This got bigger than I expected! Sitting here getting ready for bed in a few. Will answer a few more for you guys!

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start_eating_trash790 karma

Hey Jake, when you're having a wild sex party in front of your wall of championship belts do you ever take a moment to laugh at all the nerds who talk shit about you online? I would. Anyway I hope you choke that asshole Lombard unconscious. He broke the ribs of a guy I train with because he spars too hard due to his micropenis. Good luck bro.

JakeShieldsUFC689 karma

Everyone I hear from says he is an asshole to train with. As far as the sex parties go I wouldn't know because professional athletes never have wild sex parties like you describe :)

DrunkMikeGoldberg364 karma

I thought I should highlight a few of Jake Shields' credentials as an MMA fighter since he didn't.

*Defeated Yushin Okami and Carlos Condit in the same night on April 21st 2006.

*IGJJF submission grappling win over Jon Fitch by RNC in 2007.

*1st round win by guillotine choke over Robbie Lawler in 2009.

*Won a hard fought unanimous decision against Dan Henderson in 2010 who was coming off a highlight reel KO victory over Michael Bisping.

*15 fight win streak before challenging GSP for the UFC welterweight championship.

*Won his last fight against Demian Maia (then ranked at #5 welterweight)

My question is


Had to do it. My real questions:

  1. If your daughter wanted to fight in MMA, would you corner her?

  2. What was your favorite place in the world that you had an MMA fight?

  3. At UFC 171, Hendricks or Lawler?

Thanks for doing this AMA. And on March 15th, I'm looking forward to seeing you back, inside the octagon.

JakeShieldsUFC258 karma

If your daughter wanted to fight in MMA, would you corner her? What was your favorite place in the world that you had MMA fight? At UFC 171, Hendricks or Lawler?

  1. I would absolutely corner my daughter if she chose fighting as a career path. Fighting isnt necessarily something I would encourage her to do.

  2. Hawaii was really nice. Great weather...great fans. The fanatic MMA fans of toronto made that a great spot as well.

  3. Tough call but I am going to take Hendicks. Similar styles but I think he has better wrestling.

PinkySlayer175 karma


Subtle jab?

JakeShieldsUFC290 karma

Freudian slip?

JakeShieldsUFC235 karma

Here is some proof:

edit* Thank you so much to everyone here! I was honestly not expecting so many great questions. It has been fun but I have to go get another training session in before I head out to Dallas. Thanks again, seriously! Make sure you watch my next fight at UFC 171 live on PPV in Dallas Texas. When I beat up Hector Lombard and get the title shot I will come back and we can do this again.

MMAPundit209 karma

Jake will you ever be interested in doing a podcast with Joe Rogan, it seems as if he is a big fan of your style.

Thank you looking forward to UFC 171

JakeShieldsUFC282 karma

Yeah Joe is a cool guy. I would definitely do a show if asked.

Subatomic7203 karma


JakeShieldsUFC318 karma

TRT allowed a lot of a grey area. The ban needed to be done.

metamega178 karma

What would your thoughts be on marijuana use being allowed by MMA fighters?

JakeShieldsUFC533 karma

I think marijuana should not be classified as a banned substance.

HornyGorilla143 karma

And, just like that /r/trees loves you.

JakeShieldsUFC227 karma

i love nature

larsen55047 karma

Loves him even more! The man is not only a phenomenal athletic figure but he is also about natural and healthy living.

JakeShieldsUFC107 karma

We only have one life. Might as well try to be as healthy as possible.

damonster176 karma

What were your thoughts when walking to the octagon for your UFC 129 fight at the SkyDome?

Where was your favourite place you've fought so far?

JakeShieldsUFC355 karma

It was insane walking out to 60k+ canadians booing me. It was a great experience though and am grateful to have been part of a history making fight card and it was fun finally fighting GSP.

GorillaBallet330 karma

Sorry about that, eh...

JakeShieldsUFC699 karma

it was YOU!

AirTraffic9169 karma

Can you tell me what the day of a fight is like? What time you get up? What you do all day? How early you go to the arena. and what happens after the fight???

Also, What have you eaten the past couple days

JakeShieldsUFC283 karma

Ive done this 30-something times now so I want to say im getting used to it but you never do. I usually just relax, hang out with my friends and family and try not to get anxious. Head to the arena a few hours before and warm up about an hour before. This is when true focus starts to set in and I get serious. Its funny but I am always more nervous when I corner a teammate then when I fight myself.

J_Fritz6148 karma

I'm sure you weren't expecting a question like this, but what were your thoughts of Bully Beatdown? loved watching you on that show. Best of luck in the fight!

JakeShieldsUFC248 karma

Bully beatdown was a lot of fun to work on. I think bullying is a problem and it was fun seeing them get beat down a bit. Too bad it was cancelled though lol. If MTV ever brought it back I would love to host it.

