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crazycharlieh30 karma

Are you going to be doing this again? That is, if you want to do this again, or get the opportunity?

May sound like a dumb question (hurr durr, who wouldn't want to work on a porn set) but does your true passion in photography lie elsewhere?

crazycharlieh25 karma

I'll list a few more:

  • The grills also beep when not put into standby
  • Our chicken freezers beep when the drawer isnt closed properly
  • Our UHC (Universal Holding Cabinet) beeps after 20minutes to tell you the food needs to be thrown away
  • The toasters for the buns buzz when the buns are done

And, if you're lucky enough, you might hear the Pac-Man sound, as that is the noise that our deep fat fryers make when they error.

crazycharlieh24 karma

Do you have any little routines that you must do before entering The Octagon?

Perhaps listen to a song, or dunk your head in a bowl of cold water?

crazycharlieh19 karma

Did you guys ever actually play Need For Speed: Underground?

Hearing from "Born Too Slow" was what got me listening to you guys.

crazycharlieh9 karma

Men are ridiculed by male friends for not succeeding. Pretty much everyone fears rejection.

Also, women are much more self aware than they used to be. In days of old, women used to be flattered by male attention, simply because they never got any due to being protected by fathers and housework... Now, women can do as they please, and are more likely to consider male attention creepy, purely because they are fed up with male attention.