Hi Reddit!

I have been asked to do an AMA by /r/technology. So here we go.

I'm 26 years old, and have been on the google fiber project since may, 2013. I am fairly new to Reddit, so I will try my best to answer all questions.

This is a piece of a map I use daily. http://imgur.com/PzSPwlw

Edit #1: Sorry! I can not give out any knowledge about timelines or locations of future services.

Schedule: 5:00pm - 8:15pm

Thanks Everyone for the great questions. Sorry if I couldn't answer yours. Hope everyone has a great night!

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ICThat46 karma

Just please don't get yourself fired for this like the last time we had an unofficial iama from someone working (admittedly indirectly) for Google.

aTrai22 karma

I will not give out any information that would jeopardize my position :).

loseitaccount124 karma

When it comes to the UK will it be Google Fibre?

aTrai13 karma

I'm sorry I do not know any information outside of north america :*(

NightmareV19 karma

I think it was a UK/US spelling (Fibre/Fiber) joke.

On a side note: are you expanding to other countries such as Australia at all?

aTrai8 karma

:P Unfortunately I am unsure of anything outside of north america. That's above my pay grade.

scalzo192 karma

So how about Canada, any news when it's coming North?

aTrai2 karma

Sorry I can't say :*(

SarcasticVision2 karma

How about Iowa?

aTrai1 karma

Sorryi can't say :*(

CaptStegs19 karma

What did you do to obtain this position?

aTrai18 karma

I actually got offered the position from a family friend.

im-not-too-j12 karma

Wait, what? I thought Google had a really rigorous hiring process?

aTrai22 karma

I'm sure they do. I got lucky and kind of fell into this job.

StarwarsIndianajones48 karma

I'm going to marry my way into google

aTrai5 karma

I would go for "the Chive" or "anheuser busch" something more fun :)

naturalwonders15 karma

I think EVERYONE wants it to come to their neighborhood. How long until it goes national? Even though it's expensive (I suspect) to roll out, I'm sure Google would dominate the market.

aTrai17 karma

I do not know a timeline, but I do know they are expanding. And Fast.

PrinceSparkles12 karma

What's it like to use Google Fiber? I've been stuck on 5 down and 1 up for my whole life, I wonder if it will blow my mind.

aTrai26 karma

It literally is mind blowing. I don't get to use it often, but when I do....imagine flawless surfing.

jaXXXek21 karma


aTrai34 karma


PrinceSparkles2 karma

It makes me want to move to a state that has it. :(

aTrai4 karma

It is quite amazing. All HD channels + blazing fast internet speeds.....

PrinceSparkles2 karma

Well is it really 1GB?

aTrai6 karma

surprisingly it is very close to those speeds from what i've used. I can only imagine the speeds in 10 years.

nonoriginalusername5 karma

I always hear great thing about Google Fiber, but have you heard anything negative?

aTrai6 karma

I have heard negative things actually, but it is usually uneducated bums complaining about the free side of the network.

Clestonlee2 karma

If the service is offered in your town can you upgrade if you pay?

aTrai2 karma

As far as i know you get either gigabit or the 5mb. I would have to do some research to see if there are other plans offered.

TripsB135 karma

Can you describe what the map is showing?

aTrai6 karma

That map is showing a cabinet location as well as network access points. A cabinet is what controls the signal relay from the hut to a neighborhood.

AlanShanagher4 karma


aTrai5 karma

Nothing like working for someone who is never wrong :). Seriously though its a good opportunity, however every boss has their pros/cons.

RSR443 karma

What's the coolest thing about Fiber that most people don't know about?

aTrai2 karma

To me the coolest thing is the fact that we have yet to tap the potential of speeds that fiber has to offer. However with graphene being studied, the current glass type fiber might become obsolete soon :/.

thinkdim2 karma

Google uses multiple standards for communications over fiber, if you are seeing 1GB now, they have a 10GB version they are using internally, and a 100GB version in design phase. They never let anyone see what they are really working on, and dont need to when people clamor for what they show and always have something better on the way. People really don't realize the level of networking hardware they are making in house now.

aTrai2 karma

I've seen the hardware in the huts, and those speeds are possible. I don't know how it is on the backbone end though.

i_axe_the_questions3 karma

  • Are you an engineer? Or do you work more on the the logistics of making the infrastructure?
  • What google headquarters are you located at?
  • Does google have a timeline for providing google fiber nation wide?
  • Do you enjoy working for google?

aTrai3 karma

I am not an engineer. I am currently on a team working on all trouble calls. For instance if there is an interruption in service, or they are having trouble routing light they call us in. As my experience grows, working in this field is actually a lot of fun. Sure it's stressful at times with deadlines and what not, but the reactions of people help make things worth it. Also I do not know the timelines, all I know are a few "rumors".

