Proof:Imgur-Most of my Subway Uniforms

Proof:Imgur- Some creative art I made at work today.

I have posted this before on AMA, and am re posting it here upon learning that IAmA has about 50X more subscribers. There are a some good questions on that one as well, so check it out if you want to read more!

sandwichfuckingartis is one of my co-workers. He is one of my favorite co-workers and has been working with me for a while. Feel free to ask him questions too.

I work at a Subway on a Military Base. My particular Restaurant is extremely busy and apparently is levels above what other Subways put out. I only know how things run where I work, I don't know about the other Subways.

EDIT- So it looks like my time in the light was over. It was fun while it lasted, and I did not expect this to be that popular. Once again, I AM NOT A MARKETING AGENT. Even though this guy kind of insulted me, he is right.

I will make an EDIT and a POST once I get an answer from my manager about ordering Chipotle and Sweet Onion Sauce. I am pretty sure that you guys will be unable to, but I will ask anyway.

Someone posted this concerning Chipotle Sauce.

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speakspell614 karma

Why do I get looked at like I've just stabbed someone's Grandmother or molested a child when I say I don't want my sandwich toasted?

ThrowAwaySubway339 karma

Some meats need to be toasted for safety reasons. Chicken depending on whether or not the chicken is served heated already, bacon, steak, and pastrami all need to be heated. If you get one of those sandwiches, and you don't get it toasted, it is a little bit annoying to have to toast just the meat and struggle to put it on the sandwich when the meat is hot. Bacon especially. It's not really a big deal though. If whoever is making your sandwich is in a bad mood, chances are they just had a really rude customer complain about something and were unable to say anything back, because the customer is always right. Try to be nice to food service workers. They make your food. We can't really do anything to mess with the food of rude customers, but other restaurants can easily and do regularly.

credditz0rz379 karma

Where can I order the Chipotle Southwest sauce?

ThrowAwaySubway328 karma

I have had several people ask me that question before. And I will ask today when I go to work. I will get back to you.

ajenkala272 karma

Should I feel bad every time I ask for more of something? I feel as if the employee making my sandwich wants me dead when all I want is a few more banana peppers.

ThrowAwaySubway261 karma

As long as you do it politely any worker would be happy to help you. At my Subway, we are required to put more of whatever they ask within reason. Don't feel bad. Don't be rude though ever. We hate rude people. Nothing ruins your mood like a rude customer.

vahillbilly207 karma

More!!!!???? You mean I can ask for AND receive extra tomatoes????

ThrowAwaySubway287 karma


DeadDuck32197 karma

Got a most obnoxious customer story for us?

ThrowAwaySubway684 karma

A really short grumpy looking guy comes up with a nasty look on his face. I am polite asking what he would like, and he ignores me and just looks at what is on the line. Whatever, I don't expect customers to acknowledge me when I greet them. He looks for maybe 10 seconds before asking me what his vegetarian options are. I tell him we make the Veggie Delite (no meat), Salads (with or without meat), and we have tuna and crab meat if he wanted either of those.

He looks at the tuna, and says it's next to all the other meats. I tell him that they are in separate containers and that they are not touching. He says that we probably use the same scooper for the tuna as we do for the other meats, and I tell him all the other meats are sliced so we do not need to scoop them. The steak is the only exception, and there is a steak scooper made specifically to scoop steak.

I might have taken a bad tone as I was saying this and he was upset at me making him look like a fool. He said that this was the dirtiest Subway he had ever seen and insulted all of us. This customer really got to me. I don't know why, but he actually hurt my feelings.

Which Subway just got 100% on its inspection last Thursday? Mine. He was just an idiot.

ThrowAwaySubway282 karma

I have more of these. Let me know if you guys want to hear more.

Asian_bloke527 karma


ThrowAwaySubway306 karma

There was a little girl that came up and paid for a sandwich. She tried to use her points reward card after she paid, and we told her that we could only add points to the card before the transaction was completed. She did not see it as a big deal. Her mom comes back later furious that she was going to miss out on the points for her $5 sandwich.

