Hello reddit, I’m Kim Harrison, best known for penning the New York Times bestselling urban fantasy series, The Hollows, but I’ve published YA, traditional fantasy, scripted a couple of graphic novels, and wrote the most amazing series companion book ever (It glows in the dark)!

Being a child of the 80s, I grew up reading Heinlein, Clark, Asimov, Bradbury, and Chalker to name a few of my favorites, and though I found a niche in urban fantasy, you can see my strong SF roots in my work if you look.

My newest book is THE UNDEAD POOL, the 12th book in The Hollows. Only one more to go! For more information, click here.

I’ve not done an online Q&A for a while, and definitely not in what looks like a threaded format, so if you have a follow-up question to anything, it might behoove you to start a new comment instead of tacking it on the end of my answer. Otherwise, I might never see it if things get busy. I’m happy to answer questions about the day-to-day grind of being a writer, the art of self-promotion, and even what I’ve got against tomatoes. Questions about the worlds I’ve created are my favorite, but if you’ve been lucky enough to snag an early copy of The Undead Pool, no spoilers please.

I’ll be doing this on the release of The Undead Pool (Yes, it’s a play on the Clint Eastwood movie, The Dead Pool.) which means I’ll be cutting it off at 11:00 EST so as to finish packing and get myself out to my first event. I will try my hardest to answer all your questions if it runs over, but it might be a while.

C'mon and enter The Hollows with me---ask away!


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Defofangelic20 karma

First- of course- let me tell you I am a HUGE fan. Thank you so much for designing a world I can lose myself in and characters that I actually miss when I am not reading. My father was at a book signing you did in Atlanta shortly after Pale Demon came out and was kind enough to purchase me an entire autographed set of the series. :) Yay! He told me he really enjoyed hearing you talk at the signing and that you made mention of the possibility of (not a Rachel book) but more books in the Hollows. Are you still thinking on that? Is there a future in the world I have come to love so much? I would love to read a series on the elf demon war, or Newt and Al's autobiography’s! Even a story on Winona; I really liked her. Another question: Since the purchase of the series dad made me in Atlanta, I have been ordering from Nicola’s for my autographed copies. How did your close relationship with that particular store come about and do you work with them for first edition signings exclusively?

KimHarrisonAuthor15 karma

Thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying the books so much! More Hollows books in the future is always a possibility, but I'm seeing myself writing something else for a few years at least. I've got new characters who are demanding their pages get written, characters with a whole new set of problems to figure out.

Nicola's is the closest independent bookseller that reports to the New York Times list. That's how I found them, but now that I have, I realize how lucky I am. They go out of their way to help readers connect with books. I don't work with them exclusively for the first-edition signings. B&N had some. But Nicola's is the only store I can go to and see that the books are first edition.

KimHarrisonAuthor20 karma

Quick update: I am trying to get my computer set up, having a few issues but should be running soon! I'll take this a little longer than 11:00 to compensate.

KimHarrisonAuthor14 karma

Oh my. Have I just caught up to half an hour ago? Yikes!

dearhoney11 karma

Hi Kim, huge fan! First off, thanks for writing such a great series, can't wait to start reading The Undead Pool, I've been waiting for today since I put down Ever After! It's been a pleasure watching Rachel grow and develop through each book. Do you think that she and Trent have developed their "attraction" because of tier similarities and differences in personality, or do you think it's been more of a situational attraction(bonding more and more after each of their escapades)?

KimHarrisonAuthor13 karma

Thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying the books. Trent and Rachel. I think it's a little of both. When I realized they were the perfect match, I had to shift Trent a little so it would feel more solid, beef up his interest in magic and play up that both he and Rachel were being asked to be something they didn't want to be. They bonded over that, grew, and maybe fell in love.

Mazzyfitch10 karma

I don't know what made me pick up Dead Witch Walking one day in the bookstore, but I am glad I did! I love the Hollows, the ever-after and watching the characters grow and change. You never know what Rachel will get into next! However, I have always wondered why authors decide to create different works under different names, or why you chose to?

KimHarrisonAuthor11 karma

Thanks, Mazzy. I took a pen name because I was writing more traditional fantasy at the time under the name Dawn Cook. My new publisher wanted a clean break since DWW was so different, and it made things easier from a legal standpoint.

pamplemousse4149 karma

Hi Kim, I'm a huge fan of yours! I reread the Hollows series at least once a year.

Do you think you'd ever to a series about how Ceri got mixed up with Al? I think it'd be fascinating to read about the time period she came from and how elves, witches, demons and vampires were back then. I love how you build the world of the Hollows, it's one of the reasons I love the books so much.

KimHarrisonAuthor10 karma

Well, I did to a short at the back of the mass market of The Outlaw Demon Wails (US version) that is from Al's POV where he abducted Ceri. That's probably all you're going to get, unfortunately. Other characters call . . . I'm so glad you're enjoying the books. Thanks!

mmuzzy9 karma

Hi Kim. I just wanted to say I love The Hollows series. I also think it's great how down to earth and accessible you are through your constant social media posts, etc. I'm looking forward to starting The Dead Pool. So my question is simply are the similarities, physically anyway, between you and Rachael coincidental?

KimHarrisonAuthor9 karma

Hi Mmuzzy. Thanks! It's hard keeping up with you guys, but I love it. Actually, I'm a blond. That beautiful red hair is a wig, put on so I could separate the Kim Harrison books from the Dawn Cook ones. I could probably loose it now, but it's gotten to be a trademark.

monkeymaker9 karma

Thank you for doing this Kim! The Hollows books are the only series I have ever managed to stick with all the way through. (even getting my now teenage kids to start reading them)

My question is did you always want to be an author? Was it a talent that was seen at an early age and progressed over time? If you were not an author what would you have done instead do you think?

