Hey Reddit. Tony Horton here. I’m the creator of the extreme fitness programs P90X, P90X2, and P90X3.

YouTube Proof: http://youtu.be/CEYLZvIW-Fc

Bring it!

Update: Blown away by the support! I am going to stick around and answer a few more questions in between my shoot!

Update: Thanks for an amazing AMA, Reddit. This was a lot of fun! Sorry for not getting to all of the questions. Next time!

LAST UPDATE: Sorry I didn’t get to all of your questions, Reddit. I had time to answer a few more on camera: http://youtu.be/BqtPxClkcAA

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Boogerburglar2046 karma

Thanks for saving my life dude

realtonyhorton3232 karma

Congratulations for doing the work, you picked up the phone. You opened the box. You allocated time to do it. The hammer doesn't build the house.

Graphitetshirt1751 karma

Tony, I've wanted to ask you this ever since the first time you made me do dive-bomber push-ups - Why do you hate me?

realtonyhorton2331 karma

I love you my brother that's why I put a really good modifier into those dive bomber pushups. The movement comes in handy next time you are escaping from prison.

Streetraider1269 karma

Mr. Horton, thank you so much for the work that you do. I have one question, have you had any German Potato Soup recently?

Keeping it X-TREME!

realtonyhorton1021 karma

No I have not had any German Potato Soup lately, but I have had some vegetarian chili.

Aeryahna868 karma

Hi Tony! For the record, your AMA is the reason I am now a member of Reddit. I could come up with a dozen questions to ask you as I’ve struggled with maintaining my weight, finding the balance between healthy and happy, mustering the energy and motivation to keep exercising even when there appear to be virtually no results, etc. But what I would like to ask you is more personal.

I was born a congenital amputee on my left hand due to a prenatal procedure my mom had done when she was about 6 months pregnant. As a result, I’m missing all of the fingers on my left hand but my thumb which has gone through 9 reconstructive surgeries over the years to increase mobility and functionality. Because of this I have to modify a fair amount, my weight distribution feels a little off in plank, downward dog, anything where I’m balancing on my hands. So far with P90X3, I’ve been using the resistance bands instead of doing pull ups but I would consider it a personal fitness achievement if I could do just 1 pull-up at this point. Unfortunately, because of my required modifications, I effectively have to hold the bar between my wrist and palm on my left hand which makes it extremely awkward and damn near impossible to hold onto. Any suggestions for pull ups or other modifications that will help me do my best and forget the rest? I’d also love to have a six pack but modifications for my hand are completely unrelated to that goal 

Thank you for your time and for P90X!

realtonyhorton1174 karma

First of all you're a Rock Star dude. I get it, you can't do some stuff. I've been to Walter Reed Army Hospital twice. A lot of these guys and gals have lost arms and legs, in some case 2 legs and 1 arm, but they keep fighting, they keep trying, they keep working. And so have you apparently. When I tore my bicep tendon, or shattered my knee, I wasn't able to do a lot of things. But I kept training, I focused on the things I could do. You have two choices, figure out how to move with the situation you have and get better. Or focus on your bad luck and feel sorry for yourself. In just reading your question I think it's pretty clear, which of those two choices you will make. With that said, there are straps you can buy that you wrap around your wrists, which then continue to wrap around a pull up bar. Which will actually help you do your first real pull up, it might now work but it's worth giving a try. Rock on brother!

DannyMacho658 karma

Hi Tony. I'm on my 27th day of X3 and haven't missed a workout. It's great — much easier to stick with than the original because of the time difference, but still very challenging.

On that note, I did Pilates last night and thought it was... odd — especially the breathing, which is still unclear to me. What compelled you to add this Pilates to the mix?

"I can fit a rabbit under there... I don't know what that means."

realtonyhorton850 karma

In regards to the rabbit line--crazy stuff comes out of my mouth, I might have said squirrel or platypus. I was just referring to the great form and range of motion I was observing at the moment. Don't over think PilatesX, the movements and the breathing protect and strengthen your lower back while also improving your entire abdominal wall.

DannyMacho457 karma

Thanks for the answer. I'll always laugh at the rabbit line, just like I always laughed at the "pterodactyl backing out of trouble" line. You're funny, and that's why you're leaps and bounds better than Shaun T in my eyes.

One more question if you come back up this way: You're 126 years old and on your death bed. One final meal which won't affect the length of your life. What is it? (And don't tell me BS like quinoa and carrots.)

realtonyhorton1121 karma

  1. That sounds about right. Probably a huge bison burger smothered in grilled onions, multigrain roll, one sunny side up egg, avocado and a side of sweet potato fries. And to drink I would probably have a great big Dr. Pepper. But I would never do that on my 125th birthday.

suxer478 karma


What is your take on ketogenic diets?

