Hi reddit. John, Dave and Bob here.

We reunited for this commercial for Oikos. It's a bromance. And now we are here (with Victoria from reddit) to answer your questions. Ask us anything!


UPDATE: Speaking for all of us, we are just SO appreciative that people still remember us and keep Full House in their hearts and we are very grateful that it seems like every 4 years a new Full House fan is born. We've really grown to appreciate what that show is about, how it makes people laugh and smile during hard times. We want to thank you all for being so loyal, and we hope you enjoy our spot on the Superbowl this Sunday. We had a blast doing this. Thank you.

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_JohnStamos_3488 karma

reddit is cool.

_Bob_Saget3128 karma

I think reddit is also super cool.

ImDaveCoulier3111 karma

I think reddit is amazingly super cool.

_Bob_Saget3096 karma

I just want to say that if orange is the new black, then reddit is the new super awesome cool.

ChickenHubben2025 karma

Is it just me or were you guys really bad dads? That Michelle really got all the attention. Michelle says something, everyone comes running. And you always talked to her like she was an idiot. That poor DJ couldn't catch a break and Stephanie?! Forget it. She was like a ghost in that house

ImDaveCoulier2524 karma

That's because the girls were really MY children. Joey fathered all the girls.

_Bob_Saget2446 karma

None of them looked anything like me but I like them anyway.

_JohnStamos_2530 karma

What makes the show so special, and it's still maybe one of the most important family shows in TV history, was that all 3 kids respected the parents unlike some of these other shows now. We had respect for the kids and the kids always had respect for us and that's why the show is still as successful as it is 25 years later.

_Bob_Saget2083 karma

Just to interject a little coda on that: it was conceived as a show for 12 year old girls and kids to watch with their families, and it was meant to be a show for kids. The dialogue was written as a fantasy of how kids could rule the roost, even though they had adults taking care of them.

ImDaveCoulier2017 karma

And what kind of kids would not want to move in with 3 men?

_JohnStamos_1923 karma

I think there are so many kids that live in single parent households, or same sex parent households, that more kids can relate to it now than back when it first aired.

_Bob_Saget1776 karma

And some families have tragedy, where they've lost a parent, which is the premise of Full House. And what's nice about the show is that it helps people get through those hard times.

ShahofVista1670 karma

Bob and Dave, how was it working with John's mullet on full house?

_Bob_Saget1624 karma

Dave's opinion? Do you want to give your opinion?

ImDaveCoulier2619 karma

Up close, it looked like a dead crow.

_Bob_Saget2554 karma

I sometimes liked it better than John.

_Bob_Saget2444 karma

It was nice and soft, and I would keep baby birds in it to save them.

GrumpyButTrue1613 karma

I heard someone say you three will act like your full house characters in public just to fuck with people sometimes. Is this true?

_Bob_Saget2268 karma

John and I were once in a bathroom at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, and a college kid came in there, and he was peeing next to us...

_Bob_Saget2971 karma

and we started talking in character as Jesse and Danny and I turned to John and said in character, "How's it going Jess" and he said "It's going bad, Nicky and Alex won't sleep" and the guy next to us, we think he peed all over himself.

It was beautiful.

_Bob_Saget2556 karma

John then said to me, "How's it going for you Danny" and I said "Oh, I'm having trouble, the ratings on Wake Up San Francisco are slipping" and THAT's when the guy peed all over himself.

apadden1550 karma

Bob, when you’ve gotten pissed off, have you ever yelled, “Bob Saget!”?

_Bob_Saget2113 karma

Yes, I have, when I do an impression of that guy for my standup audiences.

_JohnStamos_2372 karma

When I get pissed off, I use "Bob Saget" as a curse word.

MrThingyman1445 karma

@ Mr. Stamos. How does it feel that Jennifer Lawrence stalked you at a party and stared at your magnificent behind?

_JohnStamos_2191 karma

I was extremely flattered. And freaked out at the same time.

jsto341407 karma

John, how do you stay so handsome and young looking? What potions are you using?

_JohnStamos_2640 karma

I live in a freezer. And I actually eat the Oikos, but mainly I put it on my face.

GrumpyButTrue1325 karma

Bob, was your habit of telling filthy jokes ever a legitimate issue while filming full house around a bunch of young children and their parents?

