One of the reasons we've been gone:

Hai internetz!

We are Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time! A (tutorial) cooking show on YouTube.

We are returning to YouTube… Today!! Check out the Swedish channel-trailer: The first new episode will be out April 3rd, and from then on, we will upload videos in a format similar to Tabletop and Spellslingers: 1st week: EPISODE - 2nd week: BLOOPER - 3rd week: EPISODE - 4th week: BLOOPER - 5th week: EPISODE - etc etc and so on! We might upload some more bonus stuff as well :)

Why are we returning? Basically, we have better routines now with our day to day jobs - making it easier to pinpoint when and where we have time to do something. We are also getting help and resources (first and foremost the kitchen!) from a local Swedish YouTube network, which is great. Destroying kitchens became a part of our show back in the day, but reason behind it was that we had no other choice (no one would let us cook in the same place twice!). Having a regular kitchen to return to makes it a lot easier for us to pland and produce videos!

For those of you who do not know us, here is the crash course:

We first started our channel back in January 2011 while we were studying for our bachelor degrees! After about one semester, our studies were just about done and we got spread out throughout the country, making it really hard to get together and cook more for you. Me and Niklas started studying at a 2 year masters programme, Tom was working as a developer, and Isak and Anders was way down south in Sweden.

During this entire time, we have frequently been thinking about SwedishMealTime, what it means to us, why we stopped making videos and the future of the show. This could potentially be a very long story, but the TL:DR version is that:

  1. We didn’t have enough time or manpower, combining ROSMT with our studies and work.

  2. Even if we did make an effort, it was too much work and we felt the quality of the show was suffering from it. We don’t want to compromise on that.

So why didn’t we communicate more about this? Partly because we didn’t know if this was the end, or just a long-ass break. It was probably a big mistake and it could have been handled a lot better. Anyway, we’d want to focus on the future now, and what lays ahead, with our fortunes and misfortunes behind us.

TL:DR We stopped making videos more than a year ago, but are now returning because we have jobs (making it easier to plan around that), more of us live closer to one another now (much like we did in the first episodes!), we have a kitchen to return to and we can plan accordingly! Thus our return is imminent!

TL:DR THE TL:DR We’re back, bitch.


Thanks for this AmA guys! Its been great. We might drop in tomorrow and answer a few left over questions! We are really back, this is not aprils fools joke (OR IS IT?) and you'll see the first new episode this thursday! ITS GOOD FOR YOU!


Heya guys, dont be afraid dropping a question or two, we might answer it today (wednesday) and tomorrow! :)

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TheTechnoWiking250 karma

Jag har saknat er.

swedishmealtime114 karma


mjoed108 karma


swedishmealtime99 karma


VasiliiZaytsev107 karma

How is Mr. Fox these days?

swedishmealtime137 karma

Who knows... That slippery bastard...

kayneargand94 karma

Please tell me you guys (Niklas and Niclas) have an "I am Spartacus" type gag coming. I would love to see that happen.


kayneargand47 karma

You majestic sons of bitches. Come to America so I can hug you.

Ashall41 karma

No, you come to Sweden!

kayneargand19 karma

I begin the journey at dawn.

swedishmealtime28 karma

Bring cake! // Niclas

kayneargand19 karma




swedishmealtime33 karma


RagnarBjorn76 karma

How hard is it to be a Viking?

swedishmealtime230 karma

Not at all, unless you're a bitch / Niclas

lismati71 karma

What are your jobs, guys?

swedishmealtime116 karma

Niclas - Executive producer at a media company in Stockholm

Niklas - Project and quality assurance manager at a web agency in Stockholm

Isak - iOS developer at a mobile agency in Stockholm

Anders - Freelancing production artist

Tom - Web developer at a newspaper in Skellefteå

StuFX67 karma


swedishmealtime62 karma

But be gentle.... // Niclas

barthimeus62 karma

is mayo good for me?

swedishmealtime95 karma

It's indeed good for you! / Niclas

clonetek57 karma

be sure to visit /r/ROSMT

swedishmealtime41 karma

/u/clonetek FTW! / Niclas (edit: for real, this guy have been IN THE GAME for a long time! 5/5 would upvote again)

swedishmealtime24 karma


MyNutsin1080p56 karma

I know that ROSMT started out as a way of poking gentle fun at EMT. Are those guys aware of your presence? Is there any possibility of a crossover now that you have a more solid schedule and greater resources to work with?

swedishmealtime71 karma

Yes, and yes! // Niclas

jaju12349 karma

Is this an April Fools joke? If it is, may your mayonnaise forever be tainted with mould.

swedishmealtime53 karma


jaju12317 karma

When will your first 'proper' video be coming? :)

swedishmealtime33 karma

In 2 days!! Thursday evening, 18.00 CET!

