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Hey guys. Guys. Bill Gates is actually digging deep into the comments.

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Josh Barnett revealed he plays Magic: The Gathering in his spare time. Do you have any geeky hobbies?

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If you're a Libertarian and you support labeling, that's great. All I ask is that you apply the same logic by which you support labeling to other regulations.

I think this is the part where you lost most people. /u/throwtheshitatthem presented the opinion that not all libertarian-minded people think in black and white and then you presented a solution that was black and white. I believe he/she is saying that you can't apply this same logic to all other regulations because not all regulations are the same.

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Have you caught a Tropius yet? I've heard they're rare and pretty powerful.

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Here he is on Joe Rogan's podcast. He stops talking about Magic at about 1:28:12. He names some cards like Rune-Scarred Demon and Primordial Ooze, but that's about it.

Here is another interview where mentions he plays a black deck.