I'm no Ken Jennings or Arthur Chu, but I did win the other day. I posted a picture of me celebrating the other day and got a few AMA requests, so here I am. Here's me sitting on my couch as proof.

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gonefullpotato1027 karma

Shouldn't it be answer me anything?

MiloMuggins676 karma

I wish I'd thought of that!

NoYodaitisnot922 karma

Were you tempted to write "Suck it Trebek" for your answer on Final Jeopardy?

MiloMuggins982 karma

Yeah, especially on the episode I lost on when I had no answer for Final Jeopardy.

imgonnacallyouretard267 karma

Aren't you not supposed to divulge facts about shows that haven't aired yet?

MiloMuggins353 karma

Yeah, I'm not really giving anything important away though.

dupontcircle279 karma

The fact that the current champion has already taped his loss isn't important?

MiloMuggins761 karma

Everyone loses on Jeopardy

gg_cancer502 karma

Nothing is certain but Death and Jeopardy losses.

MiloMuggins258 karma

I like it.

rubbernub8 karma

Not if you're Brad Rutter!

MiloMuggins27 karma

Watson says otherwise.

NoForReally832 karma

Not a question, but... I've been taking care of my 71 year old mother after a recent surgery. As we watched your episode, she said "30 years of Jeopardy and they finally have a handsome contestant." We continued throughout the show to comment on your handsomeness. She even defended your Magic Johnson answer, "I'm sure he's very nervous and hockey and basketball do use similar phrases."

So, you've definitely made my Mom a fan! Thanks for what I'm sure improved her recovery! :)

MiloMuggins743 karma

Tell your mom I hope she gets well soon, and she kinda made my night with her compliment.

monicalewinsky4prez484 karma

do you wish trebek still had a mustache?

MiloMuggins1830 karma

He does, he just wears a small strip of flesh-colored latex over it during filming.

Francis_Marion419 karma

How do they choose what little story the contestants tell after the first commercial? They are painfully cheesy or lame most of the time.

MiloMuggins534 karma

Before you go to the show, you have to fill out this big packet of info on yourself, including giving them a bunch of stories/anecdotes. Then they pick three to make questions out of, and Alex selects the one he wants to ask.

JeremyR22206 karma

Do they attempt to verify or at least sanity-check the anecdotes? I can imagine that at least some of the stories are utter bullshit made up by contestants who couldn't think what to write as their witty stories.

Makes me wonder what the most outrageous story to slip through the net and make it onto TV has been...

MiloMuggins255 karma

As far as I know, they don't verify anything.

reptomin336 karma


MiloMuggins453 karma

A grower, not a shower, I hope.

OlderThanGif342 karma

I remember Ken Jennings said there are an awful lot of inconvenient rules you have to follow because of the fall-out from the crooked game shows era. Like a contestant back stage isn't even allowed to disappear for a few minutes alone to go to the bathroom, or something like that. Were there any of these annoying rules about making sure no one was up to anything shady?

MiloMuggins381 karma

No, you definitely can't go anywhere unattended while you're a contestant. But I never thought they were especially strict or anything.

FartPoopRobot_PhD320 karma

Is it still a questionable fruit tray that no one touches and bagels with no utensils in the green room?

MiloMuggins307 karma

Pretty much! Everyone's too nervous to eat! When were you on?

FartPoopRobot_PhD340 karma

I was on with Arthur Chu. So... very briefly.

I've got this last week's episodes queued up for later. Can't wait to see your show! And congratulations!

MiloMuggins203 karma

What was he like in the green room?

FartPoopRobot_PhD334 karma

Very nice, and just as nervous as the rest of us. He got in a little later the rest of us, and pretty much sneaked past everyone to sit in the side of the room, sometimes pacing. Most of us didn't even notice him until Maggie introduced him.

Between tapings, and during the credits filler portion, though, he was very friendly and eager to talk about his recent move and voiceover and performance work. Very affable and funny. And so nervous he was sweating through every outfit by the end of the taping, just like all of us.

