Hi guys, I'm Katee. You might know me from Battlestar Galactica, Riddick, and my new movie Oculus comes out on April 11, two weeks from now. I'm looking forward to taking your questions. Victoria from reddit is helping me out, please be nice to me, I have the stomach flu so I am doing the best I can. AMA!


Thank you everyone for your AMAZING questions, all your love and support. Go see Oculus April 11! And if you are in New York or Los Angeles this wednesday, reddit is doing some official screenings:

LA: http://oculuslascreening.splashthat.com/ NYC: http://oculusnyscreening.splashthat.com/

Thank you, love you, hope to come back and do this again. I am going to memorize dialogue and crawl under the covers and watch episodes of Bones on Netflix.

P.S. I still don't know what Starbuck is.

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MagicSwordKing1893 karma

Katee, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your work fighting cancer. I know you are a survivor yourself, back in 2012 I lost a lot to cancer, my 25th birthday present from the universe, including my ability to have kids of my own. When I was in chemo I offhandedly tweeted at you about how I'd give money to help others fight if I could, and you donated on my behalf.

That was one of the moments of beautiful humanity during my ordeal that wound up turning me from a lifelong cynic and pessimist into someone who not only thinks, but knows how wonderful and good people are.

I have been cancer free for one year, now.

KateeSackhoff1626 karma

Congratulations. Just to be cancer free is such a tremendous moment. I know how that feels.

Stay strong, stay positive, and trust that humanity at its core is actually very, very thoughtful, and most people in the world when faced with a choice would choose to be a good person.

fivekilometer221241 karma

Hi Katee! Huge fan of yours, (Proof: http://imgur.com/a/frDuh ) and so very excited you are doing an AMA! I have no questions, but I do have just one request. I am turning 30 in another week or so and would be more stoked than a Chihuahua-Pug in a squeaky-toy factory if you took a picture with a "Happy Birthday Ann" message in it. My astronomical excitement would carry over for at least seven to ten business days. Thank you for your time and keep being rad! And an early Happy Birthday to you as well!!

KateeSackhoff406 karma

Happy Birthday Ann - I'm going to have to write this on my script right now.




Okay, I am going to have to do this with my iPad.

counterfeitfunk1018 karma

KATEE! Can we please see you on HBO Game of Thrones? or History Channel's VIKINGS? You may consult me anytime for casting advice :D #sosayweall! xx

KateeSackhoff1283 karma

From your mouth to God's ears.

JosephRouse686 karma

First of all, BSG is one of the finest shows ever aired on television. I’m proud to admit that I watched the entire series over the course of one slovenly weekend a couple years ago and I don’t regret it. So fracking well written! Such fracking great acting! A big, heartfelt thanks to you and your colleagues for bringing it to a TV audience starved for quality, made-for-adult science fiction.

My question: Is Edward James Olmos as surly in real life as he was as Captain Adama was on the show? Also, is he as wise and paternal? And finally, how angry does he get when people call him James Edward Olmos?

KateeSackhoff784 karma

Number one: no, he's incredibly funny. And yes, he is incredibly wise. And I would never screw up his name for fear that he might hurt me.

I_Lase_You496 karma

Hey Katee! Thanks for coming to reddit. Here's a Welcome to reddit lase for you! Link

KateeSackhoff426 karma

Oh my gosh, that is AWESOME. I have the best fans in the world, thank you so much.

DefinitelyRelephant469 karma

Do you ever not play a completely awesome badass?

KateeSackhoff1304 karma

Yes. In Oculus I think that you will be pleasantly surprised that I am a mom. The fact that I am trying to kill my children should not discourage my nurturing role.

rohypnotoad449 karma

Hi, Katee!

Your episode on the Nerdist had me in tears (on a train ride next to a concerned looking woman, so thanks for that). Any chance you'll take Hardwick up on that offer and come back sometime soon?

(Here's the link. If you don't have the time, bookmark it, it's definitely worth it: www.nerdist.com/2013/09/nerdist-podcast-katee-sackhoff/)

KateeSackhoff464 karma

Absolutely. I love Chris, I love the Nerdist podcast, and thank you so much for appreciating my incredibly inappropriate humor.

trevdak2435 karma

Hi Katee!

I think my wife might be your #1 fan. If you ask her what her best day ever was, it wasn't our wedding or engagement, it was when we were extras in A Deadly Obsession/Campus Killer with you

She wants to know: What happens to your dog Meatball when you travel?

