We're Keith Murray (K:) and Chris Cain (C:), founders of the band We Are Scientists. We formed, like a ball of cookie dough, 13 years ago, which means this is our unlucky year. We've put out three albums, a b-sides collection, and an EP (that were in stores) and some other stuff a long time ago (that wasn't). Don't want to give away EVERYTHING in this description, or what will you ask us about?!

But, oh, ahem… just in case nobody asks us where our forthcoming album "TV en Français" can be pre-ordered, here are those links:

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/TVenFrancais_iTunes

Our Web Store: http://smarturl.it/WAS_OnlineStore

Amazon CD: http://smarturl.it/TVenFrancais_CD

Amazon LP: http://smarturl.it/TVenFrancais_Vinyl

Oh! And if you don't get your question answered here, feel free to come to a show and shout it during one of the prolonged silences that come between songs. We're touring much of the world this spring: http://wearescientists.com/shows

We will be online at 1pm EST to answer the questions

Proof: https://twitter.com/wearescientists/status/423874071051649024

EDIT: Chris has logged off but Keith is still valiantly answering questions

EDIT 2: Keith is done too. Thanks for your questions!

EDIT 3: If you missed this thread, We Are Scientists will be answering questions on Thursday for Q Magazine - info here: http://news.qthemusic.com/2014/01/we_are_scientists_to_take_over.html

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J8R9L595 karma

Dear Keith,

Do you remember getting wasted with me and my friend in Metro Galleries parking lot in Baltimore (October 2010)? Will you ever come back and do that with us again?

I gave you my college ID, we took a photo together on your phone. It was one of the best moments of my life, and the live debut of "Central AC"


We_Are_Scientists_1572 karma

K: I do remember that, mainly because I use that ID every time I'm detained by police. Take my advice, James, steer clear of New York State. The cops here are going to have some questions that you do NOT have the answers to.

StoobieGacks267 karma

Why is Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt so damn catchy?

We_Are_Scientists_409 karma

C: we wrote it on crack.

We_Are_Scientists_310 karma

C: Also, the baseline

We_Are_Scientists_246 karma

C:BASSline! Yow! Sp?!??!

We_Are_Scientists_257 karma

K: Too much crack, Cain.

quantril213 karma

Is this door ALWAYS open? Really?

We_Are_Scientists_301 karma

K: Not the door you're referring to, no. But this door, over here, really is always open.

stampmanF1171 karma

What was the last fax you sent?

We_Are_Scientists_265 karma

K: I think it must have been from Chris' workplace, back in 2004, which I occasionally illicitly used as my personal office. It was likely pornography.

We_Are_Scientists_211 karma

C: But you receive faxes from me all the time. As recently as this morning. Round 7 am.

We_Are_Scientists_218 karma

K: You sent that one, guy. The last one I sent was that 400-page porno mag, from your office. Right before you got fired. Remember?

We_Are_Scientists_197 karma

C: Only too well! Falsely accused of "disseminating objectionable fax matter," whatever the hell that means!

We_Are_Scientists_160 karma

C: This morning at around 7 a.m. I faxed Keith an interesting story from the newspaper.

upbeatlobster22142 karma

What's appropriate attire for your concert? (Business casual, naked, victorian?) Also, do you sign stuff after shows?

We_Are_Scientists_447 karma

K: Probably the best thing you can wear to our show would the seven or eight reasonably-priced WAS t-shirts you bought on the way in.

lula2488119 karma

Which is the best Science?

We_Are_Scientists_322 karma

C: Probably Pseudoscience. It is the only one that is remotely openminded or receptive to the needs of users.

We_Are_Scientists_238 karma

K: Whichever science it was that resulted in Jujyfruits. Marine biology?

Horned_Frog118 karma


1:Rumor has it you've talked to a lady or someone who looks like a lady before, so you're basically experts. What is your top lady advice?