She complains and makes a fuss and demands to see a manager. I find a manager and tell her the story and the lady gets the points added to her card. If she had just asked me to add the points without being a bitch, I would have been happy to bend the rules and give her the points. She also gets a free meal next time she comes. There is a sticky note on the register that says Jane Doe gets a free meal. I am taking that sticker off the register if it is still up when I get in to work in about 30 minutes.

cayal3172 karma

Do you think people who suffer Siderodromophobia would be anxious entering your store?

ThrowAwaySubway205 karma

siderodromophobia an abnormal fear of railroads or of traveling on trains

I think maybe if they thought the two were connected somehow. I hope that they would be able to see that they are in fact very different from each other.

goodkareem140 karma

Subway literally has old maps of city Subways on the walls. Hahaha.

ThrowAwaySubway217 karma

All we have is fake brick wallpaper...

herrerarausaure142 karma

Do you mentally judge us for what we put in our sandwich?

ThrowAwaySubway243 karma

I do. Not sure about my co-workers though.

GeneralThrawnProtege98 karma

If I order, say, a sandwhich with plain Italian bread, turkey, with provolone, onions and bellpeppers on before toasting. After toasting I'd get spinach and an absolute shit ton of pepper. Lastly a small bit of sweet onion sauce, no drink, no chips.

How would you judge me?

ThrowAwaySubway251 karma

Okay so indepth evaluation:

Bread: Italian- plain bread with least flavor(probably has yet to try other types of bread, probably had white bread since childhood) Meat: Turkey- Healthiest option (good job) Chesse: Provolone- We don't serve provolone. Read the cheese sign. SIGH. Vegetables: Onions and Bellpeppers- I dislike both of them, but those 2 always seem to go together. Likes hot food Toasting: No thoughts Drink: No drink- good for you not wasting money on unhealthy soda

Dewritos29 karma

Which bread would you say has the most flavor? Just curious.

ThrowAwaySubway130 karma

Italian Herbs and Cheese if you like Cheese, Honey Oat if you like a tiny hint of sweetness.

jpflathead139 karma

Have you seen the Jared sex tapes??

ThrowAwaySubway110 karma

No idea those existed.

rdaex87 karma

See rule 34

ThrowAwaySubway70 karma

Could you explain rule 34? I don't know it.

PrincessAloria104 karma

Do you like your job? Does your store have the zesty Italian sauce?

ThrowAwaySubway133 karma

Yeah, the job is fun. If you work with good people, it is fun. It is just really busy. We are serving customers probably 90% of the time that you are on shift. Standing up making sandwiches.

We had the Zesty Italian Sauce for a week, then we discontinued it. I don't understand why, because people really liked it, and people still ask for it now. I have to let them know we no longer have it, and offer something I think that they might like in its place.

ElrondofVvardenfell88 karma

is hygiene taken seriously?

is the stuff always fresh / well kept?

ThrowAwaySubway166 karma

We have to wash our hands every time we change gloves, every time we go into the kitchen or back up front, if we pick up anything on the floor, if we accidentally touch another person, and tons of other times. There is even a sink in the front of the store so that we don't have to walk back into the kitchen to wash our hands. We clean every surface with disinfectant every night after closing before leaving the store

Everything is dated, and has a certain amount of time that it can wait in the fridge until it is used. I can't recall the times but I have never had a problem with freshness in my sandwiches, and have never had a customer complaint about it.

FailedIntellectual70 karma

Oh god, at the Subway near my house hygiene is definitely not taken seriously. They have this employee who is literally the worst smelling human being I have ever smelled. It's not like I go up to him and smell him, his odor actually invades my nostrils from across the counter, it's horrible. I don't eat there anymore for these and other reasons.

ThrowAwaySubway50 karma

That is a shame. Sorry to about that.

RepliesTruthfully64 karma

Why is the cheese steak filling so pitifully small?

Any sandwich-making tips for those of us at home?

Have you ever eaten at a Subway outside of America? If so, what did you think?

