Going ons of casinos, stuff you wondered about etc.

Ask away!

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StingLikeMe1396 karma

Truth: http://imgur.com/9EhXDro

Source: I too work in casino security.

341gerbig1082 karma

Can confirm, I love that podium.

guitarman90742 karma

It's not a podium. It's supposed to be a safe that contains monies, but it really has a little Chinese dude in it that will open the large vault from the inside when they put the safe in there.

341gerbig457 karma

Ahhh, on mobile, the little pic looked like a podium lol

tazzy1001029 karma

Whats the most of amount of cash you've seen at one time? Ever tempted?

341gerbig1634 karma

Whenever I go into the main vault, there is anywhere from 5-20 million dollars in there.

Never tempted really.

RoyalPrinceSoldier880 karma

What's the worst thing you've seen in a casino?

341gerbig1930 karma

A woman that thought it was lucky to shit her pants before going on the slot machines, multiple times , and she wasn't the least bit ashamed...

crawlerz24682375 karma

maybe she also played craps?

edit edit holy skidmark, this escalated quicker than I could down that bottle of laxatives

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Bad dum

Dmeyers20497 karma

(Hope you don't mind me adding to your thread, I feel like this is Vacuum repair guy all over again)

We had a woman who was having a heart attack and as we were assisting her, another woman reached into the victim's purse and removed an envelope containing about $300.

Humanity at its finest

341gerbig55 karma

By all means lol, im feeling overwhelmed. Message me for location.

decentlyconfused712 karma

how long does it typically take for security to respond to an incident in a casino?

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In my casino, everything is within a 120 second running distance, not including the parking lot.

If certain codes are called, we are supposed to full out run to the area in the call. Usually multiple guards are at the area within 10 seconds.

4L33T414 karma

Any chance that there would be areas lacking in guards when they are called to move to an area like that?

341gerbig602 karma

Sometimes guards group up and talks or get called away on calls, so yea, some areas are without guards for short periods of time.

But were just a radio call away

XZIVR332 karma

What sort of issue would call for a full out running response?

341gerbig641 karma

Fights, fires, medical emergencies.

faceerase254 karma

Theft? Someone stealing all the black chips at a table?

341gerbig353 karma

yes, that as well

hugs_and_drugs178 karma


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EMT or just First Responder/First Aid?

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First Responders

mskarD2711 karma

I was a local (Seattle area) pit boss for 8 years. But, the worst thing that ever happened to me as a customer was in Vegas on vacation. I was playing blackjack at the Tropicana. I was dressed in black pants and a black based flowered Hawaiian shirt. I was asked to step away from the table by two very respectful, but obviously wary, security guys. I had no clue what I had done wrong. Turned out I was wearing a nearly identical "uniform" to their housekeeping staff and they thought I was playing on a break! haha

341gerbig255 karma

Lol, yea, they are quick.

randomburner23704 karma

I play poker 2 or 3 times a week at a casino. I've heard horror stories of people being followed to their cars after cashing out big stacks of chips from other players, and it's always something that's in the back of my mind when I leave the casino.

What are things to look out for when leaving the casino with a lot of cash that people might not think about?

341gerbig1581 karma

Guys watching you from in between machines. Or following you from 20-40 feet back. Or you find yourself running into the same people over and over.

But seriously, get security to walk you out, were most likely bored and could use something to do anyway.

moosemoomintoog816 karma

I'm glad you mentioned that security is available to escort people out. But I can't remember ever self-parking in Vegas.

341gerbig573 karma

Yea, good point, out casino doesn't even have valet

hot__hands126 karma

Is this a tippable situation, and if so how much?

341gerbig304 karma

At some casinos yes, at most, no. 1% of winnings seems to be the norm.

Win 30k? Tip $300.

At my casino anyhow.

deathbypapercuts664 karma

So, I'm going to assume you've watched the movie Oceans 11 (and sequels), what do you think of the depictions of casino security and the technology? Is it at all accurate? Or do they take huge liberties in the name of the plotline and cinema?

Also, all that CCTV footage of every single square inch of the casino floor and hotel must take up a lot of memory... How long do you hold onto it?

Thanks in advance! :D

341gerbig1079 karma

Its actually displayed as less advanced then it actually is, each camera we have costs $13k, it can zoom in to read a drivers license from hundreds of feet away

And memory? I have been in the main IT room before, the memory tower is about 6 feet tall, and 1.5 feet wide on all 4 sides. Looks like a computer tower but way bigger.

