Hi, this is Katie Leclerc. I am most known for the character Daphne Vasquez on Switched at Birth on ABC Family. I've also been on The Big Bang Theory, Veronica Mars, and was also on 2 episodes of Community. Some random facts about me: I live in Southern California and am always outside if I'm not onset. I have 2 adorable dogs and am recently engaged.



Thank you all for spending some time on your Saturday afternoon with me! I had so much fun answering all your questions and I hope to be back again soon! Be sure to catch Switched At Birth on Monday 8:00/7:00 Central only on ABC Family and My episode of Community is on in two weeks.

Thank you all, and peace out!

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truebouta38 karma

Have you ever sneeze so hard that you farted?

Katie_LeClerc46 karma

Sure. Thats the human body. Allergies suck.

kablooooooom20 karma

Hi Katie,

I caught an episode of Switched at Birth while babysitting a couple of months ago and felt the need to binge watch the entire series from start to finish on my own. The peak into deaf culture the show provides is truly fascinating.

I am so excited that it's back and even more excited to see that RJ Mitte has joined the cast. Have you and Walter Jr. gotten breakfast yet? Are there any aspects of deaf culture that Switched at Birth hasn't delved into that you'd like to see covered in the future?


Katie_LeClerc29 karma

As a fellow binge watcher myself, thanks for spending your day with us! I think Switched does a good job of showing diversity within the Deaf culture. Some people think deafness means one thing, you can't hear, while that is true I think you can be Hard of Hearing, profoundly deaf, have menieres disease, have a cochlear implant, or have selective hearing (haha) I think it would be interesting to see Daphne brake her arm or something and see her struggle with the language a bit more.

DiamondsareSparkly18 karma

Hi, Katie! I have some questions for you...

What is/was your favorite song?

How did you feel when you became deaf?

Which actor/actress would you most want to co-star with on a show?

Who is your role-model?

Are you really a vegetarian? What is your favorite food?

Edit: Who was your favorite person acting with so far in your life?

Katie_LeClerc29 karma

My favorite song is Tiny Dancer by Elton John. I especially love that song because of the moment in Almost Famous when the band gets back together and all is forgiven through the song.

Technically I am not deaf. I have Menieres decease which is a problem with fluid retention in the inner ear. I get ringing and pressure in the ear, fluctuating hearing loss, and attacks of vertigo. Its more annoying than anything else. With everything, if you have a bit of patience and wait it out, I'm usually ok.

I think it would be super rad if Kristen Chenoweth would guest star on Switched. She also has Menieres and I'd love to pick her brain.

My role model is my mom. She's gracious and patient, funny and awesome.

I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't eat a TON of meet. My family has owned restaurants since before I was born so I'm always in the kitchen. We have a Chinese Restaurant in San Antonio, Texas called Fire Wok, so I'd say our secret family recipes have an asian flair!

WilliamMcCarty5 karma

Did not know about the family history of restaurants. How good a cook are you? Would you consider going on a show like Chopped or some celebrity cooking show?

Katie_LeClerc15 karma

I'd love to be on Chopped! Lucas just did the last round of Celebrity Chopped (I think it airs in April) and he said the pressure was unreal. Wow. Mad respect for those chefs.

KiloLee18 karma

Katie, are you happy with the way Switch At Birth is bringing POSITIVE awareness to the deaf/HOH community, ESPECIALLY not doing it in a lame way?

Is there anything about the show's story or production you would change?

Katie_LeClerc28 karma

Of course! The only thing Deaf can't do is hear!

lurking_panda16 karma

  • Will there ever be another all-ASL episode?

  • Is Vanessa Marano as cool as I think she is?

  • Does the presence of deaf actors makes Switched at Birth different from other shows you have been in (I mean behind the scene)?

Katie_LeClerc21 karma

I don't think we're going to have another ASL episode (or nothing is planned as of now)

I don't know how cool you think she is? - She may be cooler!

Our show works pretty much the same as every set I've been on, we just have more interpreters! haha

JangoCrutch14 karma

What did you eat for lunch?

