We are "Green Grass Alternative" in Central City, CO! We have been a medicinal marijuana shop for almost four years now and have recently expanded to full recreational sales for anyone 21+!!! We recently hired a social media director to help manage our online presence and he is an avid "Redditor" :D

We have on site today the owner of the business and two of our employees. If you have any questions about the business or anything feel free to shoot it our way! We'd love to answer em! We will be live until 7:00 PM mountain time.

I'm not too sure how we can get proof but how about a photo with our badges!? http://bit.ly/1a8dJNv

We are still here answering questions and taking customers at the same time! Thanks for all your questions and engagements we really appreciate your time! Here are some links to our social media pages and websites! We are just getting some of these up and running today so thank you to everyone! Store Website: http://bit.ly/1dSTLBc Facebook Page: http://on.fb.me/Mn3tpr Instagram: http://bit.ly/1figNEe

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Dizzymo60 karma

Do you play different types of music in the background or just loop Bob Marley albums?

Dazedconfused1144 karma

Employee here (can verify if needed) love this question!!! We got bob on now =D

GreenGrassMJ36 karma

^ verified

GreenGrassMJ57 karma

We have now moved on to Jimi Hendrix....

Ewwiikk52 karma

Worst customer experience you've had?

GreenGrassMJ224 karma

Someone brought a joint back because they dropped it in the snow. They were bummed. We gave them a new joint. :)

Fienzy32 karma

as a canadian can i come visit your shop if i am not a resident of colorado and do not have valid medical marijuana card?

GreenGrassMJ85 karma

As a canadian, you are welcome to come by our store with an ID proving that you are 21 years of age or older and I can legally sell you up to a 1/4oz that you can carry around the state. None of the recreational or medical marijuana available in Colorado is legally free to the leave the state. IT MUST STAY HERE AND BE ENJOYED AT ALTITUDE!

ZigerianScammer30 karma

I heard that many banks are refusing to take revenue from medicinal/recreational dispensaries due to the federal illegality of cannabis. Is this the case everywhere? If banks won't take your money how do you store it/pay taxes on it?

GreenGrassMJ27 karma

Yes the banks are not working with us quite yet unfortunately. This is the case statewide at the moment. There is a hefty "excise" tax on all of the flower and products available at our store, both local and state marijuana taxes are incorporated into this tax.

ehesemar19 karma

How do you handle situations where you might need a bank, like taking out a loan? Do the local credit unions react in the same way as the big banks do?

GreenGrassMJ19 karma

Yes, local credit unions do react in the same manner as banks. In the case of a loan, we just can't get one through a financial institution. There are other ways to finance I suppose we can save that for an econ class :P

Dizzymo27 karma

Do you ever try to recommend what munchies would taste best with each strain? Like a weed sommelier.

GreenGrassMJ56 karma

Haven't been asked that before. I guess the answer is subjective. On an average the answer would be: PIZZA!

TheKeifChief23 karma

That's the answer everytime no matter the strain.

GreenGrassMJ13 karma


waaaldooooo11 karma

Have you thought about partnering with local pizza places for cross promotion?

GreenGrassMJ16 karma

No, but Peyton is busy with the super bowl right now. So, after they win we will talk about partnering with Papa Johns! :P

mjh8423 karma

I've asked this in a few other similar AMAs...but what's an out of towner supposed to do after he/she purchases some pot? From what I understand, you'd need someone to allow you to smoke it on their property, correct?

GreenGrassMJ27 karma

There are some hotels that allow it in smoking rooms but you are correct it has to be on private property (Not public of any sort)

maplestaple19 karma


GreenGrassMJ31 karma

The recreational limitation on the grow through the state is 3600 plants, yes 3600. LOL

karlmyers18 karma

I am someone who used to get paranoid/anxiety while smoking weed, so I stopped. Ten years later, I am once again interested in using marijuana to help me with pain/inflammation issues, yet I'm afraid of the paranoia and enhanced social anxiety that I used to experience when under the influence of marijuana. Are their any strains of marijuana that help with pain/inflammation, yet don't make people paranoid and can actually reduce social anxiety? Also, I do not want to smoke it, but am curious about vaporizing (is this still harmful to one's health?). Ideally, I would take it as an edible, but it's my understanding that this can actually enhance anxiety and has different effects. Your input on these different points would be much appreciated.

