My short bio: Robotics is the future! I decided to teach myself electronics, programming and mechanics when I was 14 and have not let anything stop me! I worked at NASA over the summer on the Robonaut project and have traveled the world doing talks talking about curiosity and how to achieve your dreams. This technology has a huge impact on the prosthetics industry just because there are so many problems with current prosthetics and the cost is outrageous! I am heavily involved with an emerging tv show that makes the perfect platform to show the world that kids are moving in the right direction ( Just recently I have started building an exoskeleton, move aside Tony Stark!

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chooter17 karma

What's your average day like?

easton_robotmaker18 karma

I usually wake up pretty early (around 8am) then make a list of what I need accomplish in that day. From there I execute. I really do a bit of everything, welding, soldering, writing software, messing with 3d printers, 3d design then piecing everything together. Recently this has turned into a business so a lot of fun legal stuff along the way. I also work late into the night!

catman190023 karma

Wait 8's early to you?

easton_robotmaker5 karma

I also said I work late into the night.. usually 2, so 8am is early for me.

fearingamerican9 karma

Do you have to worry about patent violation or other legal reprisal at this stage?

easton_robotmaker15 karma

You always do, but I try and start with 0 external influence so I am able to come up with new and different ideas. Also I'm not trying to copy what's out there, I'm trying to make it better.

Andot_L_Pab13 karma

What everyday problem do you see robotics solving within the next 10 years?

easton_robotmaker21 karma

The future is automation. Robotics will make jobs but also destroy jobs so take a look around and enjoy people serving you and that physical contact when you pick up medications because it wont be there for to much longer.

Ivero6 karma

What got you into robotics? Do you think anything like 'Iron man' is possible?

easton_robotmaker12 karma

The military has been using exoskeleton suits for a while with the goal of super soldiers and elite endurance but they've really worked out. Big, bulky, take tons of power. I believe if we can make more efficient actuators (extreme power in a small device) then I'm sure we can make something 'Iron man' like!

Ivero4 karma

That's awesome! You've also said you just started building your own exoskeleton. How is that going? All by yourself (side-project)? And HOW exactly do you start building such exoskeleton? What do you need in order to make a basic version?

Lots of questions, but I'm quite intrigued about this =D

easton_robotmaker1 karma

I'm just about to test the first prototype on myself. If you ask how do you start building it then you're thinking to much about the wrong things! I break every project into small project that are easier to manage. It's like building a 1,000,000 piece puzzle haha. Everything is an efficiency game.

Roxel6 karma

Do you go to school? Are you planning on attending university?

easton_robotmaker12 karma

Just got done with Highschool! Never been so happy! I can't afford to take 4 years off of developing and bringing this to the world so college is put off a bit.

-Swifty5 karma

What was the total cost to complete the robotic arm?

easton_robotmaker12 karma

The total cost for all the materials was a little under $400.00

yettopettoreddit5 karma

Whats next among your inventions ?

easton_robotmaker6 karma

The exoskeleton is a huge project I am focusing on. This has so many applications it's hard to stress how big this can really be. I like to go fast and finding more efficient fuels and alternative really stands out to me.

fearingamerican4 karma

What made you want to learn electronics, etc. at such a young age? And why the focus on prosthetics?

easton_robotmaker9 karma

I was always into ripping apart every toy I got and trying to understand how and why it worked the way it did. When I was 14 I was dying to make something, turn all these ideas into a reality. My first idea was to create a robotic hand that was controlled wirelessly by a control glove.

Prosthetics then came along when I made a few version of this hand and glove and then I really saw a need for a better and more affordable prosthtics. Imagine something you make changing a persons life, that's why I do what I do.

whosinthetrunk4 karma

Is your room dirty?

easton_robotmaker10 karma

I'm the only one that doesn't think it's dirty..

benny_light3 karma

How good is you prosthetic arm? Can I pick my nose with it?

easton_robotmaker3 karma

The goal for building this is to be able to do everything a human arm can and then some so if you wanted to pick your nose you sure could haha

easton_robotmaker3 karma

Thank you all for taking your time to comment and put some thought into this! Great questions and it was a pleasure to be able to take part in this. Systems create systems and its up to you to redefine these boundaries that and find your true potential! Curiosity is a tool, use it!

Thank you, Easton

unicycle_inc3 karma

Do you tinker? Do you make small scale inventions, ones that aren't groundbreaking just cool little gadgets?

easton_robotmaker4 karma

I am always tinkering! Not every idea is a good one but you never know unless you try! I used to make a lot of coil guns and put quite a few motors on my pedal bikes to get around town a bit faster.