Katie_LeClerc36 karma

hahaha my fiancé Brian just walked in with Taco Bell, so I'll be eating that as I continue to answer questions. hahaha

SamiU12 karma

Hi Katie! Big fan of you on Switched At Birth! Also, I've been wanting to learn simple ASL and wondering which basic signs will be most beneficial to learn :)

Katie_LeClerc22 karma

I get asked this question a lot, what signs to learn, where to learn, where to take a class. There are a few survival signs that are good to know (bathroom, deaf, hearing, water, etc.) a good online resource is www.aslpro.com but you aren't going to learn anything about ASL grammar online. I would recommend checking out your local community college and see if they offer any classes, and then join a deaf club. Class is good and well, but the best way to learn the language is to spend time in the Deaf Community.

advice__animal3 karma

How long did it take you to learn sign language?

Katie_LeClerc12 karma

About 2 years to start. Less if you are eager and more focused than I was.

haldarc12 karma


I have truly enjoyed your work on "Switched at Birth!" I also always enjoy seeing you make guest appearances in some of my other favorite shows like "Big Bang Theory" and "Community"! You are an extremely talented actress!

I hope you don't mind my saying so, but I think that you are absolutely beautiful! You are, without a doubt, one of my favorite redheads, ever!

Thank you!

Katie_LeClerc21 karma


leandra43312 karma

Hi! What is your least favorite thing about Daphne on Switched at Birth? How are you similar and different from her?

Katie_LeClerc28 karma

I wish Daphne wasn't always chasing after boys. The only story line that I didn't love was the way she interacted with Chef Jeff. We have a lot of young viewers and it should be clear to them that sleeping with your boss is not ok. Chef Jeff and Daphne both got in trouble but the consequences could have been harsher. I LOVE Daphne's optimism though. She's not afraid to reach out to a new friend or look silly for the sake of helping someone else, she is athletic and confident, and has a lot of great qualities!

DeafinedPerception7 karma

How about the fact that her character is only 16 years old and Chef Jeff was in his 30's AND he knew she was in high school. After that story line, I started tuning out. I'm surprised that issue was barely a topic discussed on the show.

Katie_LeClerc19 karma

It probably would have been discussed more if everything hadn't been found out in the season finale. I don't disagree with you though. TV justice, a punch in the face and an end to your contract. haha

user321011 karma

What's the cast like off-screen?

Katie_LeClerc22 karma

Pretty rad. Vanessa and I spend a lot of time together and most of that time is spent finishing each others sentences. Its gross, really. :D

meerca8 karma

Hi Katie, big fan of your work on Switched at Birth!

Hm, when was the last time you experienced a moment of pure and complete happiness? haha what :P

Katie_LeClerc10 karma

Great question! I was completely happy and at ease when we adopted our second dog Sammy. He's a little ball of joy and I couldn't love him any more! His full name is Samuel L Jackson and he makes me happy.

I try to live in the moment. Every moment can be filled with joy if you look for it.

LOLGOG8 karma

Hi, how long did it take you to learn to sign? Also I think you are stunning, and were awesome on The big bang :D

Katie_LeClerc13 karma

I learned to sign in High School, mostly because everyone else was taking spanish and I stunk. TBBT was AWESOME!!

CEgirl7 karma

Hello Katie. Thanks for doing this AMA!

A few months ago, you were at RIT, but I didn't get to meet you because of class commitments. My close friends ended up getting pictures with you, and I am extremely jealous. You are an actress I look up to, and I'm sad I didn't get to actually meet you.

Do you have any tips with interacting with people who don't know you are hard of hearing? This is something I've been struggling with more and more lately as my hearing degrades further.

Katie_LeClerc16 karma

Aww, well hopefully I'll get to see you at the next one! Just make sure you speak directly to the person with the hearing loss. I used to be ashamed of asking "what, what, what" but now I'm like "if you want me to hear you, you'll learn"

GoddammitCricket7 karma

Hi Katie,

I love SAB and it is the reason I started taking up ASL. Were you fluent already before the show or did all of the hearing cast have to learn together?