Ohh and I think you should take a holiday after all this hard work.. England is nice at the moment (a little less rain) I could find a few books for you to sign while your about ;)

KimHarrisonAuthor11 karma

It's been my pleasure, Monkeymaker. And thank you. I take what you said as a great compliment. I did not want to be an author, no. But I read voraciously, soaking it in. I am slightly dyslexic, and spelling/vocab are hard for me. I thought it was beyond my reach. Then spellcheck was born, and the writer in me bloomed. I never looked back, and maybe I work so hard at it because I thought it was a dream that was out of my reach. If I wasn't an author, I'd like to be a potter. I minored in pottery in college, and there's nothing like the feel of a centered pot humming under your hands.

AZombiesBreakfast9 karma

Hi Kim, ‘the Hollows’ is my absolute favourite urban fantasy series! :) I think it’s incredible that the series has continued for so long and yet every chapter always feels new and exciting. Throughout the series there’s been a lot of character growth, and I was wondering if you planned the path of each character from the start, or did you just go with what felt natural as the series progressed?

For example, characters like Trent and Al started off in ‘Dead Witch Walking’ as the “bad guys” but we started rooting for them over time as they proved themselves capable of affection. But then there’s Nick who begins the story as loveable and interesting but induces murderous rage in the later books as he remains incomprehensibly selfish.

So did you always intend to develop the characters this way, or did you realise at some point while writing the potential for goodness in Trent and Al and douchebaggery in Nick?

KimHarrisonAuthor17 karma

Thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying the books. You asked about character growth. No, I didn't plan it--other than making sure each character had flaws, flaws that could help and hinder them from reaching their goal.

I just did a re-read with the readers of the entire series, and I was shocked at how awful Trent was, and then we understand why, and now . . . No, it wasn't planned. None of it, Al, and Nick included.

rove48 karma

Thank you for doing this Q&A! I love this series and watching the slowly evolving relationship b/t Rachel and Trent has been one of the true highlights for me. I've seen the potential for them as a couple since book 3 when they survived Lee's boat together and Trent held Rachel in the back seat of his car. At what point did you, as the author, start to see their potential? Thanks again for a stellar series!

KimHarrisonAuthor11 karma

Thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying the books. It was right about book one that I started seeing Trent and Rachel as a couple, but I fought it, and fought it. Gave in about Pale Demon, and took the rest of the series changing, tweaking, modifying until yes, it felt really, really right. Ahh, I'm such a romantic. :-)

rove43 karma

Book one? Wow, you beat me by two books, lol. Thanks for the answer!

KimHarrisonAuthor5 karma

It was when Trent relaxed and was himself when she was stuck in that cage in his office. :-) He was himself.

sweetdreamaway8 karma

The recent Hollows dating quiz said that Al is Myers-Briggs type ENTP. So am I. My question for you: Will Al find true and everlasting reciprocated love?

KimHarrisonAuthor14 karma

My goal is happy endings all around, for those who survive. so no spoilers from me!

siobi1kenobi8 karma

Love your books! If you were going to have a LTR with any of your characters which would it be? Also who would you choose for a one night stand?

KimHarrisonAuthor15 karma

OMGosh, I can't decide. One night stand? Trent. Hands down. Wait. Jenks. Wait. David.

Ya know, it's a good thing they aren't real, or my hubby might have a problem with this . . . :-)

MerinoMedia8 karma

There are a lot of "creatures" in the Hollows, and I know Trent was going to be a dragon at one point in your creative process, and I was wondering if there was any particular creature and subsequent culture that you had trouble with and adjusting the lore around them to fit the needs of your series.

Very excited, btw, and can't wait to see you this evening at Nicola's!

KimHarrisonAuthor10 karma

Oh, there probably was, but I don't remember them now, and the nice part about writing fiction is that you can make up the world as you want as long as you don't change your rules mid-series. I really like how I twisted the banshee.

See you tonight!

PugParty298 karma

Hi Kim! I'm so excited that The Undead Pool is finally out and totally bummed that there's only one more to go in the series. You've hinted at the next series you're working on but, can you give us any more info?

KimHarrisonAuthor14 karma

I'm sorry, but I can't really give a lot of info of the next series because it won't come out for such a long time. I've been telling people that it's a mix of Borne Identity and Inception. It's pure Kim Harrison, and like nothing I've ever written before. You're going to love it. :-)

pinklilly1227 karma

I love your books so much. I was wondering when you realized Trent was going to be more than just a bad guy. It seems like since book 1 there has been hints of Rachel being attracted him, and him to her. But it doesn't seel like them being together was the plan from the beginning either

KimHarrisonAuthor7 karma

Right about book one, but I fought it until he took his shirt off in Pale Demon. Then I gave up and gave Rachel what she wanted all along. (grin) I'm really happy with it.

quincebolis7 karma

I am a HUGE fan and so happy you are doing this AMA! I've already finished TUP it was fantastic!

I know you had talks with CW which fell through, but do you think there will ever be a Hollows tv show in the future?

KimHarrisonAuthor6 karma

Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it!

I always said if my rights were going to sit in a drawer, I'd rather have them in my drawer. I'd be glad to pull them out again and see them worked on.

kessake6 karma

First off, I just wanted to get this out of my system - I am a huge fan of the series, so OMG OMG OMG KIM HARRISON.

