Hey guys, I'm Dan Hardy. I'm new to Reddit but I've had a look around and you guys seem pretty awesome so far!

I'm a welterweight UFC fighter and have fought in Europe, Japan and the US. I've been with the UFC since 2008 and am the only Brit to have ever fought for a UFC title (vs. Georges St-Pierre at UFC 111). My record stands at 25-10 and 1 NC.

I was recently diagnosed with Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome which has forced me to take a break from the sport.

I am currently exploring other options inside and outside the world of MMA but I will be at UFC Fight Night: London on March 8th. Tickets go on general sale tomorrow but if you want access to the pre-sale right now use the code 'stepintoourworld' at Ticketmaster or AXS.com

I'll be back at 12 PT / 3pm ET / 8pm GMT to answer your questions so… ask me anything!

Proof: https://twitter.com/danhardymma/status/428778130703003648

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SkyFlanders134 karma

I've heard Joe Rogan mention briefly that you had a life changing experience from taking ayahuasca. Could you tell the story of taking it and what you learned from the experience and how it changed your perspective on yourself and the world?

DanTheOutlaw201 karma

Thats a huge question for here, and for the speed of my typing! The best thing to do would be to listen to my London Real podcast. They asked all kinds of questions and you will probably get a better answer to your.

In a nutshell, I spent time at retreat in the Amazon and took part in several ceremonies. Each one was a powerful, cleansing and educational, some very beautiful and others very difficult and uncomfortable.

It gave me the time and the tools to examine my self, the Self. Ego, habits, programming, it makes you face things within yourself that you might be suppressing or running from. It upgrades your operating system, formats your hard drive and restarts your system a fresh.

Be warned though, its to be respected and understood and experienced in a ceremonial setting with people who work with the medicine.

DanTheOutlaw124 karma

Thank you everyone! I stayed a little longer but my girl has my meal ready. Thanks for coming on and asking your questions, I'm sorry I didn't get to everyone.

Hopefully we can do this again sometime.

Get those tickets folks. March 8th at the O2 arena is going to be awesome. I got knocked out there and it was still great fun! :)


that_random_eskimo115 karma

If you were in Mortal Kombat what would your finishing move be?

DanTheOutlaw501 karma

I'd hold them by the wrists and double leg drop-kick them in the chest, backflipping to my feet and removing their arms in the process.

sjaminei94 karma

Which rule in MMA (UFC rules) would you change if you could? Or add a rule for that matter if you want. ;)

DanTheOutlaw198 karma

Good question! I'd take out the downward elbows rule. It's not necessary as long as the legal striking areas are clear and enforced. Any strikes to the back of the head and spine are dangerous and this is where the downward elbow is most effective, particularly during takedown defense against the fence. It's no more dangerous than any other elbow in another position though.

I'm also partial to kicks and knees to the head of a downed opponent… it is a fight after all.

gravesville84 karma

Josh Barnett revealed he plays Magic: The Gathering in his spare time. Do you have any geeky hobbies?

DanTheOutlaw266 karma

I play Josh Barnett in the game Magic: The Gathering.

puggletonks69 karma

Hey Dan, big fan. You da man!

So moving forward, what's the plan?

Work for Fox, like Brian Stann?

Start a gym with your own clan?

Hang out on the beach and get a tan?

And UFC 170, Rousey or McMann?

Hard to say how that fight will pan.

DanTheOutlaw41 karma

Erm... how about all of the above!

I think that all sounds good, I'll get started right away!

I can't pick against Rousey but I think McMann is her toughest test yet.


TheBestDuck62 karma

GSP recently said PEDs are a huge problem in UFC and the company ignores it. How true is that accusation from your perspective?

DanTheOutlaw99 karma

I'm not sure that the company ignores it, I see testing consistently at the events. I think I've been tested four times out of my ten fights in the UFC. It's such a grey area though, especially with all of this TRT craziness, its never going to be completely under control.