Bandikoto41 karma

Given all I know about Swedish cuisine I learned at the food court at Ikea, just how authentic are your dishes?

swedishmealtime136 karma

Pretty damn authentic. IKEA doesnt add the extra flavour of raw power. // Niclas

JuniperJupiter40 karma

When will you battle with your originators, the EMT gang?

Some of us unworthy dregs would like to see such carnage!

swedishmealtime47 karma

It must happen. // Niclas

swedishmealtime40 karma

My greatest wish is to have /u/AWildSketchAppeared do something related to ROSMT or Mr Fox... Pray to the Reddit Gods? // Niclas

Huwarf40 karma

Why did you stop with the videos without saying anything to your fans? We thought you were dead!

swedishmealtime81 karma

We were intimidated, I guess, from not really knowing what to do. We wanted to make more videos, but found it hard to make time and pull everything together in order to make something we could stand behind and deliver for you. We thought about quitting all together, but on some level did not really want to. In the end, we went for the high road: Beginning making videos again! Its good for you! / Niclas

pekesenertjes38 karma

Do you genuinely enjoy eating mayonaise from a jar, or is it part of an act?

swedishmealtime72 karma

It's totally great / Niclas

Sossenbinder36 karma

How long does it take you to clean up your kitchen after the filming is done?

swedishmealtime65 karma

We do it as we go, sometimes after each take and sometime after several takes. All in all, a single episode, in the new kitchen, took us around 3-4 hours. / Niclas

domtzs6 karma

what about the ingredients, you seem to pulverize them at every step and yet the final results are very presentable and tasty ( you do eat them at the end :D); do you scrape them off the kitchen walls or do you just get 3 times more than you would normally use?

swedishmealtime8 karma

Sometimes we scrape, sometimes we can't scrape so we have to add more :P


MechanicalHavok33 karma

Now that you are back, Howtobasic can retire. Nothing beats angry Swedes yelling and making food.

swedishmealtime38 karma

He is a pretty regular straight up guy. // Niclas

Bisher_Photos3 karma

He is regular

Blancast6 karma

Regular, but not Swedish.

swedishmealtime7 karma

Imagine if he would have some mayo // Niclas

Kergash26 karma

I dont really have any questions. I just want to say that I am fucking HYPED for the new videos coming! Jesus christ man, it's been too long.

swedishmealtime22 karma

Awesome, that's what we love to hear! We're hyped too!


swedishmealtime10 karma

Fuck yeah man, its been TOO long. Love you tho <3 // Niclas

GreenLips25 karma

How do I become a professional swede?

How to potatis?

swedishmealtime43 karma

By being told what to do by a Swedish Lady. Correct.


GreenLips9 karma

Little do you suspect, but I already have one of those! She lets me out of the bed sometimes. This means I am now a professional Swede!

swedishmealtime9 karma



Agilaz25 karma

How many of you have actual cooking experience? Apart from what you do on the show?

swedishmealtime40 karma

Niklas (the beardless) are quite good in the kitchen! So is Tom! / Niclas

Agilaz21 karma

Awesome. However I doubt anybody can hacka the löken better than you can. :|

swedishmealtime29 karma

I taught him that though.