There, now that that is out of the way, I can ask my question. One of my favorite things about the series is how dynamic the characters are. My mom and I both immediately fell in love with both Jenks and Ivy. What would you say was your biggest inspiration(s) for those characters?

I have a second question if you don't mind as well. I used to write quite a bit in high school but seemed to lose it as I've worked on my associate's degree. Any tips for getting that mojo, creativity, what have you, back? Thanks so much!

KimHarrisonAuthor7 karma

Thanks, Kessake! I'm so glad you're enjoying the books! My biggest inspiration for Ivy and Jenks? Hard to say. I was going for odd characters, and they seemed to fit the need. :-) That's great that you used to write. The best way to find your muse is to go to the same place, every day, and start writing. It will find you.

doctorhotpants6 karma

Sooo, I was wondering about Rachel and Ivy -- for awhile there, it looked like they were going to eventually get together, what with Rachel slowly warming up to her and Kisten being a safe(ish!) version of Ivy. Hell, they had some preeeetty heavy moments, what with the blood drinking and Rachel's jealousy of Skimmer and anyone else that monopolised Ivy's time. So what happened there that Trent and Rachel became the main focus? Other than Ivy and Rachel (at the time) being too messed up to have a proper, functioning relationship, that is. It just seemed like a pretty sudden switch and kinda backpedally.

And now I'm going to go back to obsessively refreshing the ups tracking page. Ship faster, Undead Pool!

KimHarrisonAuthor14 karma

Rachel and Ivy . . . That is one of my favorite threads. Ivy became stronger, but she needs someone who needs her, and Rachel doesn't anymore. They are best friends who will die for each other. Why does sex have to figure into it to make for a happy ending?

Why did Trent become the main focus? Because he changed, became more interesting. I don't think it happened fast at all. I hope you like what happens. I devoted a lot of thinking to Ivy and Rachel. Just because they are not a couple doesn't mean that their relationship is not important. Maybe it's moreso.

Defofangelic4 karma

Thanks for answering this Kim. I agree with you that their relationship doesn't need romance to be close, and best friends can be even better than that type of relationship. I was still disappointed, but I agree with your reasoning. Still- Al should get his happy ending. I threw around the Rachel Al idea for awhile too. Love Al. Just love him. :)

KimHarrisonAuthor4 karma

If they survive to the end, they get their happy endings. There's a reason I cry at the last book, but it's a good cry.

doctorhotpants3 karma

Thanks for answering! While I fully admit to being a huge fan of Ivy/Rachel, I also agree with why they wouldn't work as a couple and that their friendship is awesome. I occasionally have a strange dichotomy of shipping and simultaneously not shipping some ships and, in many ways, Ivy/Rachel is one of those ships.

Mostly I just (stupidly/irrationally) wish that Ivy would have all the screen time as she's my favourite. Which is probably why I love the comics so much. Which were excellently done, btw!

KimHarrisonAuthor5 karma

Have you found the graphic novels, Blood Crime, Blood work? It's all Ivy, all the time. :-)

WandererinNJ6 karma

I've been a fan since the beginning. Sang the praises to anyone who would listen for the Hollows.

2 Questions.

1st is a any advice for the struggling writer who works during the day but seems to lack motivation.

2nd question, Rachel Morgan vs Harry Dresden... I always said Harry is more seasoned but Rachel is spunky and fiesty.

KimHarrisonAuthor5 karma

Thank you! I'm so glad you've been enjoying the books so much and have been spreading the Hollows love. :-) Lack of motivation. Change your writing time. I can't write when the sun goes down. It just doesn't happen. But in the morning? Boom baby! Everyone writes different. I'm going with Rachel. She is a demon. Nuff said. (laugh)

rachelmorgan6 karma

I've been wanting to know for the longest time... Does Trent wear boxers or briefs? Nick wore tighty whities - that didn't turn out too well. Kisten - boxers. What about Marshall, Pierce and Al?

KimHarrisonAuthor12 karma

As a species that is on the brink of extinction, he wears boxers. Gotta keep them boys happy. I've never given it much thought for Marshall. Pierce is boxers, and Al goes commando.

fotovonjenn6 karma

Hi Kim! I'm almost finished with my re-read of Ever After and was giddy this morning when my Undead Pool pre-order it my phone - TRAIN READS!

The fairy warrior Belle has made such an impact on church life, she has been so helpful with the pixie clan and appears to be helping Jenks moreso than anyone with the loss of Matalina. Will we be seeing a background story for her? Maybe a present view into her life with the changes?

Thank you for the wonderful series!

KimHarrisonAuthor3 karma

Thanks! I'm really glad you're enjoying the books. You asked about Belle. I don't have a backstory story planned, but you never know. Maybe in a few years.

Vgn_cereal_killer6 karma

Huge huge huge fan, my husband gets my the ARC for Christmas almost each year!

Does your personal life influence any of the characters?

Do you see Rachel with a happy ending?

And.... I love Al. More Al!!!!

KimHarrisonAuthor12 karma

Does my personal life influence the characters? Not per say, but Jenks is an empty nester because I am. If I'm working through an issue, or see something on the news that gets me upset, it's a good bet it will show up in the Hollows disguised as something else. Vampires are my drug addicts and abusers.

avayla6 karma

Hi Kim! My husband introduced me to The Hollows a billion years ago. He would not stop talking about how much I'd love this witch character and he enticed me with lines from some pixie who had something against Tink's panties. I'm so glad he did. I had never read urban fantasy and I realize now that it is my favorite genre, and the Hollows is my favorite series in the genre. I can't wait to get my copy of The Undead Pool and I'm dying to see what happens with Rachel and Trent!