I just accepted it as a part of the challenge at this level... fighting juice-heads that is... not passing the test. ;)

DanTheOutlaw54 karma

Ok, lets get started!

pyrochyde52 karma

Who do you think really won in GSP vs Hendricks? And do you agree with the current scoring system?

DanTheOutlaw199 karma

I think the scoring system needs a complete overhaul, as do the judges.

I think Hendricks beat GSP up but GSP won the fight. He is the champion and he did enough to keep his belt. I like the allowance given to the champion when scoring because it avoids people coming to try and steal the belt on a close decision.

Thats just my opinion though. :)

boatsss51 karma

how did you gut out that gnarly armbar against GSP, was it purely mind over matter?

DanTheOutlaw104 karma

Just stubbornness and some good fight week coaching from my friend Matt Serra. :)

MakeMeASteak49 karma

What was your reaction to seeing Chris Weidman break Anderson Silva's leg?

DanTheOutlaw137 karma


rolfv42 karma

Who is your favourite teenage mutant ninja turtle?

DanTheOutlaw180 karma

4-12 was Michelangelo

12-present day is Raphael

TheJoker0038 karma

I just have one question. What was fighting GSP like? Big fan of anyone that ever gets into the cage, thanks for doing this!

DanTheOutlaw97 karma


LongInTheTooth37 karma

First off, you're an entertaining dude! I enjoy watching you fight, and your JRE podcast was great listening. Do go back and do it again!

What are these other options you are exploring? And if you're walking away from MMA competition, will you continue to train martial arts for its other benefits?

DanTheOutlaw98 karma

Thanks! Since I've had to take a break from fighting I've had the opportunity to explore my other talents a little more. Turns out I'm really good at sleeping!

People have been contacting me for all kinds of new projects. Some TV stuff, MMA related and otherwise, traveling, teaching, coaching, speaking, writing…! Lots of exciting new challenges. I've already started with the writing, with my monthly column in the UK issue of Muscle and Fitness, and the blog I just started for Fightland.com.

I have some writing goals which I set a few years ago, I'm a little way off getting a book published but I have a few in the works. I haven't heard from the editor of Rolling Stone magazine yet either, but I'm preparing for that also.

My journey with the martial arts is far from over. In fact it feels like I've just started again. This past year has given me time to heal my body after two decades of competing. The last time I had this long of a break between fights I was eight!

I have spent most of my year rebuilding and rehabilitating with lots of yoga and conditioning. Still working my shadow boxing, head movement and foot work, just taking the impact out of training. I hit pads for the first time since last April yesterday, my body feels good.

For the moment I'm enjoying training for me again, without the pressure or agenda. It's been refreshing. I'm not counting out a return to the Octagon (or ring…), I'm just taking my time. If and when I feel ready, I'll go to a cardiologist and do all of the non-invasive testing they want to prove I'm healthy to fight again, and if not, if there is some kind of waiver I can fill in to release the promoter from any liability.

I hope that answers yours (and a lot of other peoples!) question. :-)

OperatorM35 karma

What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?

DanTheOutlaw326 karma

I don't have one mate. March will be fourteen years since I have one.

cole2020031 karma

Dan, I'm a big fan of yours. Thanks for the AMA.

Do you ever have problems with other guys trying to pick fights with you on on the street? I've always wondered if professional fighters have to deal with assholes trying to prove how tough they are, especially if they get a few beers in them. And if so, how do you deal with it?

DanTheOutlaw74 karma

To be honest mate, I've never had that problem. I don't really put myself in situations with drunk people and I don't have a lot of patience when I am, so I tend to leave pretty early.

IdiosyncraticOwl31 karma


DanTheOutlaw89 karma

Semtex hits pretty damn hard. Marcus Davis can crack as well. Fortunately I managed to avoid the clean shots but even through my guard I could feel the weight of them.

Some people can just hit hard. I'd love to see some good scientific research done on it. Examine the common physical characteristics between fighters with natural power.