341gerbig170 karma

Its actually displayed as less advanced then it actually is, each camera we have costs $13k, it can zoom in to read a drivers license from hundreds of feet away

thrwy_dumbass11551 karma

i once got into a fight at a las vegas casino over a guy who tried to rob me. After the cops came, I was let go because "the other guy didnt want to press charges". Before the cops left I was advised by the hotel that I was banned from the property and then issued a trespass warning by the police before i had by picture taken by some cool looking 3d camera, and then unceremoniously shoved out a back door into the 7am vegas daybreak with no sunglasses and told "good luck, your friends can collect your stuff from your room" My question is (and i think i know the answer)... are these bans for life?

341gerbig514 karma

For first time offences, not usually, they usually start if with a 3 month ban and move up from there, with lifetime bans occurring about 4 steps down the line.

kvietkus518 karma

Do you have any part of looking out for people counting cards or trying to swing the betting? If so, how do you catch them and what do you do?

341gerbig776 karma

Dealers and pit bosses have more training in that than I do, but i still receive some. So i hang around tables for a bit seeing if i can see the patterns. I also try and track people who throw down a lot of money in a short amount of time, money laundering etc.

whitty1001490 karma

Do you know what the most a dealer has been tipped where you have worked?

341gerbig1135 karma

Person got suited triple 7s on blackjack table, won 50k, gave the dealer 5k

Joshyyboyy440 karma

Do you get perks that come with a job at the casino?

341gerbig1086 karma

Perks? Hurm... I get to see the shows for free if im working during them, get to meet some D-list celebs. Working security, im not expected to be nice and cheery all dat. Thats always nice.

RaineOtaku399 karma

How'd you get the job? any intense training involved???

341gerbig611 karma

Had some self defence/anti-gun/knife training, same thing police get. Other than that, criminal record check and 3 separate interviews.

elapid242 karma

Out of interest how big are you?

Been thinking of getting into security. I'm 6'3" and just under 250lbs but not fat except a slight belly but always feel small next to other security guys. I suppose that is just psychological on my part.

341gerbig488 karma

Im fat bro, 5 '10, 270 lbs. I carry it well though, so I look formidable at least. I think you would do fine.

RabbleRabble24369 karma

Ever catch anyone having sex in public?

341gerbig694 karma

In their cars outside the casino, yes.

deo132353 karma

How many times do people try to cheat and get caught?

341gerbig514 karma

Ive been working at the same place for about 6 months, ive personally witnessed around a dozen people get busted in my 40/hour a week window.

Sometimes its hard to prove, but we usually catch them pretty quicky, as surveillance, security, and the dealers all have specific training

Sheldon_couper331 karma

Have you fallen asleep?

341gerbig679 karma

Once, on a grave shift, for 5 mins. Didnt get caught!

henry82329 karma

How often do you administer beatings "out the back"?

How do you tell the difference between a genuine lucky streak and card counters? (assuming card counting works)

341gerbig500 karma

Never, im 99% sure thats a pure hollywood thing.

Card counting works, and there is a very specific pattern of betting that occurs, we watch them for a couple hours , sometimes over multiple days to make sure the pattern is consistent and nit just luck.

341gerbig53 karma

Never, im 99% sure thats a pure hollywood thing.

tazzy100313 karma

Ever meet the owners? How are they?

341gerbig765 karma

They are nice people, in appearance, but being so filthy rich makes them disconnected from their 30K a year employees.

Crash665302 karma

Ever broken anyone's hands with a hammer or taken some to the desert and made them dig their own grave?

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YogiBarelyThere265 karma

Somebody is crying at a slot machine. You approach them and they say "I lost spent my last $100 dollars and now I can't afford groceries or rent."

What do you do?

341gerbig1636 karma

Tell them they are an adult and should have made better decisions with their money

spazzvogel263 karma

Let's say I just left the casino with a few grand of winnings and I get mugged on my way to the parking lot or in the parking lot. Would the casino security assist me, beat down the perp, return the money, or is it in the police hands at that point? Where is that particular line drawn?

341gerbig369 karma

We would do everything in our power to apprehend the perp, but if he gets away, its the police

tazzy100248 karma

whats the most youve seen heard of someone losing over one night?

341gerbig436 karma

Roulette, around $50k. Thats the most ive witnessed

Dirt_McGirt_181 karma

You must work in Oklahoma. In Philly, I watched a guy lose $50k in two shoes of blackjack. In Vegas people lose far more than that.

341gerbig453 karma

Nope, worse, Canada

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341gerbig56 karma

Tribal, lol, yea, a lot of shit related stuff on my end as well.

People eating it, throwing it, rubbing it on things, all kinds of fucked up stuff.... why is this a thing?

Impronoucabl172 karma

Have you seen any ocean's 11-esque stuff happening?

