My short bio: Born and raised in the Bay Area, California and after having cannabis introduced to me at a young age because my mother was ill with cancer. I chose to work at a dispensary to add as much help to the growing community for Patients as well as I could! After almost 3 years Im happy to say I learned a lot there. Some bad some good, as is the way of Life.

My Proof: Imgur Imgur Imgur A Screenshot from the show Weed Wars they aired about HHC. Im on the Left. Edit: " I Am Giving Advice based on experiences of mine and in no way intend to be a Professional Medical Doctor or Adviser of any kind! "

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Sorry sweets but you're kind of a dipshit. I also worked for a dispensary in the Bay, and honestly you're fucking embarrassing. I can hear your valley accent through my screen, and your half-assed answers are helping nobody. I couldn't give two shits if this gets karma or gets down voted, but because of how turbulent a topic this is at the moment and how hungry folks are for first hand accounts of "what's it like behind the counter", you should really self regulate. I just don't feel like you're an appropriate or 'typical' representation of the people who are the small but mighty cogs in this constantly misrepresented and tightly knit community of progressive folk.

chemtrailko3 karma

Sorry you feel like that.. This is my experience at Harborside.

Badmouth551 karma

tips for someone who wants to open their own dispensary?

chemtrailko2 karma

Keep the same mind set from the start! I always loved a boss that understood the struggle and kept it real! And would actually have a conversation with us and look at us. At this place it got so big they would always tell you that we were family but obviously treat us different .. so dont do that! lol

shittymongorian1 karma

love harborside.

chemtrailko2 karma

Met some of the coolest people ever there man! Patients and all! <3

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One time, about 4 years ago, I took an old friend of mine to the dispensary that you've worked at. I was in the parking lot, waiting, while he was inside. When he got back to my car, he opened his door, and accidentally bumped the car next to mine. A piece of paint, about the size of a large ant was scraped off of some guy's shiney car. It just so happened that the driver was in the car. He got out, looked at his tiny paint chip, and then opened the door where my friend was sitting, and assaulted him, by punching him once, hard, in the face. The rest of his "crew" proceeded to get out of his car, and they kicked my car as we sped off, in fear for our lives, over some stupid mistake.

What do you think of assholes like those having access to medical cannabis, and do you have parking lot cameras?

chemtrailko4 karma

Well in life there are assholes every where you go ! they do Im an ex employee

shwoopityshwoop1 karma

Hey thanks for the response. I guess I just wanted to get that out.

Anyway, I support the cause. I don't smoke, personally, anymore. How hard is it to start one's own shop?

chemtrailko2 karma

I hear its pretty hard depending on the city's rules and such, Im not quite sure tho I was just a employee. Right on man!

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In all honesty. Do you believe weed kills cancer? (Any form of it)

chemtrailko3 karma

I wouldn't say Kills it but! from all iv'e learned it cuts the circulation off to the tumor and therefore makes it shrink and reduces the effects.. Now My mother came down with breast cancer when I was 13.. she died when I was 15.. before she passed she told me she would have rather have smoked and died then do chemo .. and after growing up I suggested to patients that wanted to listen that changing your diet and taking no toxic pharma pills and using cannabis & cannabis oils, and other products from the plant would be my best guess after what I had witnessed.

chemtrailko-2 karma

To sum that up Id say A healthy diet and cannabis products of all sorts and some exercise if possible would be much better then putting Chemo chemicals in your body well its trying to defend already against Cancer. We want to reinforce the immune system not hit it with more chemicals. As far as Cancer treatment is. It is possible that after the circulation is cut off long enough it would disappear .. but im not scientist/doctor :)

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Hey, I've got depression and anxiety. Would you consider medical marijuana a good option for those conditions? If so what are some strains you would recommend?

chemtrailko5 karma

Yes and no thats a hard one cause the anxiety can go up easily from Sativa's and Depression will get a boost from too much Indica ... so you really have to test that out with what strain feels best with you.. But I could suggest Blue Dream .. just because thats one of the safest bets.. Its like a Ford Or Honda in the car industry popular for a reason.. but like I said you'd have to test it out :| cause sometimes peoples bodies can be more sensitive then others and more tolerant.. But Id say you will always wanna stick with a Hybrid.. meaning both Sativa and Indica some times 70/30 - 60/40

Hawkinsc1 karma

Thanks for responding. I used to be a big smoker, but once I developed the depression it became much less enjoyable. I finally realized it wasn't a good idea at the time, and quit for about 6 months. I've started to smoke again but only with very close friends or by myself and always low amounts of medical grade that I know the name of.

Do you think this won't hurt or should I lay off?

chemtrailko1 karma

I would try and hold off on smoking until around 5-6 at night or later that way you have a lower tolerance and you only need a few hits so your still gonna get the effects you want but not over power yourself and/or get depressed again from too much smoking..

Hawkinsc0 karma

Good advice, I do only smoke a couple hits. But why is 5-6 at night a better idea than during the day? Forgot to mention that Im on antidepressants, could that interfere or effect how I react to the smoking?

Thanks for answering these questions by the way, never had a chance to ask someone this knowledgeable about weed these questions before.

chemtrailko1 karma

5-6 works best for me just being clear all day and then having it to really relax me when I get home it kinda relaxes me all day knowing im gonna have it waiting for me later.. It adds serotonin to your flow so I'd think it could Im not 100% sure

lord_gloom1 karma

i used to like blue dream but later it started giving me bad/depressing highs...i avoid it now, and other strains don't do that.

chemtrailko1 karma

yea that is the thing its a little challenging because you gotta find a few strains that work well for ya because you build a tolerance to them or just plain dont want it anymore ..

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DAE 420??????????????

chemtrailko2 karma

? lol