Mac8v231 karma

Who do you think is the #1 pound for pound fighter in the world?

DanTheOutlaw65 karma

Possibly Barao or Aldo. Very hard to choose right now though, I think the playing field is becoming more competitive. The level of skill and ability is closer now than it has ever been.

woollum8628 karma

Hey Dan!

On average, how often do/did you train in a typical week?

DanTheOutlaw61 karma

I'm doing six days a week at the moment.

tdub1325 karma


DanTheOutlaw38 karma


CaptainIndustry24 karma

Have you ever genuinely felt a UFC fight was fixed either by the judges or the fighters?

DanTheOutlaw61 karma

There was one fight a while back that looked weird, but it was Ken Shamrock and he always makes the fight look like a movie...

Other than that, no. It is literally 'As real as it gets'... as cheesy as that sounds.

crazycharlieh24 karma

Do you have any little routines that you must do before entering The Octagon?

Perhaps listen to a song, or dunk your head in a bowl of cold water?

DanTheOutlaw70 karma

I always draw a skull and crossbones on my hand wraps. Thats the only consistent one that comes to mind.

ReeferMadness-23 karma

iirc a while back you had some "twitter beef" with matt hughes because you didnt really like his "hobby" (wich i agree is disgusting) but anywway did you meet him in person since then? And if so did you guys exchange some words about it?

DanTheOutlaw97 karma

No... the further away I am from him the better.

I can't help but say his name the same way they do with Matt Damon on Team America. It just seems to suit him for some reason.

Gibbonslayer423 karma

Have you ever broken someone elses bone? If so, what does it feel like?

DanTheOutlaw167 karma

I have a few. My friend Lee Doski blocked a body kick in our rematch and it broke his Ulna I believe.

Do you mean how does it feel physically or emotionally?

Physically, I don't feel anything really.

Emotionally, I don't feel anything really... ;)

gregzillaf22 karma

If you could ideally fight in any division you wanted (and be the appropriate size of course) What division would it be?

DanTheOutlaw102 karma

Heavyweight. For some reason people always love heavyweight fights which usually means they get paid more, often for doing less.

I'm not saying thats all heavyweights but those little guys train like maniacs in comparison. Their competition is so much more fierce and they do it for less money and less appreciation.

Their whole deal looks exhausting.

brunub22 karma

Dan, if you had to be any animal to go fight in the Octagon, what would you be? Gloves included, of course!

DanTheOutlaw48 karma

I tiger, no doubt. First person to lose an eye to an accidental eye-poke though...

thrashmackey20 karma

I know you are a fan of heavy and fast music. What's the best concert you have ever been to? What's some of your favorite bands?

DanTheOutlaw99 karma

Pantera were awesome every time I saw them. As were Madball, Sick of it All, Biohazard and Blood for Blood.

Now I listen to a lot of Floyd, Zeppelin, The Doors, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac. Some dubstep like, Reso and Zeds Dead, usually mixed with some Deftones, Tool and Meshuggah when I'm training.

The last few months I've been seeing a lot of Phutureprimitive and Massive Attack, and various classical artists. As I'm typing this I have Johann Strauss playing actually!

wampum18 karma

Have you ever been involved in a fight outside of the ring? If so, would you please describe it?

DanTheOutlaw46 karma

They are usually quick and messy. Ego fuel for people so fragile that they need to externalize it in a 'bro-like' manner. Giving up drinking before I turned 18 gave me to logic to avoid if necessary, and if not, make it as quick and painless as possible.

PirateCraig18 karma

Got any plans for the next tattoo ? I hear your a gamer ? Maybe a Zelda one ?

DanTheOutlaw72 karma

Yeah, plans for my lower legs, thighs, chest, neck and hands and then I have a guy to fill in the rest with something mind-blowing... :)

Never played Zelda but I did make the mistake of buying the new Assassins Creed at the beginning of January... Pirates, galleons, sword fighting, ninja moves, flintlock pistols, hoods...!!! It was made for me.

bl00fz16 karma

How did you first get introduced to mma?

