Hi guys! I’m voice actress Jessica DiCicco, you might know me as Flame Princess in Adventure Time, Selina in Winx Club, and most recently Lumina in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. I have voiced characters in many TV shows, animated features, promos, and video games. I’m happy to answer all your burning questions, so AMA!

Proof: https://twitter.com/jessicadicicco/status/433707522415796224

EDIT: Thank you all so much for taking the time to come ask me questions. Was not expecting to stay this long, but the power went out on my block...and I was having too much fun :) This wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be, you all have been very good to me. Please visit me anytime on Facebook, and find me on twitter & Instagram @jessicadicicco. Oh! Also check me out in the new pilot Hardboiled Eggheads on Amazon Prime starring Tara Strong and myself. BYE!!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! <3

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alexxerth261 karma

Evil evil evil evil evil evil evil.

jessica_dicicco334 karma

Father!!! I'm doing an AMA!

so embarrassing

AaronTheHalfElven57 karma

Hi, Jessica!

I have a couple, if you don't mind:

-What has been your favorite Adventure Time episode/moment so far?

-Can you describe your general experience playing Flame Princess? What's it like recording / working with everyone at AT?

P.S. My younger sister and I love you! You're her favorite character, so you can only imagine the number of conversations we have that involve FP! Lots of love from Canada. Keep up the awesome work.

jessica_dicicco96 karma

My favorite episode was "Hot to the Touch," I loved the budding romance between FP & Finn. My fave line in that episode is when FP says "You would defy nature for me?" The AT cast and crew are GREAT. I've become friends with a lot of them (even PB). P.S. I love you too <3 P.P.S. I hope I can make it to a convention in Canada and meet you!

The_Best_Dong55 karma

Do you remember much about being in Godfather III?

jessica_dicicco96 karma

I totally remember! It was a great experience. Francis Coppola was so nice to me, he asked me what my character would be holding... I chose a red balloon.

ihadsexwithyourdad33 karma

If so, what do you remember about the legend, Al Pacino?

jessica_dicicco131 karma

At the wrap party I went up to Al Pacino and started talking to him. He engaged in a lengthy conversation then looked up and said "Whose kid is this??"

Aipom62653 karma

Given the recent events that have transpired on Adventure Time, how do you feel about the advancement of Flame Princess' character in regards to herself, her kingdom, and other around her (most notably Finn and Cinnamon Bun)?

PS: I love Adventure Time and think you do a wonderful job portraying Flame Princess!! :)

jessica_dicicco55 karma

I think FP is becoming a mature, responsible young lady right before our eyes.... and for some reason that involves Cinnamon Bun :P As for what it means for FP and Finn, we will have to see what happens in time. But I think there's room for them to grow together.

Iceman327432 karma

Want to go run some dungeons? ;)

jessica_dicicco53 karma

Eh, not really my thing ;) Unless I get to burn stuff.

chamberlainhaus31 karma


Will you ever act in a film or show rather than voice over?

jessica_dicicco59 karma

Hey! I started out my career acting on-camera and had a great time. It's not something I'm actively pursuing right now, but I'm not opposed to it if there is a perfect part for me!

Rob_Saget30 karma

Hey Jessica,

  • A lot of broadcasters and voice actors at some point in their career hate the sound of their voice. Have you ever come across this and if so, how did you deal with it?
  • Weirdest line you had to say?
  • I host a podcast that has celebrity guests talk about hobbies and and things they nerd out. Would you be interested in being a part of the show for an episode?

Thanks again. Look forward to the rest of this AMA!

jessica_dicicco64 karma

  • Nope hahaa (I'm totally used to it). THOUGH... I was always embarrassed as a kid of my raspy voice. Moral: Kids with weird voices grow up awesome.
  • "Do the splits! Thou milk livered maggot pie"
  • I'd have to ask my agent :)

bigjerm29 karma

if you could choose between having a lego minifig made after you or getting a ben and jerry's ice cream in your honor, which would you pick?

jessica_dicicco51 karma

After starting in animation it was a life goal of mine to be an action figure! So I would definitely choose the lego minifig. Though my mom and sister would be disappointed in my answer. FIENDS.

Taochan26 karma

How did you like voicing the character Olette from Kingdom Hearts? Would you want to return and voice her in the future?

jessica_dicicco32 karma

It was intimidating because there was a room was full of Japanese producers on the other side of the glass. So I wanted to make sure I was doing the part justice. And YES I would absolutely come back as Olette.