It was surprising, but amusing, to see him portrayed as a "villain" in the press. For those of us who played against him, it was certainly surprising, but instead of being bitter, we just went back to the Doubletree and got hammered at the hotel bar and laughed it off. All of us from that week, including Arthur, are pals on Facebook and keep in touch, still. It was definitely a bonding experience and we all got to be part of a cool piece of Jeopardy! history.

MiloMuggins167 karma

Y'know, sorry you didn't get to experience a win, but it's still very cool you made it on the show and lost to such a memorable contestant.

lilyandthefire254 karma

How did you prepare for your appearance on Jeopardy?

MiloMuggins499 karma

I studied some geography and brushed up on the presidents. That was about it.

Super_King85250 karma

Did you interact with Alex Trebeck at all? Is he as zany as he comes off on TV?

MiloMuggins594 karma

Yes, a little bit. He's a bit brusque actually, but he's funny. He takes audience questions during commercials, here was one exchange:

Audience member: "Do you sign autographs?"

Alex: "No! Next question!"

dailymess241 karma

I heard they film only 2 days a week. Did watching the person win before you psych you out at all?

MiloMuggins369 karma

That's true, they film five episodes Monday, and five Tuesday, then take a two week break. Nice gig! And no, I wasn't psyched out, mostly because no one in my group won more than one game.

lm_hg213188 karma

Do you bring multiple changes of clothing in case you win multiple times and then change in between tapings?

MiloMuggins381 karma

Yep, exactly. They have a small closet with some clothes that past contestants have left behind, I guess Ken Jennings had to dip into that stash when he was on.

atbethke147 karma

So if you win do you go grab another outfit backstage for the next episode or do they have that there for you?

MiloMuggins470 karma

They tell you to bring at least 3 outfits.

oatseatinggoats225 karma

Is it true that if you say Alex Trebek's name backwards he will be sent back to the Fifth Dimension?

MiloMuggins454 karma

It is, the producers strongly advised against it.

Clearly_Unimpressed216 karma

This pain reliever has the strength to handle arthritis pain all day with just 2 pills.

MiloMuggins205 karma

What is Aleve!

ChrisFartwick194 karma

What was the process for you to actually get onto the show?

MiloMuggins331 karma

  1. Online test in October of 2012

  2. Called down for an audition in NYC in May of 2013 (another test, harder this time, then a short little game and question/answer session with the producers)

  3. Producer called me in early November to invite me to film a month later.

pedantic_dimwit140 karma

What percentage of the online test questions did you feel you got correct?

MiloMuggins289 karma

I got four out of fifty wrong. I kept track.

ObliqueAwareness626 karma

I just took the online test a few weeks ago.. four out of fifty correct

MiloMuggins404 karma

Keep at it, slugger!

Flope97 karma

As someone who is currently enrolled in an online college course, couldn't you just google the answers?

MiloMuggins186 karma

You only have about ten seconds to answer each question.

Flope127 karma

Damn, good thing my professors haven't thought of this yet. Were they all multiple choice?

MiloMuggins198 karma

No way, they're all fill in the blank.

MiloMuggins116 karma

You only have about ten seconds to answer each question. Even then, you'd fail your in person test.

Flope73 karma

Are you supposed to answer the same question twice?

MiloMuggins69 karma

No. The online test is timed, but then when you go to audition you have to take another (harder) test in person. Can't cheat that one.

speak2742 karma

What kind of questions were asked? How do they compare to actual Jeopardy questions? Can you provide any specific examples?

MiloMuggins64 karma

Sorry, I took the test over a year ago, I don't remember the specific questions. They covered a wide range of topics.

MiloMuggins7 karma

I got four out of fifty wrong.

detectivemonk176 karma

What are the best and worst possible question categories for you?

MiloMuggins617 karma

Sports, nature/animals, movies and tv, stuff like that. Ironically, I gave a terrible answer to a sports question (answer) when I didn't pay attention to the fact that the question was about the NHL. I answered Magic Johnson. I've gotten a lot of shit from friends for that one...