Also, can you tell my friends to stop giving me shit for being a grown man watching a show on ABC Family? I tell them it's awesome, but they can't get past that it's on the same channel as PLL and other girl shows.

Katie_LeClerc13 karma

I was already fluent in ASL before being cast. Constance learned first and fast and burned out, Vanessa is good enough to interpret for me in a pinch.

I can't get over the fact that we're on the same network as PLL either. Hats off to ABC Family for giving a chance to a show like ours (most networks would not) but some of the other choices make me cringe. I say judge a show by the show, not by the network.

IVguy7 karma

How do you feel about Bill Murray?

Katie_LeClerc23 karma

Good. He had a house in the San Diego area where I grew up and used to go to the local elementary school to read to the kids. He also golfed on the course my boyfriend at the time caddied on. Nice guy.

silentmagic7 karma

What are some things people generally assume about deaf people that you feel should be clarified? How can people look at deaf people in a better light? I am a deaf person myself with deaf parents who use fluent ASL. I'd love to see your input on this.

EDIT: By the way, I went to California School for the Deaf, Riverside with Sean Berdy. He was a little tyke in elementary school while I was a high school senior. Funny how this is such a small world.

Katie_LeClerc13 karma

Wow! It is such a small world! I think people underestimate too often. The world isn't black and white and just because you are deaf doesn't mean you have a better or worse chance of success over another person. The world is what you make it. Limitations only have the power you give them. A deaf person is just as capable as a hearing person in any situation and I believe we all have a responsibility to see each others as equals.

user32105 karma

What's Ryan Lane like?

Katie_LeClerc10 karma

I LOVE Ryan Lane. Charming, funny, professional, whats not to love?

CanuckTeacher5 karma

Hey Katie! Love SAB and am currently trying to learn ASL at the local college! I'm wondering which episode has been your favorite to film, and why?

Katie_LeClerc11 karma

I love our random weird episodes. The all ASL episode, the "what if" (I call it our "Fringe") Episode, and this season we're doing a dance episode. (I get to do The Salsa!! Squeee!!) Right now we are filming the dance episode so I'd say that's been my favorite but honestly usually whichever one we're on is my favorite. has

GoddammitCricket5 karma

Also, I really like the concept episodes (all ASL, alternate switch universe), are there anymore of those planned in the future?

And do you hang out with any of the cast off set? Have you picked Lea's brain about Back To The Future?

Katie_LeClerc17 karma

This season we're doing a DANCE EPISODE!! From the pilot on I've been pitching that we should do a musical episode, so this is a close alternative. Daphne does a sexy salsa in The Clinic and I'm totally using this as my launch to Dancing With The Stars! Have I been cast in DWTS? No. But I would reeeeally love to do it!!

I've picked Lea's brain about Back To The Future, but I really love when she tells stories about Howard The Duck! haha

PugsDavidson5 karma

Two Questions: How was Switched at Birth pitched for a TV show, and do you like the directions the characters are going? P.S. My mom loves the show.

Katie_LeClerc17 karma

The story I heard was that Lizzy Weiss (the show's creator) went to ABC Family and pitched the show without any deafness and the network came back to ask her to make the stakes a little bit higher. That's when the deafness came into it. I think we have a strong season 3. When show's get past 50 episodes it gets a bit trickier to keep the story lines interesting and keep the audience guessing, but I really think we have a great third season!

buckabuckahey5 karma

2 Questions:

Do you have any desire to do more live theater?


Does it bother you at all when fans stop you on the street and want to talk to you?

Katie_LeClerc14 karma

Right now I'm pretty busy with Switched but I'd love to do live theatre again someday, its such a rush!

When people stop me on the street I have an unreasonable want to hug them for taking the time to say hi. When someone says to me "I thought you were deaf." I take it as a sign that I'm doing something right! I am very excited for people to someday know that I don't speak with an accent in my everyday life, but that will come soon enough!

kaitlinm4 karma

Hey Katie! I love watching you on switched at birth! Who is the most fun to work with on the show and why? Thank you and keep being amazing!

