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My sisters boyfriend is quite the abusive arsehole and constantly thinks he's a big man smacking my sister around.

Having never been in a fight and not have any idea about situations like this I'm quite mismatched and don't know how to deal with it.

He's an ex jail bird ice addict.

I can't help but feel te need to physically intervene as I see it as the only way to get through to him. He doesn't care about the police or anything else really just how tough he is.

The police get involved and she tells them everything's alright and things just continue.

We had a minor altercation where he punched me in the face about 5 times and I came out without a scratch, bruise anything. So now I'm reconsidering getting involved and learning how to defend myself/my family when the time comes, not actively seek it out but to protect myself and them better.

What would be the best starting point for me to begin at? Best type of martial art to begin with?

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Is it hard to not want to retaliate and take it out on the people who are happy to inflict such pain on animals?

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You may have done well, but when I've watched my mother on a pension scrimp and scrape to send up any last dollar she could so her Syrian friend made it through the winter, sending gift packs and warm clothes and you're getting paid 400+k a year, you have really disappointed me.

Every last cent should be going to these people and you should be living on a much lesser wage.

How can you justify $400+k a year?

When my mother tried to even run a blanket drive of sorts on Indiegogo she was stopped.

Yet your allowed to profit immensely from these peoples suffering. And now making out like you're great for visiting the camp this afternoon, that's what you get paid $425000 dollars a year to do.

I'm sorry if this didn't make sense or was a little all over the place. I'm just really mad at you woman.

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I wonder how many more wishes would be granted if they let people use their skills to get them granted/ the goal achieved instead of just relying on money. Especially when we see the CEO of "some" charity organisations taking home 425000 cough cough p/a