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What was the scariest moment you had during a flight?

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Fascinating how much care and thought they put into that episode.

From Wikipedia:

At the time of Lee's death, instead of recasting the role, the writers and producers of Sesame Street decided to create an episode that taught their young audience about the difficult topic of death. Research was conducted to ascertain the messages they wanted to convey about the topic, as well as the effect the episode would have on the young children who watched it. They were advised by experts in the fields of child psychology, child development, and religion. Studies conducted after the episode was produced showed that most children understood its messages about death, and that they experienced no long-term ill effects. The episode, written by head writer Norman Stiles, aired on Thanksgiving Day 1983; the cast and crew reported that filming it was an emotional and touching experience. The episode, which set the standard for dealing with difficult topics on children's television, was called heartbreaking yet affirming, and one of the proudest moments in the show's history.

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Hey guys, I love the new track Making Plans. Are you making plans to release a club version?

p.s. how was Yakima, Washington?

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Yeah it took me a few days to get over that empty feeling left on nye