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Hey Will! Three years ago after the Betty White SNL taping, my friends and I enticed you over our way with a box of cupcakes. You ran over and began punching the cupcakes in anger. You called us muffin poisoners and immediately regretted punching them as you had a lot of icing on your fist. Three years later, I was wondering if you still regret this decision and if you’ve ever been able to look at cupcakes the same way again.

Also, what was your inspiration behind your SNL character Clancy T. Bachleratt?

P.S. Tell me which movie studio I need to entice with cupcakes to get them to make “MacGruber 2: Grube Harder” and/or the prequel to the Brothers Solomon

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No need to apologize. I'm thankful it happened! Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. You are a legend.

Here's pictures of the destruction including before and after photos: http://imgur.com/a/a511O

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I still have that dollar.

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Can I make a request to never remove "Lethal Enforcer" from your setlist?

Edit: Also, what's your favorite SNL Digital Short?