2:Guys, I've been a huge fan since With Love and Squalor came out and I've always had trouble getting to your Texas shows, so to make up for it, I'm coming to your show in Dallas, Tx AND Austin, Tx. Can I buy you a drink in Austin?

We_Are_Scientists_245 karma

K: My top lady advice is to make eye contact early on - before introductions, even - and just never break it, no matter what she does. Keep that dead-eyed lock on her. Works like a charm.

And, yeah, give me that drink!

Subbmerged98 karma

How did you get in touch with Akiva Schaffer for "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt"?

My body is your body.

We_Are_Scientists_127 karma

He was a college friend of our manager, and we used to hang out with the Lonely Island guys when we were out in Los Angeles. I think at the time, we were all just really excited to have a guy in a bear costume jump through plate glass.

ManThatWasAgesAgo79 karma

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while on stage performing?

We_Are_Scientists_269 karma

K: One time, I almost flubbed this one note. Super-embarrassing stuff.

We_Are_Scientists_175 karma

C: Falling down. Tripping. It happens every once in a while — you're up there jumping around, having fun, and lights are flashing and/or it's dark, and probably you've had a couple drinks. You're gonna fall down every once in a while. Always stings the pride; every time.

welcometowoodbury55 karma

Also why are you guys so devilishly handsome?

We_Are_Scientists_214 karma

K: It's funny you should ask it that way - it's because of a pact we made with the Dark Lord.

We_Are_Scientists_80 karma

C: Clean livin' on our mamas' parts was a big part of it. That and havin' devilishly handsome daddies.

bigduckman51 karma

What happened to your original drummer?

We_Are_Scientists_251 karma

K: I was actually the original drummer of We Are Scientists, so, happily, the answer is, "He became an incredible singer and unparalleled songwriter and a hell of a swimmer."

bigduckman60 karma

OH WAIT SHIT I HAVE ANOTHER SORRY. Are you guys named after the Cap'n Jazz song? If no, where did your name come from?

We_Are_Scientists_145 karma

C: We're not, no. We chose our name after a Uhaul employee asked us, first, if we were brothers ("no"), and then if we were scientists ("uh, no").

We_Are_Scientists_173 karma

C: Also, we are both accomplished scientists. I don't know why we felt compelled to lie to that Uhaul guy. Highly insecure about our science credentials, I guess.

throwaway-882536 karma

Got killed by a bear

We_Are_Scientists_102 karma

You're thinking of our second drummer.

stuartdgray46 karma

What's your favorite type of cheese?

We_Are_Scientists_112 karma

K: I've been going pretty berserk on Humbolt Fog, recently. I'm also crazy about this one soft cheese I keep buying at Milk and Roses in Brooklyn, but I'm pretty sure it's just Philadelphia Cream Cheese, scooped into spheres and lavishly presented.

We_Are_Scientists_94 karma

Government! Government cheese!

JakeMCFC46 karma

You guys finished your gig with the best rendition of 'End of the Road' a good few years ago now.. You should bring it back into your setlist...

We_Are_Scientists_112 karma

K: We got a polite request from Boyz II Men to stop performing it. Frankly, it was making them look atonal. And beefy.

TinyLoz40 karma

when's your rap album coming out? i haven't seen anything written publicly about it but i know you've thought about it

We_Are_Scientists_88 karma

C: I want to nail down an MC name for myself before starting in on any material. It's important not to put the cart before the horse, with hip hop.

TomRalphio208 karma

Slightly--Startled35 karma

Me and my friend were going to use that name for our rap group.

We_Are_Scientists_208 karma

C: too damn late. You snooze, you lose.

We_Are_Scientists_30 karma

K: Check out my "Rap-Murr-Phobia" or "The Most Beautifullest Thing In The World."

the_woot_shoot34 karma

Would you rather fight 1000 duck sized Keith's, or 1 t-rex sized Chris.

We_Are_Scientists_78 karma

K: God, I would give anything just to hang out with 1000 duck-sized Keiths, but I could never ever commit violence against those precious little guys.

brenswen32 karma

How much did your popularity/album sales increase after Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist?

