use, work they put in, or like random chance?

AmirTalai4 karma

I guess it's a combination of the projects they are involved with and the pres attention they get.

TokenUser744 karma

Just read through your AMA. Thanks for taking the time and more importantly, thanks for bringing some smiles and laughs in our lives! Maybe you can luck out and get a role as a superhero who is constantly mistaken as a terrorist! Then you could cross two items of your acting bucket list! Lol!

AmirTalai5 karma

ActuallyHelpful Abdul! Able to infiltrate Al Quaida bc of his swarthyness and musty body odor, he's a real American Hero!

darklydreamingdonnie4 karma

It doesn't REALLY look like Osama Bin Laden's beard does it?

AmirTalai9 karma

More like Nick Offerman's mustache.

beat17064 karma

Hey look! Front page!

AmirTalai11 karma

THAT is cool. Thanks everyone!

Pantera19874 karma

Are you from Isfahan ? Cause all the Talai's are.

AmirTalai10 karma

I'm from San Francisco. But my folks are from Tehran.

akiraokami3 karma

I honestly don't recognize you, to be fair, I don't watch a whole lot of TV so that's probably why. So here's my question to you, if I'd want to see how talented of an actor you are, which of your performances would you recommend I watch?

AmirTalai4 karma

No worries. I'd say Campus Ladies, or Turbo FAST. That's where I've had the most to do, really getting to have fun.

Nth-Degree3 karma

To the A-list crowd, are you almost part of the club? As in one big break away from membership? Or do they treat actors at your level as a step up from extras?

AmirTalai7 karma

All the A listers I've ever worked with have been super cool to me. They may have been too busy to shoot the shit, but I never felt like they were "too cool" or I was "too unfamous".

badhatharry3 karma

Hey, I was the mixer on Jesus' Kid Brother at the Hudson back in like 04. Did that show ever play anywhere else? If so, did you go with it?

AmirTalai6 karma

Hi! I loved that show and am still very good friends with Mary Pilate, Katie Von Till, AKA the voice of Disney's Snow White.

JKB played in Long Beach and had a workshop in NYC, neither of which I was able to do.

AHopefulCynic1 karma

Was that really YOUR WIENER in Harold and Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay?

AmirTalai2 karma

(copy and pasting from elsewhere here)

Hey, I'm Persian. ALLLLL ME. Actually, that's my go-to joke answer when fans ask. The truth is, the entire cock and bush was a prosthetic. I had to shave my downstairs completely bald so that the entire thing could be glued to my crotch. Then there was a piece of it that went up under my taint and was glued to tailbone. The water in the tub started peeling away the prosthetic, so at a certain point we were hurrying to get the shot so my fake junk didn't fall off. Fun fact, the penis had to be enormous so that some of it would protrude from the enormous bush. The penis itself was bigger than a ketchup bottle.

mhmmhornot-9 karma

How do you feel about Prophet Muhammad consummating his marriage to Aisha at age 9?

AmirTalai6 karma

I get asked this in almost every interview I do! I really need to come up with a good answer.

mhmmhornot-9 karma

An honest answer is better than a good answer.

I understand he is the prophet of your religion, but he also had sexual relations with a 9 year old. Without researching good answers or asking people for answers, how do you feel about this?

This is not a "gotcha" question. We both know it is a very grey area, conflict and all with the religious aspect. You are a bright, intelligent person. What are your thoughts on it?

AmirTalai11 karma

(i was just joking about being asked this all the time, this is obv a first).

Well, it's not my religion per se, I'm an agnostic. But I guess the obvious answer is that boning a 9-year-old is not cool. Like, at all. DOWNVOTE ME IF YOU MUST, 9-YEAR-OLD BONERS!