ThrowAwaySubway59 karma

A friend of my Mom's manages a Subway in Virginia, and honestly it was not to good. I felt like the vegetables were not very fresh. It wasn't bad just not what I am used to. I'm not saying that all Subways in the States are bad, just that one was nothing special.

I actually live and work overseas, so I am used to the overseas Subways. Not to brag, but my Subway is definitely by far the best one in the area.

RepliesTruthfully33 karma

I live in Japan and everything is always fresh and amazing, so I completely get it.

ThrowAwaySubway76 karma

If you think there is not enough meat on the Steak sandwich, you can get the Big Philly Cheesesteak. It is the same thing with double meat and double cheese. Normally double meat and double cheese would be $3.50 more for a footlong, but for that sandwich it is lowered down to like $2 extra.

upmarketsugar55 karma

You guys dont make the dough there do you?

ThrowAwaySubway104 karma

We have our dough shipped in from somewhere in small cardboard boxes.

Dronepolice292 karma


ThrowAwaySubway72 karma

Totally agree with you on that one man.

upmarketsugar28 karma

Do you have to roll it or just throw it in the oven?

ThrowAwaySubway62 karma

The bread looks kind of like a stick. It is almost the same length as our bread once cooked, but maybe 1/5th of the width. We score it(make small cuts), spray it with a water bottle, then depending on which types of bread we need, roll it in seasoning, either Parmesan Oregano or Honey Oat.

After the bread has been prepped, we put it in the Poofer, this just warms up the bread and makes it rise. This takes about an hour. To make Italian Herbs and Cheese bread, we take the Parmesan topped bread and sprinkle mixed shredded cheese on it right and then we put it in the oven for about 10 minutes. The bread then has to cool for about 10 more minutes before we can serve it.

Everyone has burned themselves multiple times with the hot pans of bread or by touching the oven accidentally.

sneaky039 karma


ThrowAwaySubway109 karma

Yeah it is called the Proofer, but I refuse to call it that, because everyone tells me to. It makes the bread POOF. I tell new people that it is called the Poofer too.

ThrowAwaySubway23 karma

Yeah, you guys are right, it is called a Proofer. I call it a Poofer though, because it makes the bread POOF. I also tell new people that it is called the Poofer too.

SnPlifeForMe10 karma

We have JalapeƱo Cheese seasoning as well. So good.

ThrowAwaySubway30 karma

We do not have Provolone or Pepperjack Cheese. Everyone wants those. I'm like "What type of cheese would you like with that?" They say "Provolone" Crap. We don't have Provolone. "We don't serve Provolone here sorry sir." "Oh." "I'll take Pepperjack Cheese then." "I'm sorry sir, we don't have the Pepperjack Cheese either."

Just reread your question. Sorry for not being relevant.

gJonny52 karma

would you eat in a subway?

ThrowAwaySubway108 karma

I have eaten Subway during my lunch breaks almost every day I work, 5 days a week for just over 2 years. It is good to eat. Healthy, decently priced, quick, and good tasting.

FailedIntellectual78 karma


It's only healthy if you order it right... Subway can be just as bad (and worse) than most fast food places. You get a steak sandwich with bacon, normal sauce, on white bread, with cheese that's far worse for you than anything you'd order at most fast food restaurants.

ThrowAwaySubway42 karma

I actually said almost the exact same thing in another AMA I had done.

savemejebus043 karma

I have broken 1000 subway points. Should I be proud or ashamed?

ThrowAwaySubway81 karma

It depends. You should be happy that you are eating healthier than most others, but maybe you should learn how to make food yourself? Subway is well priced, but still way more expensive than making food at home.

Magical_Bob25 karma

How many regular customers do you have that order the same thing everytime?