Katie_LeClerc5 karma

I love our whole cast! I'm a big Max Adler fan (he plays Tank) I wish I had more scenes with him just because he cracks me up so much!

thinksyouregreat4 karma

Hi Katie!

Of the shows you have guest-starred on, which set and cast was the most fun? What's the atmosphere like behind the scenes for guests of The Big Bang Theory vs Community vs Veronica Mars?

Thanks, and congratulations on the engagement!

Katie_LeClerc11 karma

Veronica Mars I was a nervous wreck. It was the first big set that I had been on, BUT I wore the same pants that Peris Hilton did when she was on the show (very exciting for me at the time) and the fact that the episode was about two girls being switched at birth is tooooo much of a coincidence.

TBBT was AMAZING! Filming the show as a sitcom form instead of a single camera brought me back to my High School Theatre days but I loved the pressure and everyone was so funny it was so fun.

Community was my most recent guest staring spot. It was the best. I gave up front row Bears vs. Giants at Soldier Field tickets to be on the show and it was worth every bit of pain at home watching my fiancé at the game. The other stars on Community were amazing and my story line was great. I knew quite a few of the crew members too, so it was like hanging out with friends.

I love working as a guest star. So much fun!

mbelencita3 karma

Hi Katie,

I am a big fan of switched at birth. How would you say your personality compares to that of Daphne? and on the personal side, have you ever dated a deaf guy?

Katie_LeClerc4 karma

I have dated a deaf guy. I don't feel like I was really ever fluent until I "jumped in with both feet" (and broke a few hearts) but I don't have any regrets!

WilliamMcCarty3 karma

Hello Katie and thank you for doing this.

I understand you have Ménière's disease. Can you more fully explain the condition? For example, do you have to endure the vertigo and migraines often associated with this ailment? Also, I'm given to believe the hearing loss is gradual and comes and goes but will eventually be permanent. Is that the case and if so have you been given any indication of when that permanent loss may happen? Would cochlear implants make a difference, possibly prevent the permanent loss and if so would that be something you'd consider?

A followup—regarding cochlear implants, there's something of a debate in the deaf community when it comes to their use. Some feel they cure a disability while others view deafness not as any sort of disability but rather a culture. The latter see cochlear implants as an attempt to destroy that culture. Can you tell us where do you stand on this?

Silly question I suppose but it's something I've always wondered—do folks like myself who tend to gesture a lot look as if we're speaking gibberish to those fluent in signing?

Finally, not a question but I hear you're recently engaged. Congrats!

You're lovely and talented and your time here is appreciated. Thanks again and best wishes for continued success in your career.

Katie_LeClerc9 karma

My menieres disease can often be annoying, I do get attacks of vertigo and my ears are constantly ringing, but I find that saying positive helps and I do yoga to combat some of the balance issues. If I do have any permeant hearing loss, I already know ASL so I feel like I have a language and culture to fall back on.

I see cochlear implants as a personal choice. Its a very individual decision.

Any effort to communicate is always appreciated, I think!!


Lakerella3 karma

I've always thought RJ Mitte was suuuper cute. What was it like working with him?

Katie_LeClerc7 karma

Its great! He is not afraid of anything! RJ is always looking to make people laugh and is usually successful with it. He cracks me up!

preacher25253 karma

Did you know you have probably the best legs in Hollywood?

Katie_LeClerc15 karma

HAHAHA I think others might disagree, but thank you!

TennyoAkana3 karma

Hi Katie! I have to say that it was mostly your acting/character that got me involved with Switched at Birth that I couldn't stop watching it from start to finish. You're an amazing actor and I can't wait to see you in more. :)

I guess my question would be do you have a favorite lover/boyfriend for Daphne? (And don't worry we won't tell your fiancee).