The_Magikarp_Kid25 karma

What are some of your favourite interactions with fans?

jessica_dicicco80 karma

At NYCC this little boy was sobbing because the line to meet some AT ppl cut off right in front him. I walked him up to the front of the line because my heart was breaking T-T. It was so great to be able to help. See...not evil!!!

_honeybird22 karma

Ok, Finn's dream in "Frost & Fire" is totally a metaphor for a sex dream, right? I mean FP's blasting fire at his crotch, he gets all flustered because it feels good, he becomes obsessed with having the dream again… right??

And if it IS a metaphor for a sex dream (which, c'mon, it TOTALLY IS) are there any other plans for the show to metaphorically address other aspects of Finn's burgeoning teenage sexuality?

(oh jeez i hope i don't sound like a total weirdo asking this)

jessica_dicicco43 karma

Well, it's all up to interpretation... But I think we can all agree it was pretty hot hehee

Smunny20 karma

What would be your last meal if you were on death row?

jessica_dicicco32 karma

Hopefully I don't end up on death row. But it would definitely be a bone-in filet from Mastro's

Dr_Atrocious20 karma

Hello, Jessica.
Who do you personally "ship," Finn and Princess Bubblegum or Finn and Flame Princess?

jessica_dicicco55 karma

I'm Team FP, all the way. I wouldn't ship another girl ;)

Purge220219 karma

Will you marry me?

jessica_dicicco28 karma

Maybe ;)

grailm17 karma

I have one burning question is finn x flame princess over forever or will they ever get back together.

jessica_dicicco41 karma

Sadly, I don't have the answer. Though girls mature faster than boys, maybe Finn just needs to catch up now that FP rules her kingdom. I think their relationship is constantly evolving, who knows what will happen!

ChiefMaster183016 karma

I love you

jessica_dicicco22 karma

I love you too

SneakyTheCat14 karma

Hey FP! What's your favourite episode with you in it, and who's your favourite character in adventure time?

jessica_dicicco32 karma

Hey! Hot to the Touch and Frost and Fire. I think Billy is hilarious, and Ice King is such a dynamic, hilarious character.

Asperator13 karma

Who is your favorite adventure time character? (Besides Flame Princess)

jessica_dicicco15 karma

Billy is hilarious.

JPree13 karma

Hello. I'm a huge fan of Adventure Time but not as big as my friend's daughter, Skylar. She is a 12 year old sunshine of awesome and She loves your character Flame Princess. She wants to know how you prepare for all you fiery yells and still go back to a high and dainty voice? And if it's not too much can you just tell her to have a great day? (I know it's just text but she loves you that much)

jessica_dicicco23 karma

HI SKYLER!! It's easy to get into character for FP, I just channel any frustration I have for those yells. There is a certain way to scream, that I can't really delve into right now, that makes it very easy to recover from and go straight into the sweet version of FP.

drawingonpencilcases12 karma

Hi Jessica! You've done many roles popular to cosplay, and I'm sure you've seen your fair share of them, so let me ask - what's you're favorite cosplay you've seen so far of ANY of your characters? And somewhat on the flip side, what's the worst experience you've had with a fan or fan related activity? Thanks!

jessica_dicicco20 karma

I've seen some pretty impressive FP cosplayers! I'm always curious to see how they tackle the hair. I also can’t wait to see cosplayers as Lumina, her costumes in Lightning Returns are stunning. I’m almost tempted to cosplay her myself...is that weird? Is that against voice actor etiquette to dress as your own character??

muriah20012 karma

What's it like to work with the cast of Lightning Returns and what was your favorite line to say?

jessica_dicicco15 karma

We record separately because we record in ADR so I've never recorded with them, since it's already animated when it comes from Japan. Though it would be so fun to get the whole cast together to do a live reading! Who knows if that will ever happen...

You'll have to play the game to hear some good Lumina lines :)

jpellizzi10 karma

Hey Jessica! What was the hardest name you've had to pronounce recently during a session?