We_Are_Scientists_48 karma

K: It's hard to say. It seems like that was a lot of Americans' first exposure to the band, I guess, but it certainly didn't seem like a seismic shift to us.

patreeeek31 karma

Can I make a request to never remove "Lethal Enforcer" from your setlist?

Edit: Also, what's your favorite SNL Digital Short?

We_Are_Scientists_80 karma

K: You can make that request, yeah. Will it be heeded? I doubt it.

Fave Digital Short is maybe "Dear Sister."

thesmonster26 karma

Only if I can request "It's A Hit" never be removed. <3

We_Are_Scientists_100 karma

K: You can't make that request. Your request to make that request has been denied.

thesmonster47 karma

Can I make a request for the US store to have more stuff and quite possibly thangs available for me to throw my money at?

We_Are_Scientists_84 karma

K: That is actually a good idea.

Madetoaskpostcard30 karma

I'm sorry if this makes me sound like a loser, but my girlfriend is a fan of yours and really likes getting postcards but recently I've exhausted the local lot. Is there any chance if I PM'd you her address you could pop one in the post from the exciting land of the USA?

She's staying at home saving money for college this year and is getting a bit fed up with work so the surprise would really make her day/week/month.

Thank you, and keep making great music.

We_Are_Scientists_63 karma

K: I think that could happen, yeah.

randku28 karma

What does it feel like to beat the shit out of a fawn with a guitar?

We_Are_Scientists_51 karma

K: God, it feels really, really good. I'd recommend it to anyone with access to either.

eleanorlavish25 karma

Given that comedy has been a central part to your band persona for so long (and you're really, really really good at it), is it something that - if the music and the love of your fans/label/whatever dried up - you'd both end up considering as your main gig? Indeed, have you ever been approached to just do laughs on TV, instead of tunes as well?

Oh - and I saw you a few times when I was a teenager. You guys were immensely important to me and when Keith was thrown over Chris' shoulder in Southampton (UK) after your encore, I think I knew love for the first time.

We_Are_Scientists_33 karma

K: We have been approached to solely provide laughs on TV, yeah. You should take a look at Steve Wants His Money. And, yeah, we'd do it again. Do you know anyone with some pull?

Jumpman31125 karma


Okay so, for my eighteenth birthday I got to go see Late Night with Conan O' Brien and you guys played 'It's a Hit.' It was so good. I never heard of you guys before, and now I still listen to all your albums. What was playing on Late Night like back then?

Also, thanks for being Scientists.

We_Are_Scientists_68 karma

K: That one was largely memorable because, after our performance, La Bamba came backstage and told us that the Max Weinberg 7 had all been arguing about what the time signature of the song was. We wouldn't tell them.

welcometowoodbury25 karma

What kind of We Are Scientists tattoo should I get?

See you guys in Austin. Making me drive all the way from San antonio to finally see you perform. I planned a Vegas trip around the concert!

We_Are_Scientists_71 karma

K: You should get a temporary WAS tattoo.

You know that Vegas isn't exactly a convenient stop between San Antonio and Austin, right? Or are you just using any flimsy excuse for another of your infamous Vegas tears?

welcometowoodbury14 karma

You mean Vegas isn't between San Antonio and Austin? Well, fuck.

We_Are_Scientists_20 karma

C:It's even worse than that: you can't get to Vegas from San Antonio. Or Austin.

We_Are_Scientists_33 karma

C: I'm suggesting a large shield, the kind a knight might use, that covers your back. Get as much detail as you can, so it looks like it's really made of metal and shit. We will know you got that for us.

i_am_dmarts24 karma

Have We Are Other Scientists ever been able to replicate your results?