GreenGrassMJ22 karma

There a definitely particular strains that are associated with paranoia/anxiety. Believe it or not, some folks actually seek that out. For the more anxiety ridden person I would suggest a strain called Galadriel (cindi99 x sourd, a sativa dominant hybrid) is an anti anxiety strain. I also would recommend Flo, which is a great daytime functional and anti anxiety strain!

Filthkid18 karma

What is the pricing structure?

GreenGrassMJ24 karma

Everything includes tax! We start at $18-gram $30-1/16th $55-1/8th $110-1/4oz (legal limit for out-of-state sale) $175-1/2oz $325-1oz. (legal limit for Colorado resident)

Sonmi-45212 karma

$325 an ounce? What percentage of that is tax?

GreenGrassMJ19 karma

like 30%

johnnyk0211 karma

What are you expecting prices to be in the future? When demand simmers down and supply remains constant?

GreenGrassMJ19 karma

Once the initial wave of demand simmers, the prices will go down for sure. If you're interested in lower prices, I might suggest looking into attaining a Colorado Medical Marijuana card, having a medical card for the State of Colorado will bypass the hefty recreational excise tax.

Thundersmash18 karma

Now that Washington and Colorado have legalized it, how long do you think it will take before the rest of the US becomes legal?

GreenGrassMJ38 karma

Hopefully not long. Domino effect!!!

SenorchickenNwaffos15 karma

But with pizza

SensibleMadness37 karma

Domino's effect?

GreenGrassMJ20 karma

hahaha yes! LOL

Its419GottaMinute16 karma

How hard is it to regulate consumption in immediate vicinity, and have you had any problems with law enforcement scrutinizing customers leaving?

GreenGrassMJ33 karma

We follow a no onsite consumption rule. The local authorities are handling this new recreational law very appropriately and respectfully. There has been zero scrutiny or profiling to our customers!

brunub16 karma

Hey folks, welcome to reddit! I feel like this AMA is a bit overdue, thanks for coming!

Do you feel the plan going into effective at CO is effective? Anything about it other states looking to join in on might want to keep in mind?

Favorite products you carry?

GreenGrassMJ18 karma

  1. We here at Green Grass feel that the recreational laws that have been passed within the last year, have been nothing but successful and appropriate. The tax revenues to be seen will entice other states into the business without question. To no surprise, we are already seeing micro levels of this nationally with new states allowing medical.

  2. We carry several top notch edible products from companies such as Dixie Elixer, Dr. J's, EdiPure, and more. We also have a great selection of flower usually making 20 or so strains available, covering indica, sativa, and hybrids of your liking! Vaporizer cartridges and concentrates are available as well!

Daniellamb16 karma

Englewood, CO Resident here. How have the lines been lately? Has it been difficult keeping up? I went to my adult use shop down the street on the 3rd day of legalization. Took me 3+ hours to get in and they had to rush my transaction so I could get my product before they had to close down the registers at 7.

GreenGrassMJ13 karma

We are up in Central City. Our pace up here is vastly different than what people are seeing down in Denver/flats. We do have waits, but usually never more than 10mins!

SendDaBatchBro14 karma

How is the weed culture there in Colorado? I'm from Toronto and want to come check it out but is there legal places to smoke like vapor lounges?

GreenGrassMJ28 karma

I've heard they are in the works on vapor lounges and clubs for smokers to go enjoy themselves. But there are specific rules in regulation that (basically) restrict the Amsterdam style shops.