(Bobgoblin?) Haha

jessica_dicicco11 karma



balloonmusic10 karma

you wake up one morning and discover that it's the zombie apocalypse. you can choose one weapon and one animal ally to help you survive. what are your picks?

jessica_dicicco20 karma

Weapon- Uhhh, I'm sorta made of fire?? Animal- My fluffy cockapoo, Kody (FEROCIOUS)

sprech418 karma

What do you think of the direction the writers are taking Finn? Like how he and FP broke up as he suddenly became a creepy weirdo, and his most recent creepiness in Red Throne. Personally, I really don't like it, but maybe it'll have a good payoff?

jessica_dicicco21 karma

In Red Throne, I think Finn was confused because he could actually touch her and not get burned. He obviously still likes her a lot! What I would personally like to see happen, is for Finn to find a way to extract the ingredient in the poison that made it possible for them to touch. Finn and FP have a lot going for them, they had the initial spark, I think that's hard to find, and I think they should work on their relationship! Finn just has a little growing up to do ;) But I want to see them together in the end! OTP!

sprech418 karma

We didn't get to see Flame Princess very often in Season 4 and 5. Will we get to see more of her in the seasons to come?

jessica_dicicco18 karma

I hope so!!

ellsve8 karma

  • Do you do your episodes with the whole cast at the same time? If yes: Is it weird looking at them while they are talking with a different voice?
  • Do you guys hang out, when not on the job?

jessica_dicicco42 karma

  • Yes, we usually record as an ensemble, which means all of the actors in the episode are present. Of course, there are sometimes scheduling conflicts because everyone is so busy. Not weird looking at them, it's fun to watch them work :)
  • Actually, yes! I've become good friends with Hynden Walch (PB (weird, right?)), Olivia Olson (Marceline), Kent Osbourne (writer, and role of Joshua), and I went to a Beyonce concert with Pen Ward...where he wouldn't stop playing his DS during the show. Pretty sure it was Animal Crossing...

SergeantMajorKululu8 karma

Hello, Jessica.

What was it like working with John DiMaggio or Tom Kenny?

jessica_dicicco12 karma

I work with them on many different projects, they are great talents, and super nice guys. I absolutely love watching them work.

Granmomma_Bammer8 karma

Hi Jessica! If you could write an episode of AT, what would it be like?

jessica_dicicco22 karma

Everything is on fire. Everything.

Bat_turd7 karma

How well paid is voice acting?

jessica_dicicco29 karma

Ask my roommates. They're always opening my mail.

julesiax7 karma

Hey Jessica. Just want to say I love your work on adventure time! Flame princess is my favourite character; I love how much she has matured since we just got introduced to her. Hot to the touch and burning low are some of my favourite episodes.

Anyways; what's your favourite kind of ice cream?

jessica_dicicco9 karma

Thank you so much! My fave flave is Chocolate Malted Krunch from Thirfty in Los Angeles. Sooooo goooood.

evsolita7 karma

Hi Jessica, I'm a fan of your work as Flame Princess and discovered you were in one of my favorite episodes of Gravity Falls and in Final Fantasy XII LR! I've always wanted to pursue film and voice acting, especially for video games. Can you share your first time experience getting into voice acting specifically for video games? Any tips for aspiring voice actors (video games and animation) trying to start out in Los Angeles?

jessica_dicicco18 karma

Hi! Every single VA I know has a completely different and unique path into the industry. Many have started as kids. My friend and fellow voice actor, Dee Bradley Baker set up a great site covering EVERYTHING about getting into voice overs. I think it’s more extensive then anything I’d be able to answer within this AMA. So check out his site: http://iwanttobeavoiceactor.com/

Iightningz7 karma

Hello Jessica!

I have a few, because I'm representing a Final Fantasy community. Here goes!

-Do you like RPGs? What's your favourite?

-How did you go from "Additional voices" in XIII-2 to the only new main character in LR?

-What are the chances you're going to participate in Final Fantasy XV?

-Did you reference the Japanese voice actor, or did you decide to voice Lumina the way you think she should've sounded?

-Have you played Lightning Returns? If so, what's your favourite outfit?

jessica_dicicco11 karma

  • I haven't played many, but working on Lightning Returns opened up my eyes to the depth of the story telling in RPGs. Do you have any suggestions as to where I should start?
  • I got lucky! :)
  • I'm not sure, but the trailers look incredible
  • The director likes us actors to use our own instincts, so I got to do my own thing with her. Hope I did the character justice!
  • Not yet. I was in awe at some of her outfits, there was one in particular with a thick black ruffle around her neck. I'm so tempted to dabble in cosplay!