EDIT: for clarity, HIGH FAT / LOW CARB approximate macros 65% fat/30% protein/5% carbs.

realtonyhorton1525 karma

I see a lot of questions in regards to the Ketogenic diets. I am a big picture guy, so I try to keep things simple, my focus is different. I don't eat one thing and avoid another with the hope that it's going to burn more fat. I don't have the patience for it. I train super hard 6 days a week, focus on getting better, stronger, faster, and more flexible. And I eat like a beast. Paleolithic meals, vegan meals, vegetarian meals, Flexetarian, mexican, italian. I just stay away from processed crap, fast food junk and try to avoid food made in a factory. High fiber, highly nutritious, whole, GMO free, foods that my great great great grand parents would recognize, nuff said about that.

tamumike3463 karma

Hey Tony, was doing P90X with Sara Jean Underwood on G4 the best day of your life?

realtonyhorton576 karma

Most definitely.

KoopaClownCar336 karma


realtonyhorton606 karma

I'm excited about 4 things.

  1. The number of people we are going to be able to help with P90X3.
  2. The launch of my new book The Big Picture on February 4th, the book I've always wanted to write. The information in The Big Picture is going to help people finish X3 so they could stay fit for the rest of their lives.
  3. Launching Tony Horton Kitchen in 7-11
  4. Being able to connect with millions more people on my Youtube channel Tony Horton Fitness.

cant_stop_pooping329 karma

Tony, thank you for so much for the help in getting in better shape. My legs are still hurting from Plyo! One question: how do you choose your supporting cast when you set up a new workout vid?

Maren from the original P-90x was the best!

realtonyhorton352 karma

It depends. Sometimes we like to get fresh faces for some of the workouts. Sometimes because of rehearsal issues we have to use locals only, and whenever I can I try to have friends and family in workouts.

paladin40271 karma

Tony, I just wanted to write and say thank you for your P90X series. My friends and I went through the program together and your workouts became embedded into our heads. After 90 days, we can recite every video verbatim.


realtonyhorton390 karma

I love that you hate it while loving it. Continue to hate and love simultaneously.

niche24237 karma

Hi there Tony. Big fan of your workouts! I've been doing them for 2 years, and I'm still seeing great results! Keep up the great work!

My question is, what is one thing you know now that you wish you knew 20 years ago?

realtonyhorton480 karma

I wish I would've have said yes to as many opportunities as I do now.

fauletto210 karma


realtonyhorton301 karma

Fauletto! Congrats on your progress! I don't eat cheat meals, why would I want to destroy everything I have worked so hard for in one meal? Cheat SNACKS on the other hand...SIGN ME UP!! I've never turned down a gorgeous warm gluten free chocolate chip cookie!

I go with a monster shake after workouts.

magicalcatappears191 karma

Mr. Horton. What will 2 shots of vodka 5 out of 7 days do to a fit and healthy guy (P90X3 and following the nutrition guide to a tee)? Thanks!

realtonyhorton411 karma

It will prevent you from getting your best possible results. Here is a quick story. My buddy Bill started P90X, was having 5-6 cocktails a week. Getting OK results. Just OK. I told him to get off the booze for one month, find some damn discipline for 30 days I told him. He's had 5 drinks in the last 4 years, he's super fit and ripped now, do what you gotta do.

coletrane4686137 karma

Hi Tony, as a man who completely lacks any ability in the kitchen, eating is not only a chore, but boring. Are there any plans for a healthy cookbook for the culinarily challenged?

realtonyhorton284 karma

Dude welcome to the club. If it wasn't for my girlfriend I would store old shoes in my kitchen, I just don't like to cook. Never been my thing. Sometimes eating itself is a chore. It's probably why I'll never be super big and muscular. Look Reddit shouldn't really be about promoting things, it's about helping you figure out how to be better. So here comes the promo :) That's why I created Tony Horton Kitchen. Go to the website, order the food. Fresh to your door, heat it up, eat it up, and recycle the container. Repeat.