JChad6547 karma

holy shit, that was you!?!? I had the TV on while I was studying MedChem and I remember hearing something about NHL and you answered Magic Johnson and I said, "What a dumbass."

I just want to apologize for my name calling.

MiloMuggins471 karma

You were justified in saying that.

HonorConnor82 karma

What was the NHL question? I enjoy anything about hockey.

MiloMuggins428 karma

"100+ assists in an NHL season has been accomplished only 13 times, 11 times by this player."

I totally missed the NHL part and focused on the assists. Just a terribly embarrassing answer all around.

My face when I realized my mistake.

fetusy209 karma

That face is priceless. Insta-regret.

MiloMuggins262 karma

You can see me mouth the word "shit!"

milkshakeiu155 karma

Did you buy that jeopardy t-shirt or did they give it to you?

MiloMuggins238 karma

Friend of mine gave it to me for Christmas. They gave me a tote bag, baseball cap, and a pen that looks like the signaling device.

Jabbawookiee79 karma

MiloMuggins375 karma

Frajer123 karma

What was the best and worst part about doing Jeopardy?

MiloMuggins235 karma

Best was winning, it was a goal/dream of mine since I was a child. Worst was how unbelievably nervous I was the entire day of filming, waiting for my name to be drawn at random.

bstampl183 karma

Would you elaborate? Does the random drawing imply that you might not actually get to be a contestant even though they called you in to the studio?

MiloMuggins162 karma

Well it filmed over two days, and I wasn't selected until the last episode of the first day. So I had no idea when I'd go. Contestants are chosen randomly, but if you've traveled to get there they'll get you in. They have local contestants that fill in the late episodes.

I_Tread_Lightly107 karma

How the hell did you guess that word with just two lett...

Oh, nvm

MiloMuggins199 karma

New baby buggy, it was easy!

thebobstu86 karma

You and Watson in a Jeopardy Death Match, how do you win?

MiloMuggins541 karma

By unplugging Watson.

Drekkkk74 karma

If you had the option to, would you participate again?

Also, how long was it between you being filmed and the show appearing?

MiloMuggins172 karma

I am officially ineligible for Jeopardy from now on. I'd love to play again though.

Wicked8173 karma

You are sexy as hell!!

MiloMuggins124 karma

I'll upvote that any day.

moricat70 karma

In your opinion, how accessible would Jeopardy be to someone that's hard of hearing / deaf? I'd personally love to go on Jeopardy but I'm so worried that being hard of hearing would screw me up somehow.

MiloMuggins139 karma

It would absolutely be accessible to you, and I highly encourage you to try out. All the clues are shown on a flat screen tv next to the big board (I don't even listen to Alex, I read it and form my answer), and your podium lights up when you've rung in first. You would be at no disadvantage. They had a blind contestant do very well, and frankly I think the producers would be excited to get you on.

Hedonopoly38 karma

I actually just watched the blind guy today, they are showing old champions on crackle.com. He did extraordinarily well, which impressed me more because he'd have to wait to hear the full question read by Alex, while the other contestants would get to read it first.

MiloMuggins36 karma

They eliminated audio clues for his shows, other than that, he had to do it himself.

legoracer65 karma

Does the audience really applause the entire time you're standing on stage with the other contestants and Mr. Trebek at the end of the game?

MiloMuggins112 karma

Yup, no canned applause at all.

legoracer61 karma

That's so strange to me. Is there an Applause sign or something, or do they just really appreciate the battle of minds that had taken place?

MiloMuggins153 karma

Applause sign, and producers waving their arms.

permacurious49 karma

Were you given any idea of what the questions (answers) might be drawn from, or can they be just about anything?

MiloMuggins70 karma

No idea whatsoever beforehand about the questions, they can ask you about any subject.

Cole779944 karma


MiloMuggins48 karma

Good eye!

