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I watched your movie a few months ago. I’m honestly surprised at how little prep work you guys did lol. Like if I try and do a 50 mile ride I bring like tons of stuff with me (tubes, tools, etc). Where the bikes you ended up with essentially trashed by the end of it?

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Spot on...classic welshwordman

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I have a job offer from Victoria Secret to work in the stock room. I am also a Straight male, should i take it?

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What! That is lame, at the clothing store I am at now all the back room stuff is just done as needed. It is also horribly disorganized (I don't work in the back room right now). We had a guy recently get hired to help out in the back, and quite after 3 months because he kept saying how things had to change but instead of listening to him they just cut his hours and blamed sales associates.

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First off, I am very sorry for your lose.

My question is if you think the opioid crisis we are seeing in the US Today is just the most visible symptom of current rx culture? I used to work in a pharmacy and have seen my fare share of opioid addicts try and fill bogus scripts. However, I have also seen the the “benign” side effects of the current rx culture: doctors over prescribing antibiotics; psychiatrist starting someone on a mild SSR then slowly having to up the dose and tacking on benzos, sleeping pills, etc; people self diagnosing from commercials; teacher diagnosing and pushing amphetamines on children who can’t even read yet; etc.

It seems like there is a systemic issue in the US with how we view rx drugs, and how they get dished out. Doctors are supposed to be the gate keepers but the have left the gate unlocked and wide open.