We_Are_Scientists_6 karma

K: Try as they might, they always come up short.

glenatello23 karma

Hey guys! Can't wait for the new album! Im sure its gonna be 80's George Michael Rad. When you played Dublin a few years ago i shouted at Chris as he was leaving the stage for his plec (because im cool like that). You missed when you threw it at me and came down and handed me one yourself. That was awesome, thank you! Also did you guys ever record a studio version of Club Tropicana?

We_Are_Scientists_45 karma

K: No, we never did officially, but I know some British TV station came to the show and filmed it. So, sadly, it does exist somewhere.

Also, I told Chris to give you that pick, so thanks are due to me.

cheezyburrito20 karma

What's your favorite kind of burrito?

We_Are_Scientists_53 karma

C: I sure like a chicken burrito. And I'm a "more is more" guy, not a purist — give me the rice, beans (black and pinto! hell!), cheese, guac, sour cream, salsa (very hot), lettuce, pico de gallo, etc. No nuts. I don't have an allergy, they just aren't that good on a burrito.

We_Are_Scientists_35 karma

K: The "super vegetarian" at Taqueria Cancun in San Francisco is pretty much unbeatable, for my money.

Troodontids19 karma

Grey hair is now trendy, large black framed glasses are now trendy. How does it feel to have started something and just as important, where does it end?

We_Are_Scientists_29 karma

C: Hey, man, ask Kanye!

ch33zyman19 karma

The first time anyone ever touched my penis was while "After Hours" was playing on my girlfriend's stereo. That song def gives me at least a half chub every time I hear it

We_Are_Scientists_53 karma

K: Damn, where was your girlfriend, at the time? That's pretty fucked up, man.

PeteA8419 karma

If one of you was a zombie, would the other keep you alive but chained up in the hope of a cure, or kill you to prevent the suffering?

We_Are_Scientists_41 karma

K: I think Chris would keep me alive, but I'd definitely destroy his brains the minute I even suspected he'd been bitten.

whoissylvia19 karma

Keith, I thought I saw you at a bar in Brooklyn once. I don't remember which bar. Was it you?

We_Are_Scientists_52 karma

K: If it was a bar, and it was in Brooklyn, then chances are pretty much 100% that I was there.

Frajer19 karma

Are you gonna cover the whole Top Gun soundtrack now?

We_Are_Scientists_88 karma

C: No, that would be cheating. Far too direct and easy a path to multiplatinum sales, that would be. Shortcuts aren't for us; they're not our way. Let Miley Cyrus cover the Top Gun album, in her ruthless quest to obtain and hold onto mega-fame.

PacifisticKiller16 karma

I think one of you guys went to my Highschool. Cooper City High? :o

We_Are_Scientists_63 karma

K: I did, yeah. I heard that they're tearing the old place down, probably to wipe it clean of the stain that you and I left on its good name.

tejasperson15 karma

With Love and Squalor was one of the few albums I listened to daily during my finally year of high school. Some of my more vibrant memories from that time involve those songs - my friends - long drives - cigarettes on a back porch - sleeping under the stars - running away - graduation - the night I sang to them as they cried beside me on the water bed - that trip to the circus - a new friend - a death. All with your words and melodies on repeat in the background.

How does it feel to create something, and have that part of yourself exist, in it's own distinct way, in someone else's life?

Also, I love you.

We_Are_Scientists_19 karma

K: It's a pretty magical and unexpected facet of our already pretty fantastic lucky career as a band. Mainly, though, I just want to hear more about this trip to the circus!

jassmain13 karma

Do you guys realize you are the funniest band to ever exist? Like seriously, from instagram to email newsletters, everything you shits write makes me laugh. Why the fuck else would I sign up for reddit??? Also, bring back the advice column on your website.

We_Are_Scientists_44 karma

K: I realized it one night, while i was trying to fall asleep. "No fuckin' way," I thought to myself, and I tried to conjure a counter-argument, but I knew it was true - we are the funniest band to ever exist. I slept like a damn baby that night.

KingDanana13 karma

Whatever happened to Master Swan? Is he still swooping around, snatching hood ornaments and babies eyes?