P.S. Keep releasing the Acting Outlaws calendar. It makes Christmas shopping for her much, much easier!

KateeSackhoff472 karma

Oh my gosh, Meatball is with his babysitter right now, and his brother and sister in Los Angeles. Because traveling with three dogs, although it has been done, and I've done it by myself, is not the funnest way to travel.

And thank you so much for coming out and being extras by the way. That's amazing and we couldn't do what we do without your support.

gastroengineer381 karma

What was your weirdest moment with fan(boys|girls)?

KateeSackhoff1209 karma

I had a Wookie tell me that they loved me in the bathroom at Comic-con at 2003 and honestly to this day I don't know if it was a man or a woman.

sheridan220337 karma

Hi Katee ! Loved you in BSG & Riddick ! My question is how much of you was in Starbuck ? Did any of your traits get on Starbuck ?

KateeSackhoff606 karma

Oh gosh. I was 21 when I got the role, so I was growing up, kind of, in front of everyone. So I think that became was Starbuck was doing as well. And at the same time, I think that her strengths kind of rubbed off on me, and my vulnerability changed the direction of where she was going.

FlawlessCowboy238 karma

Hey Katee, 3 questions for you.

  1. What is something about yourself you want us to know but we probably don't?

  2. What movie can you never get tired of?

  3. any chance you'll be on the convention run so us nerds can ask silly questions like this in person and get a picture?

Thanks for jumping on here and answering our questions and for being a part of our favorite series.

KateeSackhoff353 karma

  1. I'm terrified to turn 34. There you go.

  2. The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez.

  3. I will definitely be in Sacramento at Evolution Expo! I'll be there. And I will also be at Comic-Con, hopefully with Nerd HQ and Zachary Levi.

admirable-admiral234 karma

Hi Katee!

So, you've been in so many different things that are considered "nerdy" today (Battlestar Galactica, Batman: Year One, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, etc.). Do you consider yourself to be a sort of nerdy person? What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Also, obligatory I love you.

KateeSackhoff316 karma

Aw, you're so sweet, love you too!

Yeah, I think that I'm the nerd and that has absolutely nothing to do with my love of science fiction. It's funny because I don't know a ton about science fiction, but because of the characters I learn more about the worlds. But we should all hope to have a little bit of nerd in us, it makes life a little bit more fun.

GaryDebussy231 karma

Hi Katee!

I'm a huge fan and I think you're an amazing actress.

My question is: if Benedict Cumberbatch can have Cumberbitches and Chris Pine's fans are Pine Nuts, can we, your awesome fans, call ourselves Nutsacks? Please?

KateeSackhoff327 karma

Oh my gosh. I think there's already Team Spanks, my brother's nickname in high school was Spanks because our last name was Sackhoff, so people still call me Li'l Spanks, it's like I'm a rapper.

But you can call yourself the Nutsacks if you want, that's totally acceptable.

Jackblack221158 karma

Katee,not really a question but I'm hoping that Marvel has done the smart thing and actually locked you in for an upcoming role as Ms.Marvel.Keep up the great work and good luck with Oculus!

KateeSackhoff202 karma

Again, I say: from your mouth to god's ears.

gjcbs147 karma

Hey Katee, thanks for doing this AMA. I had the pleasure of meeting you at DragonCon in 2012 and you were so very nice to us fans. Love Starbuck, really enjoying Longmire, and love the work with Dennys you and Tricia did (Acting Outlaws)!
Do you watch any other TV shows in particular?

Any chance you are coming back to Atlanta for DragonCon with Tricia this fall?

Oh, and Happy Birthday a little early!!

KateeSackhoff200 karma

Oh my god, that is so many! Thank you for the birthday wishes. Go see Oculus, that's what I want for my birthday ;)

No, I won't be at Dragoncon this year, but Tricia will be representing the Acting Outlaws.

Oh gosh, yeah! I'm obsessed with Bones right now, I can't stop. And I love the Good Wife, and I love Veep, and I love Game of Thrones, and I have so much DVR'd at home, I feel like I've been on location for like 5 years and there are a million other tv shows that need to be watched actually.

yumcake132 karma

I have stomach flu too! Hope we get better soon!

You're pretty ripped in BSG and Riddick, what's your training regimen to get a crazy body like that?

KateeSackhoff197 karma

Gosh, number 1: sorry, feel better soon.

