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In your opinion, how accessible would Jeopardy be to someone that's hard of hearing / deaf? I'd personally love to go on Jeopardy but I'm so worried that being hard of hearing would screw me up somehow.

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So, uh, how's your feet doing these days?

Also, which of those Spark "projects" you did was your favorite?

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This may be an unpleasant question, so I apologize in advance. Does the idea of losing your hearing, a sense you now strongly rely upon, fill you with dread?

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Your tunes from MC Kids have been stuck in my head for the last 22 years. Should I seek professional help now, or give it a few more years?

Also, what are your favorite video game themes to accompany the following real life actions:

1) Driving a car

2) Walking around/exploring

3) Chilling at home

4) Fighting a giant enemy crab

5) Sexy time

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Interesting, and a valid point. Thanks for sharing.