Bisher_Photos25 karma

What is the difference between Swedish meal time and Norwegian meal time?

swedishmealtime132 karma

One of them is good for you. // Niclas

Damio2424 karma

Are you Married? i've seen the ring in the video

swedishmealtime79 karma

I'm engaged. Hopefully soon married! I love my swedish lady. // Niclas

Goosie24 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA! My daughter and I are big fans. Do you have a favorite video?

swedishmealtime41 karma

<3 Personally, I really like Fishdicks and Breakfast. Also the Christmas table and Stickycake is great. I also love the Thinbread-rolls one. Stay Swedish my friend! / Niclas

_iond_10 karma

Thanks for adding fishdicks to my vocabulary!

swedishmealtime43 karma

You should thank Matt Stone and Trey Parker

Dodieh24 karma

What is your favorite type of food outside of traditional Swedish

swedishmealtime48 karma

Personally, I love chinese. But not the one you find at your local chinese place. I've been to China several times, and they just simply got awsome food. // Niclas

DiemWolf21 karma

Is there any possibility for a collaboration with Robbaz? Some sort of walrus viking dish?

swedishmealtime13 karma

We'd love to put together any collaboration with fun YouTubers but at the moment we have a lot on our plate with the comeback and all. Hopefully in the future!


NuclearAeon21 karma

Why did you stop with the videos for so long? Was it school or something else?

swedishmaniac19 karma

Hello fellow swedes! I've been a fan for sometime now and my question is: how did this start? Cause I mean, it isn't like you wake up one day and say "I want to destroy kitchens and talk in swenglish, and YOU are going to film it!"...okay it COULD be like that...but still: how did this start?

swedishmealtime27 karma

You pretty much had it right. Me (Niclas) and Isak woke up hungover in my student acomodation, and Isak wanted to do a video (inspired by EpicMealTime). Thats pretty much it! // Niclas

blindpandacub17 karma

When are you going to do an episode where you make mayonnaise?!

swedishmealtime41 karma

Soon my love, soon.


harum-scarum17 karma

What have you all been doing during this long hiatus? Are you back for good? I love your videos so much!

swedishmealtime27 karma

For good, or until you guys thinks it gets booring or "the same" all over the time. We are definitely back. / Niclas

jaju12310 karma

Well EpicMealTime never got boring for a lot of people, and you guys are pretty unique so you have that going for you :) I'm sure as long as you don't get bored there will always be an audience!

swedishmealtime15 karma

Heartwarming and true <3 // Niclas

Ibaspaw14 karma

Bor ni kvar i umeå?

swedishmealtime28 karma

Nope, 2 in Stockholm, 1 in Uppsala, 1 in Gävle and 1 in Skellefteå!

drpestilence14 karma

No questions but I have to thank you for all the laughs. I particularly enjoy how you present the food all nice and proper at the end of many skits.


swedishmealtime16 karma

SKÅL! // Niclas

Talyan14 karma

Welcome back. You guys are an inspiration and a boon to the culinary arts.

swedishmealtime10 karma

Expect it. // Niclas

swedishmealtime9 karma

Thank you good sir, thank you.


Papertache13 karma

If a dragon appears, do you slay it or give it mayo?

swedishmealtime45 karma

Dragons are not real, dummy. Eat the mayo yourself. // Niclas

insanebatcat13 karma

Thanks for doing an AmA, I love your videos!

  • What meal did you enjoy making the most?

  • Do all Swedes cook this way?

  • Did you guys ever get complaints from the noise of angrily yelling at your food?

  • How much food actually gets treated like a Swedish lady?

Tack så mycket, glad you guys are returning!

Edit: formatting

swedishmealtime21 karma

Thanks for being here!

  • Actually I think we all enjoyed the new episode we haven't released yet. Mainly because this time all five guys were gathered in the same kitchen during recording
  • Yes
  • No
  • Moosemeat, that is all


swedishmealtime15 karma

1) Personally, Thinbread rolls was hilarious to record. 2) Yes. 3) No, no ones dares challenge my beard. 4) Only moosemeat. Standard procedure.