ThrowAwaySubway38 karma

A lot of people come to subway everyday for lunch or dinner, others just come by when they are nearby. Most people have one sandwich they get, but some bounce between 2 or 3.

marshal_s21 karma

any idea if subways rolling out anything new? pizza etc.

what was the process of getting hired?

does your franchisee owner own more than one? any idea what their making each year?

s/o for the 5$ january subs, jan u any is just a stupid marketing phrase tho, pisses me off lol

ThrowAwaySubway31 karma

Most Subways do make pizza. We do not. Sometimes we get a new thing shipped in and are told to use it. These "promotions" are sometimes popular and sometimes not. Once we stop receiving shipments though we don't seem to get more. We have had pastrami (not popular), barbecue chicken (extremely good), barbecue pulled pork (pretty good), Provolone cheese (everyone wants provolone), and other things. No idea what is coming next though.

I applied online and talked to the Human Resourced Department for our Foodcourt. I am guessing that working for self standing Subways is different though. If you are looking for a job, just go up and ask and employee next time you are getting a sandwich. If they don't seem to know what they are talking about, ask to speak to a supervisor or a manager who does.

No idea about who owns what and stuff like that. Sorry.

We are behind on getting new things. We had FebruAny, and it was even dumber. Look at the shirts they gave us for that month. Imgur

I guess if we use the same deal on a leap year, nobody gets the discount on the 29th.

Capnpooter20 karma

I was eating in Subway and a lady customer was yelling at the employees because all the foot longs were not $5. She grabs the sandwich without paying for it and storms over and throws it in the trash on her way out. After fuming I'm her car for a bit, she comes back in and yells some more at the employees, gets a crazy look in her eyes, walks over to the rack of chips and starts popping the bags like some maniacal midway game at the fair. Chips flying everywhere, pop pop pop pop..maybe 15 bags of the poor innocent Doritos and Sun Chips..storms out the door again, burns rubber and drives off. All the while customers and employees staring in disbelief. My regret is not capturing it on my phone.

ThrowAwaySubway7 karma

There are some really nasty people in this world.

twobobsworth20 karma

What is in that veggie patty?

ThrowAwaySubway18 karma

I honestly do not know.

There we go

A wholesome slice of goodness made from a fantastic recipe that includes soy, carrots, corn and red peppers. Filling Allergens: Cow's milk, egg, soya, wheat, gluten and celery For bread and sauce allergens see the Nutritional Information section.

Rickygreengiant19 karma

I heard the left over meatballs from the day before are just reheated and you guys just add water and use those the next day until they run out, or you mix them with new ones, is this true.?

ThrowAwaySubway34 karma

We put everything we do not use at closing in fridges and put them back out on the line in the morning. Anytime anything is refilled, we make sure that the container has the new content on the bottom, and the old on the top. That way we use the slightly older stuff first so it does not go bad. Like I have said before, I have never had a problem with one of my sandwiches, and never had a customer complaint.

Aar0nGaming13 karma

When will Subway start selling bottles of Southwest Sauce?

ThrowAwaySubway18 karma

I don't think we will sell them, but someone else asked if there was a way to order them. I am asking when I get to work so I will get back to you on that too.

alon7x4 karma

My choice of sandwich (that I always go with) is full length wheat, roasted chicken, lettuce, tomato, carrot and onion. I literally order that every single time

ThrowAwaySubway8 karma

I wish we served carrots at my Subway. No sauce? If you want to try a sauce, you can usually get a packet or cup of sauce on the side so you can dip your sandwich in it to try it without ruining it in case you dislike the sauce.

ThrowAwaySubway4 karma

You should try new sandwiches or sauces. Mix it up a bit. This is something I posted before on a different AMA. My first year at Subway I ate: Footlong Turkey Swiss Cheese Toasted Lettuce, Cucumbers Honey Mustard For most of the second year working: Footlong Tuna Swiss Cheese Toasted Spinach, Cucumbers, Tomatoes Spicy Brown Mustard(Deli), Sweet Onion Sauce, Yellow Mustard And lately I have been eating weird combinations like: Footlong Double Meat Chicken Teriyaki, Ham, Turkey Double Cheese Swiss Toasted for 60 Secs Spinach, Cucumbers, Sweet Onion Sauce, Mustard, Spicy Mustard, Barbecue Sauce I really like the taste that Spicy Mustard and Sweet Onions Sauce make when combined. Try it sometime. (Sweet Onion tastes nothing like onions, and Spicy Mustard is not spicy...) Now I get a different sandwich almost everyday.

