THanks, tHat's it. Gotta finisH mixing tHis album. February 25tH. Sorry I couldn't get to everytHing.


I am ScHoolboy Q, TDE artist, tHats it, tHats all. I'm Here to answer any questions you Have, AMA #Oxymoron Feb. 25

ScHoolboy Q Ft. Kendrick Lamar "Collard Greens" Video:

Collard Greens on iTunes:

New single Man of The Year on iTunes now!:

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semperpee1754 karma

Q, no question but you should definitely check out /r/hiphopheads.

We're all big fans of you out here.

SchoolboyQ_1956 karma


signposthead883 karma

Hey Q who's your least favorite rapper?

SchoolboyQ_2777 karma


Sk8rkid5200763 karma

Is it true that if I fuck her once that I can fuck her twice?

SchoolboyQ_986 karma

very true

ItsMeDipsy681 karma

Finally made my girl lick my sack and work the top, but how do i get her to fuck the homies?

SchoolboyQ_1821 karma

lmao all girls aint wit it tHink of yo mom

clouie99564 karma

Sup Q, two questions 1. How many bucket hats you got? 2. Who the ugliest rapper you know?

SchoolboyQ_1500 karma

I GOT LIKE 300 PLUS and danny brown and ab-soul witout HIs sHades

Justvh0548 karma

Q why u so fat?

SchoolboyQ_1899 karma


LPanthers488 karma

Can we hope to hear a collab between you and Cudi ? Other than that Hands on the wheel ofc

SchoolboyQ_1144 karma

I TRIED He must wasnt fuckin wit me iono

jayfatha477 karma

Coolest person you've ever smoked with?

SchoolboyQ_1556 karma

snoop and my mom

Jimboze474 karma

How regularly do you worship the Based God?

SchoolboyQ_1656 karma

ill let em fuck my bitcH everyday

Bunkcy453 karma

Can we expect any more colabs with Childish Gambino?

SchoolboyQ_829 karma


iridule451 karma

Ayo Q what's up. What's the funniest thing your daughter has ever said to you?

SchoolboyQ_1447 karma

daddy i want u to go to da studio... because sHe was mad at me lol

gavlent440 karma

Clammy Clams got any production credits on the album?

SchoolboyQ_661 karma


squidwrdscissorhands432 karma

Yo, Q! Who's a non hip-hop artist you want to collab with at some point?

SchoolboyQ_1690 karma

yo momma and nirvana but dat wont Happen lol

Chrindo384 karma

Q! Just wanted to show love bro. Habits and Contradictions got me through tough times. Cheers mate!

SchoolboyQ_674 karma

got me tHru tuff times too lol

wekillthebatman5658380 karma

What was your experience like dealing drugs?

SchoolboyQ_1019 karma

nervous everyday i still feel weird being out in public and ppl ask for pics

Logan-VC101375 karma

Who wins in a fight between TDE and A$AP Mob?

SchoolboyQ_1100 karma

us easy dem niggaHz cant figHt

totti30374 karma

Q, who would win in a fight between you and Action Bronson?

SchoolboyQ_1394 karma


punkrockfan353 karma

How do you spend your free time?

SchoolboyQ_1511 karma

playing call of duty smoking weed

chilllee349 karma


SchoolboyQ_1375 karma


D-REALsupreme332 karma

You are all about crippin while Jay Rock reps blood. Was there ever any tension/uneasiness between the two of you? Or did the music just kind of over shadow that?

SchoolboyQ_735 karma

HOOVAS AND BOUNTY HUNNAS GET ALONG plus i was already over it

CAWTARD295 karma

Do you want your daughter to get into the rap game when she grows up?

SchoolboyQ_780 karma

no but i cant stop Her

TsumeAlphaWolf289 karma

Whats good Puffy

1) What sample delayed the release of Oxymoron?

2) Who’s your favourite pornstar?

SchoolboyQ_625 karma

i Had like 8 samples on Here, and i ratHer not say due to getting sued but i dont Have a fav porn star long as sHe tHick lol

Musicmantobes375 karma

You ever get caught not capitalizing your H's?

SchoolboyQ_868 karma

I FUCKED up maybe 3 times dats about it

UnderachievingZombie270 karma

Oprah, Martha Stewart, Kathy Griffin. Fuck one, Marry one, Kill one.GO!

SchoolboyQ_1359 karma

i already fuck katHy, i would marry opraH and kill martHa sHe a felon

TGODoftype1diabetes270 karma

Q, how did you and Mac get close? Probably after he sent some extra sus vines....

SchoolboyQ_583 karma

we went on tour and was smoking weed den He played me HIs new sHIt and i became a fan

lMobzTa258 karma

how many bitches u fuked at once

SchoolboyQ_841 karma

maybe 5 but 1 of em prolly dont really count

Oh_DonPiano247 karma

How did Tyler, the Creator convince you to perform at the Odd Future Carnival this year?

Also, it was a pleasure being able to finally see you perform, I've seen Kendrick (2x) as well as Jay Rock and Ab-Soul, and you're performance was still the most live, thanks for all the great music and I hope you have time to answer this question.

SchoolboyQ_970 karma

easy He paid me and He da Homie

Jimboze247 karma

What's under that bucket hat, Q?

SchoolboyQ_1444 karma

used to b my Hairline but dat sHit far from tHere

BootyPapa245 karma

Can I get that girls number in the Collard Greens video, you know the one with the gold hair and big tits?

SchoolboyQ_410 karma

i dont know Her

jd2fresh226 karma

Yo Q, can you make a ho a housewife?

SchoolboyQ_605 karma

yup just make Her yo Ho

Creeby217 karma

How you feel when Kathy Griffin left you off her show?