_JohnStamos_2653 karma

The truth is, I actually think Dave is a little dirtier than Bob if you can believe that. And one time we almost got called up to the Principal's office. I was never inappropriate around the twins like Bob and Dave, but we had a whole meeting to stop being so dirty on the set, and from that day on... actually nothing changed.

_Bob_Saget2050 karma

I didn't know the kids were watching the monitors, I just thought it was older crew, but I was wrong.

beewaug1258 karma

How can I join Jesse and the Rippers? I don't have musical talent, but I do have the 90s style.

_JohnStamos_2411 karma

That's all I had.

_Bob_Saget1181 karma

John charges a $200,000 fee, and you too can become a Ripper!

ImDaveCoulier2115 karma

I've been a Ripper my whole life, but only in the bathroom.

kartikchainani1081 karma

Dave, do random people ever come up to you and do the "cut it out" bit, and if so, how hard is it to resist strangling them?

ImDaveCoulier1896 karma

First of all, people do it to me all the time. And if you go to my website, you can actually get a "Cut it out" t-shirt. But people botch it up all the time, so they'll come up and say "Hey, knock it around!" and then I have to correct them. But most of the time people are really super nice.

canadianvintage1077 karma

Are any of you anything like your characters from Full House?

_Bob_Saget2537 karma

I am single. And I have 3 daughters. And I do own a Dust Buster, but I don't use it.

_JohnStamos_2545 karma

I like Elvis, I like playing music, I was married to a girl named Rebecca.

ImDaveCoulier2176 karma

I am a hockey player in real life and we did lots of hockey references on the show. And I'm also an instrument-rated airplane pilot. We did an episode of Full House where I flew Jesse where, to his wedding? It was crazy, it just came out of nowhere, it was never mentioned. And then one episode the producers said "there's a scene where you're going to be flying."

_JohnStamos_2501 karma

In other words, we are exactly like our characters. It's a problem.

_Bob_Saget1948 karma

I'm a hugger, but I also have a warped sense of humor. The character that I played, he was more of a straight man.

funky_jewster1044 karma

John, Dave and Bob,

I have no question for you but I have always wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to the three of you (and the rest of the Full House cast). In 1988 my family was going through a very difficult time. I'm the "DJ" of three daughters and I remember distinctly the first night I ever saw a Full House episode. I was five and a half. My mother, my infant sister and my 3 year old sister and I sat around the television. Perfect Strangers came on first--the lottery ticket episode. Then came you guys. It was the episode where Stephanie cut Uncle Jesse's hair and he was so upset he drove off and broke both his arms in a motorcycle crash. I remember laughing so hard my belly hurt and even crying at the end when Uncle Jesse had to sweetly "tell the little rugrat she's whacko."

My sisters and I would grow up watching the three of you and your antics each week. You all (Mary-Kate, Ashley, Candace, Jodie, and Lori) brought joy to us always--especially during the hardest times when we most needed a distraction/vacation. We quoted all of you heavily--even to this day. Myself and at least one of my sisters can identify almost any Full House episode from a 3-5 second clip (yeah, I'm fucking proud of it).

I remember being in health class in 6th grade and learning about anorexia and thinking to myself "Uh, I would never do that to myself--look what happened to DJ that week she ate only ice popsicles." Cue me eight years later in a facility in South Florida trying to gain back weight. I'd think about the "Crash Diet" episode while I was there and laugh.

Aside from all the morals and lessons I can credit Full House with instilling in me, I grew up watching you and dreaming of working in television and film and in 2008 I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy writing and standup. I did have the chance to work in TV in 2011 (as a PA, not a writer) and one of my first days on the job I was delivering files in an administrative building on the lot when I stumbled upon one of the original cast posters signed and framed hanging on the wall of the main stairwell. I got chills and had to stop for a moment of gratitude before finishing my deliveries.

I returned to Florida last year to help out my mom for awhile. I miss LA a great deal and wish that I had the opportunity to meet one of you at some point to thank you in person for the years of happy memories you brought to me and my family. I think fondly of you all and, as crazy as it sounds, when I see you guys pop up in anything now I feel like I'm seeing family.