As far as the culture goes, it is amazing. There are some hit and miss spots where the attitude of a shop is poor but for the most part ppl are very friendly and excited things are changing and this culture isn't underground anymore. Come visit our shop and we will ensure you get a sense of the weed culture here :D -j

AmberHeartsDisney13 karma

How much money do you think you'll be pocking this year from this?

GreenGrassMJ20 karma

We are hopeful for $100+-

ehesemar23 karma

How many marajuanas can you get for $100?

GreenGrassMJ55 karma


sglansberg313 karma

I know this is personal, so don't answer if you don't feel comfortable. How much does a full-time employee make?

GreenGrassMJ45 karma

3lbs/hr! ;)

Omega50013 karma

Have you ever had people protesting outside the shop (am thinking westboro baptist church types) harassing would be customers and how are they dealt with?.

GreenGrassMJ58 karma

Considering it is now LEGAL within the state, any protesters efforts will most likely be ignored. We would deal with them politely and make it clear that we are a legal business and abide by each and every rule clarified by the state of Colorado. For an uptight protester type, I might recommend a purebred indica.

Worfrat113 karma


GreenGrassMJ2 karma


freshcutgrass10 karma

How difficult was it to start your shop? Major upfront investment? Licensing? Im sure competition was fierce.

GreenGrassMJ10 karma

Lots of hoops to jump and fees to meet! Major upfront investments no doubt and thorough licensing. We made it though and we are proudly here to accommodate to our customers needs!

AmberHeartsDisney9 karma

What would you say is the most popular age range you sell to?

GreenGrassMJ45 karma

Roughly 25-60 years of age.

I_cant_math_today9 karma

Do you sell seeds, seedlings, or clones? How many varieties of those do you keep in stock? If not, does the reason have to do with the law, or do they just not seem in demand?

GreenGrassMJ13 karma

We do sell all of the above. Strains vary from 2-10 depending on a variety of factors.

SatanIsSanta9 karma

Do you get a discount?

GreenGrassMJ12 karma

Work at the local casinos? Show us a local ID and we can offer you a discount!

SatanIsSanta9 karma

Oh I wish. I meant do you guys get a discount in your store?

GreenGrassMJ15 karma

We employees get a discount at the store, yes ;)!

squid9199 karma

Have you had anybody come in with a fake ID and try to buy marijuana? And if yes, are there any interesting stories that come from this?

GreenGrassMJ12 karma

Have not yet had any fake IDs. They're fairly easy to tell whats fake. We know what to look for.

higgyku8 karma

How is the bank situation working out? I'm not exactly sure on the laws but how do you handle your profits at the moment?

GreenGrassMJ16 karma

For the moment, we are a cash only business. We do have an ATM in the store. However it is looking hopeful for Spring/Summer for us to be on board with banks.

portugalthephilosoph22 karma


GreenGrassMJ12 karma

we're being patient but it would really help with logistics

GreenGrassMJ4 karma

oh and special shout out to HiggyKU! Good day sir!

AmberHeartsDisney8 karma

Do you guys sell Charlotte Web? (The liquid used for people with seizures?)

GreenGrassMJ6 karma

We unfortunately do not carry the Charlotte Web at the moment. We do have some CBD heavy strains available in flower at the store!

AmberHeartsDisney6 karma

I heard about it on the news, Its pretty amazing!

GreenGrassMJ5 karma

Definitely! I've heard lots about it, have not tried yet though!

libertytoast7 karma

Hey, thanks for doing this. Couple of questions, if you have the time.

1) Do you have any products that sell a lot better than you thought they would?

2) With all the mentions of success, have you heard of any shops failing? If so, what do you think caused that?

3) Besides IDs, are there any tell-tale signs of an out-of-state customer?

GreenGrassMJ14 karma

  1. Edibles are going off the shelves very quickly.
  2. Heard of some "fails". Ultimately it appears to just be a lack of quality customer service and the inability to keep stock for the flooding business.
  3. There are some tell tale signs of out-of-state customers. I think the main give away could be the pure and raw excitement that out-of-state folks show.

shaggy12659 karma

I am wanting to plan a trip to CO.