// Niclas

RL7Y13 karma

Did you make sure that the lax was gravad?

swedishmealtime29 karma

I punched it into submission, so yes. / Niclas

charlesbrunelle10 karma

What can I do that's good for me?

swedishmealtime14 karma

Cook some food Swedish style, eat some mayo and take a bubble bath, just for you. XOXO


Hamtoast10 karma

How long does it take you to plan, film and edit an episode of ROSMT?

swedishmealtime19 karma

"Hard" production is approx 3-4 hours in the kitchen. Idea-process isnt really included, we improvise A LOT. We have some logistics that take a lot of time around these new episodes coming up, since we are doing them at a studio kitchen, sort of. / Niclas

NuclearAeon10 karma

What is your favorite meal?

swedishmealtime51 karma

Blood and angst. // Niclas

whoosy38 karma

Alltså blodpalt?

swedishmealtime24 karma

Spot on, my friend. Spot. On. // Niclas

Michael-JP10 karma

Does Umeå have a good university? and is it a nice place to study?

swedishmealtime12 karma

Yes we recommend it strongly! :)


Klida9 karma

what was your most enjoyed video making of rosmt series?

swedishmealtime13 karma

I think that when I (Niclas) and Niklas made Deadly Thinbread Rolls in my accomodation during our later years of study, we hade tons of laughs. That was brilliant. // Niclas

abltburger9 karma

Your beard is magnificent. Tips on growing it, and staying so damn beautiful?

swedishmealtime21 karma

Eat more mayo. And possibly punch a few bears in the face. // Niclas

walterfilbert9 karma

Are you guys watching the history channel's Vikings?

swedishmealtime22 karma

Some of us, yes.


Yokoshotfirst9 karma

What other hobbies besides cooking do you guys enjoy?

swedishmealtime18 karma

I like gaming and drinking beer! And boardgaming. Check out /r/boardgames . Those guys are great! // Niclas

Arrow2Nee9 karma

How long can we expect this run of the series to go on for? Originally you guys had to take a break for studies, but what does the future look like for ROSMT now?

swedishmealtime35 karma

Now, we will push it until you guys hate it, or the world implodes. // Niclas

TheTechnoWiking9 karma

What's your weirdest experience with a fan?

swedishmealtime53 karma

I once had a weird experience with the ceiling fan in my bedroom... / Isak

swedishmealtime34 karma

Isak go home you're drunk!


swedishmealtime29 karma

This one guy recognized me and went up like 5 cm from my face and talked to me. I had to push him away and ask him to back off. He wasnt mad or overly excited or anything. Just VERY "close" to me. And quiet. It was weird // Niclas

TheTechnoWiking11 karma

Well obviously he wanted to come as close as he could to your beard

swedishmealtime20 karma

A common problem with majestic beards // Niclas

lncsmb8 karma

Have the series somehow changed your lives? Do you get recognized sometimes?

swedishmealtime20 karma

It would be weird to say that ROSMT haven't changed our lives in some way as we've had some fun adventures together while recording the series, meeting people and getting to do stuff we otherwise wouldn't have done. Although we are still the same five guys who just love to record weird stuff and have fun. We are not openly recognised on the street although once in a blue moon someone will come up to us and say hey and give us some mayo :)


sircheesepuff548 karma

When is the traveling US Tour coming up?

swedishmealtime16 karma

We might pop over for a bit, but we'll be sure to let you guys know if we do!


Viccerz218 karma

Will Mr. Fox be on the receiving end of that big ass axe?

swedishmealtime17 karma

Hopefully someday! The slippery bastard...


turbokees7 karma

Where does your aggression come from when you cook?

swedishmealtime21 karma

My Swedish blood and heritage // Niclas

hairyneil7 karma

Are there any plans to do videos with other youtube cookists? Like Harto or Epic Meal Time?

swedishmealtime7 karma

It would indeed be quite awsome, but sadly, nothing in the pipe right now! // Niclas

Ermahgerdrerdert7 karma

I'd completely forgotten about you guys and I'm so happy you're back! I'm from England but everyone I introduced to Smorgastorte loves it!

Would you guys ever do an episode with Surströmming?

swedishmealtime5 karma

Thanks, we're happy to be back! Well the problem with Surströmming is that the smell is very pungent and that's the thing with it. So if the audience can't smell it we loose a lot of the experience there. But we have thought about it now and again.


