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I quit first because of promotion issues, Came back because I was moved from tending to Processing. Worked in that department for awhile until issues of mistrust came up, they put me on a month of probation and after asking for a meeting multiple times I was brushed away for about a month and a half with excuses for why they couldn't have the meeting .. i refused to work on the BAR one day because I was working in Processing and because i was still on probation they terminated me. But I left a lot of details out because its a very complicated story.

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hell yea bro thats one of my fears ... but I know there will always be micro groweries :D Making crazy new strains haha

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Well that would have been on the people checking them in at the front desk, I was a Bud Tender for about almost 2 years.. I helped discus and chose medicine with the patients so i never had to ask them for ID or anything once they were checked in. :]

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Anything Air tight but make sure it has a good seal.. I prefer Mason Jars.. and that is what I suggest for Curing your cannabis if you grow.. And store it in a dark place.. any cabinets should do as long as they aren't near heat..

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Craziest : watching all the bosses get crazy at the Holiday partys and overall just the image you have going to work there and learning all the shit you kinda didn't wanna know lol.. oh and when patients would shit all over the bathroom :[ 1 more ! I had a patient try and smoke a edible jolly rancher thinking it was hash! LOL

Funniest : I mean there are so many stories you hear from the patients hmm.. I had a guy that had dreads longer then most of us have been around and he showed me exactly when I was born due to his historical dread length, Funny shit happened every day tho between us I ate my bosses tacos once when she was pregnant because when you left something on the kitchen table in the back it became far game .. but She had gotten up in the middle of lunch to take care of something when she returned i had killed it and she was hellllla pissed hahaha