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Is the pilot okay? I mean, it was just a prop gun, right?

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If it weren't for Eric Idle, I wouldn't have known about your AMA! :)

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Thank you for NOT answering the question about religion! It really shows that there is a candidate out there who doesn't GAF about acknowledging religion in a political debate, other than to point out when people used religious ideals unjustly. After this AMA, Gary Johnson is definitely my next vote for POTUS.

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and "Tea Party", and "pro-life", and the misuse of words like "communist", "nazi", and "facist". They're also the people who want there to be only two main political parties...

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Dude, that song sounds awesome! I've felt like staying in bed some days, too. What's your best advice at doing the opposite? You're the man for doing this AMA.