Lewrh7 karma

Vart handlar ni era matvaror? Ica, Willys eller kanske till och med LIDL?

swedishmealtime28 karma


MChainsaw10 karma

Ni måste vara med i Ica-reklamen nån gång.

swedishmealtime14 karma

Skulle vara ganska awsome! Dock så skulle inte en jävel fatta vad som pågick (because you guys, our real fans, are not watching TV4, after all) // Niclas

Rachelle_Ohh6 karma

Any more plans with Big Steve?????? Would you consider working with him again?

swedishmealtime10 karma

Definitely one of the few things that are in our pipe. Expect it. // Niclas

ErroneousDylan6 karma


Dr_Kerporkian19 karma

I've heard that it is saucey and brown.

swedishmealtime17 karma

Thanks /u/Dr_Kerporkian , you are correcto // Niclas

gintrux245 karma

Who inspired you to create this show? :)

swedishmealtime14 karma

Mostly Epic Meal Time! <3 // Niclas

flebb5 karma

Are you going to make more videos?

swedishmealtime11 karma

YES! / Niclas

Morthael5 karma

  1. Can we expect any special quest in future? ( TotalBiscuit posted on twitter your special christmas episode, this is how i found about you guys. )

swedishmealtime8 karma

That would be very interesting! Totally up for it. / Niclas

eVWil_dubs5 karma

Underbart att ha er tebax, så ni kan visa världen hur man lagar mat SWEDISH STYLE

swedishmealtime3 karma


Axeran5 karma

Does anyone of you play Dota2 or CSGO?

swedishmealtime15 karma

I love Dota 2 / Niclas

drunk-penguin4 karma

What kind of satanic meals can we expect in the comeback?

How many pots of mayonnaise have been consumed over the years?

swedishmealtime12 karma

For starters, Lethal Lasagne and Killer Kalops! // Niclas

leodown04 karma

How much mayo will you eat this season

swedishmealtime21 karma


bibo33 karma

Why Mayo?

swedishmealtime5 karma

Niclas likes it so damn much!


swedishmealtime3 karma

omfg, what a question! // Niclas

Wurdan3 karma

If you could only have 1 thing to get through a cold Swedish winter night, would it be moose meat or a Swedish lady?

swedishmealtime12 karma

I can have both! Don't tell me otherwise!


Xon9633 karma

Whats your dream job and what do you think you will be doing in the next 10 years?

swedishmealtime16 karma

Personally, I don't like to think about dreams and the future. Be happy with where you are (if its not total shit, then change something) and yourself. // Niclas

LeaveTheMassage3 karma

Has making ROSMT affected your lives in any way, be it now or before?

swedishmealtime3 karma

Definitely, in many ways. It's crazy to be able to touch so many lives and feelings by doing something crazy and silly in the kitchen. For you guys, we were gone for 2 years, but in my head, one day did not pass with me not thinking about the channel and the subscribers. I just love you <3 // Niclas

FullyNorwegian2 karma

How long would it usually take you to clean up your mess in the kitchen?

swedishmealtime2 karma

Well we clean the kitchen during the episode as well so we don't have to do it all at the end of shooting. But I'd say we spend a couple of hours on just cleaning.


Cantnoscope2 karma

What did you all study in college?

swedishmealtime9 karma

3 of us went to Umeå University studying Digital media production. Isak took a longer course in iOS development, sort of. Tom studies programming, like Java and shit, fuck if I know :P Me and Niklas also have a masters degree in cross media interaction design. // Niclas

dakkeh2 karma

Can you guys do a learning Swenglish episode where you subtitle the Swedish words?

swedishmealtime5 karma

We might, but could you handle it?


FrostCollar2 karma

How much does the food used in an average ROSMT cost?

swedishmealtime5 karma

Same as your average dinner, maybe 10% more. // Niclas

clonetek2 karma

got any good reindeer recipes?

swedishmealtime5 karma

Renskavsgryta is great! // Niclas

gaiaap2 karma

By some fantastic fluke, I just happened to look up your channel just now and saw the teaser (301+ views!), switch to Reddit and see this.

I'm fucking stoked. No, I don't have a question - that'd take up valuable time you could be using to wreck horrible vengeance on edibles, and I could possibly justify that.

Love from Denmark. Or hate. Both good.

swedishmealtime3 karma

DANISH BASTARD (I love you) // Niclas

bhoward192 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! I've been patiently awaiting your regular return. Whose idea was it to do the whole mayo bit in every episode?

