We Are Scientists

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is a New York-based indie rock band that formed in Berkeley, California, USA in 2000.

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We_Are_Scientists_1572 karma

K: I do remember that, mainly because I use that ID every time I'm detained by police. Take my advice, James, steer clear of New York State. The cops here are going to have some questions that you do NOT have the answers to.

We_Are_Scientists_447 karma

K: Probably the best thing you can wear to our show would the seven or eight reasonably-priced WAS t-shirts you bought on the way in.

We_Are_Scientists_409 karma

C: we wrote it on crack.

We_Are_Scientists_322 karma

C: Probably Pseudoscience. It is the only one that is remotely openminded or receptive to the needs of users.

We_Are_Scientists_310 karma

C: Also, the baseline

We_Are_Scientists_301 karma

K: Not the door you're referring to, no. But this door, over here, really is always open.

We_Are_Scientists_269 karma

K: One time, I almost flubbed this one note. Super-embarrassing stuff.

We_Are_Scientists_265 karma

K: I think it must have been from Chris' workplace, back in 2004, which I occasionally illicitly used as my personal office. It was likely pornography.

We_Are_Scientists_257 karma

K: Too much crack, Cain.

We_Are_Scientists_251 karma

K: I was actually the original drummer of We Are Scientists, so, happily, the answer is, "He became an incredible singer and unparalleled songwriter and a hell of a swimmer."