WhatsInYourPocket124 karma

Hi Tony. What's in your pocket?

realtonyhorton387 karma

Nothing, I am wearing workout shorts. No wait, here's some lint.

dishwasherphobia123 karma

Hey Tony! First I'd like to say thanks for doing this AMA, I'm a two-times p90x graduate and I'm really interested in X3. The only thing that concerns me is that it seems to be focused a lot more on cardio rather than gaining mass (at least that's what I've been hearing). Can p90x3 give out equal if not better results than the original p90x?

realtonyhorton205 karma

There is a mass schedule in P90X3, if you pick heavy duty bands and heavier weights, you can still gain plenty of muscle with X3. But you can't mess around you have 30 minutes to get it done.

boatsandcoats69105 karma

Hey Tony, what was your major inspiration in creating P90x in the first place? How do you think it compares with other programs like Insanity?

realtonyhorton218 karma

P90X was designed and created to help people get in the best shape of their life at home. No gym memberships, no massive equipment, no expensive trainers just the real deal in your house or apartment. Made sense to us, 6 million people seem to think so too.

d-dubbs104 karma

Hi Tony - no question for you, I just wanted to say thanks for your workout programs. They helped me accomplish some major fitness goals, and turned my life around!

realtonyhorton134 karma

Keep on going d-dubbs!

hammer77799 karma

Hi Tony,

2 time P90X and P90X2 grad here. Couple of questions - Your thoughts on Crossfit and if there is only one exercise you'd do what will it be? And yeah thanks for being so awesome man!

realtonyhorton389 karma

Hammer! First of all thanks for your commitment, especially to X2, you are a rare breed and a wise man. I know people want to get a rise out of me when it comes to Crossfit, let me set the record straight right here, right now. Any program whether it be mine, Shaun T's or Crossfit, that you can do day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year and see improvements, lose weight, feel better, AND NOT GET HURT then ROCK ON my brothers and my sisters its all good!

meixneram86 karma

Hi Tony! What's your favorite pump up song(s)?? I always love fresh new songs for my workout playlist and I feel like you'd be the guy to ask!

realtonyhorton251 karma

I'm a Zeppelin, Cream, U2, The Who, The Police and Justin Bieber guy :). Don't forget I'm 55 and I was raised on the first rock and roll ever. Not to say that I don't like new artists too.

Doctor133775 karma

What is your favorite move from P90X3?

realtonyhorton119 karma

Donkey Kicks

suxer70 karma

Hi Tony,

many people argue that flip grip tricep kickbacks are not really efective; as time has passed, which excercises would you swap from your programs?

realtonyhorton110 karma

Flip Grip Kickbacks not effective? All depends on the user,good form, and which dumbbell you selected. I don't think I'd pull anything out of an older program. Maybe change the name of a few of them :) .

Madden1267 karma

Tony! I love your workouts and I was wondering what supplements you recommend before and after a good workout?

realtonyhorton118 karma

Shakeology automatic, multivitamin everyday. Creatine, just the right amount. Lots of super greens, I am a fan of Omega-3's gingko biloba, supplements fill in the spaces especially if you are exercising 5-7 days a week.

smntstatus64 karma

What do you think your life would have been like had you stayed in Rhode Island?

realtonyhorton115 karma

There is no way of guessing. But if I were to guess, it would've been very, very different. There is something about getting outside your comfort zone, moving away from your family, and starting anew. That's what I did and it changed my life. I love Connecticut and Rhode Island, and go back every year.

CaveGiant62 karma

What is today's tip of the day?

realtonyhorton185 karma

Today's tip of the day is other than subscribe to my new YOUTUBE channel. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge....Write down exactly what time and what you're going to do for workouts in the month of February today. Write them down. Old school pen and paper and post it on the back of your front door. Hang a red magic marker on the calendar. My hope come February 28th there is at least 22 red X's on your calendar.

Twoshanez61 karma

Any key things I should know about gaining muscle? Beginner and in college. Also, you're my hero! You seem like an amazing dude, hope all is well.

realtonyhorton215 karma

I am an amazing dude! Doh! NOT! I am a regular dude like you but I have learned a few things along the way. You need to figure out why you want to be bigger, I am guessing you're single. When I was single and your age I wanted bigger muscles too. Here's how you do it, eat big, lift big, get big. Up your calories, up your protein, lower your reps, and increase your weight. Once you are big, you better find other ways to attract your partner.

josephine_amos60 karma

Hi Tony, thanks for doing an AMA! here's a funny question, are you ticklish? If you are, where? :)

realtonyhorton101 karma

Awesome question! I've never been asked that question before. I used to be super ticklish as a kid. Then I started getting deep tissue massages, so now hardly at all. But if you grab my knees really hard, I'll probably hit the roof! So just my knees.