And it changes. The older I get the harder it is. So my workout regime is constantly evolving, depending on what I have to look like and what I find fun. Right now I'm doing a lot of rock climbing. But also Longmire is the most forgiving role, so I don't have to be as in shape for this role. But I have a role coming up the first of July and I have to be in VERY good shape for that, so the diet is going to kick in the next few days!

seismicor124 karma

What picked your interest when reading the script for horror movie Oculus? What made you say "Yes, I will play that character."?

KateeSackhoff218 karma

First of all, I'm a huge fan of Mike Flanagan (the writer and director). I had read a script that he had written five years before and had fallen in love with him without knowing who he was, so as soon as the script landed on his doorstep, I think I read it in 45 minutes, I immediately said yes right after I asked "how old are the children and will they have a safe word?"

It all makes sense when you see the movie. It's kind of got children in peril, rated R right there.

Kablewy122 karma

Hey Katee! Long time fan and I really enjoyed you in BSG. Love seeing your cameos on Big Bang Theory. Was that your idea or did they approach you?

KateeSackhoff211 karma

I was definitely approached by them, but it was a collaboration of sorts, only because I had said to Chuck Lorre that I wanted to Wollowitz's number six.

historyduhr120 karma

First of all, I just want to say I am a HUGE fan of BSG (I’ve watched it over 10 times and I’m only 16). You’re acting is phenomenal and still is the best I have ever seen!

IN your opinion, when Starbuck comes back, is she an angel or something else?

Favorite scene when shooting the show?

Favorite actor to work with from the show?

Favorite memory from the show?

What is your opinion on Baltar (good or bad) in the end?

Sorry for all the questions (you don’t have to answer all of them) I just saw you were doing an AMA on twitter and had to ask as much as possible! Thank you SOOO much!

KateeSackhoff193 karma

This is so funny, because it's the one question I answered on my verification sign for this AMA! I have no idea what Starbuck is. At all. It's such a disappointment because I have no idea. Ask Ron Moore, not me, I have no clue.

I would say probably the boxing scene with Jamie Bamber, because I think it embodied so much of who she was in one scene. So it's hard, when you do 5 years of a series, it's incredibly difficult to pick just one scene that you absolutely love.

Favorite actor, oh god, I loved working with Michael Trucco, just because it brought another layer to Starbuck that we had not seen for a lot of the series, so it actually allowed the fans to see a softer side of her.

So many favorite memories. Like, I can't pick just one! There isn't a favorite memory because I look back on that series as some of the best times of my life so there really isn't one.

I loved it. I think that it's nice to leave some story lines open ended for fans so they can use their own imagination and have the series be what it was meant to be for them, and I think Starbuck meant so much to so many different people, and she meant many different things. So to wrap her up with a pretty little bow would have been a misuse of what she was. So I liked it.

trevdak255 karma

So how hard did you hit Jamie? What about in Kobol's Last Gleaming when you smack him without gloves?

KateeSackhoff106 karma

I don't think I ever punched an actor in the face on accident! I did accidentally kick Callum Keith Rennie in the face though.

choirchic118 karma

Hi Katee! I was wondering how your Thyroid diagnosis affected your life before it got figured out? How have you been feeling lately?

KateeSackhoff253 karma

it didn't really affect my life in that I didn't really feel sick or tired or anything? I was a bit more bitchy than usual according to my fiance, but the diagnoses has definitely changed my life. The fact that I had cancer at such a young age was definitely life changing. I feel okay, there are days that I am more tired than other people, but my thyroid doctor wants me to stop blaming my tiredness on my thyroid and just admit that I don't lead a normal life.

KatiewithaK111 karma

Hi! I love how you portray strong and empowered female characters on TV and film. Starbuck, alone, gave the courage to be a stronger person. You are definitely a role model for me! Science fiction seems to have a lot of strong female characters when other genres don't.

Do you get to pick roles or are you contacted by movie makers specifically for a role? You seem to have so many great roles!

KateeSackhoff105 karma

Thank you so much. I try to play characters that are definitely strong but at the same time that is not always possible or creatively responsible as well, sometimes characters aren't strong. But I do enjoy kicking some ass. I do get offered roles, and I also go through and try and pick them. So there's a good mix of projects in there. And they come to me in many ways.

fightsfortheuser102 karma

since you have done so much in Sci-fi, what are some of your favorite sci-fi movies?

KateeSackhoff219 karma

Alien, love Alien. HUGE huge original Star Wars fan. Gosh there are so many! My dad used to make me watch Forbidden Planet with him all the time so I have some fun memories of that. We watched Predator when I was seven, so it's still one of my favorite memories.

