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I'm a security guard, just a contracted one that goes to multiple sites, and one of our sites seriously has an alarm code of 1234.

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What do you think about the slight cooling of relations between Iran and the US, and what do you think it could mean for the US/Israeli alliance if Iran and the US were to expand their relations?

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Or they sing in the best fucking episode ever

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I was asking more about the game itself, but thanks for the insight into the competitiveness of your job. I didn't realize there were that many people who actually wanted to get balls thrown at their face and verbally abused for a living, lol.

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Not OP, but I bet I can take a pretty good stab at this one.

Not treating a gun like its loaded, at all times. Mechanical failures, while they do happen, are few and far between. Most "accidents" are idiots mishandling a firearm that they think is unloaded when, in fact, there's either one in the chamber, or possibly still a whole mag in. They then shoot themselves or other people, and overall, make responsible gun owners look stupid