Kirayama55 karma

How are your shoes looking today?

realtonyhorton110 karma

My shoes are looking awesome! I am currently wearing a NorthFace trail runner. Yesterday I was sporting some Scarpa bad ass numbers, and tomorrow I might go with flip flops.

mylefthandkilledme50 karma

How much do you love pizza?

realtonyhorton121 karma

I friggin love Pizza, but I don't eat it very often. And when I do eat pizza, it doesn't really resemble pizza. Thin gluten-free whole grain crust (good luck finding that), all veggie and no cheese. When I am feeling like a mad man, I'll sprinkle some parmesan on my veggie pizza. I told you I don't have cheat meals.

Polite_Werewolf46 karma

If there was a zombie outbreak, what would be your zombie plan?

realtonyhorton179 karma

Move to the great white north, zombies hate the cold. That way I can ski more and avoid the zombies.

BreakOnThrough43 karma

Thanks for all the work you’ve done and for being a really cool person in general.

My question is this: Is there anything you’ve ever wanted to put into a routine but in the end weren’t able to? Maybe due to safety/legal reasons, or space/equipment limits, or moves that the test groups just couldn’t get the hang of?

realtonyhorton104 karma

Gosh you're right I am such a cool person, until you meet me in person HA! Then I am just mean and rude. Not really most of you know the truth, I am the same in person as I am on the DVD's. But I digress. To answer your question, there was one move that we had to take out of P90X2, don't try this at home and you didn't hear it from me. Four ball pike presses. Very Cirque du Soleil

troispony40 karma

Tony you are the MAN! What is your absolute favorite exercise?

realtonyhorton98 karma

Almost anything that has to do with pulling my body off the surface of the Earth. Pull-ups, Rope Climbing, Campus Board, Peg Board...etc I enjoy nailing a good hand stand too.

Leakx533 karma

TONY what's up!? I've been doing your workouts for about 5 years now and I absolutely love them. Just wanted to know if you have any plans for anymore One on One DVDs especially for P90X3, the variety it gave to P90X was awesome.

Also are you and Ted planning on doing another Yoga retreat in California this year? Thanks for your time Tony always a pleasure!

realtonyhorton53 karma

I loved doing the One on One workouts, so much fun. But guess what? Now you get a cooler, modern, convenient, and FREE version of the One on Ones on YOUTUBE! Did I mention free? www.Youtube.com/TonyHortonFitness

YES come to Mammoth, Ted and Tony's Excellent Ski/Ride/Yoga Retreat in March. Find it at adventureyogaretreats.com or (coming soon) tonyhortonlife.com.

JkjokerFTW22 karma

Hey Tony huge fan, and P90X graduate! My question is how I can help the people around me get into fitness as well. I try to tell them how great it is, and how much it changed my life. Should I just let them live there life, or keep pushing them? Thank you!

realtonyhorton70 karma

Great question my friend. 3 part answer.

The worst type of advice to give is the kind that never been asked for in the first place. With that said, if you are not a coach yet, then you should be. Get P90X Certified, you can train people in a gym or in your converted garage.

C4Assault20 karma

Hi Tony,

Just had my shakeology for the day. What's your favorite recipe?

realtonyhorton42 karma

I've got about half a dozen that I really dig. But my favorite right now is super simple, 6 ice cubes, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, vanilla flavored egg white protein, and Chocolate Vegan Shakeology. CRAZY GOOD!!!

vinuxito17 karma

Tony, thanks for everything you do.

What can I do get bigger calves? Mine are ridiculously small.

I have done P90X 3 times, P90X2 once. They are still small =(

realtonyhorton54 karma

My calves are small too, get over it. Why do you want big calves? Big calves don't necessarily help you jump higher or perform these exercises better. Kobe Bryant has small calves and he can jump over you until he got hurt. Find a goal that has everything to do with you getting better.

tehbiscuit9 karma

Tony, no question here, just wanted to say I've been in to fitness for many years now, from bodybuilding to marathon+ levels of running, and starting your workouts now has rekindled my interest in fitness and helped alleviate some injuries from the aforementioned sports. Thank you and keep it up!

richacala3 karma

Hi Tony! I was wondering if I am able to modify any of the Beachbody programs, and do them while pregnant? I had started Focus T-25 and found out 3 weeks into the program I was pregnant so I stopped not knowing if it was safe. Thanks for the info :)

realtonyhorton5 karma

I am not your doctor so you have to check with him or her first. But I just did an event in Nashville and the woman who ran the event was 8 months pregnant, and was front and center for the 1 hour warrior workout. With that said everybody's situation is different, you don't want to jeopardize your unborn baby, by exerting your self too much. So be smart.