BakerofHumanPies41 karma

If you're so smart, please tell me where the hell I put my favorite socks!

MiloMuggins172 karma

You put them on your feet!

tj0640 karma

My sister and I are HUGE Jeopardy fans. We never miss an episode, ever.

My question is, out of all the Clue Crew, Jimmy, Sarah, and Kelly, who would you want to be stuck on an island with?

MiloMuggins58 karma

Kelly, most def...

pinkelephants51230 karma

do you think time is linear or cyclical?

MiloMuggins214 karma

Time is a flat circle.

fetusy27 karma

Congratulations. Any big plans for your winnings?

MiloMuggins245 karma

So. Much. Blow.

Skeeders27 karma

What do you do on your downtime this weekend between filmings, do you have a care-taker or babysitter? Do they pay for your stay in Cali or flights? How much money have you spent since you walked out the door of your house? (I am assuming you are not from the city it is filmed in)

MiloMuggins71 karma

They film ten episodes on Mondays & Tuesdays, every other week. I haven't spent any money, they haven't given me it yet. I guess you get it around six months after your air date. Contestants pay for their own hotel/airfare, with the exception of the returning champ, they get a free plane ticket.

DucksGoQuackQuack50 karma

So you could be a contestant and lose money by being on the show? That's total BS.

MiloMuggins82 karma

Third place gets a thousand dollars. But yes, you could certainly lose money between airfare and hotel.

pzak9347 karma

When I was on Jeopardy Kids Week they paid for my airfare, both of my parent's airfare, a car rental, and our three day hotel stay at the Beverley Hilton. Plus a $500 stipend. Can't believe they don't do this anymore!

MiloMuggins61 karma

They do for those special tournaments. I was on plain ol' Jeopardy though.

TrebeksUpperLIp23 karma

Congrats! Is Maggie still doing contestant wrangling? She's super awesome.

MiloMuggins35 karma

She is, and she's still awesome. She remembered my name about eight months after audition, I was impressed.

-JI22 karma

Without looking it up, where is the Kandahar province located?

MiloMuggins50 karma

Afghanistan? Swear I didn't look it up!

germervalice8822 karma

If someone screws up (accidentally swears, falls, yells, sneezes, etc.) do they have to redo the scene? Do they cut out the whole segment? Did they tell you what would happen in a scenario like this?

MiloMuggins45 karma

It didn't happen when I was there, so I don't know what would happen. They do a fair amount of editing though. I gave an answer on a daily double that they stopped to research if it was right or not (it wasn't, I said "Islamic Brotherhood" instead of Muslim Brotherhood) for a good ten minuteS, and in the show it looked like they never stopped. He also re-records various sound bites during commercial breaks.

IshallReadtoYou22 karma

Was the curly haired contestant pretty? Congrats on the Win

MiloMuggins45 karma

Well you saw her, didn't you? She was cute.

IshallReadtoYou14 karma

But you saw her in real life. :) do they serve drinks after a victory backstage? Thks

MiloMuggins19 karma

They have free beverages and fruit and pastry platters for contestants.

rhineauto21 karma

Do they allow you to drink before the taping? I'm assuming not, but drunk Jeopardy could be kinda funny.

MiloMuggins28 karma

Taping starts at 8am, but they never mentioned drinking. I'm sure you could get away with a couple pulls.

_Brock_Landers_21 karma

What are some of your favorite movies?

MiloMuggins53 karma

The Fugitive, Big Lebowski, Godfather II, Jaws, Empire Strikes Back, A Few Good Men to name a few. Wolf Of Wall Street was my favorite movie from last year.

dupontcircle21 karma


MiloMuggins31 karma


mill182418 karma

Do we really have to wait until friday to ask you anything?

MiloMuggins23 karma

Clever. Obviously no one else listened.

TryNstopME02418 karma

Well what's next for you? Are you gonna try and get on another quiz show?

MiloMuggins37 karma

Nah, can't top Jeopardy, so why bother?

winterradio12 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA. I imagined you "cracked" a joke about Alex explaining the producer's intention of the Safe Words category.