And in spirit of today, what is the best prank you have pulled on another person?

swedishmealtime4 karma

Thanks for being here and thanks for waiting! Well Niclas was actually a bit hungry (and hungover) whilst making the first video and he simply needed some fat. Although as he ate the Mayo he thought that the Internetz might bring down the hate on him because he loves Mayo so he saved it with saying "It's good for you". As if that would have helped - but it did! and everyone liked it! So actually you guys came up with the slogan for us :)

I punched a bear in the stomach once. Joke's on him, he's a bear.


swedishmealtime2 karma

First episode, me and Isak in my student accomodation, hungover etc. We make the first episode, and I get hungry, mid-cooking. I eat a lot of mayo and butter, and think, as I am eating it, that the nerds and trolls on the internet will tease me for doing so. I proactively protect and defend myself by saying something sarcastic: "Its good for you!" and it simply caught on. I actually do love mayo. Its the best. // Niclas

yiunko2 karma

Why did you ever stopped in the first place? Love

migal002 karma

I've been waiting for your come back for the past two years! You guys are one of my favourite food channels on Youtube and I'm super stoked that you're back!

Can you tell me if you're going to do similar things to what you did back in the day, or if you're going to do something a bit different?

And also, if I were to show a video of yours to my friends which one should I show them?

swedishmealtime3 karma

Hey thanks and it's good for you!

We are totally going back to basics. You guys want mayo, violence and, thats what you'll get.

I dont know, many of the "old ones" is great. Maybe this one:

// Niclas

Kartoffelplotz2 karma

What took you so long?

Omoza1 karma

Good to have you all back! Do you have any plans on changing the way the channel will run, or will it be the same format as before?

swedishmealtime7 karma

Definitely changes. For now, we will release a regular cooking video every other week, and the weeks in between, a blooper/behind the scenes video. We will most likely also, during the "off weeks" deliver a timelapse from the recording session. Possibly something more, dont know yet! // Niclas

pppjurac1 karma

Are damages to kitchen and utensils cowered by insurance ?

But really, be cautious about Mr.Fox....

swedishmealtime2 karma

Nope, the King of Sweden covers us on such matters. Yeah we know, he's a slippery bastard!


frozenmallet1 karma

Do the guys at Ica Maxi or Coop or whatever store you guys shop at know you well by now? Do you ever see any fans at these stores and get any questions?

I used to live in Sweden and I remember celebrities would often shop for themselves at stores and people wouldn't disturb them!

swedishmealtime2 karma

Back in the day, when we were making videos on a regular basis, I could hardly go to ICA without having someone giggle and ask me to scream. It was weird. // Niclas

stormhunter11 karma

ROSMT Glad to have you guys back! My friends and I have been long time fans from California, USA.

That said, have you guys considered making a recipe book for some of those dishes, can definitely say some of them looked really good...

swedishmealtime2 karma

Hey, we're glad to be back! Yeah we're thinking about it ;)


cchandler831 karma

Will we ever see Surströmming in a video?

swedishmealtime2 karma

Maybe, the thing with surströmming is the smell and if you can't smell it, that's like loosing part of the experience so it's a bit problematic. But we have thought about it.


Scarbrow1 karma

From beginning (thinking an idea) to end (getting it all filmed/edited), how long does it take you guys to do a single episode?

swedishmealtime3 karma

All and all and all and all it takes about a week before our break. Now we have a more thought-out schedule we're following, including set days and kitchens for recording so now it's more like a month.


Lundstromski1 karma

Did you make any money on your videos? Välkomna tillbaka grabbar!

swedishmealtime3 karma

Have not in a long time. Now that we have started up again, we should see some ad-revenue roll in. Everything goes into more production. We're doing this for you guys, not for the cash! // Niclas

cowe1921 karma

How much planning is involved in making an episode? Do you just make it up as you go or is everything carefully written?

swedishmealtime3 karma

We plan a lot AROUND the episode, like times and breaks and how to get everything and everyone to the kitchen. But the things inside the episodes we mainly improvise :)


DJ_Buttons1 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

swedishmealtime4 karma

Itsgoodforyousarus // Niclas