well, I'm getting my 60° scoliosis curve (previously corrected to 35° with the help of a halo traction) T2 to L3 in Montreal, CA. supposedly, one of the best surgeons in the world will operate me; still, I'm nervous.

maybe I have to mention that I suffer from brittle bone disease, type lll, which increases the risks and difficulty of the surgery.

i will update my recovery as soon as I can.

wish me luck!!


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Dabee62516 karma

Hey, I had a fusion done back in July. I've felt great for months now. No questions, just wanted to let you know it's a lot easier than you're thinking. The worst part is walking on the first day, but even that's not too bad. Expect bizarre pooping habits, but other than that, good luck!

jasonninetyone14 karma

well, i don't walk due to the brittle bone disease, but thanks for the good vibes anyway!

Dabee62519 karma

Ah, now I feel like a dick. Sorry about that.

jasonninetyone12 karma

no problemo!

redmustang042 karma

Once you able to go back to normal activity have you considered using weight like for example wearing a weighted vest under doctor's approval. Look at Wolff's Law to see why I said that.


jasonninetyone1 karma

no, I won't wear that best. if necessary, I'll wear a brace, but I don't know yet.

redmustang041 karma

Well since you are in type III, have they put you on osteoporosis like medicine as for example Boniva, Aclasta, etc. You would to do subcutaneous shots for the rest of your life?

jasonninetyone1 karma

yes, I just had my last aclasta treatment

redmustang041 karma

So how much calcium and vitamin D intake does the doctor tell you to have to replenish those bones?

jasonninetyone1 karma

I don't have to take them.

jackster1234669 karma

Good luck man! I had a total spinal fusion thirty years ago and I'm pain free and very happy. Yeah and I gained about 2 inches in height as well. You will do well, the surgery techniques and doctors are soooo much better too.. Take care!

jasonninetyone8 karma

I bet that the techniques have improved in the last 30 years, and that cheers me up. thanks man!

jackster1234666 karma

You're kindly welcome enjoy the anethesia !!

jasonninetyone4 karma

sure i will!!

ethicvisionary7 karma

Are you scared?

jasonninetyone4 karma

yes, but I think that it's perfectly normal. actually, I think that not being scared is something to worry about haha.

Charlotteb3125 karma

Is it painful for you to move around?

jasonninetyone6 karma

not at all. I'm having the surgery to avoid future organ compressing and respiratory malfunction.

Jack-The-Riffer4 karma

I have scoliosis as well, and I was just wondering if you consider non-invasive methods of treating scoliosis (physical therapy, chiropractic treatment) a good idea opposed to surgery, particularly when one's curve isn't as severe as yours.

jasonninetyone5 karma

I didn't want to have surgery for obvious reasons, but the doctor explained that the curve is chronic and it worsens with time, which can lead to big problems. also, the less the curve the less difficult the surgery is, so here I am!

LearningJo3 karma

I want to ask one question, what thoughts are running through your mind prior to this? Wishing for a speedy recovery and praying for you

jasonninetyone3 karma

I'm a little bit nervous but it's normal, but not scared; I've been through a lot of surgeries in my life. but I have to say that I really hate post-op days, but I have no option...

TimPwb3 karma

Best of luck man!

It'd be cool to see the follow up X-ray.

If you have a pic of your back now that would be cool to see with a pic of the after.

jasonninetyone2 karma

yeah.... unfortunately I'm not able to take a picture. but it doesn't look that bad. the left shoulder palate (I don't know if that's the name) came out and it's like a hump. but not a big deal

CWellDigger2 karma

Jesus, and I thought my scolio was bad, I've only got a 20 something degree curve, if I remember correctly it's been almost half a year since my last visit for it so I don't really remember how bad it is.
How much does your scolio affect your day to day life?

Mine doesn't do much except make my back sore and cause some muscles to be tight, especially in the mornings.

jasonninetyone1 karma

it didn't affect my normal life at all.

notyouraveragegoat1 karma

I'm getting one next year (100 degree kyphosis and 60 degree scoliosis) and would really appreciate it if you kept me updated I am really nervous.

jasonninetyone1 karma

PM me :)

ThatsNotGucci1 karma

Good luck! I'm sure everything is going to be fine.

Also, I was wondering: How bad is the brittle bone disease? Is it treatable or do you just need to live with it?

jasonninetyone1 karma

I have to live with it, but that's not at problem. my life is pretty normal, and I'm very independent.

Koeny11 karma

Are you aware they will put a catheter through your penis? I wasn't...

jasonninetyone1 karma

i have catheter in my penis.