SchoolboyQ_726 karma

i fucked dat nigHt

fucking__radical196 karma

Hi ScHoolBoy Q! I've got a couple of questions for you.

  • Who are your biggest influences?

*Any dream collabs?

  • What's your favorite song you've done so far?

  • What happened to the song with Tyler?

Thanks for doing this AMA Q! Much love.

SchoolboyQ_608 karma

my biggest influences r... biggie nas 50 jigga kendrick my fav song i done.... song on OXY CALLED blind tHreats feat raekwon song wit tyler is on my album FEB. 25TH

freddy147258187 karma

Blunts or joints?

SchoolboyQ_522 karma

fronto backwoods

dukedevil2394184 karma

Who smokes more between you and soulo?

SchoolboyQ_713 karma

me He aint eating

BigAsianLlama175 karma

sup Q? would you ever consider doing a collab album with anyone? any specific people come to mind?

SchoolboyQ_674 karma

rocky!!! me and mac wanna do a alternative album but rap keeps me tied up

Knata167 karma

Sup Q! Who would win in an eating contest between you, action bronson and rick ross??

SchoolboyQ_676 karma

not me

Panitha166 karma

"Q, I wanna see you do your thang; Entertainment business, living lime light. Hop on every track and move them trains, Show these motherfuckers that you been tight."

How does it feel knowing that TDE is on top of the Hip-Hop game?

SchoolboyQ_349 karma

we knew it was gone Happen tHanks for making it possible braH

SlugLife612164 karma

Is there an Oxymoron Tour in the future?

SchoolboyQ_649 karma

yupp dates sHould be up by end of tHa montH, but u know i like pusHing sHIt back so just wait lol

el_antrax144 karma

Hey Q who killed 2pac?

SchoolboyQ_1139 karma


marc97143 karma

Aye Q, is Druggys Wit Hoes 3 on the album?

SchoolboyQ_355 karma

nope sample smH

JasonDunna142 karma

What song have you had the most fun writing?

SchoolboyQ_277 karma

i Have more fun performing em and seeing da work paying off, so iono

interrupting_candy142 karma

Is Tyler the Creator as crazy as he seems in real life?

SchoolboyQ_881 karma


alejiososa128 karma

#oxymoron i wanted to know more details of the arrest @ 21

SchoolboyQ_337 karma

Home invasion

Syrupsiipin114 karma

When are you showing us the album cover?

SchoolboyQ_313 karma

few days

SIimBrady114 karma

So happy your doing an AMA! I listen to your music all the time and I was just curious as to when you might come over to Australia to tour?

SchoolboyQ_267 karma

i tried tHey didnt let me but i got my sHIt str8 now so most def tHis year

CollumMcJingleballs109 karma

Did you get Schoolboy Q on your drivers licence?

SchoolboyQ_436 karma

i dont Have a license

lewdite108 karma

Do you ever listen to peoples' bootleg remixes of your work?

SchoolboyQ_263 karma

all da time

saint_lucifer_107 karma

Q wHats yo favorite cereal

SchoolboyQ_379 karma

golden grams

jakiewakie105 karma

When did you know you "made it?"

SchoolboyQ_579 karma

did i really make it?? i made money but iono if i made it yet i accomplisHed a lot

AnthonyErik97 karma

Aye Q, one question. What is your all time fav videogame?

SchoolboyQ_300 karma

call of duty madden coacH k

devil2king68 karma

Yo Q! Favourite thing to do on tour?

SchoolboyQ_222 karma

be wit da Homies

Dyminish67 karma

Hey Q! huge fan of you & all of TDE. Oxymoron is gonna be crazy!

In which state/country/province was the best weed youve smoked?

SchoolboyQ_166 karma

CA OF COURSE but i get good weed everywHere pretty mucH just depends on wHo u know

mackncheese12367 karma

Is there gonna be a track with 50?

SchoolboyQ_151 karma


peeledout67 karma

where is one place you want to go that you have never been?

SchoolboyQ_334 karma


ajtothe59 karma

What song or songs have you been bumping lately?

SchoolboyQ_306 karma

gambino worst guys and my new song wit 2cHainz

chainwarden57 karma

How much fun did you have shooting the White Walls video? Any funny story?

SchoolboyQ_222 karma

it was funny and fun but i kissed like 3 old ladies in da moutH

Uncjax53 karma

Panthers bout to smash the 49ers tomorrow Q.. How does that make you feel?

SchoolboyQ_164 karma

u got me fucked up 9ers allday easy call

AllHailWestTexas47 karma

What happened at Sasquatch? Is it true that you dropped acid (with Ab-Soul) and that's why you didn't do your show? Thanks for the AMA!

SchoolboyQ_138 karma

plane got delayed smH

Syrupsiipin45 karma

How much better is Oxymoron than Habits and Contradictions?

SchoolboyQ_157 karma

alot Habits is jus good to me not classic

ChewHigh41 karma

When will you put out the full tracklist for Oxymoron?

SchoolboyQ_92 karma

few days

dziwka34 karma

Can you speak German?

SchoolboyQ_128 karma


aaronisawesome30 karma

Whats your favorite place to eat at?

SchoolboyQ_105 karma

sHabu sHabu

alzg2221 karma

favorite brand of malt liquor?

SchoolboyQ_88 karma


OnlyHalfRacist13 karma

Do you have a favorite bucket hat?

Whats your favorite song you've made?

You follow sports?

SchoolboyQ_52 karma


abs69696 karma

can you acknowledege my existence? please

SchoolboyQ_39 karma


thesaucexcv5 karma

Q, what genre would you most likely move into after rap?

SchoolboyQ_12 karma

rock r skrillex type sHit