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Not a question, but... I've been taking care of my 71 year old mother after a recent surgery. As we watched your episode, she said "30 years of Jeopardy and they finally have a handsome contestant." We continued throughout the show to comment on your handsomeness. She even defended your Magic Johnson answer, "I'm sure he's very nervous and hockey and basketball do use similar phrases."

So, you've definitely made my Mom a fan! Thanks for what I'm sure improved her recovery! :)

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Would you describe for us a typical day at a concentration camp?

Other than your brother, were any members of your family at the same camp?

What were the attitudes of the prisoners in general; did they seem only to lookout for themselves or was there a sense of community? Can you recall any stories to demonstrate one or the other?

Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA.

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First, I'm a huge fan of Catfish! You and Nev handle each week's catfish couple with such respect. It seems a lot of times the catfish has some issue with their sexuality, their appearance or even their gender... I love that you always find a way to help them realize that they deserve a relationship in which they don't need to lie to start and maintain it, you are both great at understanding human nature. On the flip side, I love when catfish lack any type of remorse for hurting someone else and you lay into them! You're just, awesome!

Have there been any catfish stories or any incidents that have been too wild to make it onto the show? Do any catfish victims stick out to you, any that you really sympathized with?

I'm excited to see "We are Your Friends", I'll definitely be out to see it! Congratulations on your success and thanks for doing this AMA!

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Hi! First off, I love Voyager! Whenever I watch an episode, it feels like home.

Currently, I'm taking care of my elderly mother who had surgery recently... we've been Marathon watching Murder, She Wrote and surprise, surprise... Freakin' Robert Beltran!

Thank you for making that series a bit more awesome! So my question is: What was it like working with Angela Lansbury?

Any good Lone Wolf McQuade stories?!