UninstallDarling137 karma

If we ever got into a fight with each other, would you let me win?

JakeShieldsUFC520 karma


misagald131 karma

Hi Jake! What was it like surviving the H-bomb?

JakeShieldsUFC270 karma

I didnt even realize I had been knocked down until reporters started asking questions at the press conference. After the first round I remember my corner telling me I had just slipped. I didn't realize how hard I had been hit until I watched it a week later. The H-bomb is no joke lol

PopeLando120 karma

Hi Jake, just wondering about that 'Nashville brawl' that occurred between Jason Miller and your camp after your win over Dan Henderson back in 2010. What is your relationship like with Miller today and what are your thoughts about that incident. During an interview shortly after, you apologized on television for your 'actions', which I found funny since you weren't at fault at all. Thanks.

JakeShieldsUFC249 karma

I think the whole thing started because after I beat him his girlfriend was trying to hang out with me lol turns out we ran into each other last year and had a laugh about the whole thing. Mayhems personality is not just an act though I think he is a little crazy.

karlmarx1848119 karma

Hello Mr. Shields. I was wondering what your nutrition is like days leading up to the fight, including pre fight meal, before cutting etc. Good luck in your next fight Mr. Shields.

JakeShieldsUFC195 karma

This is actually a great question that I would have to spend a bunch of time on. To keep it short would be to say I eat as much fruits and vegetables as I can. Mostly all unprocessed food as well is important to me. After weigh in I cheat a little but basically stick to the above.

eldercreedjunkie105 karma

Hey Jake. Since Gil Melendez is coaching TUF, will we be seeing you or Nick and Nate as a guest coach?

JakeShieldsUFC163 karma

Ill be there the full time. Thats for sure. Not sure about Nick and Nate but Im sure you will see some at some point during the show.

newspaper_nerd99 karma

Do you wake up every day thinking that you beat Dan Henderson in a fight and kept him in mount for 4 rounds? Is that the greatest achievement of your career?

JakeShieldsUFC215 karma

I feel like I have quite a few achievements that I am proud of. Beating Dan was for sure one of them but I don't really reflect much on individual achievements especially when Im still trying to accomplish more in this sport before im done. I want the belt.

HotPandaLove93 karma

With the UFC's dismissal of FItch, Okami, and Cheick Kongo (who might not have the win streak of Fitch but was a veteran fighter in the UFC's weakest division), do you agree or disagree that the UFC is taking an aggressive approach towards 'boring' or expensive fighters? If so, does this weaken the "sport" aspect of the UFC and emphasize its status as "spectacle?"

JakeShieldsUFC218 karma

I was very surprised to see Fitch and Okami get cut by the UFC. Both guys are top level talent and extremely dedicated professionals. I think it makes the UFC look a little bit less legitimate to drop top 10 fighters like that. They have their reasons I guess.

ataglance123492 karma

Share with us the funniest story you have of the Diaz brothers?

JakeShieldsUFC232 karma

A gentleman never tells.

PersonNamedRick84 karma

Who was your toughest fight

JakeShieldsUFC196 karma

I dont think anyone can deny that I have had a ton of tough fights. Almost everyone was ranked really high at the time we fought. I would say if I had to pick one I would say Henderson was toughest but GSP was the best technically.

iWesTCoastiN81 karma

Hey Jake, best of luck at UFC 171! My question is:

Whats the best story you have about another fighter?

P.S Stockton 209WUT!

JakeShieldsUFC131 karma

Oh man how much time do you have lol. I have too many crazy fighter stories to even get started. Chuck Liddell is one of my oldest friends but Im going to probably save those stories for the tell all book after I retire :)

Reed_Himself70 karma

Hey jake I'm getting my purple belt tomorrow! Also that spin you did from back control to guard on Maia was dope!

JakeShieldsUFC117 karma

Congrats. Keep it up. Purple belt is a big accomplishment.

gingercomedian69 karma

Thoughts on Tommy Toe Hold and his portrayal of you constantly asking about GSPs wraps?

JakeShieldsUFC131 karma

I think it was pretty shady ;)

K-LAID68 karma

do you prefer a slice of cake or a cupcake?

JakeShieldsUFC191 karma

Pie every time. Not a huge cake person

newspaper_nerd62 karma

If you beat Lombard, will you be angry if you don't get the next title shot ? Do you think the UFC bosses dislike you?

JakeShieldsUFC146 karma

I get along great with Dana and Lorenzo but if I dont get the next shot after I beat Lombard I would definitely be disappointed. Ive got wins over Lawler, Condit, Maia, and Woodley. It just makes sense if are awarding title shots on merit.

123gator59 karma

Hey Jake, how are u?