We_Are_Scientists_27 karma

K: As long as there is breath in his body, that bastard will be pulling swoop-n-snatches all over God's creation.

We_Are_Scientists_28 karma

C: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, Keith: I sold him to the Central Park Zoo. You should go see him! God, he'd love to see you.

We_Are_Scientists_18 karma

C: We sold him to the Central Park Zoo for a small fortune! You can visit him during regular hours, although some of the spring has gone out of his step.

theouterlimits12 karma


We_Are_Scientists_32 karma

C: Probably not, unfortunately (for the world). Our selfish artistic/creator's prerogative whimsically dictated that the story was "over" (as though stories can ever really end!!! absurd!!!), so no further episodes. Couple of assholes.

LukeS4pp3rs12 karma

Blue Album vs Pinkerton - Which do you prefer?

We_Are_Scientists_16 karma

K: Oh, man. That's making my head hurt. Don't make me choose. I won't do it!

We_Are_Scientists_11 karma

And don't forget about the Green Album.

medaleodeon11 karma


We_Are_Scientists_66 karma

London is always fun, obviously, but something about Glasgow really speaks to me. Usually what it says, though, is "Let's get wasted."

RealDMC10 karma

still chill with the Arctics?

We_Are_Scientists_19 karma

K: We see them on occasion. We went to their show the last time they played in NYC, but, no lie, their fans kept buying us beers during their set, by the time they arrived at their afterparty, we were both drunk and exhausted and had gone home. Whoops.

TheSciNerd10 karma

Hello, scientists. I am also a scientist.

We_Are_Scientists_19 karma

K: Get out of here, you!!

Memsic10 karma

Is it hard to be one of the coolest bands around?

We_Are_Scientists_32 karma

K: Nah.

EloquentMumbling9 karma


We_Are_Scientists_32 karma

K: Chris focuses on nanoscience, and I conduct sexual research.

HazeGrey9 karma

If a couple drums and cymbal go buh dum tiss, but no one is around to hear it, do they actually go buh dum tiss?

We_Are_Scientists_38 karma

K: Nobody listens to drum solos.

yoink79 karma

What does Andy Burrows smell like?

We_Are_Scientists_31 karma

C: It's a mix of cinnamon, fresh mown grass, hint of lilac, and Staropramen.

We_Are_Scientists_21 karma

K: He smells pretty damn good, to be honest. All that hair really retains the floral undertones of whatever shampoo he uses. It's intoxicating, really.

daleyMT8 karma

How much of the Dumb Luck video was staged, and how much actually took place? Do you have life-altering injuries as a result?

We_Are_Scientists_18 karma

K: Very nearly all of the video was staged. Sorry to disappoint you. If it helps, though, all of that is based upon events that really happened to us; we just didn't get them all on film, the first time.

dreamover7 karma

Are you guys still "getting along" with tapper?

We_Are_Scientists_3 karma

K: For sure.

cybersmith77 karma

Are there many 47 references on the new album?

We_Are_Scientists_24 karma

C: The album is RIFE with "47" references. Indeed, there are 46 of them, that very fact being the 47th. Why not preorder a copy now so you can hunt all 47 down yourself?

We_Are_Scientists_18 karma

K: Guess how many?

Fridgerunner7 karma

How much cat food does a dog eat if it's not hungry?

We_Are_Scientists_36 karma

C: All. He still eats all of it.

We_Are_Scientists_20 karma

K: No matter its hunger level, a dog eats all the cat food.

cozy_smug_cunt6 karma

Question for Keith Murray: what was it like working with Redman and Erick Sermon on the remake of Rappers Delight?

We_Are_Scientists_13 karma

K: It was one of the most beautifullest things in the world.

LankyMunkey6 karma

It seems you guys write a lot of emotionally vulnerable lyrics but with upbeat songs. Where do you believe that dichotomy comes from? (I identified with that and that drew me towards your music, being a joker but also an emotionally open guy)

Are you trying to veil your emotional expression with a faux carefree happiness or is it something else?

