Hello everybody!

We are Tony & Paavo from Above & Beyond. We do many things, most of which you can find listed here: http://www.aboveandbeyond.nu/ or here: https://www.facebook.com/aboveandbeyond

Our Acoustic film and album is just out.

Ask us anything!



We've really enjoyed answering your questions today, must do this again! Thanks everyone, sorry if we didn't get round to you, hopefully next time. Bye for now! T&P xxx

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iwantjoebiden419 karma

Will Oceanlab ever come back?

Above_Beyond555 karma

It doesn’t make sense for us to have two artist names any more, but are working with Justine Suissa on the new album. She’s in Above & Beyond now.

liajet24366 karma

Who whispered "Trance Around the world, with above and beyond"? It was magical and every week I would wait for that. Put out a soundclip of it for me please :)

Above_Beyond229 karma

That was Jono's friend Senta

Hielgi284 karma

Nothing to ask, just to thank you guys for the awesome music you make.

Above_Beyond162 karma

thank you.

iwantjoebiden181 karma

Have you noticed a shift (for better or for worse) in the crowds at your shows with the recent popularity of the EDM scene?

Above_Beyond255 karma

Now that we've been playing for over 13 years, feels more people in the audience know our songs, which is great.

poolesso144 karma

First off, massive fan, listening to the acoustic album right now. My fiancee and I saw you twice last year (EDC Vegas and Lights all night) and by far enjoyed your performance's the most. Thank you for all the amazing, meaningful music.

My 3 short questions are:

  1. If Anjuna Beach was to disappear off the face of the earth, after your initial sadness, where would become your next spiritual home?

  2. One of the messages that really made me feel amazing was "We are the electronic music generation" at Lights All Night. When youre writing your messages on screen at gigs, do you plan ahead what you're going to write, or just write in the moment?

  3. How come Richard Bedford and Justine Suissa were not involved in the Acoustic album?

And please come tocentralTexasthisyear so we can see you again :D

Above_Beyond166 karma

  1. Planet Earth!
  2. We do it spontaneously, but sometimes we ask for translations so we can write in the language of the country we play in.
  3. We asked them both but they declined, Justine is still working with us in the studio but Richard wanted to leave to write and record his own songs

hivaidsislethal142 karma

Hi just wanted to say I completely love you guys, you and your label produce some out of this world music that always cheers me up. Your group therapy album inspired me to make this on my wall http://i.filmot.org/Oac1Orz.png.

You playing No One On Earth for me at Guv 16 after I asked Paavo to play it was the best thing ever. First time I heard it live.

My question is where do you see trance heading in the next few years? Also anything more to come from OceanLab? Also is Zoe Johnston single haha.

P.S. Come back to Toronto soon.

Above_Beyond72 karma

Love the artwork - thanks! It's hard to say where trance is heading: we're working on our new album at the moment and that will, for us, be the direction we want to go in.

Please ask Zoe that ;)

iwantjoebiden114 karma

First of all, you guys are what got me into trance music! So thank you for that!

Since a lot of your songs are about love and heartbreak, what is your biggest piece of advice for romance and relationships?

Can you give us background info on any of your song lyrics? Which are from personal experience? For example, are songs like Sun and Moon or Breaking Ties about someone in particular?

Above_Beyond123 karma

Hopefully all the advice is already in the songs! :) Since they almost always come from personal experiences they are already as explicit as we'd like them to be - personal interpretation is always important Tx

Ser_JamieLannister106 karma

Hey guys. What do you you think about bringing guys up on the stage to push the button?

Above_Beyond126 karma

That's a great idea, we should do that!! :)

Twigsnapper99 karma

Hello A&B

First off....I want to thank you guys. If it wasn't for your music, I would never have been able to push forward with many of my goals with weight loss.

I lost 220 pounds over the course of 5 years and it was your Podcast "Trance Around the World" that I listened to every single day while I worked out.

I even got to be on stage with you at Electric Zoo back in 2011. I was the Giant Penguin that Fanboyed hard when I got to meet you guys and didn't really know what to do/say. I apologize for being such an idiot when getting to meet you but it was a surreal moment infront of all those people...and me being in a Giant Techno Penguin suit.