JakeShieldsUFC108 karma

Great! Thanks for asking.

most_wuud54 karma

Hi Jake,

How relevant would you say your ability to fight is to your daily life? Does it make you more comfortable while out and about/does it make you more confident around those who are not fighters?

JakeShieldsUFC145 karma

To be honest its all about having confidence knowing that the skills are there if you need them. It makes it very easy to take the higher road and walk away from confrontation if it arises. Street fights are pretty dumb and haven't been in one since I was a kid...ok college lol

honkingturd51 karma

I saw you and your gf on 7th ave in the Sunset just after your Hendo fight. I made super awkward eye contact then after you crossed the street I sad "JAKE".. you looked back and gave me a thumbs up.

Just wanted to say that was cool of you and I'm still awkward.

JakeShieldsUFC72 karma

Always happy to say hi to the fans. I have some of the greatest fans out there.

But please dont say hi and try to shake my hand in the bathroom at a bar. This happens more than you would think.

bobmcdynamite41 karma

Hey Jake. Thanks for beating Akiyama. Also your fight with Dan Henderson is the only time I've rooted against him without feeling un-American. Here's my questions:

1) You're campaigning for a title shot after you beat Hector Lombard. Obviously, the UFC like finishes. Does that play into the gameplan or motivate you more? Especially for a guy like Lombard who's never been finished, a submission win would look mighty impressive.

2) Any predictions for the other WW fights on the main card?

JakeShieldsUFC64 karma

Thanks for the support. I appreciate it! As far as going for the finish. I am for sure looking for the submission next weekend and feel like it would give a number 1 contender spot if I pulled it off. Hector is tough though and has never been finished by sub or KO.

mrdubbz38 karma

How do fighters get their entrance music, is there limitations to what you can choose?

Also what would be your number 1 entrance song that you would like to get, and what has been your favorite that you used in your career?

JakeShieldsUFC50 karma

Its one of the last things I am thinking about to be honest. I think some guys care quite a bit. In the past I have usually just picked music I like. I have walked out to Rancid a lot. Big fan.

kurrsplat38 karma

Hey Jake. Got a few questions for you.

  1. When and how did you start training with Cesar Gracie and his team? Were you already a pretty proficient submission grappler at the time? Any major changes in your game after starting to train with him?
  2. What was it like grappling with Marcelo Garcia? Do you feel that he was the best grappler that you've ever rolled with in your experience? Who is if not?
  3. you're going straight for the flying gogoplata on Lombard right?

2014 title shot?

Thanks man!

JakeShieldsUFC53 karma

  1. Started at Cesars in 2001 after moving from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco. I was already pretty good at grappling but the team there definitely brought me to the next level. Time flies.

  2. Marcelo Garcia and David Terrell back in his prime are the two best grapplers I have ever rolled with.

  3. Yes!

ThePenetrations37 karma

How would you deal with a man wearing these pants?

JakeShieldsUFC40 karma

I have the same ones. Love them lol

FratDaddy6926 karma

Hey Jake, good luck against Lombard next weekend. My question is, you are going to be part of Melendez's team for TUF coming up, how involved in that are you going to be with his team considering you may be training for a title fight of your own at the same time?

JakeShieldsUFC42 karma

Gil and I talked and he wanted me there coaching every day which I plan on doing. If I am able to get title shot I may have to make some changes depending on timing. We will see what happens I guess.

Too_much_vodka23 karma

Who wins, Wanderlei or Sonnen?

JakeShieldsUFC28 karma

Tough call but If I had to I would pick Sonnen. His wrestling is really good.

brownnerd20 karma

Don't be scared homie

JakeShieldsUFC22 karma


JakeShieldsUFC14 karma

Sitting at home relaxing before heading to bed. Thought I would answer a couple more questions if you guys are still interested.

stumpdd11 karma

My sisters boyfriend is quite the abusive arsehole and constantly thinks he's a big man smacking my sister around.

Having never been in a fight and not have any idea about situations like this I'm quite mismatched and don't know how to deal with it.

He's an ex jail bird ice addict.

I can't help but feel te need to physically intervene as I see it as the only way to get through to him. He doesn't care about the police or anything else really just how tough he is.

The police get involved and she tells them everything's alright and things just continue.

We had a minor altercation where he punched me in the face about 5 times and I came out without a scratch, bruise anything. So now I'm reconsidering getting involved and learning how to defend myself/my family when the time comes, not actively seek it out but to protect myself and them better.

What would be the best starting point for me to begin at? Best type of martial art to begin with?

JakeShieldsUFC23 karma

Sorry that sounds like a bad situation to be in. Dedicate a few months to learning the basics of Jiu Jitsu at a reputable school and it will change your life. After a year you will be a different person than you are today.