When job searching a couple weeks before black friday with my friend I went into Victoria's Secret to get an application as a joke, two weeks later I got the job as a sales associate. AMA Card from when I was hired: http://imgur.com/cmqgG4w

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Because no one would come in and speak to you directly about this I better ask the question. Broncos or Seahawks?

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How many times have you been caught with a boner?

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Haha not once i have to go fix stff in the corner of the store a good amount of times though ;)

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Do you think VS would be into hiring a paunchy slightly alcoholic middle aged dude with a long grey beard. It's... a friend.

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I've seen a 60 year old man with arthritis in his hip,Glasses, and bald work at VS

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Hugh Hefners brother???

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I wish I'd visit him at work everyday!

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do you hit on girls who are buying lingerie. it just seems to easy. i mean they cant say no...because of the implication.

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Everyone always asks me the amount of numbers I get in a day haha but when I start working I treat everyone as if it were any other retail store, if the customers want to flirt a bit then there's no harm in being a bit flirty back ;)

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but does it actually work? also how did you exactly apply for this job?

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It works but I can't get too flirty with the customers my manger would definitely get pissed, and i do have a girlfriend that'd be mad too haha. And as for applying I went in and got a paper application brought it back two days later got called in for two more interviews and I got the job.

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On a scale of Awesome to Fucking Awesome. How fucking awesome is your job?

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It's a pretty fucking awesome job but the one thing i hate is folding panties, it can begin to be tedious when you have to fold over 1000 in an hour.

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What bra size are you

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Dream Angels 36B Body 34B

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Did you ever get laid from working there?

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Haha yes and it's how I found my current girlfriend too

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Brb sending resume to Victoria's Secret

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Good Luck Man!

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So is your current gf one of the VS Angles?

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Hahah no but i think she could definitely be one

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Another male associate here working sales support and on the floor during high velocity. What's the best remark you've received from a customer regarding your position? Mine thus far is, "Takes balls to work in a lingerie store, man." The irony alone was gratifying.

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I Pretty much get the same stuff and people saying I'm the smartest man in the town haha.

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weirdest story?

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One day when I was working the floor a woman and her daughter (who was in her early teens) came in and she requested me to fit her daughter for a bra. The women I work with told her that it's against policy but she refused to have her daughter measured by anyone else,she started a scene then stormed out. Also the cougars can get pretty rowdy sometimes.

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I worked at Victoria's Secret as a stock guy while in college and found it to be a great source of women. I started in November (right around the time that they begin hiring seasonal people) and was surprised at how many girls they hired. There were three of us stock guys and about fifty girls. The ratio was good.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I picked up my girlfriend there pretty quickly and wasn't able to play around too much. Looking back, I was 21, and should have stayed single and caused as much trouble as I possibly could have with those girls.

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The ratio is pretty amazing and I had fun with it for a while but I got a girlfriend about a month in so I can't use the job to the fullest possiblities anymore, still can be pretty fun though!

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I shop VS. I only met one male employee at the stores I've been to. He became offended when I preferred to wait for a busy female employee instead of him as my question was about their bras and having shallow breasts. I know you get training, get experience, work with other women, etc. However, you don't have shallow boob issues and I don't want to talk to men about my small, shallow boob issues. Would you be offended in that situation?

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I would not be offended at all that's your own personal information, if you want to speak to a female associate i perfectly understand , and be proud of your breasts a shallow boob is still a boob!

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Did anyone think you were creepy or are you attractive?

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Sometimes I get vibes that I creep a few people out but other than that people are just amazed that I'm a guy working at Victoria's Secret, and sometimes the older woman like to get a bit flirty when I'm working.

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Is it left to you to help out the dudes that come in by themselves?

Also, well played.

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Haha thank you, and dudes come over as soon as they see someone that can understand what they're saying and confidently talk with and not feel embarrassed by their confusion.But the women I work with love to take the guys to pressure them into buying a lot haha

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Is the pay good?

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The pay is minimum wage but i got a lottt of hours during the holidays so it was good.

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What male would care what the pay was?

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A male that wants to survive.

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Surviving is the main objective. Then Hot chicks

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Have you ever encountered a woman (it could be a customer or a coworker) who was creeped out by the fact that you, a guy, was working at Victoria's Secret?

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Some women say it's weird but most women are intrigued by it and are suprised that a guy works at Victoria's Secret.

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I hate and love you at the same time.

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I know with the whole "Pink" brand that VS has acquired a younger customer base. Do you ever have young girls (say 9 or 10) stray away from the Pink section and try to try on some very adult lingerie? If yes, how do you handle the situation?

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Our Pink section of the store is right in the front so I'd say 99% of young girls don't stray away from that part but every now and then you'll get one that will look at other stuff and just go back to Pink.