Ms. Levinson looked like a dirty dog.

Fist pump.

MiloMuggins20 karma

I thought she looked like a cuter version of Blossom. As for that safe words category, I won't lie, I didn't even understand the category until the last question, and didn't put together the double entendre until I saw the episode.

BabiesOnQuack9 karma

What did you have for breakfast today?

MiloMuggins29 karma

Ham, egg, and potato taco.

Spirit_of_Cocaine9 karma

What's the best way to get on Jeopardy and win the big bucks?

MiloMuggins92 karma

Knowing all the answers is a good start.

leontes8 karma

As a Winn, how good a game is jeopardy from a mechanics perspective do you reckon? Would you change any rules to make it more interesting or fun?

MiloMuggins30 karma

I wouldn't change anything, I'd love to see Alex play though.

ndabvida3 karma

What do you do for a living?

MiloMuggins12 karma

I'm an aircraft mechanic for the US Coast Guard.

hakuna0matata3 karma

Which category would you absolutely own? Where is your area of expertise?

MiloMuggins7 karma

Probably animals, sports, or movies.

micmea12 karma

we need a /u/MiloMuggins vs /u/unidan animal jeopardy face off.

MiloMuggins2 karma

I'd love to! I'd lose, but I'd love the challenge nonetheless.

chakiejan3 karma

It says ask me ANYTHING, so hey, what is your best solution for dry skin?

MiloMuggins11 karma


Pokevenger3 karma

Do you think you would've stood a chance against Arthur?

MiloMuggins5 karma

Yes, I would've loved to take a crack at him.

iampoopface3 karma

so how good are you at trivial pursuit?

MiloMuggins6 karma

Trivial Pursuit, pub trivia, things like that, I rarely lose.

Chingchongchangaman3 karma

Would you say jeopardy is your favorite game show?

MiloMuggins14 karma

By a mile. Been a big fan since I was a kid.

jnovak962 karma

What made you want to go on jeopardy? Does everyone say that kind of thing about you?

MiloMuggins4 karma

I've been a fan since I was a kid, watching was/is a weekday ritual in my house. Even as a kid I was pretty good at playing.

Whammo_FTW2 karma

When/how do you get paid?

MiloMuggins2 karma

Apparently six months after air date. I'm assuming it'll be a check.

Defaultation2 karma

So which charity are you going to be donating to?

MiloMuggins4 karma

The Human Fund

Omnompie2 karma

Were you so happy that when you got home you just fuckin flipped a table over?

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

MiloMuggins18 karma

I went out for some amazing ramen noodles, then got slightly drunk. I was on cloud nine.

SugarBear4Real2 karma

Do you have a backup game show that you would have liked to appear on if Jeopardy didn't accept your application?

MiloMuggins4 karma

No, it's not so much that I wanted to be on a game show, or tv. I wanted to be on Jeopardy. It's my personal Super Bowl.

anicek1 karma

I've always wondered; do they let you know what topics to brush up on? Apologies if this is a repeat question, I scanned through and couldn't find.

MiloMuggins2 karma

They tell you nothing, and they can ask about any subject.

yincrash1 karma

Can I really do anything if I put my mind to it?

MiloMuggins12 karma


Henryradio981 karma

Do you study before the show and do you take some type of exam to make sure your smart enough?

MiloMuggins3 karma

Yes, an online exam, followed by another harder exam when you do your audition. I studied a bit of geography and presidential history, that's about it.

rUcKuS8581 karma

I've heard that anyone on a game show must wait ten years to be on another game show. How is jeopardy any different from this? I've seen people on a winning sprees and sometimes again during special even such as battle of the centuries. Why does jeopardy not go by the rules?

MiloMuggins3 karma

Jeopardy requires you to not appear on any other shows for six months. Not sure why.

TehNinjaMonkey0 karma

How many things do you know?

MiloMuggins8 karma

This many |_____________________|