Sorry, I was tweeting that photo!

Mr_Monster98 karma

Thank you.

Thank you for being strong. Thank you for playing strong women characters. Thank you for caring about the planet. Thank you for being a generally cool person. I hope you have a fulfilling career.

Now the question. How did you feel when Tricia Helfer had to act like Starbuck? I know you guys are friends, but wasn't that weird? Playing a character is one thing. A character playing you playing a character would give me the willies.

KateeSackhoff95 karma

Hahaha! Yes, I thought she did a really good job too. And thank you so much for the comments, I truly appreciate it. I consider myself lucky to be able to live every day with the opportunities and the means to do the job that I love and also try and be as charitable and empathetic as possible to the world and all its creatures.

Kco1r3h577 karma

If you could fight anyone in history, alive or dead, who would you fight?

KateeSackhoff186 karma

I'm actually a lover, not a fighter. I would actually cry if I had to truly fight somebody.

seismicor75 karma

Katee, would you consider starring in another sci-fi TV series?

KateeSackhoff114 karma

Yes, definitely, for sure. I don't know if I would go so far as to say just scifi but definitely something sic fi genre-y. I grew up watching scifi with my Dad, so I definitely find those series something fun and I would love to do more.

Doom_Unicorn75 karma

How do you feel about Oculus being owned by Facebook?

KateeSackhoff67 karma

Look out for a press release about 4/3 about my potential involvement in that.

rakesliverpool69 karma

Hey Katee, big fan of your acting, especially in Longmire. I was just wondering, since you shoot in New Mexico, have you learned any cool cowboy type tricks? Thanks for doing this AMA!

KateeSackhoff95 karma

Well, actually, I've been scared of horses since I was a little kid because I saw my brother get kicked in the face when he was 8 and he flew for like a million miles. So I've been terrified of horses and I had to reign in a crazy horse on an episode of Longmire, and I had to be right under it when it jumped into the horse, and I was like "I'll be okI'll be ok" - it actually helped me get over my fear though.

keyofmgy66 karma

Just wanted to say that my sister was your body double in a scene for Oculus and I am mad excited to see the movie because of it! Can't wait to see you get your evil on!

KateeSackhoff80 karma

Hahaha! Well tell your sister thank you, I'm sure that she was completely indispensable.

Frajer63 karma

Did you have any idea how popular a character Bitch Puddin' would be?

KateeSackhoff88 karma

No. Absolutely not. I actually thought Bitch Puddin would offend so many people that I would probably never work again. But i am pleasantly surprised that she has such a nice little following.

trevdak263 karma

What was it like filming the creepy scene with all the thread coming out of your body in Haunting in Connecticut 2? Was that all CG or lots of prosthetics or what?

KateeSackhoff109 karma

It was actually like a spool of thread attached to a mouthpiece, but there was one take where we did it over and over and over and there was one take where I choked on the needle and that was really scary, and then the producer was like "oh I think we have it."

sexymafratelli59 karma

Seriously, I didn't read very far down. You are being way too appreciative. It's kind of adorable, and it's going to make me forget my question. Yep. I forgot it. Sorry. Wait a minute. Um...oh crap. Um...Are you just sitting around in a blanket with a giant mug of tea dictating responses while getting over this terrible flu?

KateeSackhoff85 karma

Oh my god, do you have a camera that is plugged in my house?!??!?!

ubiquitousa58 karma

What is the thing you like to do that lets you unwind and chill?

KateeSackhoff99 karma

I love to ride my motorcycle a ton. And with Tricia, we do a ton of work with Acting Outlaws, the Tulip Ride is the last weekend of April, and it's kind of the best of both worlds. I get to relax and help people at the same time.

danimalod55 karma

Tapatio or Tobasco?

KateeSackhoff162 karma


hipnerd55 karma

Having seen the original Oculus short and Absentia, does Oculus follow director Mike Flanagan's pattern of valuing slow burn creepiness over jump scares and gore?

KateeSackhoff70 karma

Well, I wouldn't say OVEr jump scares and gore. I would say that it's a marriage of both! I would say that Mike has a way that he writes and especially directs that he does have a slow burn, and the last 30 minutes of the movie feel like a punch in the face. But there's a lot of blood / scares / gore in this movie. If the trailer gives you any indication, there's a lot of blood. A lot of blood.

frakkinadama52 karma

Katee, first off thank you for doing this frakkin AMA! My sister /u/karafrakinthrace and I are both huge fans!