P.S. So great to know that there is a Final Fantasy community that has welcomed me with open arms. It can be intimidating to work on a series with so much history, but its been amazing. Thank you so much :)))

surakian7 karma

How was it voicing a trickster like Lumina? You did a fantastic job! Also wanted to tell you I loved you in the Emperor's New School! That was one of my favorite shows as a kid.

jessica_dicicco8 karma

Thank you so much! I love being mischievous, so it was very fun and rewarding to get lost in that character.

K-U-Z-C-O, Kuzco, Kuzco GO GO!! Malina was one of my favorite characters to play.

judohart7 karma

Were you a final fantasy fan before voicing Lumina?

jessica_dicicco19 karma

I started getting into Final Fantasy when I voiced Olette in Kingdom Hearts 2. I actually played some smaller characters in XIII and XIII-2, so I was thrilled when I was offered the role of Lumina. Fun fact: I also play a couple Moogles in the game, see if you can figure out which ones, kupo! :)

[deleted]6 karma

Do you have a "dream role"? Like is there any show that you would love to be in besides the ones you already do?

jessica_dicicco8 karma

I would LOVE to be in a Myazaki film. And I've always wanted to be in a live-action sitcom.

KazeeFullford5 karma

Hi Jessica, I was at DrawnCon last November. I was wearing the large Red wolf/fox costume.

I think you asked me to take your picture with me? You wouldn't happen to have said picture would you?

.> could I have a copy?

jessica_dicicco2 karma

I will look in my phone! If I have it, I can send it to Logan :) I love Furries!!

muriah2005 karma

can you give us an insight on any future roles your working on? And if you could be any of the characters you've played for a day who would it be?

jessica_dicicco8 karma

I have two major video games coming out later this year, I'm not able to announce them just yet :/ You can also hear me in the upcoming Disney feature film Malificent, the Amazon Prime pilot "Hardboiled Eggheads," and a few more projects.

ShevaDas5 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck? (...what, nobody asked this yet? I'm disappointed.)

Also, as a voice actor, what do you do when you get a sore throat or otherwise lose your voice?

jessica_dicicco12 karma

Those duck-sized horses would be SO CUTE. It would break my heart x100 to fight them. I would break them all in, and cuddle them all :-*

The_Magikarp_Kid5 karma

If you couldn't be any kind of actress, what job would you want to have?

jessica_dicicco9 karma

I have it!!

BrothersBear5 karma

What kind of puppy is that sitting next to you?

jessica_dicicco8 karma

A fluffy cockapoo!

sprech414 karma

At what point in the development of an episode of Adventure Time do the voice actors come in? Like for example, since Season 6 is in the works right now, how far into that season are you, if at all?

jessica_dicicco6 karma

The VA's are usually the last to know about the production schedule. We come in when the script is as close to finished as possible. In original animation, the VA's record, and the show is animated around the storyboard and performance. Occasionally we come back at the very end for ADR, if there was a line change or something. But we don't see the episode for almost a year after we first record it!

buddyconnor3314 karma

Hi Jessica, thank you for doing this AMA. I was wondering, how did you get the role as Flame Princess?

jessica_dicicco6 karma

Thank you for dropping by!! As for FP, I auditioned :)

Farfignougat4 karma

Jessica! Thank you for doing this AMA! Huge fan! My question is: how do you and the characters you play relate? In other words, how much of you is in the character?

Edit: My first answered AMA question! Sweet! Thanks Jessica!

jessica_dicicco6 karma

Thank you for coming by! There's a huge part of myself in all my characters, you have to put aspects of your own personality into your characters so that they're authentic.

HelpMeLoseMyFat3 karma

You are very beautiful!

That is all :)

jessica_dicicco2 karma

omg :)))))

WoodBang1 karma

Not a question but, you're really pretty. That's all.

jessica_dicicco2 karma

*blush *

The_Magikarp_Kid1 karma

What sort of creative input do you and the other voice actors have in Adventure Time?

jessica_dicicco3 karma

The only input I've had was when I was in the booth recording my part. So basically, we get to influence our character's personalities.

The_Magikarp_Kid1 karma

If you could voice any character other than ones you already have, who would it be?

jessica_dicicco3 karma

Bart Simpson