Katie_LeClerc11 karma

My favorite of Daphne's boyfriends was Austin Butler who played Wilke. Wilke really cared about Daphne and supported her because he wanted to see her succeed not for his own success (Jace) and it wasn't icky feeling (Chef Jeff) he was totally hers, she didn't get him from Bay (Noah) and I guess Liam was good for Daphne too, but Bay couldn't handle it. Funny the two boyfriends I wish Daphne still had are both series regulars on other shows now (Wilke - The Carrie Diaries and Liam - The Originals)

Snubnose42 karma


Katie_LeClerc5 karma

Oh nice. I had a delicious lunch with my fiancé.

Snubnose4-2 karma

I lied. I live in Canada.

Katie_LeClerc8 karma

Oh, well, you got me... haha

meerca2 karma

Totally unoriginal question, but I'll ask it anyway:

If you could travel in space/time, where would you go first?

Katie_LeClerc12 karma

Before seeing the movie Gravity I would have said Mars. Now, I'm not going anywhere near space!

amrichm11 karma

Hey Katie, What's it like being on television compared to being an everyday person? Meaning do you see any major differences, besides annoying people?

Katie_LeClerc5 karma

I look at my job with the most love in the world. I am so lucky to have a job that I love and have dreamed about. No matter what your profession is everyone has good days and bad days. We are still professionals trying to accomplish an end result that we'll be proud of. No annoying people, just people who are eager to tell you they appreciate what you do and enjoy your work, really that is the highest flattery. Every actor who decided to "make it" in Los Angeles or New York at some point wanted to be approached on the street to receive accolades (if they say they aren't, they are lying) I try to remember that with each person I get to talk to. I have a job with A LOT of perks, but its really just a job, and I try to remember that as I get to talk with fans.

Nadyshenz1 karma

Are you planning to take part in an action movie or continue doing television series?

Katie_LeClerc6 karma

Oh I'd love to do a badass action movie, or a raunchy comedy, or another TV series. I just want to keep working!!

Nice_Dude1 karma

Hey Katie,

When did you decide to become an actress? Has it been something you have always wanted to do?

Katie_LeClerc5 karma

I was Annie in my 7th grade production of Annie. Thats when the dream started. After being bullied in CO, my family moved to CA and I started acting in San Diego. Before acting there wasn't a profession I didn't want to be. Meriene biology, chemistry, country singer, teacher, you name it.

meteordes1 karma

Are the actors in the Big Bang Theory personality the same as their characters?

Katie_LeClerc7 karma

Not really. Everyone was super social and supportive and funny. Much less awkward than you might hope for. haha

snapplejuggler1 karma

Katie - love you and switched at birth!! Thank you so much for doing this ama - you are my favourite! Do you have anything else in the pipeline coming up soon?

Katie_LeClerc6 karma

Thanks for asking! I have a few feature films I would like to get off the ground and my episode of Community airs in 2 weeks. Be sure to check that one out!

PostModernPost1 karma

I am finishing up a screenplay that I think you would be perfect for one of the characters. Can I send it to you when I am done?

Katie_LeClerc5 karma

Send it to my manger!

Nadyshenz1 karma

How do you see yourself in ten years?

Katie_LeClerc4 karma

Happy. Always happy. Probably with a family and by then I'd like to venture into directing or producing films as well as act in them.

jim719891 karma

Hi Katie, thanks for answering our questions. What is it like being a celeb? Do random people just come and talk to you? I've never seen your show but I heard Rj has joined so I think it's something I'll check out.

Katie_LeClerc2 karma

Check us out! RJ's smile jumps off the screen and melts my heart. You'll love it.

loics1 karma

Has anyone ever been insensitive about your condition?

Katie_LeClerc3 karma

Not really. I surround myself with people who know whats going on and are compassionate. We just support each other.

TamlinNightwing1 karma


Katie_LeClerc6 karma

I started to get serious about acting in High School. I was lucky enough to have a fantastic acting coach and parents who supported my dream. The hardest part for me to learn was patience. I was in such a hurry to get to "the top" that I didn't always stop and appreciate the baby steps along the way. I believe if you appreciate the progress and are patient for the outcome everything you desire is possible.