I don't have any major questions, but just a few I've always wondered about. What is your personal favorite book in the series? What part was your favorite to write? Last, what moment was the hardest for you to write, the one you knew had to happen, but it broke your heart to do so?

Thanks for doing this AMA, and I hope you have a great time with your tour!

KimHarrisonAuthor3 karma

My favorite was Fistful of Charms until Pale Demon was published. Now it's the last, as yet unnamed book. It was such a relief to see Rachel mature and making good decisions. Hardest moment was probably Matalina's death. I still can't read those pages.

dashingmuttdawg5 karma

This has made my day. Kim I absolutely love your Hollow series. I have become completely invested emotionally in your characters more than I have any other novels.

Your writing gives so much to the reader that to me its like reading and watching a movie in my mind all at once.

I've gone from hating Trent to think this guy is badass and glad he's is where he is now(in my current reading). From Al to jenks and his kids there are so many aspects of your book that have captivated me. Thanks for sharing you massively impressive imaginative stories.

Only one question. I am a male reader and my guys make fun of me for reading your books. They thinks its just twilight repackaged. What is one scene or passage would you recommend I use to convince them otherwise?

Ive thought of many of the "exchanges" between Ivy and Rachel but that might give them a misconstrued outlook possibly going in.

KimHarrisonAuthor3 karma

Thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying them. Oh, man, tell your friends that the Hollows is a big hit with the military. They love a bad-ass woman who can go toe-to-toe with them, and still make them laugh.

But for a scene to convince them? Mmm, nothing comes to mind. Maybe you could tell them that the author has two black belts and isn't afraid to put that info in the books.

Locnil5 karma

Hey, Urban Fantasy fan here.

So, tbh I haven't really read a lot of your books, but it certainly seems like you're one of the best UF writers out there. So I have some questions:

Are there any other authors in this genre you like? Any that you took inspiration from, or any that you would say you actually inspired?

How would you describe the magic system in your books? What inspired them? How did you ending creating them?

KimHarrisonAuthor7 karma

I read Jocelynn Drake, Vicki Pettersson, Richard Kadrey, and Brom, all for different reasons. My inspiration comes from the SF/Fantasy writers in the 70/80s.

The magic system is too complex to really detail out here, but theres ley line, which is gestures and memorization, and there's earth, which is potions and such. I read a lot of fantasy while growing up, and I've got a big base to pick and chose what I liked from. The last two books really stretch my idea of magic into a new area, blending it more surely with science, and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

detached09-work5 karma

I love the Hollows series of books. I've read every one of them twice. I'm about to start The Undead Pool. It's very rare that a series pulls me in like this. Thank you.

When you started writing Dead Witch Walking, did you already have a plan for 13 books? If not, did you expect it to get as far as it did and be as successful as it has been?

KimHarrisonAuthor3 karma

I didn't! No! I was ticked three shades of pink to have three books to tell my story, and then it was extended to six. It was there I started to relax and slow down. I never saw 13 books. Never.

I'm so glad you're enjoying them. Thanks!

Imgonnathrowawaythis5 karma


KimHarrisonAuthor10 karma

Favorite part of being an author is, quite honestly, being able to structure my 8 hour day the way I see fit. I like working on my own with the thought that there is a huge, massive publishing machine behind me. I'm a team player that likes to play in her own sandbox. Advice? In a nutshell . . . write like you have the contract, which means, with intent and purpose, every day and not just when you feel like it. Find a group that meets face to face to discuss your, (and their) work. Rewrite. Rewrite again. Then rewrite a third time. Good books are written. Sold books are rewritten. And good luck!

tjohnsoniii5 karma

Haha, I've always wondered about that ever-present dislike of tomatoes in all the books, and all foods in which tomatoes are a vital ingredient, like pasta sauce or pizza. Are you allergic to tomatoes? Did you have some horrible culinary experience? Or was it the sheer cheesiness of that 80s film, "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"? Or a different reason altogether?

KimHarrisonAuthor16 karma

Why tomatoes? It's cause of that movie, yes. And that tomatoes were one of the first GMO products to hit the grocery story shelves. A-a-a-and because I can't grow the stupid things. I try every year, and every year I get maybe one. I don't understand it. (laugh)

asmcnair5 karma

Hi Kim, Big, HUGE fan here. Loving the Hollows and excited to see what your next series/books will be. Question: For people like me, who are writing just because the stories keep wanting to come out, and knowing the publishing world as you do, do you recommend trying to find a publisher the traditional way or to try the indie route?

All advice/tips will be appreciated.

Thanks for the beautiful story and complex relationships you have sketched for us in the Hollows - the Undead Pool is your best yet!