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I'm not sure the best way to word this, but here goes. Not all clothing items are made for all people. Are you ever in a situation where you recommend to a woman to not buy something? Also, any time I've ever been in a store like that, I feel like everyone must think I'm some fort of creep. Do you ever have to deal with actual creeps in the store?

vsdude11 karma

Most women know what they want and i encourage them to buy more but if they want opinion I'll send them to a female associate. We do have creeps that come in and ask for every girls numbers and just hang around and watch.But with store policy we can only give them "extra customer service"

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On a 1-10 how attractive are the females who work there? Secondly who gets more customers you or your female coworkers?

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I'd say 8 they're alll very different and hot in their own ways, and my female co workers definitely get more customers than I do haha

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Are you allowed to measure the womens breast size to find the best fitting bra for them? Is there anything extra you might have to do because you are a male?

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I have been requested by women before to size them, but it's purely against store policy for me to do any measuring. And I have to be a bit more coy when dealing with customers as some woman might feel uncomfortable with talking to me about their underwear.

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against policy because you're a male or against policy for any VS employee to fit someone?

Seems like there could be a discrimination suit there... like not allowing a male doctor to perform certain procedures on female patients... that kind of company rule treats their male employees like they can't be 100% professional in all aspects of the job.

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A doctor spent years looking at medical books to perform female procedures but an average guy can't be trusted for personal stuff, and most women would probably be a bit objective. I would lose any suit but male workers and female workers definitely have it different.

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Have you ever had a customer refuse to believe that you actually worked there?

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Hahah yes some people have to watch me go behind the desk and talk with everyone to truly believe me.

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what is it like to work with mostly female customers? Any funny stories?

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IT's really fun they're very open with me so I get to hear some pretty good stories ;)

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What's the primary benefit from working there?

vsdude8 karma

I'd have to say the primary benefit is that my job doesn't get boring haha and the people I work with are really amazing.

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straighter than an arrow

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It'd be nice the bench outside the store is sooo depressing, give a nice part of the store for retreat would help a lot.

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do you think women who come in find it helpful to have a straight male's opinion? or are some of them put off by you being there?

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Some are put off but if you give them a compliment they automatically get more interest in it.

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You say the cougars blatantly hit on you. How? Also, do girls ever ask for opinions on how stuff looks?

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They get close and pick up really risque underwear and ask me if I'd like it if it was on them and they ask me what I think is sexy and request me for whatever i can do for them , it varies from cougar to cougar.

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I didn't know this was allowed. Every guy I've seen at VS has been flaming gay. What's the stores policy on you helping with sizing and dressing room stuff? Or do you just work behind the counter?

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I work register, Processing, Sales associate, I cannot do fittings but i can bring women into the dressing rooms

That_Tall_Person5 karma

Has anyone ever hit on you?

What is the most awkward thing that has happened to you, while working there?

vsdude9 karma

Once in a while yes but a lot of it is cougars and one in her 60's always requests me when she comes in and gets sooo akwardly flirty.

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I have a job offer from Victoria Secret to work in the stock room. I am also a Straight male, should i take it?

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Deffinitely take it! There's a lot of room to move around and I'm sure your co workers will be fun too, but just as pre warning processing is timed and is a hard thing to get at first.

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Has anyone ever come in and asked what they should get for someone totally inappropriate? (i.e. mom, boss, daughter)

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Suprsingly not yet.

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What special skills do you have that are relevant to the job (asking for my job application/help me get a job, buddy)?

vsdude3 karma

Being good with people, Punctuality, Business trianed (just put whatever good stuff you can about yourself), the real worry is the interview

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What's so rough about the interview?

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Interviews can suck in general but sometimes they do group interviews plus you have to explain why you a guy could work with something all women trying for the job already know.

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Brought my cat to the vet recently, the vet clinic is all hot females and 1 guy I called the "Resident Rooster", like him in that environment I admire you in yours

vsdude5 karma

Resident Rooter haha I like that , Thanks for the admiration!

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So umm... What's her secret?

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It's a guy

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What's the pay like? Is it any better than minimum wage?

vsdude12 karma

It's minimum wage but it's Victoria's Secret

Musicaltheaterguy2 karma

Do you ever meet any of the models that are featured in ads?

vsdude5 karma

I would looovve that but no :'

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Do you like boobs?

vsdude24 karma

Like? or Worship

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Why not?

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Hahah no but I do like the cologne they recently came out with.

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Not sure if I've seen the question posted but, what's your funniest story there? Not necessarily awkward/creepy.

P.s You are one lucky S.O.B

vsdude3 karma

Can't really think of a funniest story, there's a lot of random funny stuff that happens everyday though and thank you my man!