CapAnson1 karma

I see your fiancee is a "civilian". Is it more or less advantageous dating a non-famous person?

Katie_LeClerc5 karma

I've never dated a famous person, but my fiancé tells me its not that interesting. ;)

WilliamMcCarty0 karma

Your fiancé's a Realtor, right? Any advice for someone about to get a RE license?

Katie_LeClerc4 karma

He is! He says to create a system and a plan and follow through. Oh, and never be afraid to pick up the phone. Good advice for most careers!

jackrednur1 karma

Hey Katie, random question. . .but what's your favorite film in recent years? And on that note, have you seen 'Her' yet?

Katie_LeClerc4 karma

I haven't scene 'Her' yet, but I feel like I'm going to love it. I love me some Spike Jonze. My knee jerk response to that question is 'Children of Men' theres some kind of hope for humanity that I think that movie wants us all to hear before its too late.

DestroyedReality1 karma

Hello Katie,

1) Coke or Pepsi? 2) Seasoned fries or regular fries? 3) Hats or fedoras? 4) Cats or dogs?

Katie_LeClerc7 karma

Coke. Fo sho.

Seasoned, or regular but only if I have catsup.

Hats. Did anyone else see in Eaglehart where Fedoras are just brain suckers trying to take over the human race with their doucheyness?

Dogs. Im cool with cats but too many people are allergic.

Luke-thighrocker1 karma

Hey. Hows your day been?

Katie_LeClerc6 karma

Hey. Super. Thanks for asking. Yours?

Fudgemuffler1 karma

What's your favorite candy?

Katie_LeClerc3 karma

Baby Ruth. Yummmmm....

DEWSHO1 karma

Do you and your fiancé play pinball?

Katie_LeClerc4 karma

We play a lot of games together. My fiancé REALLY wants a pinball machine he wants the Lethal Weapon one. He's done is research and everything. Mostly we play PS4 games together or go bowling. If he's a good boy all year maybe santa will bring him his pinball dreams.

Sisiwakanamaru1 karma

I saw you on The Big Bang theory and Community and you were great on both. Do you want to do more comedy in the future? I think you have some comedic chops.

and what are some of your favorite comedy series right now?

Thank you

Katie_LeClerc2 karma

I love comedy and would LOVE to do more comedy. I think I'm the funniest person I know! haha

TomRalphio0 karma


Katie_LeClerc4 karma

Oh no! Sorry to hear about your fight but happy for your support! haha

TomRalphio0 karma


Katie_LeClerc6 karma

growing up > teenage years

FlipWhispers0 karma

Hi Katie! Huge fan of the show after discovering it on Netflix. My fiance makes fun of me for getting so into angsty teen dramas but I can't help myself. I also have an inappropriate crush on Sean berdy. Anyways, I don't have a show related question but would love to know what your favourite show to watch is! Keep up the good work :)

Katie_LeClerc5 karma

I'll watch almost any good comedy on TV. Right now I'm loving Anna Ferris on Mom, Archer is always a good one, Broklin Nine-Nine is rocking, I love a good 30 min laugh.

adnanomous230 karma

Hey huge fan and by questions are? 1. What is your goal for 2014 2. What is the hardest thing about being in the acting industry? 3. What is your favorite song? 4. What is your favorite food?

Katie_LeClerc3 karma

Become a morning person in 2014.

The hours. There's never enough sleep.

Tiny Dancer

Anything from Fire Wok Stir Fry in San Antonio, TX (so what I'm partial because my parents own the place!)

Nadyshenz0 karma

Can you name the most sognificant person in your life?

Katie_LeClerc4 karma

Its a tie between my fiancé and... my whole family. I'm a sucker for my nieces and nephews!

Soronir-2 karma

Er... what's your favorite species of marine invertebrate?

Katie_LeClerc6 karma

ummm... the pokey ones??