341gerbig282 karma

Not anywhere close, a few people counting cards is the closest ive gotten

MeltFaceNotButter165 karma

Slots.. I've always wondered can they really be 'tightened' on the weekends or during certain hours? I've heard people say slots are 'tight' in casinos but 'loose' on cruise ships. I know you're security but maybe you know- is this a thing?

341gerbig286 karma

Its a myth, the programming is set by the programmer where the machines are built, the casinos have no way to "tighten" or "loosen" the machines.

They run off a random number generator that is highly illegal to tamper with.

jbutler2080227 karma

Its a myth, the programming is set by the programmer where the machines are built, the casinos have no way to "tighten" or "loosen" the machines.

They run off a random number generator that is highly illegal to tamper with.

This is largely inaccurate. Although gaming devices are programmed by the manufacturers, the games are most often given a range of holds that can be chosen by the casino operators, and changed without the need for changing out EPROMS. However holds have a regulated range for legal operation set forth by whichever gaming authority you are under.

341gerbig200 karma

Hurm, seems the IT guys have mislead me

TheBrokenSwagger451 karma

Your IT guys wouldn't know anything about how the slots are set up. Talk to your slot technicians, or more specifically, the slot tech manager (not even the slot attendants or slot operations managers would know).

Whilst you're correct that the random number generator is a highly random as possible - it still must fall within the required +/- range that the slot machine is set up to, called a PAR percentage. You really can't tamper with an RNG though - shufflers have them on their boards, and slots have them built into the software. SHA1 codes, scrutinized by a gaming agent would reveal if the software has been tampered with.

Slots don't get 'tightened' on the weekend or certain hours at all - once they are set up for a bank/section, they usually remain that way, at that percentage, until the slot projects crew comes in to change their location (usually dictated by management who feels the slots could improve performance) or change their themes/cabinet manufacturer.

For example, if I feel that 'Enchanted Princess' isn't meeting the house average of $400 coin in a day, but all of my 'Stinkin Rich' are over averaging $600 a day, I may convert six machines of 'Enchanted Princess' to 'Stinkin Rich' (IGT themes FYI). I may also find that 'Stinkin Rich' was set at a higher PAR percentage of 10% hold, 90% payback, as opposed to 'Enchanted Princess' which was set to 12% hold, 88% payback. As a manager, I will make the decision to change hold percentage or themes based on customer feedback (in the form of numbers acquired through the back of house - player tracking system).

HOWEVER, a trend I see is that the casino tends to change denoms and percentages during different parts of the season. For example, a local casino sees their numbers in attendance increase during the summer. They convert/option most of their games from 1 cent denom to 2 cents, and adjust their holds from 10% to 14%. Anything they can do to get the people's money, but, this is all summer long and can't easily be changed with a flip of the switch on the weekend or at 10PM at night.

Lastly, IGT and WMS have both been promoting their server based gaming machines that are essentially slot machines that can be converted in seconds by the player. Whilst the hold percentages cannot be changed on the fly, switching themes such as 'Enchanted Princess' to 'Stinkin Rich' will change the PAR percentage of said game. The entire point of server based gaming is so you can choose your 'favorite' game anywhere in the casino.

Source: Former slot tech manager

341gerbig171 karma

Thank god you're here man. I had no clue how to answer those questions lol.

TheBrokenSwagger39 karma

LOL no worries ... I was just at my old property a couple days ago (I am a slot machine vendor tech now) and two former security guys are now slot techs. A barback and a shipping receiving guy both are also on the slot projects team. So maybe one day you'll get there if it appeals to you!

341gerbig23 karma

Totally, I would have to start at the bottom as part time again, but im looking for a way into either live games or slots.

JonDTilmon150 karma

what are the vault codes? u know, for educational purposes.

341gerbig519 karma

The password is password

fbifriday29 karma

I'm a security guard, just a contracted one that goes to multiple sites, and one of our sites seriously has an alarm code of 1234.

341gerbig56 karma

Fuck, Fort Knox up in there...

alittlemoremusiciany145 karma

I work for one of the most successful casinos on the east coast as a valet. You guys wear these giant red jackets so we (valets) call you guys the red coats. We generally objectify all other departments though, because we are separated outside, ourselves. How do you guys feel about the other departments?

341gerbig296 karma

We wear black blazers.

Food and beverage people are drama factories, slot people are prudes, matience people are generally pretty chill, and security people sleep around and are chill.

Those are the general stereotypes

adeadfetus136 karma

What things to do you look for that tip you off that people might be cheating?