I have three questions:

  • When did you realize you wanted to be an actress?

  • Who/What were your key influences in becoming an actress?

and lastly

  • What do you hear, Starbuck?

KateeSackhoff85 karma

When I was 16, I was a swimmer and I got hurt, and I didn't want to go to college. FYI, stay in school. So I tried to figure out, you know, what I could have the most fun in life doing and also make a living.

Oh gosh, Sigourney Weaver, for sure. And I would say every major male action star of the 90s, because there were no women. So I was obsessed with Schwarzenegger, and Stallone, just these amazing guys who had this incredible strength and they always looked like they had so much fun. I was obsessed with Bruce Willis and wanted to be in Die Hard so bad. And TV shows, like La Femme Nikita and Lucy Lawless in Xena, so there were definitely more strong females in science fiction, which pushed me in that direction as well.

Go see Oculus? April 11?

Tara900051 karma


KateeSackhoff68 karma

Yes, that was the first time I had seen the full movie. And it's always nervewracking watching yourself perform along with other people. So I think that watching the movie and covering my face was twofold: I was scared of the movie, and I am incredibly bad at watching myself onscreen.

Hahaha, as it should be! it was an amazing movie.

AlpacaNextOne49 karma

I enjoyed My Evil Sexy Genius immensely. Going to write any more movies in the future?

KateeSackhoff84 karma

I didn't write that, I produced that, the writer is actually Scott Lew, and he wrote the entire script with ALS. And when I read the script, I wanted to produce it desperately, when I met him, not to creatively write that script but to physically write that script. Amazing, amazing man. So I do have more plans to produce in the future some projects that are in development right now, but I am not a writer and would never pretend to be.

kiararose2146 karma

Hello Katee! I'm slowly becoming a huge fan (My dad is a gigantic fan, he got me into Battlestar a few months ago!) and I was wondering, what was it like working with Karen on the set of Oculus? Thank you very much :)

KateeSackhoff68 karma

Karen is amazing. She is such a talented actress. You know we didn't have a ton of scenes together only because I had more scenes with Annalise Basso who plays a younger version of her, but Karen is lovely, we spent some time together offset and I love her to death. She is going to have a massive career.

kultakala41 karma

Do you have any unusual hobbies?

KateeSackhoff75 karma

Not unusual, no, I mean I rock climb.

I don't think I have any weird, crazy hobbies.

I have been known to scrapbook from time to time.

KateeSackhoff228 karma

And then pinterest came out? And then I got engaged and I did nothing but pinterest for 3 months. And my fiancé was like "Get the fuck off pinterest you are driving me crazy."

ortegon340 karma

While filming Oculus did anything strange or creepy happen on set/to anyone working on the film?

KateeSackhoff68 karma

I had a panic attack one night from being in prosthetics all night and went to the emergency room! I was in prosthetics a lot of the day, and it's like the weirdest thing that ever happened. I had a crazy panic attack and could not sleep in the hotel, so one of the transportation captains picked me up and took me to the hospital. That's the only bad thing. There were so many good things. It's funny when you do a horror movie, it's always just the most fun stuff and joy. It's when you shoot the comedies that for some reason the shit hits the fan.

ThickAsianAccent39 karma

I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way, but dat nude scene in Riddick.... (spoiler alert I guess, that or free advertising!) Hit me by surprise. I would never have the guts to get naked for the world to see on demand, how does that play out in your head?

KateeSackhoff80 karma

I don't have the guts to do that either. Thank god the whole world wasn't there that day or I probably would not have done it. And I actually asked my dad for permission first. Because I've always thought that if I can't watch it with my parents, then I've gone too far. And he told me that at this point in the game, nobody would think that that was all I had to offer, so to go ahead and do that.

TrotBot39 karma

When my dad died and I had to vacate my house so that it could be sold off by my family, secretly homeless and crashing on the couch at a campus student group office: Battlestar Galactica on their computers and your face reminding of a friend I had long not seen are the only things that kept me sane.

Didn't like the finale, but not everything can be perfect :p

Anyways, thank you.

KateeSackhoff47 karma

You poor thing. Your strength is admirable and never give up and thank you for the compliment.

dhtwentythree33 karma

Given the choice, what would your super power be, and how would you use it?

