Hey Reddit, great to be here! We're Band Of Horses, comin' at you live from backstage at the Ellen Degeneres Show.

We put out our new live album 'Acoustic At The Ryman' this week. If you'd like to check it out, the entire album is streaming now at BandOfHorses.com

Ask us anything!

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It's Really Us!

Pick up the album on iTunes or 180gm Vinyl

Hate to roll so quick, but we've got to go play the show! Let's do it again soon. Thanks guys!

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savvyc140 karma

No question, just wanted to say that I've been listening to you guys ever since I came across "The Funeral" on pandora 6 years ago or so. You guys are my favorite band and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Best of luck!!

wearebandofhorses74 karma

Awwww thanks! Glad to hear it.

klydeiscope135 karma

Is it difficult to play human instruments with a hoof?

wearebandofhorses552 karma

Of horse it is

Blogtorwho95 karma

The Funeral - One of my all time favourite songs. No question, Just thank you.

wearebandofhorses54 karma

Thanks for listening!

itsdis52 karma

What's the best small show/venue you recall playing?

wearebandofhorses118 karma

Couple favorites! Filling Station in Bozeman, MT & Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto.

sr78448 karma

Is it true Ben didn't know how to play guitar before he formed the band?

wearebandofhorses150 karma

yes. he didn't know how to spell it either

songboarder45 karma

If you guys could tour with anyone, who would it be?

wearebandofhorses121 karma

thdarkdefender41 karma

Any tips on growing a glorious beard?

wearebandofhorses194 karma

Grow balls first. All downhill from there.

HarlemJazz41 karma

How do you feel about the BCS moving to a playoff format next year?

wearebandofhorses36 karma

Looking forward to it

llisoverit31 karma

This made my day. No question just thank you for the amazing music that soothes my soul

wearebandofhorses28 karma


hungrychelso26 karma

Love you guys! Every album is solid gold.

Who are some lesser known/unsigned bands that you guys are feelin' right now? Any artists that fans of yours should know about, straight from the [Band of] Horses' mouth?

wearebandofhorses35 karma

Josh Roberts and the Hinges

wearebandofhorses22 karma

Floating Action Brian Cates + Creighton's urban poetry side-project

iantupper24 karma

What albums are you guys digging right now?

wearebandofhorses75 karma

Soundtrack to Mannequin 2! Also Kendrick Lamar.

kevinmc515022 karma

I was at the show last night and it was incredible...thank you so much for your music

wearebandofhorses25 karma

thank you for coming!

tinygrover18 karma

Hey Ryan, your solo album is amazing, especially love Turning Over Leaves. Also, go silver foxes class of 96!

wearebandofhorses29 karma

Woah, awesome!!

ViktorWithaK18 karma

How did you like performing in Iceland last year?. Also please come back and play here in Iceland again.

Thanks, love your music.

wearebandofhorses26 karma

Iceland was one the most beautiful places we have ever visited. we would love to come back

friedplums17 karma

Will you guys be my Valentines? ;) hehhe

wearebandofhorses56 karma


clockreads_211315 karma

what made you guys decide to do an acoustic tour?

wearebandofhorses59 karma

We put out an acoustic record!

alligator-taffy15 karma

Where has been your favorite place to preform and which songs do you enjoy preforming the most?

wearebandofhorses38 karma

Norway! ...and also Florida

Forty8Fifty13 karma

I love your music. Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

wearebandofhorses47 karma

anybody that was in the movie Outsiders

jarrettbraun12 karma

Ellen you say... You guys gonna dance?

wearebandofhorses14 karma

You bet

DisgruntledDaniel11 karma

What are your favourite pizza toppings

wearebandofhorses20 karma

Ryan: Green Olives no doubt!

jbadag10 karma

What where some of the best parts of working with/things you learned from Glyn Johns while in the studio?

wearebandofhorses29 karma

That Keith Moon threw a ride cymbal at him through the studios control room window

courtneyj10 karma

Do you guys have any pets?

I'm a big dog lover and I pretty much can't even listen to Ode to LRC because of the dog part.

wearebandofhorses29 karma

Creighton has 2 boston terriers ...and a baby

331831724609 karma

No question - just wanted to say thanks for making such great music, and can't wait to see you in Philadelphia!

wearebandofhorses15 karma

Thanks! See you there

CliveBigsby33 karma

My first BOH show was in Charlotte on May 10th of last year with my girlfriend. Her birthday was 2 days after. Great show. Could you wish my girlfriend, Hollie, Happy Valentines Day? She is who got me into you guys. Thanks for everything!

wearebandofhorses4 karma

Hey awesome! Happy Valentines Hollie!

jessieeee2 karma

Just wanted to say thanks for putting on an AMAZING show last night at the Immanuel Church! Loved your setlist and awesome energy! So glad I was there to experience it :)

wearebandofhorses2 karma

Thanks for coming!