Bob, back in college my friends and I came to interview you at the Improv for our late night talk show on the school's television network. I wasn't able to fit in the closet sized room, but I stood outside the door and when you walked by to go in you smiled at me. I wanted to hug you. Even after I saw your stand up act. Hardest I have ever laughed at a show and that was at least seven years ago.

I will stop rambling now. Just know you had a massive impact on me. I love you all. I don't expect a reply as I know how quickly the comments pile up here but I hope that you do wind up seeing this at some point.

Edit: Adjusted awkward phrasing, removed personal information, added stuff I really wanted to say but forgot because I was trying to get this posted before it would be buried and--more importantly--put the "e" at the end of Jodie's name where it rightfully belongs.

_JohnStamos_1018 karma

Thank you.

mynameisseven961 karma

What's the weirdest request you've ever received from fans?

ImDaveCoulier2128 karma

I had a guy once ask me to sign his butt cheek with a sharpie.

_JohnStamos_3116 karma

I was the guy who asked him.

_Bob_Saget2879 karma

I was the desk they were leaning on to sign it.

_Bob_Saget1558 karma

And there have been all of us, people have tattooed my likeness on their butts and arms, and John has seen that also. Dave have you seen that, where you've been tattooed on someone?

ImDaveCoulier1762 karma


_Bob_Saget1992 karma

It's butts sometimes and that can be upsetting.

GrumpyButTrue882 karma

How the hell did you three (with the exception of Uncle Jesse) manage to pull in so much hot tail on Full House?

_Bob_Saget1986 karma

Did you have cameras there? I was married during Full House, so the only hot tail I had during Full House was Stamos.

_killer827 karma

Quickly! Build a cheeseburger based on your personalities. No Yogurt Stamos!

ImDaveCoulier1795 karma

Mine would be rotten moldy cheese and a tiny pickle.

_Bob_Saget1282 karma

Can I change mine to Dave's?

_JohnStamos_1327 karma

well growing up my father owned burger restaurants, called Bill's Burger Basket. And when I was on General Hospital, my dad would not let me quit working there, so we actually had the Blackie Parish burger. That was my character on General Hospital. It had a lot of cheese.

_Bob_Saget2445 karma

And a beautiful set of buns...

_Bob_Saget975 karma

It's a soft bun, with some spicy zesty BBQ sauce and just a tiny bit of cut cheese on it, and then raw meat just pretty much raw meat smacked on there. And pickles.

Owl_You_Need_Is_Love728 karma

Bob: Are you done filming HIMYM?

John: What was your favorite part about working on Glee?

Dave: Do you have the Mr. Woodchuck puppet?

I love you all and thanks for making my childhood so wonderful with Full House.

ImDaveCoulier1294 karma

I do still have the Mr Woodchuck! And my yellow lab named Ranger ate his face.

_JohnStamos_1103 karma

WELL, I loved the Rocky Horror episode that we did where I got to sing Hot Patootie. And you know, the immediacy of how fast everything works on that show always kept you on your toes, because each week there was a new song, a new dance. A great group of kids, I made some new friends, and I dearly miss Cory.

_Bob_Saget1045 karma

I am not done yet! In fact I'm in New York and had to record some stuff yesterday so there are a couple more to go. I'm as into it as everyone else is, into the resolution of it.

ImDaveCoulier515 karma

and thank you, it was our pleasure.

john052724 karma

Do you guys have any favorite memories from full house?

ImDaveCoulier1577 karma

I used to throw my underpants up in the air, on the roof of my dressing room, for Bob.

_JohnStamos_2415 karma

He would get them stuck in the rafters. Years later, when Full House wrapped up, FRIENDS moved into the same stage, and I did a guest spot on FRIENDS, and Dave's underpants were still up there in the rafters.

_Bob_Saget1929 karma

For all comedy shows ever shot there, forever, Dave's skids live on.

mallycat1026620 karma

What's the best prank that was pulled on set? Or really that has ever been done to you?

_Bob_Saget884 karma

John said we didn't do a lot of pranks did we? I'm not a big prank lover, actually. I guess Dave would do the most stuff that was prank like.

_JohnStamos_1398 karma

Sometimes we'd be doing a scene, and Dave would be supposed to make an entrance, but he would come in not wearing his pants. Or he would be sitting in the bleachers.

ImDaveCoulier1880 karma

i would sit in the bleachers and do this character that would drive my fellow actors nuts, where I would laugh too loud on purpose at their scenes.