KateeSackhoff73 karma

Oh my gosh, people ask me this question all the time. And I honestly don't know what it would be. I think that my superpower would probably be something along the lines of "able to read men's minds" because it would save me a lot of hassle in my relationships. So telepathy.

bobmillahhh33 karma

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Also, what is your favorite European accent?

KateeSackhoff60 karma

My favorite ice cream flavor is anything with peanut butter in it. And my favorite European accent: with my accent, lord in heaven, I have a meeting for a movie in a couple of weeks with an english accent that I am really excited about but they need to be more specific, because there are so many different types of English accents.

russianguyinla27 karma

Hi Katee! Huge fan of all of your work, especially Battlestar Galactica. But hands down my favorite performance of yours was your role as a crazy homeless lady on Workaholics. How hard was it not falling in love with Adam?

KateeSackhoff52 karma

Um, number one I love Adam and I did fall in love with him. He's amazing.

And to get into character, I know this sounds bad, but: I didn't wear underwear. So go back and watch it again and maybe you'll watch it with a different eye. I'd love to say that was Adam's idea, but that would be really inappropriate.

seanbray18 karma

Would you be willing to play Tulip O'Hare in the AMC TV Preacher series they are trying to get off the ground, or Captain Marvel in a Marvel Avengers movie?

Tulip: Here Capt. Marvel: Here

KateeSackhoff28 karma

I am usually willing to take a look at every strong character that comes my way. I don't know the TV preacher role is, but I definitely know who Captain Marvel is.

Kalesche6 karma

Help resolve an argument between me and my friends.

At the end of Riddick, did Riddick himself stab your character because you said you wouldn't die for him (although your character had previously said they would die for the others), or was an alien the only reason for your character's death?

The scene looks ambiguous.

KateeSackhoff12 karma

I didn't die!

Adcaelo1 karma

Hi Katee, huge fan here from France.

When could we hope to see you ??

P.S. I would love to see you as Harley Queen ! P.S.2 whenever you want for a motorcycle trip here ;)

KateeSackhoff1 karma

Oh gosh, me personally? Hopefully soon, I have never been to France! And hopefully Oculus comes out there soon.

Me too! :)

KateeSackhoff2 karma

France release day: 4/9!

day after my birthday!

beltran631 karma

Hi Katee, I'm a big fan of your work and thank you for doing a AMA. I had no question... just wanted to tell you that you are awesome.

KateeSackhoff1 karma

thank you!!

lasombrayelalma1 karma

First of all, thanks so much for doing this AMA!

My question is, what was the hardest day of filming you had on BSG?

KateeSackhoff1 karma

The last 3 days were the hardest because we were behind schedule and shooting as fast as possible, so there's a couple of actors who worked for about 48 hours straight.

ravyrn1 karma

Hey Katee! Thanks for the AMA! I love all your work, especially Longmire and love the Four Corners/Valdez Caldera area!

Question #1: What is your favorite filming location?

Question #2: On breaks in between filming Longmire, have you had a chance to get around and explore any of the Four Corners region?

KateeSackhoff1 karma

1: Los Angeles, in general. it's all about being home. The older I get and the longer I do this, the more I try to get to do projects that shoot near home.

2: No. As sad as that seems, no. I grew up in a family where we were kind of taught and also saw our parents lead by examples to work all the time, so I have a really hard time taking breaks.

Frabjous_Alice1 karma

What's your favorite kind of animal?

KateeSackhoff1 karma


kagnew1 karma

Katee, if I bought a Ducati and moved to LA, could I help out with Acting Outlaws?

KateeSackhoff1 karma

Absolutely! You can always come out, in fact, we actually have a ride in Los Angeles on November 2nd to benefit PATH. More information to come on http://actingoutlaws.org

TheTyGoss0 karma

First off, I frakking loved you in Battlestar Galactica. Also you were pretty much the main reason I watched the new Riddick.

That being said, I have a few quick questions:

  1. If you could play any role in any film or show, what would it be?

  2. I especially love your sci-fi roles. Anything you're going to be in that I should keep a look out for?

  3. Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses?

Thanks for being kick-ass. :)

KateeSackhoff7 karma

  1. Oh lord, any role? there's a script right now I'm obsessed with called Come and Go Molly Snow, about a country singer, and I would love to do that. So yeah!

  2. Yeah, Oculus! April 11.

  3. I would rather fight one massive horse sized duck. Because I think it would be easier to figure out which one you're fighting. And horses bite, that's like 100 little ankle biters. A horse bite hurts!