Also, make more videos with Akiva!! :) Ya'll rock, doh, fer reel.

We_Are_Scientists_9 karma

K: I don't think it's any sort of concerted bait-and-switch ploy on our part. I think we just tend to like exuberant music, and, well, lyrically, the heart wants what it wants.

Leffer7246 karma

I've always wanted to say hi to We Are Scientists. Please say hi back!

We_Are_Scientists_11 karma

K: Hi, there! We good?

Leopold_M6 karma

I saw you at a show where you opened for Kings of Leon in Toronto (KoolHaus). I was impressed that you sold you're own merchandise in a booth at the back corner. Are you still doing this or are you too mainstream now?

We_Are_Scientists_71 karma

C: We still love to sell our own merch, and do it often. And it's not because we "love the face-to-face contact with the fans" or any crap like that — it's that we just fucking LOVE the feeling of all that cash in our hands. Just pure, beautiful cash. That we get to touch.

We_Are_Scientists_44 karma

K: We've hired lookalikes to sell the merch, now. That way, fans still get the thrill of chatting up the guys in the band, while we're busy having a nice hot tub backstage.

iRedditFromBehind5 karma

Your show at the Black Cat in DC was the best show I've ever gone to.

Have you always incorporated so much comedy into your shows? How much of it is writing, how much improvised?

edit: gotta include my picture with you

We_Are_Scientists_9 karma

K: None of it is scripted, I assure you. It's just improbably well-crafted improv. Dare I say it? We're a couple of fuckin' geniuses, up there.

Glad you had fun!

randomSAPguy4 karma

Burnout Revenge.

We_Are_Scientists_3 karma

K: For sure.

rvlution4 karma

I would have seen you guys live a few years ago if I didn't have to do a research paper for school. What are you prepared to offer me?

More seriously, can we expect another hilarious booklet insert like was in Barbara? A+ comedy in that thing.

We_Are_Scientists_15 karma

K: Are you asking us to reward you for having chosen your research paper over a WAS show? Okay, we're prepared to offer you the "Numbnuts of the Year" award, with special recognition in the "Misaligned Priorities" category.

ManThatWasAgesAgo4 karma

I've never listened to your music before. What album would you recommend I listen to first?

We_Are_Scientists_8 karma

I'd vote for Barbara, just because i dont want you to wait until March 4, when our real masterpiece is released.

yusadgirl4 karma


We_Are_Scientists_13 karma

K: There are no plans for anything like that, currently, but we're always open to any offers for funding! Fork it up!

Armarokh4 karma

One of your songs (lousy reputation) is the reason I started playing Bass guitar, acknowledge my life? Thanks

We_Are_Scientists_5 karma

K: Your life is acknowledged!

demicle3 karma

Favourite song on TV en Francais? Literally cannot wait to hear the whole thing. PS I'm the one with the car you signed. Keith, you deemed it worthless now it's faded off a fair bit in Preston, it's a shame I can't make it to your March tour to get a top-up :P

We_Are_Scientists_4 karma

K: I think Make It Easy is my favorite, but followed closely by What You Do Best and Slow Down.

yusadgirl3 karma

You are hilarious. Can we make this a video AMA?

We_Are_Scientists_7 karma

K: I got to this request too late to really do anything about it. Whoops.

JQuick3 karma

What are your favorite bands currently touring?

P.s. A tour with youse guise and Foxy Shazam would move mountains.

We_Are_Scientists_9 karma

C: We're great big fans of PAWS, out of Glasgow. Which is why we're bringing them along on the European and North American legs of this spring's touring.

We_Are_Scientists_7 karma

K: I'm really into Skaters, these days.

bonaparrty3 karma

Thoughts on Ryan Gosling?

We_Are_Scientists_25 karma

K: He's beautiful and blank, like a wonderful, gorgeous lump of mud.

zou_bisou_bisou3 karma

what's y'all's fav subreddit?