KimHarrisonAuthor7 karma

Thanks, Asmcnair. I'm glad you're enjoying the books. Wether to chase a big six contract or go on your own is a very personal decision. When I started, there really was no choice, and I'm kind of glad for that because I like the idea of being a part of something big, something that "fed" me my ideas when I was growing up. That feeling of history, of being a part of what I loved when I was spending my allowance at the bookstore. But I know the pain of wanting to share your work and not having anyone listening, and I don't know if I could invest that much time and energy in chasing a big six contract if I was just starting out now. I think the biggest mistake self-publishers make when they start is believing that it's going to be easier. I can't imagine that it is. It's just hard in another way. Good luck. Get yourself to some writer conferences? See what is going on right now. Find some contacts and friends. THe business changes so fast.

xray_chick194 karma

I finished The Undead Pool last night and I absofreakinlutely LOVED it!!! With each book of yours I read, they get better and better! I truly love your writing! Ever since you mentioned this in Ever After, I've been curious: is Trent circumcised again or no? Thanks Kim!! :D

KimHarrisonAuthor3 karma

Oh, man! I wondered if this was going to come up. I'll just say that he did take Al up on an all encompassing "Trim and neat" charm, and leave it at that.

minutethree4 karma

I really enjoyed your Truth series as Dawn Cook! Also the Princess books--I'd love to learn more about the Game. Do you have any plans to write traditional fantasy again or return to those worlds? Thanks!

KimHarrisonAuthor3 karma

Oh, you should see my smile. Thank you. I'd like to someday go back and write that last third book with Tess and Jeck, but I don't have any plans right now to do so. I've really been enjoying the faster pace and real-world links that urban fantasy allows. Maybe someday.

MassivelyMini4 karma

Hi Kim! Huge Hollows fan! Can't wait to dig into The Undead Pool soon. My question is, How did you come up with Jenks creative language? Was it something that just flowed as your were writing him? He is probably one of my favorite sidekicks ever!

KimHarrisonAuthor12 karma

Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the books! Jenks is my snarky side coming out, and unfortunately, it just flows. It's been tricky finding a balance of snark that doesn't slip into crass. I really like Jenks, and when I found out CW was going to take him out of the cast, a lot of my excitement went with it. (But that's all water under the bridge)

Defofangelic7 karma

Jenks out of the cast?! What? No, that can't happen- he is 1/3 of the firm- and half the reason to read the books!

KimHarrisonAuthor11 karma

Yeah. He's the glue, the moral compass. Married with 42 kids and a failing wife. These books are balanced, and you can't rip it apart unless you know what you're taking out and adjust for it. Getting off my soapbox now.

Kessho4 karma

Hi, Kim! I'm a big fan of The Hollows series having them all on Kindle except for The Hollows Insider (which I'm afraid to download because I don't think it would be the same and I know there are pictures and diagrams in there)

I have a couple questions. What did you get on the dating quiz? Also what did Guy get for the dating and personality?

Thanks so much!

KimHarrisonAuthor5 karma

I got Ivy on the dating quiz, which was no surprise. I am a sucker for punctuality, organization, and ah, leather. Guy didn't take it. :-)

sweetdreamaway4 karma

You give a science-y explanation for magic. Did you ever feel that you had to have that explanation in order to appeal to modern readers?

KimHarrisonAuthor6 karma

No, not really. I got my degree in the sciences, and was planning on working in them, so it feels natural for me to write to that part of myself. Don't feel like you need to. Find what speaks to you, and write to that. There are 31 flavors of ice cream for a reason!

Charmedangel4714 karma

Good morning Kim!! First and foremost thank you for introducing us to the awesome world of The Hollows :) My question to you would be in regards to your Hollows date quiz: did you take the quiz? If so, who is your perfect Hollows match?

Thanks again and also thank you for always taking the time to socialize with your readers on social media and blog _^

KimHarrisonAuthor3 karma

I got Ivy because I'm a sucker for punctuality and I like organization. And leather. I like leather. :-)

HaussDaBauss3 karma

As someone who's never read, nor heard of your books....

Might be looking into them now, based on how involved you are with your readers.

KimHarrisonAuthor3 karma

Thanks! I really appreciate that. The readers have been good to me, and I try to be good to them. Start with Dead Witch Walking. I know you want to get the new one, but you're going to want to see the beginning.

maggie6663 karma

Hi Kim, I love your books and think they are awesome! My first question is, a while back there was talk of a TV show based on The Hollows being n the works, was there any truth to that? Will we ever see Rachel and company on TV? Second, I was wondering if you yourself read any other authors in your genre or follow any shows? Which ones? Cheers, and thanks for doing a Q&A! :)

KimHarrisonAuthor4 karma

Thanks, Maggie. :-) CW did have the rights for a while, yes, but one of the stipulations of me giving it to them was that I'd get them back right away if they weren't going to act on them. And it didn't get past the pilot writing stage.

I read Jocelynn Drake, Richard Kadry, Brom, and Vicki Pettersson. Right now, I'm reading Red Rising. TV? Not so much. I'm more of a movie person.

Sidderz3 karma

Hi Kim! Am a little late to the party here. Huge fan of your books, and hands down my favorite author to read. My question for you is: Was your decision to not write Ivy and Rachel into a romantic relationship effected by the "taboo" of how lesbians and gays are perceived? Touchy subject I know, and for the record I have no issue with the gay/lesbian community. I was so rooting for Ivy and Rachel to be together and even though I feel Trent and Rachel would make a better pair, I can't help but be a little disappointed. I pre-ordered a signed copy of the new book and can't wait to get it. Much love goes out to you for creating such a wonderful world to escape to.

KimHarrisonAuthor2 karma

No, my decision not to follow the Ivy and Rachel thread had nothing to do with gay and lesbian, and everything to do with blood, abuse, and how they are mixed up within the vampire society I was working in. I couldn't put Rachel in that place. It has nothing to do with same-sex couples.

Defofangelic3 karma

The tie between the ever after and the ley lines... did you plan out the specifics of how they were linked and created and how different species like the gargoyles and pixies work within them, or were you designing as you went? The complexities in the origin of all of it is a lot of fun to work through as I read the books!