FailedIntellectual2 karma

Are your falafel patties vegan, or just vegetarian? I know your only vegan bread is the italian, but I'm not sure about the falafel.

ThrowAwaySubway3 karma

I am not sure what falafel patties are, but I think they might be what other people call the "Veggie Patty." We unfortunately do not serve the Veggie Patty. As far as I know all of the breads we have are vegan friendly.

FailedIntellectual5 karma

Here they have both veggie patties and falafel, falafel is made of chick peas.

As far as I know all of the breads we have are vegan friendly.

I corresponded with your corporate office, only the italian bread is vegan.

ThrowAwaySubway2 karma

Good job on following up and going out of your way to prove me wrong. Sorry about misinforming you.

FailedIntellectual6 karma

Oh I didn't do it to prove you wrong. I researched this years ago because I needed to know, I was just letting you know. It wasn't my intention to do so with the direct purpose of proving you wrong.

ThrowAwaySubway2 karma

My mistake, it was just hard to read your tone through text.

LOLBRBY2K2 karma

Subway by far has the worst egg salad I've ever tasted. It's always inconsistent so I'm assuming the employees make it. But maybe I'm wrong.

What is in the egg salad? How do they make it where you work? Just want to know.

ThrowAwaySubway3 karma

Sorry we don't do any egg products at my Subway.

Hows_the_wifi1 karma

Hows the wifi?

ThrowAwaySubway6 karma

We used to have WIFI, but I suddenly stopped working. It stopped working right when we got some cool banners to hang declaring that we now have free WIFI.

potato-bandit1 karma

Is it a huge hassle to ask for "a bit of everything" on my sub when asked which vegetables I want? I've been told it makes the sandwich hard to close and therefore annoying for whoever is making it.

ThrowAwaySubway1 karma

An experienced worker realizes this in advance and puts slightly less of each vegetable on to make the sandwich easier to close. Just don't ask for a lot of lettuce, a lot of tomatoes, a lot of cucumbers. AND ALSO everything else.

hacksley1 karma

Is temperature checking taken seriously?

ThrowAwaySubway2 karma

We have a log that we record the temps in. Sometimes we slack off, but we do take them. The problem with the temperatures in our store, is our fridges on the line are either on or off. It is keep the temperature correct, because we have to turn the fridges off and on every once in a while to keep the temperatures right.

lolison1 karma

What kind of mayo do you use?

ThrowAwaySubway2 karma

We have Extra Heavy Mayonnaise, and Light Mayonnaise.

alphabubba1 karma

How many sandwiches are actually a foot long in length?

ThrowAwaySubway2 karma

Apparently not very many. I feel like the difference is so small it should not matter.

DeadDuck321 karma

Does the CCC meat still come linked together by the packaging? Are there still huge globs of fat in the genoa salami part?

ThrowAwaySubway2 karma

The Cold Cut Trio meat is linked by the packaging separated by a piece of paper. We also have not had any CCC shipped in for about a month, so we haven't been able to serve any for quite some time. I despise pepperoni and salami for that exact reason. The globs of fat are relatively small, but yeah they are still there.

Gamerdomme1 karma

What's the pay, holidays and working conditions like in subway in comparison to other fast food outlets?

ThrowAwaySubway4 karma

I have only worked at Subway, so I can't give you comparisons.

Starting pay is $9.40, Holidays are double pay. We usually close 2 hours early on Holidays. Subway is very clean compared to other restaurants because of the lack of grease.

If you have any other questions let me know, I wasn't really sure what information you were fishing for.

wolfflame211 karma

How did you work there that long? I could not survive two weeks...

ThrowAwaySubway3 karma

If you need a job then you can do it. There are much harder jobs out there. It honestly is not that bad once you learn all the ropes, it is just really busy.

chanceguy1231 karma

How old are the eggs on the breakfast subs?

ThrowAwaySubway3 karma

Sorry we don't do any egg products at my Subway.

I am going to edit the text to say we don't do eggs now. So many egg questions.