DanTheOutlaw31 karma

UFC 2 and an Extreme Fighting video I found at the store.

Baconism14 karma

Hey Dan, been a huge fan of yours since listening to the joe rogan and mac danzig podcasts.

But i was wondering how one might go to south america to try ayahuasca? I have been really fascinated by it for awhile now.

DanTheOutlaw16 karma

There are retreats that you can go to if that is your focus for the trip, or you can plan a trip and find it while you are there. Just got to get after it!

GhW0rg14 karma

Should there be a extra round instead of a judges decision? Get back to the octagon please, miss u! =)

DanTheOutlaw34 karma

I just think the scoring criteria needs a little work. We would never get rid of the need for decision making, some guys are just too tough. The judges could be better at it though.

MyNamesRyan14 karma

Do you ever take a cheat day to your diet? And if so, what do you absolutely binge on.

DanTheOutlaw57 karma

I occasionally have a couple of vegan chocolate chip cookies, coconut milk ice cream or if I'm in the UK I have fish and chips. We have a chain called Georges and they only use responsibly sourced fish and local, organic potatoes. Winner.


Hiya Dan! How long do you exercising every day?

DanTheOutlaw25 karma

Somewhere between two and four hours.

All_Your_Base12 karma

What is your favorite sandwich?

DanTheOutlaw30 karma

I don't eat sandwiches nearly as often now I don't eat a lot of meat. I used to love a good bacon sandwich after conditioning on Saturday mornings. I replaced that with a fried egg sandwich with a runny yolk and lots of ketchup when I gave up pork. My favorite though, if I had to choose (and I know this is a British thing) I would say prawn mayo on whole wheat bread.

It used to be my first meal at the airport when I landed in London.

Kuciv12 karma

What do you fear more; alligators or concussions?

DanTheOutlaw79 karma

It depends who is concussed and the age of the alligator. Too many variables to answer accurately.

johnnybravo9212 karma

What led you into doing ayahuasca, had you experimented with psychedelic substances before or was it more of a leap of faith kind of experience into psychedelics?

DanTheOutlaw23 karma

I had dabbled... :)

I just felt that it was time. It seems to reach people when the time is right. I know that sounds strange but a lot of things that a year ago were strange to me, are now pretty normal, so you will have to trust me on that.

If you are feeling a pull to it, do some reading, research it a little. There is a ton of good, credible information out there.

maqattack12 karma

Does being lean has any connection with strength? Would a ripped Dan Hardy be stronger/weaker than Dan Hardy with slightly more body fat?

DanTheOutlaw16 karma

A leaner me would be able to do the strength things I want to do better, such as handstand pushups and muscle-ups. I have been stronger with more body fat but I was just lifting heavy and eating.

It's a different kind of strength. I like to see the chubby, heavy lifting part as the phase before I make the strength usable in a fun way.

Dasguything12 karma

Dan do you ever hunt for your own wild magic mushrooms???

DanTheOutlaw63 karma

Actually they hunt for me...

GabrielBonilla11 karma

Are you proud of the sacrifices you made in your lifetime?

DanTheOutlaw42 karma

I'm proud of the sacrifices I make daily.

Revs2210 karma

Hey Dan, huge fan! What is the best moment of your career?

DanTheOutlaw18 karma

Very hard to pick one mate. I'm grateful for all of it.

rehsikaawll8 karma

What President would you like to fight? If you were in the WWE what would be your theme music? Ever consider dropkicking a shark? Grizzly Bear? Other large animal?

DanTheOutlaw35 karma

G-Dub would be my first pick but I don't think he was smart enough to see what was happening around him. Therefore, I choose Richard Nixon in his prime (which was never), and kick him in the head with my Hunter S Thompson tattoo.

Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi.

I'm pretty friendly with animals. I would dropkick a shark if needs be, but it would be painfully slow underwater and I would then have to watch my legs get chewed up.