So TL:DR - I want to thank you guys for helping me achieve my weight loss, with your music and B) By ANY CHANCE - For Electric Zoo this year...Could you post "WE LOVE YOU TOO TECHNO PENGUIN" on your giant screen for the EZOO in NY. Honestly It Would make my life complete

Picture For reference of me @ Ezoo https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/t1/1176287_472693462826888_1082191639_n.jpg

Video of you guys and a random shot of me on someones shoulders holding my sign for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhzsRpg4qHM&t=6m3s

PS. That sign was originally made for you guys

Much <3 The Techno Penguin

Above_Beyond66 karma

That's so cool - Adam forwarded us your email, by the way, congratulations! You're living proof that anyone can transform themselves inside and out if they want to.

iwantjoebiden91 karma

What do you think about people having their cell phones out all the time at shows taking pictures and videos? Do you think it detracts from the experience?

Above_Beyond564 karma

Life is at its very best when you are totally present in each moment. Filming at a party is going to make that harder: live your life, don't record it.

dogggis72 karma

Hey guys, I love the new track Making Plans. Are you making plans to release a club version?

p.s. how was Yakima, Washington?

Above_Beyond87 karma

Yep, we're working on a clubbier mix of Making Plans for the album.

Yakima was... well felt like a real let down as we were so excited to play Seattle. Felt really surreal to instead drive hours through the mountains in this thick fog.


Hey A&B! No question for you guys really, I just wanted to tell you that your set at Veld 2013 was unreal. I’ve never felt sadder to leave a show. My friends had never heard of you, and they were blown away too! You guys have a unique talent of bringing real emotion to your shows, and it truly is an experience for the audience. We really are the electronic music generation.

So all of this is to say thank you, and please come back to Toronto soon! We love you here!

Above_Beyond81 karma

We were blown away with the vibe at Veld: we didn't know what to expect. We've had some incredible parties at Guvernment and Kool Haus but it was our first outdoor show in Toronto - we can't wait to come back again soon.

Jdelaroca52 karma

It's been 628 days since your last Group Therapy Show in Chicago. And 251 days since your last visit. Please change that.

Also, Acoustic Tour. Please. I love you guys.

Above_Beyond46 karma

Thanks for keeping count - we'll be back as soon as we can

paddymcg48 karma

Who would win in an all you can eat contest?

Above_Beyond111 karma


Above_Beyond97 karma


darkjedicoder48 karma

My grilfriend and I love the new album, and we're fairly certain that at least one of the songs will be played at our wedding.
I have 3 questions:
1. Where might group therapy 100 be? We would love to plan a trip to wherever it's going to be.
2. Any word on the Seattle make up show? We were dying to see you on new years.
3. Will you all come to me and /u/cucchiaio 's wedding please?!


Above_Beyond69 karma

  1. We'll let you know as soon as we can.
  2. We're working on it and hoping that the promoter finds a suitable venue and date soon.
  3. When / where?

Bonerjellies45 karma

I started listening to trance in 2007 or 2008, and quickly discovered you guys. Alone Tonight and Satellite were the first two songs I bought that I really enjoyed, and without finding them, I doubt I would be as much of a trance fan as I am today. Songs like Air For Life and On A Good Day are some of my all-time favorites. (And I was pretty surprised to find one of them sampled in a hip-hop song) Anjunabeats 4-6 were the first compilation albums I bought, and I loved them. The point is that your productions have had a large impact on my musical taste over the last several years.

In 2011, you guys released Group Therapy, which was a pretty big change in your style. I really, really wanted to like it, but it was so different than your previous releases. I enjoyed Prelude and Sun In Your Eyes, but the latter is more ambient than the uplifting style I was used to. However, although you guys were popular in the trance music scene before, Group Therapy caused you to become a household name. Everyone knows the lyrics to Sun & Moon. Your label Anjunabeats quickly adapted to this new progressive trance/big room trance/trance 2.0/trouse/whatever style, and it has been harder to find releases that remind of the songs that got me into trance in the first place.

You have more fans today than ever and you’re headlining international festivals. However, I never got a chance to attend a concert of yours before 2011, and I feel like I won’t get a chance now to hear you play the music I love.

Sorry for all of this background, but I feel that it’s significant for the questions I have.

How do you feel about the way your style has changed over the past few years, both in terms of personal satisfaction with your productions, as well as their public popularity?

Criticism over “trance 2.0” is very similar to how “progressive” trance was regarded by purists in the late 90s. It changed how trance music was generally perceived from flowing, looping songs to buildup-breakdown-main leads-outro. Do you feel that “trance 2.0” is going to become the predominant style of trance in the future? Do you ever think about returning to an uplifting style in future productions, or would it just be a few older-style tracks mixed along with trouse songs (like L.A. in Anjunabeats Vol. 10)?