KimHarrisonAuthor3 karma

I kind of had an idea of the ley lines when I first brought them up, but the relationships of the gargoyles and pixies sort of evolved. I like writing with a plan, but try to keep it organic and take advantage of the surprises when they come. I'm glad you're enjoying the books. Thanks!

AtlantisSparkle3 karma

Hi Kim,

My questions are about Rachel's room in the ever-after. Did she and Al decorate it via tulpa? Did Rachel choose the colors or did Al?

Lastly, in my own writing, I have troubles with past and present tense. Any tips or suggestions with that? Thank you so much Kim! Have a great day!

KimHarrisonAuthor1 karma

I thought I answered this, so it might pop up as a duplicate at some point. I think that she and Al decorated it using real stuff that she brought from reality and Al got from "other sources" That she has real things is a luxury that she is oblivious to, and it shows that Al is spoiling her without her knowing.

Troubles with past and present tense. Ah, I flunked grammar, so all I can do is suggest you study what you read, making sure it's an author who has been writing for more than 10 years so the craft is solid, mature, and natural. I'm a learn-by-doing kind of person, but do what works for you!

Snugglor3 karma

Hi Kim!

I love The Hollows and the world you've created there. It seems so real and so vibrant. I was wondering how much of the lore and spells and magic rules had you worked out before you started, or did it mostly grow along with the characters?

KimHarrisonAuthor2 karma

It grew as the story progressed, Snugglor. I never plot out more than the book I'm actually working on, but there's always an overarching goal in the back of my mind.

sweetdreamaway2 karma

On your website you say that you won't answer personal e-mails. No judgment here--just wondering at what point you made that decision, if you ever worry about how that impacts your relationship with your fans, and what your agent and publishers say about it?

KimHarrisonAuthor3 karma

I made that decision very early, about 2008, maybe? It doesn't impact my relationship with the readers at all. In fact, it improves it because to compensate, I maintain a very public, very interactive relationship with readers on FB and my blog. The door to communication is always open in a PUBLIC forum. Nothing beyond that. And they the readers respected it. My personal email is published as a way to contact me for business matters, and it's rare that I get a personal email. They use the public forums as I've asked. I hope I can always stay this accessible, but it is hard.

As for my publisher? I've never heard anything. I think they're pleased with the relationship I have with the readers. I'm there in the trenches of PR almost every work day. Most readers know where to find me.

vampgirl19882 karma

hey kim big fan wish you well on tour . my question is who isyour fav hollow character and why?

KimHarrisonAuthor1 karma

Thanks, vampgirl. My favorite hollows character? I don't really know right now. My favorite is the one who is changing, and I've finished the last book. My favorite character is Peri, and she's not even in the Hollows!

fergusonar2 karma

Hey, I downloaded Undead Pool onto my nook just after midnight and I'm loving it, as I have all of this series. Did you know from the beginning that Rachel and Trent would eventually be, well, wherever this is that they are? I've been angry with some of his actions, mostly killing that nice stray lone werewolf that was hanging out down the street from the church, so this...relationship?...has taken me by surprise. (Don't get me wrong, I totally see the attraction and I trust Rachel to take care of herself!)

KimHarrisonAuthor1 karma

Thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! I didn't know that Trent and Rachel would end up together, no. I fought it, and fought it, which is why he does such bad things that need explaining, especially in the first handful of books. I finally gave in around Pale Demon, and started structuring the books a little. Bit. Different. :-)

MaybeIllKeepThisAcct2 karma


I know having a storyline developed from book 1 is an important chart for character growth and development. However this makes me sad because the Hollows is one of my favorite series ever and The Undead Pool is the next to last book in the series. I have loved every book so far.

My question is: do you plan on releasing all the side stories in a collective book a la Side Jobs by Jim Butcher? Do you have a comprehensive list of the available stories? Also, how much am I missing by not reading the graphic novels? (Not my thing :( )

KimHarrisonAuthor3 karma

Ah, the side stories have been out for a while now in the collection, INTO THE WOODS. As for the graphic novels, they are from Ivy's POV and showcase the year that she and Rachel worked together at the IS. If this thread isn't of interest to you, the graphic novels won't add a thing. If it is, it's priceless.

I've got a list of all the side stories and where they first appeared at the website: http://www.kimharrison.net/SecondaryPages/BookOrder.html

I'm so glad you're enjoying the books. Thank you!

banana_pirate2 karma

O nice, I was wondering when the next one was due.
The hollows is the series I read when I'm out of Dresden files books by Jim Butcher.

The setting and style seem rather similar.

One other reason I love the hollows is because I'm extremely allergic to tomatoes.. the things are evil and can kill me :( so at least I'd survive

KimHarrisonAuthor2 karma

I think there will be a lot of people asking that same question this month. :-)

nf_smith2 karma

Kim, I love the Hollows! What has been your favorite scene or scenes to write?

KimHarrisonAuthor2 karma

The very last chapter is my favorite. But if you take that out, there are a lot of really good scenes in Pale Demon that resonate with me. It was a road trip in more than one sense of the word. The scenes that encompass realization and understanding move me more than the action scenes.

mrsJanne2 karma

Hi Kim! Don't really have a question for you right now. Just wanted to say that I really love your Hollows series and can't wait to start reading the new book. And I wanted to let you know that I'll be writing my bachelor thesis in a couple of months about strong female characters in fantasy literature and Rachel will be one of the three characters I'm going to write about (naturally, cause she's just badass!!) :)

KimHarrisonAuthor1 karma

Oh, wow. Thank you. I really appreciate that!

djgump352 karma

Of all you have read, what authors work most inspired you? What work was it? Can you give an example of how you have used that influence in your work?