We_Are_Scientists_15 karma

K: What the hell are you talking about?

Jamesthedrake3 karma

Will you come and party at my student house in Cambridge when you come down?

We_Are_Scientists_13 karma

C: Smells like a trap…

ar1st0tle2 karma

Loving the new music and really looking forward to seeing you in March! What was it like writing and recording Business Casual? I love that EP - it sounds pretty different from the rest of your stuff.

We_Are_Scientists_3 karma

It was really fun. We knew it was going to take a while to sort everything out for the release of TV En Francais, so we wrote the songs for the EP and the 7" we put out in July really quickly. We recorded everything at our friend Tim Wheeler's studio and in our writing space. We mainly did it for fun, no pressure, which was a nice change of pace.

4ndyStar2 karma

You guys have the best music videos. Who usually comes up with the concepts or is there a pow wow of sorts to discuss them?

We_Are_Scientists_7 karma

K: We've come up for the concepts to all of the videos except for the I Don't Bite video, which was conceived and directed by our long-time friend and photographer, Dan Monick. Usually, we ask ourselves what we've always wanted to do, on film. So, for Nobody Move, we satisfied the dream of putting a bear through plate glass. With After Hours, I achieved the goal of breaking a bottle on Chris' head. In Chick Lit, Chris got to strangle a dog - a longtime dream of his.

cronen662 karma

Is it true that you raised thousands of pounds to buy new uniforms and cloaks for Portsmouth Football Club last July?

We_Are_Scientists_12 karma

C: The money we raised was to be used specifically for new hats and capes, and it was probably more on the order of 13 GBP.

We_Are_Scientists_10 karma

K: It's true, but our stipulation was that the funds be used for capes.
Have they integrated them into their uniform, yet?

sillypanda_2 karma

Me and my friends couldn't get in to your last gig at Manchester (Under 18... we're 18 now) we'll be coming to your next one in March, fancy getting a beer with us after the gig?

We_Are_Scientists_6 karma

K: I was going to ask the same thing, myself.

imoanimoanimoan2 karma

Would you rather a knitted rabbit or a knitted pig?

We_Are_Scientists_4 karma

C: Is… is this a real offer?

We_Are_Scientists_2 karma

K: Would I rather be one? Or have one? Or something else, more sinister?

linuxjones1 karma

  1. if the whole world was about to go deaf, and you had the chance to play one of your own songs to be remembered by, what song would it be?

  2. now you get to cover any song.

We_Are_Scientists_3 karma

K: I'd probably just try to do a medly of After Hours into Rules Don't Stop into Dumb Luck into Make It Easy, then pretend to fade out but swoop back in and play Return The Favor into Lethal Enforcer into I Don't Bite.

I really, really hate cover songs, in general, but anything off of Weezer's green album is pretty fun to play.

iRedditFromBehind1 karma

I read a story about the origin of your band name online once. It said you got a loan to start the band, but your reason for the loan was that you were scientists, ready to do some science. How true is this?

We_Are_Scientists_4 karma

That's not true at all, but i like it. So, the idea is that we convinced some idiot bank that we were working scientists, and needed our research funded? That doesn't sound like a very solid investment for that dumbass bank.

DiscoDonkey1 karma

Can we have more German poetry? Like this

Also how did the cats from the With Love and Squalor deal with their fame? Where are they now?

We_Are_Scientists_11 karma

C: Those cats burned out hot and fast. The fame ate them from the inside out. They're buried in Arlington.

We_Are_Scientists_4 karma

K: No. The German's must stop writing poetry and start honing their prose.

One of those cats got really into the Hollywood scene and ODed in 2007. The rest of them invested their income wisely and they now run a successful family deli in Park Slope, despite the health department's qualms about cats handling lunch meats.

PolkyPolk1 karma

Did Steve ever get his money?

We_Are_Scientists_4 karma

K: See the final episode of SWHM!