341gerbig180 karma

I cant tell you specifics, but specific betting patterns, also any attempt to alter or mark cards/chips

corntastic122 karma

What rules are there about denying guests entry to the casino? Of course probably loud and overly-rambunctious people are probably denied, but what about chronic gamblers, similar to how a bar will kick out drunk people?

341gerbig236 karma

We kick out people who are intoxicated, high, underage, or have been previously banned.

We do keep an eye out for habitual gamblers and offer them some help, but its not strongly enforced.

fedecheese121 karma

What weapons are you carrying at all times? What's the worst way you be had to use your weapons?

341gerbig228 karma

Handcuffs and a radio, thats all.

I used handcuffs a handful of times. But i usually just use take downs, pressure points, and holds to subdue people

asylum32104 karma

I am a professional card counter/advantage player. Often if I feel my action is getting heat I keep an eye out for security guards standing directly behind me. When that happens I cash out immediately and leave to avoid barring. Is this necessary or if surveillance considers me a threat would they just have you give me the tap on the shoulder instead of lurking behind me?

341gerbig95 karma

They dont approach unless absolutely sure, and security only watches until they have a hunch you are cheating, then they call surveillance and walk away, then the cameras eye is on you until you leave.

asylum3244 karma

Thanks for the fast response. One more question if you don't mind- I have the right to refuse to produce my identification to surveillance or security but you have the right to escort me out... However you have the right to check my ID for legal gambling age purposes. If suspected of advantage play do they instruct security to check patrons' ID under the guise of age verification in order to have security relay to surveillance the patrons name so they can search their database of advantage players? I believe I have experienced this.

341gerbig57 karma

We will ask questions under the guise of a underlying motive, yes.

And yes, we want you out of the casino if you are advantage playing, so it is win win for us, you dont show ID, we kick you out, you dont show ID, we have your name, then kick you out.

Be reminded, you are still in the database as "unknown" if you dont produce ID, with pictures and video showing what you look like

asylum3222 karma

Thanks for the info. Any really unusual characteristics they teach you to look for when identifying advantage players?

341gerbig29 karma

At my level of training, defensive body language when i get close, and them generally looking nervous/paranoid

Reasonable_Roger94 karma

Ok, so someone walks past you and smells very strongly like weed. What are you trained to do? What do you actually do?

Now scenario two. You have to talk to someone because they're a little drunk and out of control in the poker room or at the craps table or in the bar. You start calming them down and having a chat with them. You realize that they smell really strongly like weed. What are you trained to do? What do you actually do?

341gerbig163 karma

I call surveillance, they roll the cameras back to see if you did MJ on site (in your car etc), if you did, we serve you a year long ban card.

If you didn't, surveillance would watch you until you leave the premises, and if they seen you use or sell the drug, we would approach.

I do what i am trained to, im that guy.

flargenhargen56 karma

ever worry about lung cancer?

I was at a casino last weekend, and the guards looked bored as fuck, how do you stay awake?

341gerbig89 karma

All the time, doctor says i may as well be smoking with all the smoke i inhale

On slow days? Just stay on your feet and keep walking, or go through the log program and memorize faces of banned people

Nairneves53 karma

Worst reaction of someone losing their money?

341gerbig147 karma

Punching a machine and breaking a $3200.00 touch screen monitor

downbytheseaside27 karma

oceans eleven, possible?

341gerbig53 karma

Eh, not really, that movie was based off of really old casinos, the new ones have better security measures

KungFuHamster4 karma

Could you describe the parts of the security system? I don't want really specific details, but I'm writing a novel based in Vegas and I could use a lot of behind the scenes info that would make it more believable and genuine.

How many cameras approx, Casino square footage, how many people at any given time on the floor, how many watching cameras, how big the computer area(s) is/are, size of the vault, etc.

Also, how much do you cooperate with LEO? Do you share your video in realtime, do you ever get BOLOs for suspects, etc.?

341gerbig9 karma

845 cameras, 85,000 square feet, casino can fit around 2000 people in it comfortably

bearlegion-1 karma

Ever put someone's head in a vice and made his fuckin' eye pop out?

Edit: missed a word derp

341gerbig5 karma

Nope, they wont let me.

labadee-3 karma

can you actually take someone down to the basement and beat the bejesus out of them (like in the movie 21) without getting in trouble?

341gerbig3 karma

Hell no. In vegas mebey, but not here (I also live in canada).

JoeDurp-5 karma

Michael Anthony?

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col4bin-8 karma


341gerbig20 karma

Im 8 hours into a grave shift, gimme a break

sinisterblood-8 karma

Tell me how to rob a casino.

Tell me!!

341gerbig1 karma

Nice try