What is your most underrated track? (My vote is Indonesia)

What is your favorite Anjunabeats album?

How has the audience and atmosphere of your concerts changed over the years?

If you could find the time to answer any of these, I would be so appreciative. Thank you so much for making music and being one of the reasons I love trance.

Above_Beyond42 karma

We always try and make music that excites us, and as we've discovered through this Acoustic project: a big part of our excitement comes from the songs. So genre isn't that important to us.

As for the most underrated track - that's a personal thing for you, we can't really answer that

Our favourite Anjunabeats album is the album we're working on right now

lawh4x42 karma

I have been listening to your show since day 1 and followed Jono / Paavo since their early days solo. I will be in Atlantic City for you guys this Friday, me and my wife love you 3 dearly and the music has truly brought us closer together over the years.


How did you guys feel about the AB Acoustic album in particular to the style of music you see yourself producing in the next few years? I really love the whole acoustic composition and my whole family can not stop listening to the album.

BONUS VIDEO: Here is a video of my 3 year old daughter singing Above & Beyond - Sun & Moon while walking the streets in NYC


Above_Beyond41 karma

The Acoustic album is a demonstration of how we write songs more than how we produce them - to let people closer to that part of the process. We're working on an electronic album at the moment that as usual includes a mix of acoustic and electronic sounds.

Video: amazing.

whoocares42 karma

Can we expect a Group Therapy stage for EDC14 or TomorrowWorld?? I need my Above and Beyond fix..its been too long! (2012)

Above_Beyond66 karma

Yes you can, but we're probably going for mainstage!

iwantjoebiden36 karma

Since your big thing right now is the acoustic album, which artist is your biggest non-electronic inspiration?

Your fans tend to have very emotional experiences with your songs, especially with the name "Group Therapy". What is the most touching story you've heard about a fan's experience with your music?

Above_Beyond75 karma

Tony - for me, great songwriters like Neil Finn, Bon Iver and Michael Stipe are my inspiration, but I love so much music it's hard to pick

Paavo - during this Acoustic project, i've looked back at great classical composers like Sibelius and Beethoven and found it really inspiring

We were very touched when the friends and family of one of our fans put the lyrics of Satellite on their gravestone

sir_osis_of_da_liver33 karma

Seeing how you love Breaking Bad so much, will you ever come back to Albuquerque to play a show?

Above_Beyond49 karma

Yes!!! Can't wait to do the whole tour when we do!! :)

that-remix32 karma

any new york shows soon?!?

Above_Beyond50 karma

There's one happening in the Bowery Hotel right now!!

busythinking26 karma

Who were your biggest influences and inspirations when you first started producing music?

Above_Beyond100 karma

For us collectively: Chicane, Ferry Corsten, Matt Darey, Paul Oakenfold

ksoon21 karma

Hi Guys! For the acoustic project, you introduced us to Annie Drury and Alex Vargas on vocals. Was there any particular reason why Justine Suissa and Richard Bedford were not featured on the new interpretations of the songs? Also, how did you discover (and eventually decide to work with) Annie and Alex and will we be hearing more of them in your next studio album?

Acoustic is simply masterful, thank you :)

Above_Beyond34 karma

We already answered the first question earlier, but regarding Alex: we've already been working with him on tracks for the new album (Sticky Fingers, Blue Sky Action) and would love to include Annie as well.

joak2219 karma

Big fan here!

How do you think Trance - and to an extent electronic music - has changed from what I think was the "golden age" of Trance music in 90's early 2000's? For instance, I think Trance divided itself into 1) a more popular sound with featuring and 2) a more underground scene reminiscent of the old 90's sounds.

Above_Beyond31 karma

Music changes all the time and the modern mix up of genres is particularly exciting to work in as elements from all through the ages can fit in now

73700017 karma

What is your opinion on 'Ghost producing' where do you think the line should be drawn? for example if an artist produced a track for your label, but you found out it was produced by a Ghost producer, would that be unacceptable?

Above_Beyond26 karma

There are a lot of DJs who have producers behind the scenes, most every artist in the pop world has producers behind the scenes, it's not cool to lie about it, but these days with the internet being what it is that's quite hard to do, people find out eventually. Much better that the people who are making the music get the credit they deserve

Hornetajc17 karma

Acoustic Tour in the US? Please? We have all the facilities in major cities to make it happen. Given, they wouldn't be the dance scene places you are used to playing, but I believe they would be a hit.