I_am_melis3 karma

What kind of red tape was involved with the president shaking the hand of the robotic arm? What did you have to do to ensure that it would be safe?

easton_robotmaker6 karma

They never asked any questions about the device that was shaking his hand or anything close to that. I was surprised by it all but you are definitely being watched every second when you are there like you should be.

mdogs23 karma

You are doing exactly what I want to do in life! I'm currently in college studying biomedical engineering to hopefully in the future focus on designing robotic prosthetics for children. Do you have any recommendations as to what I should be doing or what steps I should take to get more involved within the field?

easton_robotmaker2 karma

The prosthetic industry is a hard industry to get into. Honestly design a prosthetic and see if you can make an impact with it. I'm sure you know what companies are out there and what they are doing but there are still many problems that are there to fix.

eatgeeksleeprepeat3 karma

Are you planning on making this your career path now or attending a University first?

easton_robotmaker4 karma

Yes I am closing a business deal right now with Tony Robbins.

valtism3 karma

As an engineering student who really doesn't tinker much and feels the need to do more practical work, where would you recommend starting out with tinkering? How exactly would you go about it if you were starting again now?

Thanks, you are an inspiration!

easton_robotmaker1 karma

Tinkering for me helping me overcome failing and struggles with turning an idea into a reality. Tinkering will never hurt anything but you need to prioritize your time like you said and also do practical work. It's up to you to choose whether tinkering can be practical ;)

collision9343 karma

How would you feel if something you invented was used as a war machine by the military?

easton_robotmaker3 karma

I have been thinking about this for a while. I guess there's a lot of things have go into a decision for that. I've made to help people and if it can still do so without hurting others then sure! Testing the morals.

EvilDekuLink3 karma

How did you accomplish so much in 3 years?

easton_robotmaker3 karma

I honestly never thought anything of it. This was all just something I did and never questioned it. I failed tons and gave up a few times but I always looked at the big picture and the impact it could create.

DeepEndDiver2 karma

Does emotional state of the person using mind controlled arm seem to have an impact on the effectiveness of the controls?

easton_robotmaker3 karma

There are so many variables associated with the human mind so yes this would have an impact. Because of all of this I tried to eliminate it. The control system uses your brainwaves, facial gestures and a muscle on your foot.

hyuga4882 karma

I know that a lot of robotics industry is based off of things in nature, but did you base yours off of anything in nature? I mean obviously prosthetics are based off of the human anatomy but otherwise do you base it off of anything else?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

easton_robotmaker3 karma

When I was making the first version of the hand I studied anatomy but I soon realized that the human arm, hand and body is just to perfect to copy. I knew what the arm was capable of and everything I needed to include (weight, strength, DOF).

adhoc922 karma

When I was younger, I caused all kind of shenanigans with electronics. Dissasemling appiances, splicing wires, etc. It drove my parents nuts.

Did you fool around with electronics when you were a kid? If so, what did you do, and how did your parents react to it?

easton_robotmaker4 karma

That is all I did! My parents were never going to tell me stop but they wish I would learn to put things back together lol. My dad eventually brought a fire extinguisher in my room when I was playing with high voltage stuff (Microwave oven transformer)

HDRed2 karma

What was your favorite fictional scientist/inventor growing up? Mine was always Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory but I'm guessing you are gonna go with Tony Stark.

easton_robotmaker2 karma

Hmmm, I remember Dexter for sure, Inspector Gadget, and Tony Stark. Even super heroes really set my imagination off!

jogam1231 karma

Geniune question: How do you convince people that you self thaugh all the stuff you self-thaugh?

I'm doing the same thing but with math and physics, but how does one get a job without a degree?

easton_robotmaker1 karma

Don't settle for a job. Why not start a business and do what you love everyday. There's a reality to all of this. There is some reason why you love math and physics, you might know it or you might not know it yet. Maybe you want to make a name for yourself, help people, make a difference in the world and let drive you and guide you. If you are doing something that has a benefit, people will see that and help you and eventually you wont even have to worry about a job. Don't say no a degree yet. Really find what you love.

zeperf1 karma

Were there many possible movements with the arm or was just a boolean "shake hand" that was triggered via the mind?

easton_robotmaker4 karma

I can do it both ways. For functions that are consistent like shaking someones hand it makes perfect sense that have that as a boolean. You are also able to actuate each joint that you control independently for other situations.

drainsworth1 karma

what current or future projects are you working on and/or positive you will see happening in your lifetime?

easton_robotmaker1 karma

I am currently making the 3rd generation of the arm which will surpass human strength, be lighter than a human and, completely self contained and extremely easy to use. Also the exoskeleton is a big project, this has so much potential to change peoples lives! Asside from that I have some business stuff going on, I'm working on a new show in development called Magic Makers. It's like Celebrity Apprentice starring young inventors, scientists and hackers getting together to help schools and communities. Check out our crowdfunding campaign if you want to help us get the show made!, and always trying to stay 2 steps ahead of where I'm at.