Pretty sure I am going to walk in with a giant grin on my face.

GreenGrassMJ15 karma

I am pretty sure you'll step out of the airplane with a grin on your face! CO love!

AmberHeartsDisney6 karma

Did you have a take any kind of special test or licence to sell?

GreenGrassMJ7 karma

Yes, there is licensing associated with the sale of both medical and recreational marijuana. You must pass a thorough background check and attain a badge that allows an individual to work as an employee for a dispensary.

bbgunzzzz5 karma

What would you recommend for some one who was always felt negative effects from smoking marijuana? I've tried it a few times and each time i've honestly felt like I was dying. Best way to describe it is like static electricity inside my body.

GreenGrassMJ1 karma

We have so many different strains and truly do our best to accommodate to everyone's particular needs and interests. I'm confident in our ability to help you find the strain that is appropriate for YOU! We also have edibles available in case you prefer to not smoke. Come into the store sometime and I'd love to assist you in finding what works!

TheKeifChief4 karma

What advice would you give someone who is looking to move in to this industry?

GreenGrassMJ4 karma

Depends exactly what you mean by that. Are you looking to be support in the industry or a key individual in the industry? There is a catch-22 associated no doubt, lots of licensing, fees, and many rules to be followed. It is a great business with nothing but potential! If you are confident in your ability/talent in the business and have funds to back your interest, GO FOR IT!

TheKeifChief1 karma

I'd really like to open a dispensary. I'm confident in my knowledge I'm just working toward the funds at this point.

GreenGrassMJ1 karma

Best of luck friend! :)

Humbug505_4 karma

You said you were previously just a medical marijuana shop, did you have any customers who were epileptic? If so did they ever speak of how effective the marijuana was as a treatment?

I'm an epileptic and struggle with my prescribed medication as it has lots of unintentional effects, I've always heard cannabis helps epileptics but was wondering if there's any truth behind it that you know of? :) thnx

GreenGrassMJ2 karma

Definitely truth behind what you've heard my friend! Marijuana can be greatly beneficial to epileptics! There are several studies that display how marijuana can effectively decrease the number of seizures among epileptics! I am confident in marijuana's ability to aid you with your ailment!

brotherjonathan3 karma

What is your prediction for the # of legal states (recreationally) by Jan 1, 2016?

GreenGrassMJ9 karma

6 -J 10 hopefully! - A

cosnobum3 karma

how long do you think it will take for prices to come down to around 150 an ounce? I am asking because it seems that since the law has come into effect that there has been little decrease in the black market. what is your take on this?

GreenGrassMJ11 karma

Personally, I think there has been some drop in the black market but I have no numbers to back this assumption up. Further, I dont know if cost will go down to $150 an ounce unless you are getting shwagg. I think we will see the cost go down a bit from where it is currently. No one expected as many out of state buyers coming for legal use in CO. This has pushed demand up because supply is down.

jackthelumber2 karma

What kind of payments do you accept? Any problems with banks?

Have you considered accepting Bitcoin? Would guess there might be a quite large consumerbase already acquainted with it ;)

GreenGrassMJ2 karma

At this time there aren't any banks in CO that are willing to attach themselves to a marijuana business or so we've heard/found. We are cash only and do provide an ATM in our lobby.

idungoofd232 karma

What's the take on foreigners? I'm from Australia and planning on going to Colorado next year some time. Am I legally allowed to blaze one?

GreenGrassMJ2 karma

Yes! You are legally allowed to purchase 1/4 ounce of smoke, an unlimited amount of edibles, and you can possess up to 1 oz. on your person at a time while you are in the state of CO. You will need a valid passport for travel and that is all the ID we need to sell to you. As for public smoking that is a no no unless you are on private property.