Thanks for the ama, and your work, I love that you mentioned Clark, mistaya is one of my favorite fantasy characters.

KimHarrisonAuthor2 karma

That would probably be Bradbury. He first showed me (in Dandelion Wine) that the monsters that make us shiver are our very neighbors. It's stuck with me.

chanva2 karma

Hi Kim,

I love your books and I'm a big fan. Can't wait for The Undead Pool to arrive home by Friday! So far I've borrowed these books from the public library but the new one I had to buy! And little by little I'll buy the rest of them. So again congratulation on these books and can't wait for the next

Just a quick question, do you think you will be coming to Canada for a book tour? It would be so great! I am from Montreal and I'm sure there is a lot of your fans around here!

KimHarrisonAuthor1 karma

Thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying the books. I don't have plans for going to Canada for a book tour, but I usually don't know where Harper is going to send me until a few months ahead of going out. Sorry!

DancesWithWolvar2 karma

Hi Kim, I think its wonderful you are holding this session! As a fan in the UK, I'm sure you can guess I want to know whats up with the UK release date? Amazon has the hardcover available to purchase, but it says 'usually shipped within 1 to 3 weeks' - what? And my local bookstores all say they don't seem to be getting the hardcover. Usually I order from the US, or Nicolas, but money is tight at the minute and paying double the cost of the book to include shipping hurts my bank balance.

I remember a similar issue last year with the UK release, and have to say I think you need someone else representing your interests over here! I could understand if they weren't popular, and I suppose you know better than me if they are, but it always seems like my local bookstores don't have them in!

Aside from that, I really love your books and your character development is fantastic. Rachel is incredibly likeable for her flaws! I especially like her bad temper and the occasional sneaky hint of vanity you get when she wants to cover up her freckles. Oh, and kudos on the tattoo! It was a beautiful idea. Keep up the good work! I am sure when I do get my hands on The Undead Pool, it will be just as marvellous as I anticipate.

KimHarrisonAuthor2 karma

Oh, man. I can only make guesses. Because the UK doesn't publish hard covers, they are likely to delay any publication in the UK until the US releases their mass markets. Good news is that it's going to be sooner than the usual year-long wait. The only thing I can suggest is to order a hard copy fro Nicola's. I know they have them. The reason for the 1-3 week wait is because we're in our second printing, meaning they are in short supply and the US is getting them first. Sorry. (wince)

This is not an ideal situation, and I'm sorry.

monkeymaker2 karma

I like to think there is a little bit of your personality in most of the characters in The Hollows. If so what character trait is more you than your happy to admit? The stubbornness of Rachel? The 'turn the air blue' of Jenks? (Who i hope has a happy ending) Or any others you would admit to?

KimHarrisonAuthor6 karma

Oh, that's too embarrassing. I'm not answering that. I know exactly who I'm most like--and I"m not saying!

setmehigh2 karma

So, when you tell people you've just met that you're a writer do they just roll their eyes dismissively?

KimHarrisonAuthor2 karma

Not when I tell them my books spend some time on the New York Times list, then I get to hear about the book they want to write.

Khiaavess2 karma

Hi Kim! My family have been fans of yours for a long time! I actually got my Dad a signed copy of Ever After for his birthday. We Love Jenks; and Al was my mom's favorite character. We have all read the entire series, and I am working on your extra work. My Dad and I cant wait for The Undead Pool! Do you personally dislike Tomatoes? I hate them lol! When writing, I have a hard time with getting carried away into too much detail, how do you keep it interesting AND detailed? Do you struggle with that too? Thank you very much for sharing your talent with us all and for taking time out to answer questions and chat with your fans like us!

KimHarrisonAuthor2 karma

I love tomatoes, actually, but I can't seem to get the darn things to grow! The balance between detail and action is one of those things you just sort of learn by doing. My yardstick is if I'm getting board, the reader probably will too. But I've been known to put the occasional detail-rich scene in when it helps set the mood in Rachel's mind.

kirine752 karma

Is Undead Pool going to be the final book in The Hollows Series?

KimHarrisonAuthor2 karma

No, there is one more following it.

skharrah1 karma

Kim! So excited.. You always come somewhat close to our area but never quite hit the neighborhood for a visit. Central Ohio young lady, Central Ohio :-) Come see us!

KimHarrisonAuthor1 karma

Well, it's a pretty big country, and I've only two weeks to cover it. I'm traveling at least 4-5 hours a day. Cincinnati is pretty close.

lena_hamilton1 karma

Hi Kim, what's the toughest scene you've had to write, emotion-wise? Do you ever get emotional when you write a character's death, or a happy moment? :)

KimHarrisonAuthor4 karma

That would be Matalina's death, and yep, I cry when I write sad things, and laugh when Jenks cracks an especially good snark.

winemedineme1 karma

I am SUCH a big fan.. and also from Cincinnati. Why did you pick Cincinnati as the setting for The Hollows? Have you spent any time there since you started the series?

KimHarrisonAuthor2 karma

I picked Cincinnati because the location would let me write about the seasons. It had a river running through it. It was the right size that there were busses, but most everyone used their car. Stuff like that. I used to spend several days a year there researching new locations.

likeBruceSpringsteen1 karma

Wow, it's amazing to see you here! Thank you so much for the IAMA!