VokusX3 karma

Any plans for expanding to Canada?

aTrai1 karma

Sorry I can't say:(

Fil1g3 karma

What is your role in the project? And how many people are involved?

aTrai2 karma

I am currently on a team that handles all trouble calls in kckc/kcmo. As far as how many people are involved I am unsure. The number is to high for me to put together from my position.

GO1NGD0WN3 karma

What exactly is google fiber for someone who hasn't been update on recent technology?

aTrai4 karma

It is a gigabit internet service as well as an hd cable service. It also offers a 5mb download service for free with terms and conditions.

Iama9143 karma

Is google fiber in California? If it is I would love to get it.

aTrai3 karma

I have heard talk about the east coast. Also from my understanding google fiber goes where the want is. So the more people that want and will sign up the service, the more likely you are to get it faster.

i-am_god10 karma

Are there people who don't want it?

aTrai3 karma

Everyone I have spoke to Wants it.

aTrai1 karma

But to answer your question there are several people in each neighborhood who do not subscribe to it.

RainbowUnicorns2 karma

Only several

aTrai2 karma

A cabinet holds roughly 288 customers. I'd would guesstimate 4/5ths of each active cabinet is being used.

xBigRedHuskerx3 karma

If i can get my small village of 15 people to change its name to google or fiber can we get google fiber here. Please say yes. Nebraska boonies but 5 miles from an average size town

aTrai1 karma

Haha I know how you feel.

WiscoPride142 karma

When is Google Fiber coming to Wisconsin? :(

aTrai2 karma

I can not say anything about timelines :*(

AmericanXplorer132 karma

So will you ever be working in Overland Park?

aTrai3 karma

I have worked in overland park :)

AmericanXplorer133 karma

Okay, I'm stuck with TWC, and they're not a provider we want. I think we might switch to Google Fiber if they're as far south as 159th.

aTrai3 karma

If you are able to get google fiber in your area. DO IT.

masterchief342 karma


aTrai3 karma

If I were in your shoes. I would simply start an online petition to show the amount of want in your area.

SoloShot1st2 karma

Couple questions here. I live in Austin and Ive heard yall are planning on moving in here soon and was wondering how soon that would be. Also, from what Ive read, Fiber also provides cable. Is the cable they provide near the quality of say Uverse or Time Warner?

aTrai2 karma

I can't speak of any kind of timelines sorry :*(. But as for question #2 the cable quality is actually impressive. All of the channels were in high definition, and the interface was responsive "non laggy" which is always a plus for me.

BrokenAndy2 karma

Curious if you know what electronics are being used in the cabinets? Something like Calix, Adtran, Brocade or in house produced? Curious as a former service provider employee doing fiber to the home.

aTrai1 karma

Clearfield. I believe is the manufacturer.

_fins2 karma

How do you prioritize between video games and internet porn?

aTrai2 karma

Id say 50/50.

cantankerous_ordo2 karma

Are you an employee of Google proper, or a subcontractor? Do you get to partake in the legendary perks and benefits Google offers its employees?

aTrai2 karma

I do not get any crazy Google benefits :/.

itsdavyh1 karma

Can you post a speedtest.net screenshot?

aTrai1 karma

I could if I were currently on the network. I should be able to get one next week sometime.

23saround1 karma

You mentioned that Google Fiber is expanding extremely rapidly. How is it expanding, exactly? New sprouts of fiber in new cities, or direct expansion from Kansas City, Nebraska?

aTrai2 karma

It's expanding city-city. For ex. Provo, austin, kckc.

maceireann1 karma

Do you use arcFM?

aTrai1 karma

No I personally do not.

Proxystarkilla1 karma

Can you tell us how it's coming as far as other cities getting it go? Or where at least the next place to get it is going to be?

aTrai1 karma

I can not talk about timelines or locations sorrrrrrrrrrrrry :*(

midjuno1 karma

Ok so 2 questions: Why did Google pil Kansas for the first release point? Will Google move on to bigger fish after this project like 4G or maybe even develope 5G?

aTrai3 karma

My assumption would be that kansas is the center of the country, and would be easy to expand from. I have no idea about them building any wireless networks sorry :*(

midjuno2 karma

Alright thank you for your answer and keep up the good work!

aTrai1 karma

You are welcome! Thanks for the support!

Geohump1 karma

Its here, http://goo.gl/maps/D24wr

And the dates on the plan say "AS BUILT" in Oct 2013.