_Bob_Saget2297 karma

Dave would pretend to be the most LOVING and obnoxious fan of Full House. So when Jesse would be upset over something, Dave would go "Oh No! Jesse is upset! HAHAHA!"

pinkelephants512463 karma

John - who would win in a fight. you or jeff goldblum?

Dave - who would win in a fight, you or jeff daniels?

Bob - who would win in a fight, you or josh radnor?

ImDaveCoulier829 karma

I would have to have the powers of my mullet. I could beat him, but I would have to have a mullet. I would have to be wearing my hair in a mullet.

_JohnStamos_887 karma

I ran into Jeff Daniels at the Tonys a few years ago, and said "Man, you really do look like Dave" and he said "It drives me CRAZY!!!!"

_Bob_Saget621 karma

I think in a fight with Josh Radnor, he would probably win against me by doing nothing, because he is very zen-like. So like a Karate Kid type thing, he could do no moves and then somehow knock me on the ground. He's the 20 years younger version of Ted Mosby, a very nice guy.

_JohnStamos_556 karma

Well, he did play The Fly...

_Bob_Saget533 karma

And John always liked to pull down his fly... it depends on what stage the fly is in...

uboat57386 karma

Hey Bob, did you enjoy hosting America's Funniest Home Videos?

_Bob_Saget788 karma

Yes! I did. And all my friends were on it, John and Dave would come and the cast of the show would hang. And when it started, I'd never seen anything like it, people were sending in their candid videos. Candid Camera was set up, it was pranks. This was people's actual homes, and when the show first started, you'd see tricks people's pets did, people's uncles crotches getting hit on fences, happenstance, not set up stuff. Eventually it got like that, but at first it was really interesting. For the voices, I copied Mel Blanc, he did all the Bugs Bunny voices. Dave's actually the big cartoon voice guy but I got the job, I would do any female sound with variations of my mother. Any little kid sounds would be the same sounds that the dog made. I did 6 voices but filled in wall to wall for 8 years.

saiko17385 karma

Hi guys! Loved all of you on Full House! Loved Bob in "The Aristocrats".

For Bob, was your story in The Aristocrats on the fly or did you have a general plan in mind?

For Jon, how don't you age?

For Dave, what have you been up to? Joey was my favorite character on Full House and the only other thing I saw you in was that Disney Channel movie where your son was a merman. Where's some of your other work, bro?

ImDaveCoulier778 karma

I'm the voice of Kellogg's Raisin Bran. And touring with a lot of stand up right now. http://davecoulier.com is my brand new website.

_JohnStamos_703 karma

I've been following Dave's standup since before Full House, and he is funnier than ever. If you get the chance, don't miss it.

_Bob_Saget918 karma

All the 3 of us working together on this, I haven't laughed this hard in ages. The 3 of us know each other so well. During the shooting, I told Dave "just have a baby with somebody somehow" and I didn't know what he was going to do, but he somehow found an artichoke and gave birth to it during the commercial set. He was in a lot of pain, he gave a full-out performance.

It was a very healthy child. We didn't eat it though. I don't eat anything that comes out of Dave.

_JohnStamos_767 karma

I sold my soul to the devil.

Because someday... I am looking older. I just turned 50.

_Bob_Saget837 karma

We won't be friends with you then.

_Bob_Saget581 karma

It was on the fly, I had only heard the joke one time, like 10 years before, and I was egged on to tell it by the director Paul and the producer Penn Jillette, so it was half an hour of live tape and I didn't want to tell it, because I thought it was in poor taste, but they egged me on and they were laughing. The idea is to tell the worst, most foul joke you can, so...

_JohnStamos_596 karma

Bob's mind works very very fast, and I've never seen it get thrown off.

ImDaveCoulier806 karma

this is Dave, and I'd just like to add that Bob is a great kisser.

_Bob_Saget828 karma

And I'm always on antibiotics because of it.

_Bob_Saget465 karma

Dave is one of the funniest people I know, and he can make me laugh like nobody else just using his body parts and some sound effects, and you can just laugh for hours.

GreekGirl1234339 karma

Is the cardboard picture of John available? The one in the Oikos commercial.