Above_Beyond32 karma

We don't currently have plans to take Acoustic on the road, but who knows: maybe one day.

outsoo17 karma

Sun & Moon is one of my favorite tracks.

What or who inspired the lyrics and meaning behind it?

Above_Beyond42 karma

Katy from California :)

preo15 karma

  • I dont know how I would go on my long drives without ABGT
  • Please come to Waterloo, Ontario!

Above_Beyond17 karma


uzeq14 karma

  1. What is the ideal set time length for an Above & Beyond performance?

  2. When can we see production collaborations between Above & Beyond and other Anjuna producers?

It took me 4 years between discovering the TATW podcast and seeing A&B live for the first time.  Tony - Thank you for signing my ticket the first time I saw you. http://i.imgur.com/9wG0GWo.jpg

Above_Beyond26 karma

  1. About 2 hours?
  2. We work with Andrew Bayer quite a bit and have collaborated with Maor Levi, and Paavo has done some tracks with Super8. We have dinner with them all the time!


Raphoroni13 karma

Thanks for the shout out on #ABGT049! Who is the girl who did the TATW intro/vocals?

Above_Beyond19 karma

Jono's friend Senta did the whisper and an American actress did the countdown

firestartersftw13 karma

Just bought your Acoustic Album and I love it! Your music never ceases to amaze me. Anyway, my question is: How do you feel about piracy? Do you feel it is an unfortunate, yet, effective way for your music to be heard by those who are unable to listen to your music any other way, or do you feel that there should be stricter laws regarding it? Thank you for the AMA!

Above_Beyond21 karma

Tony: I think it sucks that technology has allowed people to steal the thing we make for a living to the point we can't make a living from it any more. I wonder how chefs would feel?

Paavo: I wish there was just more focus on how supporting the artists making the music you love helps new musicians and the labels.

ElectricLycan11 karma

Whenever I hear someone say Electronic Music doesn't take skill or talent and its not real music I point them towards you guys. I believe you guys are like modern day Mozart's. That being said, what is your favorite remix of one your songs?

Above_Beyond51 karma

Tony - the Seven Lions remix of On My Way To Heaven Paavo - Right now, the Arty/Believe in me and You Got To Go mashup Jono made

musicmuffin2210 karma

This is for all of you. If you knew you were going deaf, what would be the last song that you would want to listen to and why?

Above_Beyond74 karma

Brilliant question: maybe something from the pop chart to make me feel I wasn't missing anything!

whoocares10 karma

I absolutely loved the whole acoustic show you all did..any luck of releasing any of that on some sexy vinyl??

HUGE HUGE FAN btw... as evident by the Anjuna logo on my car

Above_Beyond29 karma

Yes, vinyl is on the way. Gatefold sleeve as well!!

brunub7 karma

Hi guys! Welcome to reddit! I just want to share that Sun and Moon is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard and I throw it on whenever I wanna feel a little sad. Care to share anything about how that track came together?

Above_Beyond4 karma

It's a track we originally wrote for the Oceanlab album but didn't get it to work at that point. The version on Group Therapy is probably version 6 or something of it, and the one on Acoustic version 7.

Razkan6 karma

Hey Tony and Paavo! Thanks for doing this AMA! I have four questions:

1) Where do you get the inspiration for your essential mixes?

2) Paavo, which tracks are you currently listening to in your playlist?

3) What series are you guys watching now that Breaking Bad is over?

4) When are you guys coming to Kenya!

You guys rock! Thanks again!

Above_Beyond3 karma

  1. Dark Side Of The Moon for the first one, our first essential mix for the second one
  2. This track we were just writing in LA called ....
  3. Paavo: i'm rewatching 24 from the start as i wait for House of Cards season 2. Tony: I'm rewatching Breaking Bad as i wait for House of Cards Season 2.
  4. When someone invites us

coreyvan3 karma

Group Therapy was one of the few things that helped me through the death of my best friend this past September. One of my fondest memories with him was your show at Foundation in Seattle. You guys were incredible. I just want to thank you for writing the touching, beautiful music that you do and being such inspirational people. So much love!!

Above_Beyond5 karma

Commiserations and thanks for the kind words