I'm a huge fan of the Hollows Series, and the urban fantasy genre in general, I was wondering, do you read any other series' and if so which ones do you particularly enjoy?

KimHarrisonAuthor2 karma

I read Jocelynn Drake, Vicki Pettersson, Richard Kadry, and Brom to name a few. I'm reading Red Rising right now. Anything with grit, action, and a smart story line will capture my attention and hold it.

mikayakatnt1 karma

What type of hats do you like to wear?

KimHarrisonAuthor2 karma

I love hats. My favorite looks like Tom Bakers, and has been lovingly preserved because I was wearing it when I met my future husband.

Anything with a brim does me well.

haggis621 karma

Good Morning Kim, I'm a HUGE fan!! I think I own everyone of your books up to today. I'll be getting "The Undead Pool" after work today at my local B&N!! 3:30pm can't get here soon enough!! lol I have a question. Maybe I miss read this or I'm reading to much in it but in your last book Ever After (witch was one of my favorites) in the last chapter Al ask Trent to become his familiar stating that Demons use to talk to royalty all the time before they got married. Then he said, "or are you already married. on the side? Montana? My question is Trent already married? Or did I just misread that? Can't wait to see what you have for us in this book!! Bunny Kisses and Good Luck. PS. Say Hi to Guy for me.

KimHarrisonAuthor2 karma

Ha! No, Trent isn't married. I hope you like the new book, and thanks!

Cancer7771 karma

I miss Ivy and Rachel's ship, the build up was magnificent. Did you consider them as a possible couple or was it always destined to be a tease?

KimHarrisonAuthor2 karma

Though it might look like it, I don't tease for teasing sake. It was an option.

sylvanrealm1 karma

Thanks Kim for the AMA, and for the wonderful series! I'm currently reading Into the Woods, and really enjoying it as well.

My question would be, do you ever find that a character doesn't want to behave the way you'd originally planned? (That falls under the character evolution, which I think you covered earlier, but--) Do you ever get annoyed at them, that they aren't cooperating? You have covered using tulpas in the books; does it ever feel like your characters have become the tulpas as well?

KimHarrisonAuthor2 karma

I do, yes. Nick surprised me, but when my characters don't behave the way I want, it's usually because I'm trying to make them do something that is contrary to their nature. I back up and start over.

Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying the books.

sugar0coated0 karma

I just wanted to say first of all that I am a huge, huge, HUGE fan of this amazing series. It is utterly inspiring and so well thought out. I love that you're not just blindly following lore, but creating your own, and always including logical reasoning so realistic it comes across as almost scientific. All the talk of how the leylines work, and the ever after being a prime example. I write in my spare time and have certainly been heavily influenced by this rational way of thinking of fantasy!

I just wonder how much of the world you created you think has been inspired by other authors in the genre? How much borrowing of ideas and concepts do you think acceptably exists between authors doing urban fantasy as a whole? I mean leyline concepts are pretty widely used, as are certain forms of the ever after or overworld (although I've never seen it all connect quite so well as you do!). But how about other concepts? I think your take on demons with usernames in a spelling database is just awesome, and the whole system of summoning names - was this inspired by others or your own unique genious? =)

Also, I love Trent x Rachel. Rachel x Ivy felt a little cold to me even at their closest, you've made a wonderful decision on this front if this is going to be the ending thing like you hint ;) Althoug I know this isn't popular with Al fans!

So starstruck right now, haha!

KimHarrisonAuthor1 karma

Thank you! I'm so glad that you are enjoying the books so much.

Ah, I don't do a lot of reading in my genre, so the influences come from the writers in the 70s and 80s. If you pick my style apart, you'll see a strong SF feel to the pacing and that I'm not afraid to kill off a love interest. (Watch out! laugh)

I think there's a lot of borrowing, but that's the nature of the beast. I borrow, but it's usually from a book that's been out for 30 years and part of my collective knowledge, and linked to today the best I can. You brought up ley lines. Back in 2004 when DWW came out, it was hard to find them in anything, so it all spins around.

Lyricsmom20100 karma

Hi Kim how is your day going? Patiently waiting on my undead pool to be mailed to me so I'm gonna ask why ivy and Rachel never truly got together? I was really rooting for them. Also would like to say thank you for writing a series that I love! This wAs my first non romance books I have read and you have opened up a door to a new world I books for me. Have a great day!

KimHarrisonAuthor2 karma

My day is going frantic, but it will slow down soon. I hope you get your copy shortly. Ivy and Rachel. Ivy needs someone who needs her, someone she can help become everything they can be, and Rachel has grown beyond where Ivy can do anything anymore. But Rachel is loyal, and they will be friends forever.

swhitak60 karma

I'm going to start the undead pool today.... is rachel going to get some happy in her love life?!!! I kinda wanted to kick Trent at the end of the last book....

KimHarrisonAuthor3 karma

Oh, man. I am a romantic at heart, but I've got a bad cruel streak thanks to my SF/Fantasy upbringing, so it's happy endings all around! To all who survive.

vbarton24-2 karma

Hi Kim Congrats on The Undead Pool coming out today. Love all your books and am so excited to read The Undead Pool. I love how all the names of your books are similar to Eastwood movies. Do you know any book stores which will be selling autographed copies or any giveaways on blogs etc for autographed copies?

KimHarrisonAuthor1 karma

Thanks! It's a good, busy day. I will be leaving signed copies at all the stores I visit, which you can find on my website. kimharrison.net Other than that, I don't keep track of who's giving them away. Sorry.