_JohnStamos_513 karma

You know, we made that for the spot. It's actually a piece that didn't get used. What they are going to do is auction off the underwear I wore in the spot, I wore the boxers today on GMA and The View, but I would rather they manufacture Oikos Boxers.

ImDaveCoulier1016 karma

And if someone DOES win those underpants, they will notice right away that the berries are on the bottom.

SnowingSwede253 karma

Favorite sandwich?

ImDaveCoulier562 karma

Peanut butter + Jelly.

_Bob_Saget511 karma

My favorite sandwich is baloney.

_JohnStamos_916 karma

I like a nice tuna sandwich. And the beauty of being an actor, anytime I'm on set I can say "Hey, can I have a tuna sandwich?" and they'll bring you one!

Captain_Underpants221 karma

What was your favorite episode of Full House? What are your current favorite TV shows?

_JohnStamos_533 karma

Well as some people know, I'm a big Disney freak so I loved the two-parter we did at Disney World, that was one of my favorites.

I watch The Daily Show, some of the news shows. I watch documentaries, I like those more.

ImDaveCoulier478 karma

Well I enjoyed playing hockey, the hockey episode we did was probably one of my favorites.

I like a lot of the HBO series, Game of Thrones, Newroom, Boardwalk Empire. And I watch a lot of news and documentaries and I watch a lot of hockey.

_Bob_Saget389 karma

I guess my favorite episode of Full House, I never even think about this one but they gave me an adjustment to get amped up on coffee. They gave me tons of coffee as a character, so I got to drink a lot of coffee all day. It was the easiest part to play, because i was really amped up. I was really amped up 30 years ago, so that was an easy part to play.

My favorite shows are similar to Dave's, Boardwalk Empire, Eastbound & Down, historical stuff and I watch a lot of news. I watch a lot of late night talkshows too.

jsto34135 karma

Have any of you been on the website www.fullhousereviewed.com? It reviews every episode of FH and hilariously critiques it. The author has a very strong hate of Joey and Uncle Jesse, but his hatred for Joey on the show has made him hate Dave Coulier in real life. You should check it out!

What was your favorite memory of filming the show?

_JohnStamos_364 karma

Why would we check out something that hates us?

tcby11119 karma

Dave and Bob, be honest. Do you like Rob Lowe more than John?

_Bob_Saget204 karma

I have met Rob Lowe, but I love John like a brother, so he wins.

_Bob_Saget252 karma

My whole life will be complete if I can watch John have a fight with Jeff Goldblum.

ImDaveCoulier241 karma

And Jeff Goldblum has to be dressed up as The Fly.

pipsdontsqueak93 karma

To each of you, what is your favorite type of pie?

_Bob_Saget339 karma

I would like to plead the Fifth Amendment and not say out loud what my favorite kind of pie is.

_JohnStamos_153 karma

I like strawberry pie.

ImDaveCoulier178 karma

Mine is pecan pie, but a close second is pumpkin.

_JohnStamos_217 karma

He likes pumpkin pie because his head is shaped like a pumpkin.

ImDaveCoulier252 karma

We actually carved my head one year and put a candle in my mouth.

PaulinaGayle91 karma

Are you three still on the East coast? If so, how are you enjoying our cold weather?

ImDaveCoulier159 karma

It's kind of a nice change, I don't mind the cold weather.

_JohnStamos_253 karma

I haven't left my room.

_Bob_Saget259 karma

I don't mind it, we've been working the whole time and hanging out with each other so it didn't even dawn on me it was freezing outside. I do know all my jeans are looser because all my stuff draws up inside.

CunningLinguistt72 karma

Which one of you has the reputation of "funniest"?

ImDaveCoulier136 karma

There are times when we make each other laugh equally as hard.

_JohnStamos_159 karma

The truth is, I've learned a lot about comedy from both of these guys. I've always been fascinated by standup, and to be close to two very very talented comics was a thrill for me, and a learning experience.

ImDaveCoulier154 karma

And I learned a lot about acting for the camera from John. He was already a show, and he would literally position me sometimes during a scene and say "well you need to move this way." And at first I didn't understand it, but then I had a lightbulb and realized there was a lot to learn.

_Bob_Saget150 karma

I also learned from John, one of his great qualities was his disclipline. When you have a comic's mind, you can tend to wander all over the place, and it was a pleasure to learn from him how to channel that.