(Warning Project dates are ALWAYS closer than they appear)

aTrai1 karma

The map is old. That area is already built :)

Zain881 karma

Though I know you can't tell me about future plans, I'd like to you to know that Las Vegas is every city you've ever done, only with Bender's approval: it also has beer and hookers,

aTrai1 karma

I lived in manhattan condos in Henderson for 2 years. Vegas is one of my favorite cities.

FractalPrism1 karma

why in your estimation is it taking so freakin' long for the US to get fast internet?

aTrai2 karma

Seriously the government. They have so many policies in place that it takes forever to get approved for anything.

Plumbingyeti1 karma

Hi, Would Google fiber be available in places where other providers lack? My concern is that if you live out of the city, would you be able to get the internet speeds that are usually limited to customers that are inside the city limits?

aTrai1 karma

I'm sorry I can't answer this.

Sirdi1 karma

What did you study in Univeristy/ College / at all?

aTrai2 karma

I'm a computer science major. With plenty of certifications. I'm actually about to go into network security.

pngxp1 karma

i work just about on your map screenshot... was at crown center just the other day for a meeting.

and can you tell the people installing the boxes to pick up their god damn trash out of my yard?

im excited that it looks like i will be getting access in my hood soon, but the people doing the work are slobs and there is trash everywhere now. those filthy animals.

aTrai1 karma

I here you, and believe it or not all work is inspected and if there is trash left the contractors are reprimanded.

ImPashenX1 karma

is arizona getting google fiber anytime soon is is it only in certin states?

aTrai1 karma

I am unsure of any timelines sorry :*(

BenAtkinsChafer1 karma

Are there any plans at all about expanding into the UK? 3.5 down and .5 up is depressing as shit.

aTrai1 karma

Those speeds are unbearable. Sorry mate I know nothing outside north america.

waiting_for_rain3 karma

That's unbearable? I have 1.7 down 0.3 up! wink wink, nudge nudge

aTrai2 karma

haha that makes me want to cry...no offense

mbow19821 karma

How can we the consumers sign up for Google fiber beforehand?

aTrai1 karma

The way they did it in Kckc/kcmo had several levels of sign up opportunities. They had stations they drove around collecting information from people in each area. There were also flyers placed on each home for contact information. Not to mention the billboard + radio ads.

RainbowUnicorns1 karma

How do you get a job recruiting people to sign up when they get to your area?

aTrai1 karma

That I am not sure of, however the girls who were running it were attractive 20 somethings.

expertphotobomber0 karma

r u coming to orlando?

aTrai1 karma

I'm sorry I can not talk about locations or time lines :*(.

bigrivertea0 karma

So will current location with google fiber expand outwards? I live about 10 min outside of Provo and was wondering if I can expect to see it sooner then latter.

aTrai1 karma

From my understanding Provo was already built before google put their hands on it. So as far as expanding that network I am unsure.

i-am_god0 karma

When will Austin, TX actually get google fiber, and are you using an existing dark fiber network or are you having to setup everything for each individual house?

aTrai3 karma

Austin from my understanding is in process. I've heard they have been having trouble getting permits from the city, which slows the building of the network tremendously.

zookkz-1 karma

Just tell me this...how far away do I have to move to get Google Fiber by the beginning of 2015? I'm in the NW suburbs of Chicago

aTrai1 karma

I am sorry I can not :*(

paddleweek-2 karma

Can you give us any information on whether Google collaborates with the NSA?

aTrai1 karma

Hmm that I am not sure about. If i were a government agency that spied on all network traffic for the "safety of the American people" I would make my self required by all ISPs. That's just my opinion.

purplepooters-2 karma

Any chance we can get it in Reno sometime? No colo's here worth a crap and have to drive to Sacramento to work on servers.

aTrai2 karma

I know of a few rumors where fiber will be headed next. Unfortunately I can not disclose that information for it will endanger my job :)

Its_Called_Gravity-3 karma

When can we see Google Fiber in Denver? I'm late, I know!

aTrai3 karma

I'm sorry I can not talk about timelines or locations :*(.

Its_Called_Gravity1 karma

Just smile if I can expect it in the next 2 years!

aTrai2 karma

you're killing me smalls

Bacon_Jam-3 karma

Can you give me an estimate on when it should arrive to Farmington, MO?

aTrai1 karma

I'm sorry I can not talk about timelines or locations :*(.

espiotales-5 karma

My friends cousin works at Google, do you know an Indian guy with the last name "Thomas"?

aTrai1 karma

No sorry.